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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Poems, Prayers And Promises

The Box

Original and similar lyrics
Once upon a time, in the land of Hush-A-Bye, around about the wondrous days of yore, they came across a kind of box, bound up with chains and locked with locks and labeled 'Kindly do not touch; it's war.' A decree was issued round about, and all with a flourish and a shout and a gaily-colored mascot tripping lightly on before. Don't fiddle with this deadly box, or break the chains, or pick the locks. And please don't ever play about with war. The children understood. Children happen to be good and they were just as good around the time of yore. They didn't try to pick the locks or break into that deadly box. They never tried to play about with war. Mommies didn't either; sisters, aunts, grannies neither. They were quiet, and sweet, and pretty in those wondrous days of yore. Well, very much the same as now, not the ones to blame somehow for opening up that deadly box of war. But someone did. Someone battered in the lid and spilled the insides out across the floor. A kind of bouncy, bumpy ball made up of guns and flags and all the tears, and horror, and death that comes with war. It bounced right out and went bashing all about, bumping into everything in store. And what was sad and most unfair was that it didn't really seem to care much who it bumped, or why, or what, or for. It bumped the children mainly. And I'll tell you this quite plainly, it bumps them every day and more, and more, and leaves them dead, and burned, and dying, thousands of them sick and crying. Cause when it bumps, it's really very sore. Now there's a way to stop the ball. It isn't difficult at all. All it takes is wisdom, and I'm absolutely sure that we can get it back into the box, and bind the chains, and lock the locks. But no one seems to want to save the children anymore. Well, that's the way it all appears, cause it's been bouncing round for years and years. In spite of all the wisdom 'wiz since those wondrous days of yore and the time they came across the box, bound up with chains and locked with locks, and labeled 'Kindly do not touch; it's war.'

That's How I'm Livin

ICE-T "Home Invasion"
I was born in new jersey, I said it before But I guess nobody heard me My mother died young No sistas or brothas, I was the only son When I was twelve my pops died too What a brotha was supposed to do They sent me out West To live with my aunt I guess they though it was the best But there was no love there Growin' with no moms I guess I was prepared to live in a vacuum The bedroom the kitchen, the hall and the bathroom I didn't leave home much, didn't like L.A. Didn't have no friends to trust Got busted to a school Blacks and whites, I guess the shit was cool But in highschool I changed Didn't wanna bust, didn't wanna play the game I walked to Crenshaw high, shit was fly I hooked up with new cru Some brothas that knew what the fuck to do You might call it gang but we called it a set And it was our own thang The whole school was down And one way or another everybody fucked around When the hardcore or not you wore the right color or your ass got shot That's how i'm livin'... I did three years in and made close friends Havin' no love my homies came my only I was glad: a family I never had But I grew up fast got a girl on 10th grade pregnant Needin' cash, I had to change my style Switched from bangin' to hustlin' No more goin' buckwild Had to get a cashflow But my hustle was weak, it was a no go I join the army, four years in that shit Be all fucked you can be Came back to the hood My homies had done good Had elevated their game About 100 gees a lick, no mothafuckin' shame Passed for the jewels Baby sledgehammers with the tools I speak on this with a hesitation Even though it passed the statue of limitation... I checked the bank Bought a porsche and gear, earn high streetrank But as I grew my whole crew fell thru Cops had us on the books as innerstate crooks Murder robbery rape escape, the whole damn nine You robbed a nigga blind I had too much juice, I cut my boosters loose I was intread with the pimpgame Took on the ice-name But the pimpgame moved too slow Especially for a nigga who was hooked on quick dough In one nite late I was in a carwreck And I was lucky to escape Hospital for teen weeks, in bed almost dead And when I got well, I got gaught in a cross And got locked in a jailcell That's how I'm livin'... They cutted me loose And I had to change troops This time they didn't catch me Next time they'll strecth me Cause my time was gettin' short All my homies was in court Or locked in a hole, this shit was gettin' old So I changed my life Putted down the gun and picked up the mic It took ten years to get from there to here But I still keep a gun, cops got me on the run And they hate me more now Than they ever did before My homies came back from pen And we all worked together True friends but every once and while Some punk mistakes me as a junk And he gets in my face Wrong mothafuckin' place And I aint lyin', that's how you dyin'...

30 Days

AKINYELE "Vagina Diner"
I never did time, committed mad crime Only paid rhymes, but now niggaz drop dimes Harmonizin on a homicide rap Singin in the precinct, tryin to catch an R B contract Now they hit me with a one to THREE, personal-LY conspira-CY, it don't mean shit to ME The time will go fast, because I'm true blue On the DL, back home, I got a stash for Ma Duke I stack razor blades in my shoe Niggaz threaten to kill the Ak, if I ever come through And I'm doin 30 more days, in this steel cage Locked down with men that go both ways But gays ain't gon' grease me My razor blade say O.P.P., niggaz in P.C. gon' know me I'm not the everyday herb Actions speak louder than words, so step to the verb Fuck a pro-noun, I get down for my crown Pass the three-pound, show it to King Clown, and watch him lounge You know the whole PHASE I'm about to go through the government's MAZE in about 30 days You know my name, no shame in my game Best to fly the kid champagne from Spain About to go in, to push a BID, for wrongs I done DID Goin away party at the CRIB Me and my friends gonna get together I didn't think jail could ever, I learned to never say never but now we just gonna party.. party.. Shit, fiesta.. for-ever.. Gun ? up on my floor All my peeps know they got to keep they damn guns at the door Don't wanna get hit, with a bullet, meanin a year time in jail if you can't, comprehend, with the slang friend All you do, don't act like nuts It don't make no sense for the whole crew, to get locked up Bad enough I have to go in yo But when the shit hit the fan, debris' gotta blow Windy days, but ain't nothin changed but the weather While I'm locked down, the thugs'll write me no love letters That's for queers, couple of years later gator, but hold all them crocodile tears Because it ain't like I'm dyin You see I'm not marked for death, so stop the bloodclot cryin This ain't The Wizard of Oz where I can tap my heels and go for it I take it slow, cause I'll be home before you know it I'm comin through like X-rays in approximately, the next 30 days But if you think I'm tryin to skip town You best to purchase a hearing aid and ask yourself how that sound I'm not tryin to jump bail, cause that's the dough that I'ma use to flip up the new connects, that I meet in jail Politicians they all know dis Every now and then they visit a snitch, who helped em get rich Yeah part of the government's plan Lock down the man who stack grands, put him in the hand of Uncle Sam This the stuff, you can't trust for 30 days I'm on a bus with niggaz that fuss over tight handcuffs And while I'm inside, I take in stride Livin in prison, stool pigeons know that time don't fly Days go by, night gets darker, but I'm a New York Whalin on your ass like Orca Not the Avon Lady, stay up out my face It only take a shoelace, for a nigga to catch a new case You get done in different ways I'm headed for the cage within the next 30 days


