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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Higher Ground

Alaska And Me

Original and similar lyrics
When I was a child and I lived in the city I dreamed of Alaska so far away And I dreamed I was flying over mountains and glaciers Somehow I knew I'd live there one day Well it took me some growin', and a fair bit of schoolin' And a little bit of trouble to get on the move And I felt like a loser but I turned out the winner When I came to Alaska the land that I love Here's to Alaska, here's to the people Here's to the wild and here's to the free Here's to my life in a chosen country Here's to Alaska and me I was born in a cabin on Little Mulchatna Raised in hard times but I had a good life From the first time I flew with my father a singin' I knew that I'd wind up a bush pilot's wife We sleep near the sound of a slow running river And wake up most mornings to a drizzling rain And we face every day like the first or the last one With nothin' to lose and heaven to gain Here's to Alaska, here's to the people Here's to the wild and here's to the free Here's to my life in a chosen country Here's to Alaska and me Oh, for the fire on a cold winters night And once more to gaze at the great northern lights For all of the beauty my children will see Here's to Alaska and me Here's to Alaska, here's to the people Here's to the wild and here's to the free Here's to my life in a chosen country Here's to Alaska and me

1 Of 4 (Thank You)

1 of 4... My name is Ian Mathias Bavitz I was born in 1-9-7-6, at Biosfet hospital, located in Long Island, NY I am 6 foot, for I weigh 2-0-0 pounds I have brown hair and green eyes I enjoy writing songs, painting, movies and diner food I have two brothers, Chris and Graham and two parents, Paul and Jameija In august of 2-0-0-1 I went crazy.. This was originally not for public consumption This was made for four people... four people that literally saved my life They know who they are.. And ahhh I mean I could live to be a thousand years old and never re-pay them I don't think this song would pay for them But hopefully by putting it out, push the bank a little further.. This ain't a burner for the whips (no it isn't) This ain't even Aesop Rock fly earthworm demeanor (no it isn't) My name is Ian Mathias Bavitz and I was born in Long Island, New York Seventy Six, before Graham and after Chris... OK In August of 2001 my seemingly splinter-proof brain bone, scaffling imploded I kept it on the hush, but nearly tumbling to the cold hard concrete on near bodega trips for ciggaretes and soda, shook me to kasper Dizzy with a nothern chaser, motor sensory eraser Gorophobe tunnel vision, guilt, self loathing arrangements Rose rapidly outta fog I'd never fished in that abates three separate foreign men's While I seems to hook lines and syncro simple fishing Simple primitive self taught, easing of soul, mind and body but the symptoms rejected my cave-man modus operandi So now it's one fish belly up, through medicated mol edge Shrinks that get 250 an hour for awkward silence And, I'd be lying if I said all of this made even the slightest fragment of sense to me That's frail... Simply put I don't know what happened, or what's stillhappening I literally feel like I'm teetering on the blunt edge of my sanity JAMIE, I killed the robots and I'm sorry Broke down in front of you, embarrassed but you lent a heart and hand that only you could you're one of my best friends and yes I'd take that bullet for you That's my word, which is about all I have left TONY, I know you know you crazy, 'cause you told me but that did never bother you, I hold you as my brother 'til death And I got your back if ever the drunk goblin step for makin' a cat laugh, when I was walking with the dead KATHERINE, mother figure, older sister, concerned be a limits Letting me know I wasn't the only one with this Continuous offers for vacation, Chicago visits Talked me to repair of a head full of broken pistons RIYAH, for the late night movie rentals and the company I needed An' you knew it, but I just wouldn't admit it You listened to me brag about my issues for hours Offer incredible advice, gave me a hug when I was finished Am I a jack of all trades? Nope... I like to write songs tho' Are they good? I dunno.. But I could tell you that I only write shit down when I believe it So take this how you want, but know I mean it I want you all to know that I'm scared Now my fuckin' crooked soul never faced a monster like the last few months Never in my whole life... I wish I could explain this better (I can't) But the pieces won't formulate it to anything even close to cohesive So I guess this is my feeble way to thank you Four soldiers that extended something sacred off the purity of kindness I owe you all my life and please don't argue with that statement 'Cause without y'all I may not have a life to offer, take it Thank you I wish I could explain this better. (Thank you) I'm sorry for burdening your pleasures. (Thank you) I love you all with all that's left of me. (Thank you) For helping try to kill what made a mess of me. (Thank you) Somehow, someway. (Thank you) I'ma get you back someday. (Thank you) Just gotta figure this all out... So.. I guess it is kind of funny when you look headed from a step back How one man can literally buckle under the same pressures Other men operate normally under I have soaked this out from all angles, walking through time I have been over everything in my head, still I can't think anymore But I guess some times, when you can't breathe, there are people there to breathe for you I am lucky enough to have those people around me Thank you for helping me to not die Thank you for helping me to not die Pocket full of pennies, and a soul gone tilt Cockpit full of memories and a dream full of guilt

