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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Greatest Hits No. 2

Back Home Again

Original and similar lyrics
This song appears on fifteen albums, and was first released on the Back Home Again Album, and has also been released on the Favourites, the Greatest Hits Vol 2, Voice of America, John Denver (Italian), The Very Best of John Denver (Double CD), The Rocky Mountain Collection, The Country Roads Collection and Country Classics Albums. Live versions appear on the Live In London, the Live at the Sydney Opera House, The Wildlife Concert and The Best of John Denver Live Albums. An updated studio version also appears on the Love Again and A Celebration of Life Albums. There's a storm across the valley, clouds are rollin' in The afternoon is heavy on your shoulders There's a truck out on the four lane a mile or more away The whinin' of his wheels just makes it colder He's an hour away from ridin' on your prayers up in the sky And ten days on the road are barely gone There's a fire softly burnin', supper's on the stove But it's the light in your eyes that makes him warm Hey it's good to be back home again Sometimes this old farm feels like a long-lost friend Yes 'n' hey, it's good to be back home again There's all the news to tell him, how'd you spend your time What's the latest thing the neighbors say And your mother called last Friday, “Sunshine” made her cry You felt the baby move just yesterday Hey it's good to be back home again - yes it is Sometimes this old farm feels like a long-lost friend Yes 'n' hey, it's good to be back home again Oh the time that I can lay this tired old body down Feel your fingers feather soft upon me The kisses that I live for, the love that lights my way The happiness that that livin' with you brings me It's the sweetest thing I know of, just spending time with you It's the little things that make a house a home Like a fire softly burnin' supper on the stove The light in your eyes that makes me warm Hey it's good to be back home again Sometimes this old farm feels like a long-lost friend Yes 'n' hey, it's good to be back home again Hey it's good to be back home again - you know it is Sometimes this old farm feels like a long-lost friend Hey, it's good to be back home again I said hey it's good to be back home again Words and music by John Denver

Wish You Could See Me

HAYSTAK "Car Fulla White Boys"
I wish you could see me crying like a baby Grieving not believing he's on a machine keeping him breathing He aint leaving hell naw he's staying right here Hoping Im dreaming caught up in a nightmare Emergency technicians cut him out his clothes So they could see tha bullet holes put tubes up his nose I suppose I'm suppose to be strong but damn that My boy was supposed ta live longer I'm remminesn bout drinking brews and smoking blunts Prayed for the first time in months God I know you cannot allow this madness to go on for so long But I think you proved you point were going to live right for now on His momma helped to tell me his fight was incredible But it's inevitable if he makes it he'd be a vegetable Raised nurtured him too much love Too sit and watch him hurt so him pulling tha plug I walked in seen him laying there Looked like he was sleeping lights was blinking machines wasn't beeping It was just me my homie had flat lined so I hugged him told him I loved him For tha last time [Chorus] I wish you could see me I wish you could see me Wish you could see me I wish you could see me Cruel intentions complicating doom Pulling for my partner in tha operating room Sewed him up put him in I.C.U. The doctor told his family thieve done all they can do We had high hopes just knowing he'd pull through But he got this look on his face like he just knew He might not be able to come back I said squeeze my hand if you feel me he didn't react So that's one more homie that we lost to the late night [Rain Starting] Kill tha head light pull up at tha grave sight We were there twenty minutes seemed like forever it lasted His brother broke down his moms collapsed on tha casket See tha caretaker throw the first shovel of dirt I cant begin to describe how much that hurt I can begin to describe I aint going pretend I can't begin to describe that [Chorus] In this game I don't lost some money but I can make my N's back I done lost some homies but ill never get my friends back Thick and thin we thought it wouldn't end But we were wrong son life does not go on Alone he died, He's strong I tried But even grown men cry sometime no sunshine Just gray skies tear filled eyes sad goodbyes Visualize my homies ride, [] before he died he said Be patient it'll happen god aint calling you to balling Stak you is meant for rapping be in shape For your life to end you wound up in the Penn For a mistake missed your big break So now Im trying not to die myself Choose my goals go for the gold and apply myself I felt pain for henrys; I stained middle ones hurt worst I see us putting you in the hearse The redwood casket all gold trim Three piece pin strip gators and brim I can here him saying straighten up, you got music to tend to Tell the country how we made good all that bad we been through [Chorus] Ohhhhh I wish you I just wish you Could just see me man I just miss you And I just wish you could be with me cause I miss you and words can't describe the pain That I have felt since you have been gone Since you've been gone long, long, long, gone Ohhh I wish you could see me