You used to like my style, I used to like your smile I said I'll stay a sec, you said stay a while You started sippin whine, said I was on your mind I said I'm thinking of you too girl your hella fine We hit the night time, for a late date And everyday after that, for 8 months straight We would roll tight, we had small fights You shoulda seen how we are you done the street lights I couldn't see your tears, from the pouring rain You shoulda seen my body shake, when she said my name She said I'm not the same, Andre ya changed I said baby its pain from the rap game We went our separate ways, man I was hurt for days Man I didn't even call, I went through withdrawal Flashbacks of her face hit me sometime And I be wonderin man does she think of mine I think of Rose [Chorus] Love is down through the hardest times Sometimes I put Al Green on and think of Rose Being with you is just a state of mind Girl, thinking about you all the time I saw her at a club, she was with a thug She thought I would say hi, but I didn't show no love The homey blazin bud, and now its getting live But I knew that she knew, that I'd protect my pride I see her watchful eye, from across the joint And then she knew how I feel, if I heard her voice And some ladies talked, and other ladies walked But when it came to you girl, man there was a spark Your whole anatomy man was like poetry The very smell of your hair was like luxary It was because of me, when the days was bright I would come through with my silent nights Man I think of Rose [Chorus x2]

Teach The Children

Eric B. Rakim "Don't Sweat The Technique"
No more time to pass time 'cause these are the last rhymes, 'Cause we're living in the last times... They wanna go to war, more wars to come But most of us fight more wars than one Discrimination in the racial nation While they destroy our strong foundation Nature's balance is way off balance They tip the scale, now it's no more silence The hole in the ozone layer is outta control But they wanna fight for more oil and gold Unemployment, I got laid off The streets is the last resorts to get paid off For more, more mint, no doe for rent I gotta shed blood to make a red cent Maybe I should ask the president Somebody give me the president But he don't want to hear it, it's out of the question 'Cause in my section it's worse than recession So I go to a rich neighborhood and play Robin Hood Take from the bad and give to the good First I go to Bensonhurst, steal a Benz, snatch a purse Pick up my friends, that's when it gets worse 'Cause I need government and they need government Alot of mint spent, now I gotta pay rent Who makes the most dead presidents in the projects You're gonna get robbed and wrecked I parked up the block to plot on a kid that made a knot Let's get him for all he got I approached him slow like I was a basehead Put the fo-fifth to his face and said You see those kids over there wit the hoods Walk to them real slow and give them the goods First the gun and the doe and crush the jumbos One false move and no one knows 'Cause I got a silencer to hush the bust And I'm in a rush, so hush the fuss Plus the poison you fed will no longer spread You good as dead, I'm a fill your head wit lead That's when I pushed him into his building To murder him ...but I remember the children... chorus: We gotta teach the children everyday, keep a song Show them the light, teach them right from wrong Make some sense so they can carry on Teach the children We gotta teach the children so that they can sing along Understand the words in this song Can't be done when we're gone, so... Teach the children ,save the nation I see the destruction, the situation They're corrupt, and their time's up soon But they'll blow it up and prepare life on the moon Sounds like Total Recall But who gotta spaceship, you get it, we fall So hope for the best and expect the worst The end is near and it's U-N-I verse... The one's that interfere wit nature Labeled you limited and underrate ya, His plans over rule when he separates ya Now it's U-N-I verse, the one that hates ya So we gotta let them know, we're hip to the script Change the skit, or we're about to flip 'Cause we want access to happiness Livin' the good life and much success Equal opportunity Self awareness and unity Education, the kids need a sculpture Teach them the abacus and their culture... And that'll help stop the robbing, raping and killing Poison neighborhoods are illing But they import more keys from across seas A drug disease hits the streets wit ease So keep on building.... 'cause we gotta keep building Till the answers are filled in And make sure you don't stop till then... And if you do, remember the children!

Of Acorns That Gather

In graceful dance of ever, as fountains have towered above me The days of celebration and that of the foul lake Fathers of the knell... ...burn up the sun And pluck me from my ripeness As passion dies As love itself has failed And unto the earth we thrive Of acorns that gather and cradle to kindest of ears Even they are judged to a wintertide... ...judged by sorrow days Through windows of sunken eyes As time leads our summer's on Nothing but idle tales... ...and flowers yet to be fair Make the berries glutton with awe Borrowed tears like a troubled ocean, thorns Of earth's delight Gathered like spreading fields for a fallow year Deflower for love is a fever... ...and I swear from time... ...I even pity beauty itself

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