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JOHN DENVER lyrics - One World

It's A Possibility

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For all of the times that you've wondered why the world turned out this way, and all of the time that you've asked yourself about the games that people play, about the politics of hunger and the politics of need, how the politics of power seem to be the politics of greed, for all the times that you struggled in an effort to work your way back upstream, and all of the times you've held on to it when most of us had lost the dream, and for all of the ones who have walked with you, by your side or way back home, maybe much more than any of us, you know, that no one is really alone. Because the heart is still a hunter, it's like a beacon in the night. And though the heart is just a lover, it's never afraid to fight. We are fighting for more than survival, we are working for more than peace. We are giving ourselves to each other, making sure all injustice will someday cease. You can take a look around you and you can see how far we've come, all the separate parts, all the hundreds of hearts that are beating together as one. It's a possibility for many tomorrows, it's a possibility of a world to be made for everyone. It's a possibility, no more suffering and sorrow, it's a possibility, it's in everyone. It's a possibility of many tomorrows, we're a possibility of a world truly made for everyone. We're a possibility, no more suffering and more sorrow

If You Leave

If you leave would you take hold of this cancer that's in me I won't need it anymore - I think you know what I mean This tiny spot inside my heart that was meant to house a star has grown cold I've seen it happen a million times before - just never to me I guess some things are just the way they are Carousels should run straight ahead and never have to stop Broken dreams should be the ones where you get to wake up I'm all for learning life's hard lessons but enough is enough I'm feeling old I've seen it happen a million times before I'll surely run around when my head is gone I should've worn this crown of fools the first time I said hello And it's true that time can ease your mind but head and heart can travel different roads so be careful. that you don't grow cold

Take Me Home

JOHNNY CASH "Everybody Loves A Nut"
Well I've been from Boston to LA seen Boulder Dam and Frisco Bay I seen New York City and Washington Seen Montreal and Saskatchewan and Rhode Island And I've worked in three all night service stations and I drove a truck Take me home my heart is heavy and my feet are sore Take me home I don't wanna roam no more Well I slept all night in a water trough Had the flu and the croup and the whoopin' cough Had the mumps and the measles and the seven years itch And I can't count the times that I've had a cold and a sore throat Not to mention all the times that I cut my fingers on a sardine can Take me home my heart is heavy... Well I can just see 'em all now just a gatherin' round Mama's supper table when the sun goes down And my good old pappy when the blessing is said Fillin' up his plate with black eyed peas and all that stuff and side meat And a great big hunk of my dear sweet mama's hot buttered cornbread Take me home my heart is heavy... Take me home my heart is heavy...


AS I LAY DYING "Awakened"
Your resilience inspires me Facing tragedies I will never face Your presence is humbling To think of all that you have overcome It took such little pain For our lives to coalesce Finding what I could've found in no one else You bring me through the darkness of myself And show me that frailty can be turned to strength Suffering Persistence Such sorrow Yet resilience From the outside I've deceived the world With false bravery Yet you have taught me so much more Much more than I can ever teach And someday you might Need someone to lean on I can only hope that I'll have gained the courage To be there for you in whatever you face You bring me trough (you bring me through) The darkness of myself And show me that frailty (can be turned) Can be turned to strength Suffering Persistence Such sorrow Yet resilience At times I'm carried on the shoulders of a child I find power in your firm fallibility My source of hope is seeing that weak prevail And I'm better able to live because you're alive I could not imagine a world without you Where I looked you in the eyes and left you to die Suffering Persistence Such sorrow Yet resilience

I'm Not Just Saying That, I'm Feeling That

RUFF ENDZ "Love Crimes"
[Intro] There are times when I look at you I realize I'm blessed as a man To have you in my life 1 - Oh, there are times when I look at you I acknowledge that you are the most beautiful love for view And I'm not just saying that, I'm feeling that From my heart And no, there is no other girl quite like you No matter how many times we love It still feels brand new And I'm not just saying that, I'm feeling that From my heart Listen baby Everytime I look at you You put an arrow straight through my heart It's the kind of feelin' that makes you feel real good When you know you're in love Words cannot contemplate Just how good you are in bed Baby, can you do what you did to me again? You look so sexy, my mind can't comprehend Repeat 1 I can't help it when I touch your body I just lose my self control Can you see it in my eyes? Your body's got me so hypnotized I'd do anything you want me to Give you anything you choose, yeah Everything you need is right here with me All that matters is that you are mine Repeat 1 From my heart You're amazing Everytime I get a glimpse of you I think about the love we made And how it was (so good) Let me tell you baby, if you were Cuz I want you now, and I need you now And I'm not just saying that baby See you're what I need most in my life Every morning, every evening, every day and every night Let me tell you girl, that you rock my world You're a supernatural miracle And I'm not just saying that Repeat 1 to fade

With Strength I Burn

Emperor "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk"
Deep Green Dark Chaos Blinded I run down these paths By heart I know them They lead to the soaring cliffs Stout they stand above the waters edge Lifeless And this is my foundation Cold stone Formed only by winds and time How invulnerable Lifeless Ahh... I have longed to be at one with this Yet, the waters call my name For once I wish to see The entity behind the voice The face of this seduction The beauty of my pain Am I blessed or am I cursed by thy presence What is my crime... What is my deed... Is this life my redemption Shall I repent or proceed I hate my flesh It's dimension poisoned my soul with doubt It made me question the essence of The I Slaves are those of this world Given freedom to lay chains upon the Master The wolf is no longer free Release the chains and come for me The Elder: Suddenly, his mournful cries were stunned. Out of the cold mist came three enthralling ships. Sails torn by many a storm, and the bows adorned by the most fierce gargoyles he'd ever laid eyes upon. Yet, the crew they bore... Three times twelve in numbers. They stood motionless, wrapped in grey, worn gowns. And from behind their shadowed faces the seductive chanting. Biddinghim on board. Without hesitation, he assepted. And away they sailed... Upon these seas Wherein I drowned so many times I scatter the ashes of destiny Still my flames are in hunger With fire in my heart Shall I greet the shores ahead Though, I know not what will burn Desire Ahh... In the distance I hear the waves wash over solid ground And in this moment I am struck blind Grant me sight so I can see That which lies ahead of me Cursed be my mortal eyes For dying in the realm of death Hear my call... I return to the soaring cliffs They truly shine of strength Even though, I nothing learned With strength I burn...

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