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Im Sorry Jd

Original and similar lyrics
Like A Sad Song John Denver Usually in the morning I'm filled with sweet belonging And ev'rything is beautiful to see Even when it's raining, the sound of heaven singing Is simply joyful music to me. Sometimes I feel like a sad song Like I'm all alone without you. So many diff'rent places, a million smiling faces Life is so incredible to me Especially to be near you and how it is to touch you Oh paradise was made for you and me. I know that life goes on just perfectly And ev'rything is just the way that it should be Still there are times when my heart feels like breaking And anywhere is where I'd rather be. Oh and in the night time I know that it's the right time To hold you close and say I love you so To have someone to share with And someone I can care with And that is why I wanted you to know Sometimes I feel like a sad song Like I'm all alone without you, without you.

Emotional Winter

ANATHEMA "Judgement"
Speak to me For I have seen Your waning smile Your scars concealed So far from home, do you know you're not alone Sleep tonight Sweet summerlight Scattered yesterdays, the past is far away How fast time passed by The transience of life Those wasted moments won't return And we will never feel again Beyond my dreams Ever with me You flash before my eyes, a final fading sigh But the sun will (always) rise And tears will dry Of all that is to come, the dream has just begun And time is speeding by The transience of life Those wasted moments won't return And we will never feel again


[Sample from Snatch ] Do you know what 'nemesis' means? A righteous infliction of retribution Manifested by an appropriate agent.... Personified in this case by me [Aesop Rock] We're all in the same gang, bread and butter Just a couple subdivisions who naturally hate each other Influences shark biting the fuck outta your brother Friendship is Professor Plum ratting on Colonel Mustard You are now witnessing the world's most craft version Of a barnstormer, reveal time with a jagged edge Arm mortars and ?free minds? for a bastard sledge On the style diamond cutter Swung before that magnificent havok sketch You fidget like a nervous culprit gulping Sweat a bullet, dead a bullshit sequence reactor Speaking disaster Who leaped off the canvas to provoke a ?style miner? Fake as the grass with a sturdy belly and his work to sell me I got my word to tell you I got absurd magic For the forks like pistons pumping through the realm my family habits (?Madder or Rabbit Hat? combination) Nah, more like I'm spitting pixleak dust Till the mixed vapor community combusts [Yeshua Da Poed] I hold words for ransom Demand some attention pays Not to mention praise for their release on a page It might amaze the light of day I never said I, gave, them all, the fight to be brave More insight to behave Raw like them others Whose ads have been paid for by some brothers While some of us lie in the eyes of others I discovered another way to stay undercover Kill everyone involved, Unsolve Mysteries, this to me is how to leave matters resolved Out of this all, you should take a break, ask the fake Get snatched out your habitat and left on the side of alake I try to debate Whether a clean getaway is harder to make Than a call to the cleaners Dropped off a seamless bag Zipped it up with enough cash to pay the cat With the aqua demeanor [Vast Aire] God is a name I call myself I don't like Ugly, Original, Synthetic I breathe rusty air logic It becomes the lung, the mind is a closet That is if it's a walk-in, cuz I'm open You fell from the clips of weakness, I scoped it I'll ball your rhyme up and stuff it inside my mouth As if this was the first grade...(C'mon man) And you'll just stand there Your eyes'll water up And your teeth'll grind cuz you rhyme first grade Seeing me is like time, I'm a caged poet But I think life is more than a jail sentence That's why I, took my time Doing calisthenics which euphemisms to hand out a life sentence When I rhyme, I put my ass crack in it And you in a glass bottom boat with a crack in it So fuck your attitude My poetry's position is the sole definition of latitude Sinister *repeated* You tell the angels in heaven you've never seen An evil so singular personified as you being hit In the face by the man who killed you

The Jasmine Corridor

JETHRO TULL "Ian Anderson: The Secret Language Of Birds"
In all my lives, I never knew anyone like you before. Woke up one day, swore I heard the sound of heaven knocking on my door. And after all these years long passing, time to reflect, no time for wasting. Walking down the jasmine corridor. Reflecting echoes of quiet laughter. In all my life, I was never better served than I was served by you. And in my way, hope you agree I tried to serve you too. Out on the headland I stepped once unsteady. You there to catch me , I breathe more freely. Hand in mine down the jasmine corridor. Through all my life, I chased flitting illusions at a faster pace. Never stopped to think: the moment was for seizing, had myself to face. You made my bed to lie in, stately. Mad cats, grandchildren, here more often lately. The final view from the jasmine corridor.

Take A Look Behind Ya

BILLY SQUIER "Signs Of Life"
There's trouble on the rise--you can see it in the eyes of the livin' There's an order to defy--there's a room at the back of your mind Word gets out--what's it all about Some take it in and some can do without Don't hang out in the shadow of a doubt It's time you split before they sign you out They'll have you sing the blues... Take a look behind ya Take it on the run Take a look behind ya Look into the risin' sun You can dance, you can sing, but it doesn't mean a thing without rhythm You can slip--slide--stumble through the rest of your life Time won't stop--never gonna stop ya You push the limit 'til the day you drop Time don't stop--race against the clock You shun the risk--can you stand the shock You got a lot to lose... Take a look behind ya Take it on the run Take a look behind ya Look into the risin' sun Take a look behind ya Take it as it comes Take a look behind ya Don't forget the things you done You can run--you can hide but you never put aside what you're feelin' Keep your balance--keep your stride--let it run through the heart of your life Time don't stop--ready or not You've got to give it everything you got Life don't stop--take it to the top... You miss a step feel the anchor drop It all comes back to you...


Lightning struck a while ago And it's blazing much too fast But give it rain of waiting time And it will surely pass Blow over And it's happening so quickly As I feel the flaming time And I grope about the embers To relieve my stormy mind Blow over Shaken this has left me And laughing and undone With a blinding bolt of sleeplessness That's just begun And a windy crazy running Through the nights and through the days And a crackling Of the time burned away Burned away Now I feel it in my blood All hot and sharp and white With a whipcrack and a thunder And a flash of flooding light But there'll be a thick and smoky Silence in the air When the fire finally dies And I'm wondering who'll be left there In the ashes of the time Burned away Burned away

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