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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Greatest Hits No. 3

Dancing With The Mountains

Original and similar lyrics
This song appears on four albums, and was first released on the Autograph Album, and has also been released on the Greatest Hits Vol 3, John Denver (Italian) and Country Classics Albums. Everybody's got the dancin' fever Everbody'd love to rock and roll Play it loud and baby play it better Funky music gotta stretch your soul Just relax and let the rhythm take you Don't you be afraid to lose control If your heart has found some empty spaces Dancin's just a thing to make you whole I am one who dances with the mountains I am one who dances with the wind I am one who dances on the ocean My partner's more than pieces more than friends Were you there the night they lost the lightning Were you there the day the earth stood still Did you see the famous and the fighting Did you hear the prophet tell his tale We are one when dancing with the mountains We are one when singing in the wind We are one when thinking of each other More than partners much more than pieces more than friends Words and music by John Denver

Sweeter For Me

JOAN BAEZ "Gulf Winds"
(Words and Music by Joan Baez) Red telephone sitting by my bed Practically bore your name Lying alone in the twilight zone Waiting for your call to come in Hadn't been for the kid Who was sleeping upstairs You'd have found me well on my way On that midnight plane to L.A. You suffered sweeter for me Than anyone I've ever known I dared to look into the years Would you still have your wife? I dared to peer through my tears Could we ever have a life? Even thought I was pregnant by you But I didn't care I just talked to my son Would he mind another one? You suffered sweeter for me Than anyone I've ever known Once more the mist rolls to the sea Like a hundred times we've known Trees are faded and the clouds have stopped Where the wind had blown How I dread when the evening comes And I cannot be What you want me to be When you are next to me How silent you are as the veils come down Before my eyes Soft and reserved as you move away Donning your disguise While every folk song that I ever knew Once more comes true And loves grows old And waxes cold You suffered sweeter for me Than anyone I've ever known Just one favor of you, my love If I should die today Take me down to where the hills Meet the sea on a stormy day Ride a ridge on a snow white horse And throw my ashes away To the wind and the sand Where my song began You suffered sweeter for me Than anyone I've ever known  1976, 1977 Gabriel Earl Music (ASCAP)

Got To Rock On

KANSAS "Audio-Visions"
(Steve Walsh) It's no funny hanging around winter seems so numbing Getting fat where I sit down do you suppose it's old age coming I get this feeling I'm no good for nothing life has led me wrong Once in a while it makes it all worthwhile if I can sing this song Got to rock on I can't be this way I'm hanging around but wait till music's in season That's when I'm high that is how I play and I do it the best that's all I need for a reason Can't think straight can't think at all staring out the window Hear the band I hear them call everything will disappear and I get the feeling I can conquer anything gets in my way Don't need no doctor 'caus I know exactly what I need today I Got to rock on I can't be this way I'm hanging around but wait till music's in season That's when I'm high that is how I play and I do it the best that's all I need for a reason The sun beats down upon me and it looks as tough that spring Has waited long enough to get here she knows that I must Sing about her future oh sing about her past I love to play my music And I try to make it last but sometimes summer comes too fast I got to rock on I can't be this way (cont.)


JME "Boy Better Know - Poomplex >edition 2<"
Yo New Poooomplex I'm clocking them fake rappers Eating oxygen cakes Go home, listen to Boy Better Know I sold more than the box ever made But if you're on my side Chill, relax, and enjoy the ride I'm not a one hit wonder boy Trust me, I make music all the time Someone's [? ] shotting today Everybody's got something to say If I quick this music to my road Half of you guys will have nothing to play See I hear this stuff all the time You think you can write bars like mine Look on your lyric books and you'll find 3, 14159 I only make badboy tunes So when there's all five man in the room All communication stops 'Cause if you don't hear me, then you're doomed You can't test me, you might be yeh pro I don't care, I'm mighty and so When you see my mix album on the shelves, cop that It's a deal like Ikea On the Boy Better Know CD you'll get Bare tunes from JME, you best Play my tunes at full volumes and shout Shh hut yuh muh, rudeboy, poomplex, diickhead You know I'm the best Your favourite MC, there's no contest Lyrically I'm ahead of the rest Poooomplex I wear my own dance Man see me roll on own arms Turn them, shh hut yuh muh, there's no [? ] Rudeboy, wipe your lips, why just [? ] I've got my own T's Man see me and think I got p's Turn them, eyo fam, you know me Still hustlin for my food to eat I only go pops, the? is a must Plus if I can't get into the pool club If not then I'll go make a dub I don't do collabs Hold me down like I've got? But I'm slipping, washboard abs [? ], are you mmmmaad?

Children And All That Jazz

JOAN BAEZ "Diamonds & Rust"
(Words and Music by Joan Baez) Little Annie Fannie Morgan and Christian Katy and Nathan Tommy and Zem Zem Alex and J.J. Tai and Ezekial Amy and Josie Matthew and Mosie Sweet Pearl and Nicholas Come here and tickle us I don't like nicknames I like to play games One of them's Batman That's where it's at man Look at your t-shirt I see you're all wet now I'll give you a bath If you'll go to bed now Oh can't you see I'm tired I'm tired I'm tired Joey and Janet Jennifer, Joshua Justin and Jason Jacob and Jordan Heather and Shannon Marisa and Kirsten Kimmie and David Who shall we play with? Here comes my own son Light of my life is Younger than new leaves Brighter than you please Says that he loves me Big as the world and Gabriel Harris You go to bed now You go to bed now It's quarter to nine I'm tired I'm tired I'm tired You heard what I said now You go to bed now It was a hard day Never enough play Iggy was sick and couldn't come over One of your mice died That was when you cried Get in the tub And play with your boats now Sit here beside me I'll tell you a story One about snakes And anything gory Ask me no questions How far is the sky And I'm falling asleep And you're smarter than I am Light of my life Good night Good night Good night  1975 Chandos Music (ASCAP)

R.A.P. Music

[Intro:] I've never really had a religious experience, in a religious place. Closest I've ever come to seeing or feeling God is listening to rap music. Rap music is my religion. Amen [Verse 1:] What I say might save a life, what I speak might save the street I ain't got no instruments, but I got my hands and feet Hands gone clap and feet gone tap, El-P beats to make that snap And I ride them with my raps, and they all tight as my naps And my naps is all I got, and this beautiful ebony skin And the music in my heart, and the words put in the wind And the words put in the wind, coming back like a boomerang When I take this microphone, point it at the crowd, they start to sing [Hook: x2] This is jazz, this is funk, this is soul, this is gospel This is sanctified sex, this is player pentecostal This is church; front, pew, amen, pulpit What my people need and the opposite of bullshit [Verse 2:] It's that Robert Johnson, that Muddy Waters, that James Brown, Augusta, GA That Ray Charles, that Stevie Wonder, that Mayfield, that Superfly That Willie Hutch and that Mack, it's that blues man, that soul man That OutKast, that Southernplayalisticadillac It's that Jimi Hendrix, that George Clinton, I feel it in my bones Aretha Franklin, that Shirley Caesar, that Miss Nina Simone That Sade, that Love is King, that Coltrane, that Love Supreme That Miles Davis, that Bitches Brew, that "beeeyatch" said by Playboy Too [Hook x2] [Verse 3:] I got things to do, before I meet that glory in the sky And my baby girl b-day be six months away, she gonna be five So I pray to the lord he spare me, and I make it by and by And I help souls stay out of Hell with what I testify And maybe when I grab the microphone and never lie That'll merit that he spare me, I won't have to feel that fire So Killa Kill gonna spit that real on each and every song And each and every poem, until the good lord call me home, gone! [Hook]

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