Don't Look Down

HOODIE ALLEN "Making Waves"
Yeah You're crashing in right now It's Making Waves By your new favorite crew Hoodie Allen We gonna start it off right now With out further ado We're coming live to you People start to listen and they wonder if the beat break I'll be rolling rich even if I rock the cheap skates Life's a yearbook, never get a retake And all the good times going faster than a speed date You wonder why we late? Good question Never thought we'd make it here now who'd guess it? New lesson: Treat these moments like a blessin I'm trynna find direction and you trynna GPS it And no BSing on this roller coaster we thrilled We just cut the line trynna get the seat filled And now you're strapped in acting like we chilled I know you love it when we go and let the beat build We feel better then we ever been I need to clear my head excedrin I'm taking off to somewhere big and I be hoping that you getting in But if you don't I know I'll see you when I get home They say the road is just your favourite place to get grown So for the people that I dissed and I led on You can be the people that I miss when I head on I feel so high tonight I don't wanna see the ground Don't look down, don't look down Life can be so simple When living in the clouds Don't look down Don't look down Ain't no better time than the present Maybe if we never count the future And I promise if I said it then I meant it And I never meant to be the one to shoot your Dreams down, see clouds and the sounds just opened up And if they looking for a change then I hope it's us I know it's tough, so is anything that's worth it I'm making it my business to deserve it I feel so high tonight I don't wanna see the ground Don't look down Don't look down Life can be so simple When living in the clouds Don't look down Don't look down

El Lute

Boney M. "Oceans Of Fantasy"
This is the story of El Lute A man who was born to be hunted like a wild animal Because he was poor But he refused to accept his fate And today his honor has been restored He was only nineteen And he was sentenced to die For something that somebody else did And blamed on El Lute Then they changed it to life And so he could escape From then on they chased him And searched for him day and night all over Spain But the search was in vain for El Lute He had only seen the dark side of life The man they called El Lute And he wanted a home just like you and like me In a country where all would be free So he taught himself to read and to write It didn't help El Lute He was one who had dared to escape overnight They had to find El Lute Soon the fame of his name Spread like wild fire all over the land With a price on his head People still gave him bread And they gave him a hand For they knew he was right And his fight was their fight No one gave you a chance In the Spain of those days On the walls every place they had put up The face of El Lute And he robbed where he could just like once Robin Hood They finally caught him and That seemed the end But they caught him in vain Cause a change came for Spain And El Lute He had only seen the dark side of life The man they called El Lute And he wanted a home just like you and like me In a country where all would be free And then freedom really came to his land And also to El Lute Now he walks in the light of a sunny new day The man they called El Lute