Once Upon A Time

Down Low
All alone without you yeah so alone, so alone without you (X2) Until that day I see you again Death do us part your long lost friend Can't wait to see your face again I'll be here for you my friend Seems like thru life problems, pleasure and pain I've always been here and I will remain remembering the days and the times we shared If you need me yo! I'd be right there. But now you're all gone and I'm here all alone and now i must face life on my own I wish you could be here to hold my hand somethings in life i can't understand What I'm gonna do without you? Why did you leave without me? Sometimes love comes randomly but now it abandons me (abandons me) Every morning I wish I could see your face now a quiet void lies here in you place and till that day I see you again death do us part your long lost friend CHORUS:All alone without you (so alone, so alone) uuh all alone without you until that day I see you again death do us part your long lost friend can't wait to see your face again I'll be here for you my friend Share my chains, share my cost take my pain, take my lost and if I could turn back the hands of time we would be here together now in our minds forever in my thoughts, shall your vision run till the end of time, till times undone this world is dividing us and can't provide for us (but still) but still i believe I'll reach that day and when i come up around your way always have a place reserved for me and where I deserve to be and if I seem to be lost in the storm forgive me, by and by, and keep me norm cos till that day I see you again death do us part your long lost friend CHORUS


ANDRE NICKATINA "Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3"
(Long live the King) Yo picture God a perfect cut diamond Or bein the motha fucka man without even tryin Livin like I'm dead to the world with tickets yo and refferals My hair is in a perm so I can never have a curl Man it's a bluebird on my shoulder can I kill it? Man wakin up the bacon toast and eggs up in the skillett Man can you feel it? I cut you down like a midget And when you see me make you feel just like a prision visit I'm such a (lizard?) I want the flames in the fire So there it is paint a picture fuck up my desire You said you want style I'll give you style with drug lord flava I make a pimp dance yeah by shottin at his gatas Pickin up the nickles n dimes like Jackal and Hide The bounty is waitin for me up at Mt. Zine It's primetime whos gon shine from the raw rhyme Picture a rollercoaster up in a boss mind Real playboys have wings in the sky Silently cryin out man please don't die Man gettin to the thick of it all Man picture the brods Man tellin ya call But hopin ya fall Sayin my name like King James no pad adriatic I'm paranoind but really don't panic The life afta they say it's colder then the packers All and the damn money in the world is not a factor Man true indeed Upin the game with a mouth ta feed I make a 360 spin homie rollin the weed Roll the weed Roll the weed Long live the king We take a sertain situation to run an organizarion Man bustin like a (?) patient Cooperation man seven years is what hes fakin Now hes even more gangsta cause hes rollin with da nation Now (?) yourself Then I will talk like greedy Gretchin Man hear the confession of my priffesion Is Secession of illegal weapons Up in a dot daytona My mexican girl she drank two coronas And she know about the ayatolah I'm movin through the clouds Youd better hold me down I'm smokin weed and I'm g'd and ready ta clown I love ta see you drown You know I spit it To get it To flip it To sell it To air mail it to yo town I'm like electical current The playa reffereant (?) councourent Because it's gonna hit the furnace Man pitches the pictures of me Picturin the bitches And all up here sayin write the scriptures It gets worse Cause mentally you're cursed You're livin in a verse Sometimes it hurts but baby yeah you know it works Long live the king Long live the king

Half Light II (No Celebration)

ARCADE FIRE "The Suburbs"
Now that San Francisco's gone, I guess I'll just pack it in. Wanna wash away my sins, In the presence of my friends. You and I we head back East, To find a town where we can live. Even in the half light, We can see that something's gotta give. When we watched the markets crash, The promises we made were torn Then my parents sent for me, From out West where I was born. Some people say, we've already lost, But they're afraid to pay the cost for what we've lost. Pay the cost for what we've lost Now that you have left me here, I will never raise my voice. All the diamonds you have here, In this home which has no life. Oh, this city's changed so much Since I was a little child. Pray that God won't live to see The death of everything that's wild. Though we knew this day would come, Still it took us by surprise. In this town where I was born, I now see through a dead man's eyes. One day they will see it's long gone. One day they will see it's long gone. One day they will see it's long gone. One day they will see it's long gone.

Just Us Kids

I've had enough of this small town bullshit I'm not stayin' in school I'm makin' good dough workin' with my brother Cleanin' out pools I'm going out to California And man it won't be long As soon as I get my license Color me gone Oh knock it off Johnny Man, your livin' in your head You ain't even got a car And those chicks don't believe a word ya said But you're doin' all the talkin' So I just keep quiet And this'll probably go no where But I can't blame ya for tryin' It's just us kids hangin' round the park at night Hangin' round 'neath the vapor light We got no drugs and we got no guns Not even botherin' anyone I don't have to wear a necktie I don't have to punch a clock I started up a dot com company And man it rocks Won't you come with me down to Mexico In the winter with some friends? My divorce will be final Along about then Meanwhile I got a gram and a real good ride And don't you know I hurt way down inside? Just us kids in the parking lot Out here givin' it all we got We don't want to get old and die And there ain't nothing we wouldn't try Ya know we could really have it all Our kid's gonna graduate next fall I could take retirement in 10 years It's a damn short movie How'd we ever get here? Just us kids hangin' out today Watchin' our long hair turnin' gray Not so skinny maybe not so free Not so many as we used to be

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