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There's a storm across the valley, clouds are rollin' in the afternoon is heavy on your shoulders. There's a truck out on the four lane, a mile or more away the whinin' of his wheels just makes it colder. He's an hour away from ridin' on your prayers up in the sky and ten days on the road are barely gone. There's a fire softly burning; supper's on the stove but it's the light in your eyes that makes him warm. Chorus: Hey, it's good to be back home again Sometimes this old farm feels like a long lost friend Yes, 'n, hey it's good to be back home again There's all the news to tell him: how's you spend your time? And what's the latest thing the neighbors say and your mother called last friday; Sunshine made her cry and you felt the baby move just yesterday. Chorus Bridge: And oh, the time that I can lay this tired old body down and feel your fingers feather soft up-on me the kisses that I live for, the love that lights my way the happiness that livin' with you brings me. It's the sweetest thing I know of, just spending time with you it's the little things that make a house a home. Like a fire softly burning and supper on the stove. And the light in your eyes that makes me warm.

More Then Flowers

Christian Walz
-Chorus- I'll give you more then flowers I'll give you my world I'll take you trippin' to the birds up above I'll give you my batman powers n' ride in my car And all time in bed is a suprime time game with a superstar Now here im asking you whats up whats new Asking busy bimbo what else to do I'm wondering how he push his lies Sitting here trying to catch youre eyes Laughing at the things shown' up in my head All the things that will leave you red With roses his trying every trick in the book I catch your eyes and i give you the look -Chorus- Then again im sitting here alone Watching while some creep trying talking to taking you home Well it might be alright but onley one night He wanna' take you home be that realy life All beacuse some flowers he can buy Mr.Fucker just cant see You slap his face and you come over to me -Chorus- Untill fade


Cocoa Brovaz "The Rude Awakening"
Lookin out my window hypnotized by the rain In a trance reminicing bout the soldiers slain Fighting wars in the brain trying to maintain Hoping mama won't have to feel the pain Looking at a closed casket or a picture frame Even shorties that you banged won't forget your name Still feel strange how times do change We doing our thing and in our minds you remain As I uncap a 5th of Henny for my soldiers that's a memory Thinking 'bout the fun times we had together Blazin' 'till the sunshine Drinkin' the cheap wine I know I never find a ? of the same kind But at the same time, I'm constantly writin' eulogies For my big homey locs and my loco g's Since '73 it seems death followed me to my man ?Tyshan Wells? Rest in Peace Chorus Oh why oh why oh why It's always the good ones that have to die Oh why oh why oh why Bob Marley die, ?Jacob Miller? die (repeat) Another day another burial Got you wondering 'bout the day when he bury you Tear drops stain the wally's that you rockin' On the block candles burn guns popin' I just came from the cemetery where my dog was buried Drop some buds in the earth to grow in they memory Thinkin' 'bout the fun times we had as fam Remembering the beef we got into but never ran I seen a kid get ate up by his own man one time Hid behind a car now look and duck and bust a ? On some Harlem Nights script But this some real life shit Heard his scull split when you seen the slug hit I watched the vultures swarmin' Prayin' on his garments They stay robbin' dead men cuz they don't give 'em problems Heard the good die young be it by God or gun Paint my mural on the wall sayin' my job was done I shed tears when I hear news from my peers That my nigga Shawn Crady was no longer here Had me mad at my girl ready to take it to the world Drinkin' liquor 'till I'm damn near 'bout to 'url Got a jewel from my dog locked up in jail Told me son is in the essence resting All is well While you still here: accomplish your deads Cuz you never know when it's your time to leave Repeat chorus several times