KING LIL G "90's Kid"
[Intro:] But those mistakes behind me Cast shadows to remind me I truly hope god never gives up on us [Verse 1:] Its kinda hard for me to listen to that drake shit I'm far from being heartbroken, fucking yo main bitch Roll up a blunt with me, smoke a blunt with me Your enemies my enemies, come shoot a gun with me I seen some beautiful women in salt lake city I traveled thru the east, its gangsta & grimy in philly People tell me I change, well maybe you never knew me I have to switch up the page, to a different chapter in my life I wanna progress Maybe see you in heaven and show you what I possess Ambitions like no one else We did it with no ones help Fuck all you people who criticize, saying that I would fail 65 thousand dollar bail I put money in my homie's books the first day in jail It changed my life, when I read your fan mail I made mistakes in my life and I regret em fo'real (but those mistakes behind me) (cast shadows to remind me) [Interlude:] People can't expect you to be perfect all of a sudden you know? We all mistakes no matter what baby I'm just trying to be better [Verse 2:] Baby tell me, do you know what love is? Sometimes I feel I do the most for the people I fuck with Your girl is beautiful as fuck but she can't be trusted They told you rumors bout her fucking, when you got busted Don't even trip though, ain't nobody perfect You lost your family in a jail cell Now was it worth it? is it worth it? You feeling worthless, searching for god Tell me whats the purpose You facing life, now you feeling nervous But it ain't nothin', life keeps going on You stay behind bars, I'm in the streets smoking bomb I guess its karma, for all the people you went & robbed You were just a young boy tagging on the walls You could've backed off, but something got your ass involved Who am I to tell you, what the fuck is right from wrong All we knew was lil homie put your weapon in place No time for my conscious mind, please forgive my mistakes (but those mistakes behind me) (cast shadows to remind me) [Outro:] I try to do my best just like you We can't judge each other for the bullshit we go through Cause as much as you fucking up I be fucking up too But believe me we can overcome this, hell yeah All my homies who feel lost in this world Keep your head up..keep your head up

Life Is So Hard

EVE "Scorpion"
(feat. Teena Marie) [Eve] This song is a dedication to those strugglin and livin on For those who can't see the light, it's comin Stay strong, feel me.. [echoes] [Teena Marie] Ooohhhh, yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah, oooohhhhhhh, oohhhohhhhh.. [Chorus: Teena Marie] Livin life is so hard Every day I pray to God Tell Him to send me light so I can touch my soul And always know right from wrong Livin life is so hard Every day I pray to God Tell Him to touch my heart so He can ease the pain Anything to hide the scars [Eve] Uhh, uhh Thank you God, I appreciate every blessin Happiness to heartaches, take it as a lesson I learned a lot in this year Got a profession that keeps me stressin Facin criticism, answerin questions And you still keep me happy and healthy Blessed with a mind to play the cards that life has dealt me No doubt I struggle, I cry at times Sometimes I wish I could live in a bubble And it gets hard not to stray to trouble I'm proud of me, got a family that holds me down Real friends 'cause the other ones claim they don't know me now But long as God with me, I'ma be good for sure He's the one who picks me up when my face is to the floor Life is crazy, people never cease to amaze me Stay with stories by how they made me or raised me And it's funny, 'cause everybody seems to be so hungry Either they want my life, or they want my money [Chorus] [Teena Marie] How can life be so hard How can my life be so hard Whatever doesn't kill me makes me strong Whatever doesn't kill me makes me strong Every day I pray to God Every day I pray Whatever doesn't kill me makes me strong Whatever, whatever, whatever [Eve] Uhh, been through a lot Still gotta watch my back 'cause people plot Close is to do you dirty just so they can take your spot Some days I feel like I wanna quit But I pray too long and dreamed and worked too hard for it Wouldn't trade my life, none even a little bit Cause it could be worse for real, I could be turnin tricks Might bitch and whine but always just in the back of my mind I could be livin on the streets, nothin to eat without a dime So I thank God, and I think why 'cause life's hard Meet a lot of people but always I'm puttin up my guard Cause you never know, some people snakes Some people give a lot but mostly not, most people take A lot of smilin claimin realness but most people fake Still gotta smile, 'cause that's what it takes Sometimes it's lonely I feel like people see me really don't know me But my best friend is Him, and I know He'll hold me [Chorus] [Eve] Uhh, uhh I got a lotta people on my side protectin me Dee, Waah, Chivon, and the family Gotta thank God for them 'cause they keep me right I also thank Him every day for the love of my life I thank Him, for this gift just to be able to write and rock crowds that scream my name, able to excite Thank God for my fans; I love the way they love me Happy that I'm comfortable, eatin, livin lovely I love my life, still there's the pressure and pain So I make sure that I'm grounded and able to maintain Alotta people think I'm lucky, travelin and hangin out But if they only knew, I +WISH+ I could be hangin out I'm bangin out hits, in the studio I'm livin low Makin plans to last a lifetime, make sure I'm gettin dough Huh, come on, just so the people know Uhh, come on, just so the people know [Chorus - 2X]

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