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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Farewell Andromeda

Whiskey Basin Blues

Original and similar lyrics
On a snow covered night up in eastern Wyoming, another lazy day, looking for the sun. In a drafty old cabin, outside of Whiskey Basin, another shining light and a good man on the run. There's a lady back in Laramie and a reason no one else can see for him to spend the winter on his own. Nothing much to do tomorrow, just a matter of survival. Another friendly fight in a life chock full of fun. It's a special kind of medicine, all that you can do is win. And though the taste is sweet, you can refuse. Put your heart on the table, fill your cup with moonshine. Another empty case of the Whiskey Basin Blues.


[Johnny] Heroes, larger than life Up on the screen, every night On the late show, oh what a great show [Waylon] Heroes, under the gun Fighting for justice, for everyone And we follow, where ever they go [Waylon] Heroes, standing up tall Taking their chances, risking it all So you know there'll always be heroes [Johnny] Heroes, so good to know So hard to find, sad when they go Like the shadows, on the high road [Johnny] Heroes, ever on track Never give up, never look back Never lay low, oh never grow old [Johnny] Heroes, right from the start They fall in love, straight from the heart So you know they'll always be heroes [Chorus: Johnny] Ride on safe from all danger Where have you been for so long I've been waiting for another star To rise in my night again Give me a reason we all must carry on Like all the heroes have done [Johnny] Heroes, facing the fight Calling for courage, trying to do right When the dust blows, and the light goes [Johnny] Heroes, tried and true One for the other, ready to do It tomorrow, like it was the last show [Johnny] Heroes, put to the test Keeping a promise, doing their best So you know, there'll always be heroes [Repeat chorus] Ride on, ride on . . .

Don't Waste It On The Blues

Gene Watson
I know there's nothing worse than a bad goodbye And you think you'll feel better if you have a good cry But save those tears for tomorrow when there's nothing better to do It's a beautiful night, don't waste it on the blues Time is all it takes for a broken heart to mend And sooner or later you know you'll try to love again So why not start tonight, you've only got the hurtin' to lose There's a full moon out, don't waste it on the blues Don't waste one more minute Leavin' a bad break, to keep you home in the dark There's nothin' like a walk in the moonlight To let love run away with your heart You could turn on your stereo and play your saddest songs Sit by your window and stare out all night long But if you look up you'll see the stars are just too bright to refuse It's a beautiful night, don't waste it on the blues If you look up you'll see the stars are just too bright to refuse It's a good night for love, don't waste it on the blues

Children And All That Jazz

JOAN BAEZ "Diamonds & Rust"
(Words and Music by Joan Baez) Little Annie Fannie Morgan and Christian Katy and Nathan Tommy and Zem Zem Alex and J.J. Tai and Ezekial Amy and Josie Matthew and Mosie Sweet Pearl and Nicholas Come here and tickle us I don't like nicknames I like to play games One of them's Batman That's where it's at man Look at your t-shirt I see you're all wet now I'll give you a bath If you'll go to bed now Oh can't you see I'm tired I'm tired I'm tired Joey and Janet Jennifer, Joshua Justin and Jason Jacob and Jordan Heather and Shannon Marisa and Kirsten Kimmie and David Who shall we play with? Here comes my own son Light of my life is Younger than new leaves Brighter than you please Says that he loves me Big as the world and Gabriel Harris You go to bed now You go to bed now It's quarter to nine I'm tired I'm tired I'm tired You heard what I said now You go to bed now It was a hard day Never enough play Iggy was sick and couldn't come over One of your mice died That was when you cried Get in the tub And play with your boats now Sit here beside me I'll tell you a story One about snakes And anything gory Ask me no questions How far is the sky And I'm falling asleep And you're smarter than I am Light of my life Good night Good night Good night  1975 Chandos Music (ASCAP)

Dark Star

Dark star crashes, pouring its light into ashes. Reason tatters, the forces tear loose from the axis. Searchlight casting for faults in the clouds of delusion. Shall we go, you and I while we can Through the transitive nightfall of diamonds? Mirror shatters in formless reflections of matter. Glass hand dissolving to ice petal flowers revolving. Lady in velvet recedes in the nights of good-bye. Shall we go, you and I while we can Through the transitive nightfall of diamonds?

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