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JOHN DENVER lyrics - I Want To Live


Original and similar lyrics
If I had my druthers I'd go fishing, find myself a lake and a lazy day. If I had my druthers I'd quit wishing, get off the old caboose get on my way. Give me whole lots of laughter, great big barrels of fun, night time full of romance, a daytime full of sun. If I had my druthers I'd go flying, looking for the things I'd like to see. If I had my druthers I'd be trying, trying, the only way to be what I can be. Give me somebody to love me, make me feel like the only one, something that's worth doing, Lord, I feel good when it's well done. If I had my druthers I'd go sailing, catch me camping out on the open sea. If I had my druthers I'd be singing, just how good this good life feels to me, feels so good. You just need someone to talk to, something you can share. You don't need no reason for living, Lord, it's already there, yes it is. Woooo, woooo, yeah. Makes me giggle, can't sit down. I'm going fishing.

It Feels So Good

SONIQUE "It Feels So Good"
It Feels So Good You always make me smile when I'm feeling down You give me such a vibe, I is totally bonafide, mmm It's not the way you walk, and it ain't the way you talk It ain't the job you got, that keeps me satisfied [chorus]Your love it feels so good, and that waht takes me high Higher than I've been before and your love, it keeps me alive Thought I should let you know, that your touch it means so much When I'm alone at night, it's you I'm always thinkin' of Ooh ooh baby Oh won't you understand how I feel yeah deep inside Uh huh, you made feel all I need to feel Yes in my heart [repeat chorus]

Pig Bop

SHIHAD "Shihad"
I ain't ashamed to cry Sometimes it feels just good enough To feel something I ain't afraid to try Well I fail as good as anybody else I lost interest in politics and when they talk it bores me to the brain So this is modern living? The more the choice The more things stay the same But, when it comes to you I must admit I'm at a loss I'm so confused When it comes to you I don't know how you do what you do But I like it Offer up the fantastic I'm sick from all this plastic glamour I've become a social spastic No need to walk through your front door no more Market youth their uniform If it's so wicked why don't you wear it too I'm a mass media casaulty From taking advice from people that don't have a clue When it comes to you I must admit I'm at a loss I'm so confused And when it comes to you I don't know how you do what you do But I like it I ain't afraid to cry Sometimes it feels just good enough to feel something You make me feel just good enough to scream

Whippin' Post

Bobby Martin (lead vocals, keyboards) Frank Zappa (guitar) Steve Vai (rhythm guitar) Ray White (rhythm guitar) Tommy Mars (keyboards) Ed Mann (percussion) Arthur Barrow (bass) Chad Wackerman (drums) I been run down Lord, I been lied to And I don't know why I let that mean woman make out a fool She took all my money Wrecked my new car Now she's with one of my good-time buddies, Drinkin' in some cross-town bar Sometimes I feel Sometimes I feel Like I been Tied to the whippin' post Tied to the whippin' post Good Lord, I feel like I'm dyin' My friends tell me That I been such a fool But I got to stand there an' take it All for loving you Drown myself in sorrow As I look at what you done Nothin' seems to change; That bad times stay the same, And I can't run Sometimes I feel Sometimes I feel Like I been Tied to the whippin' post Tied to the whippin' post Good Lord, I feel like I'm dyin'

Good Times Boys

indeed it may seem that we have strange ways but we do it with compassion and don't believe in age travel round the world gettin naked on the stage bustin' people out of their everyday cage we like to think we make a sad man happy and we like to make proud our mammy and our pappy funky young kings we sing of truth and soul we're the modern day braves with one strong hold through the world of song our boldness is exposed i'm talkin' 'bout my buddy's funk it up fishbone good good time boys make me feel good give me good times yea yea yea yea our devotion to emotion is more than evident to the minds that are open it's you we represent we hope you have enjoyed the time that you have spent one day the good time boys that might jest be president like a pack of mad hatters who come from outer space our swinging's gonna shatter every stone cold face now you may not know the exact reason why a band commands attention from the mountains and the sky makin' more that money more than money can buy i stop! and take a listen to the monsters try good good time boys make me feel good give me good times yea yea yea yea if you don't believe me you can ask john doe 'cause his heart is made of glory and his voice is made of gold he'll tell you in a minute about the men he knows he'll tell you 'bout the band called fire hose to those of you who doubt the nature of our spirit we play it out loud for everyone to hear it building up our brains with the supernatural powers we take it from the trees and the mighty watts towers aim the flame of freedom at the lames and sours we're the best of the west and the west is ours good good time boys make me feel good give me good times yea yea yea yea


JON BELLION "Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1"
[Intro:] Dope little boy, Unh! Dope little boy 1, 2, 3 [Verse 1:] Stay steady rockin' Feel good flow with a half-pipe Jones Baby watch me drop in I think the key is to never feel locked in Just as long as you comfy in the pocket Kids explore options Don't listen to the outside world, it's obnoxious They will try to cut your balls with no topspin (get it?) Mentally and physically, you need to stay clocked in [Hook:] Dope little boy, boy Don't believe any of their lies Dope little boy, boy They can barely sleep with themselves at night Dope little boy, boy Never ever will they break your flow Dope little boy, boy Just keep doing things from your soul [Verse 2:] (Yeah, yeah. This feels crazy) I ain't on the guess list, cause I ain't a big deal Mouth so Fresh Prince cause I gotta a stronger will Smith and Wesson, keep bangin' on them, let'em feel Everything you do and spread love til the grinned' real Why, Look a live little boy? Cause you're up next Now that I'm making it, these girls are sending dumb text I won't change if ten-thousand and change Scream my name at a show like I had a lot of rough sex Please excuse the nerdiness, I'm flirting with a lot of styles Exploring lanes so insane, at a hundred miles I'm just a kid, scruffy hair, with a goofy smile But I had developed tough skin, no crocodiles In the process of dream chasing I will make what I feel like making Hip Hop to Pop is two languages But I'm somewhere in the middle, so Spanglish And if you're not putting out a good vibe Stay the hell home cause we're trying to have good time They say he's gotta climb, but he's been fine Cause he feels good music in the air, wind chimes Just know that my patience wearing thin Cause from cockiness to retardation is thin line Just know that I'm in it for the win Cause I'm pushing real hard like I been ventured incline Dilla and The Roots are stupid for this baseline Two thumbs up. Woo! Great time (Yo!) [Outro]

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