Shake It

Trix for kicks hip to the mix Posin' for pics chewin' chew with the hick chicks Fun is a gang bang I'm doin' the wild thing Boffin' and aa bruisin' in the back of a Mustang With style and finesse I'm never second best Drink beer for breakfast pass any piss test Mai Tai's no tie dyes I don't red by candles I don't wear beads or Burkenstock sandles I'm loud and rude dirty and crude Talkin' to you with a mouth full of food Stayin' up all night makin' noise so illegal Got your high power Trower playin' Day of the Eagle I'll sing like Sinatra go croonin' like Como Laugh non stop watchin' Abbott and Costello Make you move to the groove when I'm up to the bat Because I like to see you shake it when you shake it like that CHORUS I like to see you shake it when you shake it like that I'll make it clear I'll make it understood I like layin' by the fire with the burnin' firewood With a girl on a bear skin like that's all she's wearin' Tellin' me all the things that I want to be hearin' Like come on come over let's break a sweat I'll rock you so hard on that you can bet I'll make a mountain move and put a smile on your face I'll make your body quiver all over the place Because I'll be your little play thing dance in a g-string Give you the good stuff go till you get enough Take you so high you'll never want to say when And then we'll take ten and do it over again Yeah that's the kind of offer that I can't refuse I'm a man with a mission and no other excuse So when we're doin' the do and she purrs like a cat I say I like to see you shake it when you shake it like that CHORUS I'm like Jessie James I don't play games I might stumble and mumble but I don't drop names Cool like a six pack two speed with a kick back Smooth as a felt hat wild as a wombat Toppin' the roster like Roger Decoster Bring your girl to my party you can bet that you lost her 'Cause I'll rap a fast style and I make it stick And all the girls can tell you my tongue is quick I rev it to the red line to get to the good tiime The pedal's to the metal won't slow for the stop sign green is for go I'm pullin' all the stops Can't fake it won't take it push it over the top Two kinds of people and I know them well Those who go with the flow and those who think for themselves So bust it make a move now you're on the attack I like to see you shake it when you shake it like that CHORUS --------------------------------------------------------------------


98 DEGREES "98 Degrees And Rising"
We both know that I shouldn't be here This is wrong And baby it's killing me, it's killing you Both of us trying to be strong I've got somewhere else to be Promises to keep Someone else who loves me And trusts me fast asleep I've made up my mind There is no turning back She's been good to me And she deserves better than that Chorus: It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to do To look you in the eye And tell you I don't love you It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to lie To show no emotion When you start to cry I can't let you see What you mean to me When my hands are tied And my hearts not free We're not meant to be It's the hardest thing I'll ever had to do To turn around and walk away Pretending I don't love you I know that we'll meet again Fate has a place and time So you can get on with your life I've got to be cruel to be kind Like Dr. Zhivago All my love I'll be sending And you will never know There can be no happy ending Chorus Maybe another time, another day As much as I want to, I can't stay (Ooh) I've made up my mind There is no turning back She's been good to me And she deserves better than that Chorus I don't want to live a lie What can I do

He Aint Never Done Me Nothin But Good

Crabb Family
CHORUS He ain't never done me nothin' Done me nothin' but good Nothin' but good Ooo, ooo ooo, He ain't never done me nothin' Done me nothin' but good, Nothin' but good. VERSE 1 Job was a righteous man, the devil couldn't doubt it. He surely loved the Saviour, there was no doubt about it. But satan cursed his body from his feet to his head; Told him all his children and his cattle we dead. Job's wife said, 'Why don't you curse your God and die?' But Job said, 'Woman, you're speakin' like a foolish child'. CHORUS VERSE 2 I gave my heart to Jesus and I took Him as my Saviour. I cast my lots with the chosen ones and I started out to Heaven. Soon I was forsaken and my friends left one by one; But the good Lord walked beside me and He never left me alone. He feed me when I was hungry, He cheered me when I was sad. He has been the dearest friend this child has ever had. CHORUS VERSE 3 History tells of Polycarp who died for the gospel's sake. They built a fire around him and they tied him to a stake. But the fire could not comsume him, So they pierced him with a sword. The fire went out, the blood ran down, But still he praised the Lord. All my years I've served Him, He ain't done me nothin' but good. Well, I won't repent and I won't recant, Just tell me why I should. CHORUS TAG Nothin' but good

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