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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Farewell Andromeda

Berkeley Woman

Original and similar lyrics
(Bowers) I saw a Berkeley woman sitting in a rocking chair. A dulcimer in her lap, feather in her hair. Her breasts swayed freely with the rhythm of the rocking chair, she was a sitting and a singing and a swaying, Her cheeks were red I declare. 'Twas hard to believe what my eyes showed me then, the color in her cheeks was just her natural skin. She wore no makeup to make her look that way. She was a natural mama with the red cheeks, what more can I say? Well, I finally realized there was hunger in my stare. In my mind I was swaying with the woman in the rocking chair. But the lady I was living with was standing right by my side, she saw my stare and she saw the hunger and Lord, it made her cry. So with anger on her face, yes and hurt in her eyes, she scratched me and she clawed me, she screamed and she cried, 'oh, you don't give me near all the loving that you should, yet you're ready to go and lay with her, well you're just no damn good.' Well, I guess she's probably right, oh, I guess I'm probably wrong. I guess she's not too far away, she hasn't been gone very long. And I guess we could get together and try it one more time, but I know that wanderlust would come again, she'd only wind up a-crying. Well, now you've heard my story as plain as the light of day. It's hard to feel guilty for loving the ladies, that's all I gotta say. Except a woman is the sweetest fruit that God ever put on the vine, I'd no more love just one kind of woman than drink only one kind of wine.

The Farmer And The Lord

JIM REEVES "Talkin' To Your Heart"
[Spoken] While resting the other evening by the side of the road I saw an old farmer in the field that he just sowed His face was all brown and wrinkled from the sun and the wind And he was talking to the Lord just like he'd be talking to a friend. Well sir, he said with his voice calm and quiet Them corn tassels need stackin' I got no strenght to tie it Had no rain in so long that the fields are mighty dusty And it's been so unbearable hot that the kids were even gettin' fussy. Now that grass down and the pasture it should be knee high If we could just have a little shower Lord, It might keep the calf from going dry Oh but listen to me talking you'd think I wasn't grateful Why if you didn't know me so well Lord You'd think I was down right hateful. You'd think I frogot about that new calf that you sent And the money in the mail that took care of the rent Mama's cough's better and Johnny's home from the navy And that good Sunday dinner of chicken and dumplings and gravy. And that new preacher you sent us Lord he's sure a fine young man Why he's just convertin' them sinners to beat the band Well guess I'll mosey on home now Lord I won't take no more your time. Guess there's plenty folks here about waitin' to ring your line Evening to you Lord and watch us over tonight And don't you worry about us now Lord 'Cause everything is gonna be all right...

The Night I Fell In Love

I was backstage couldn't believe my luck was in I saw him approach wearing a most approachable grin When he said hello I was surprised he spoke so politely I said I'd liked his show Well he just smiled I guess it happens nightly and so I fell in love We went to his room he had a video camera I was so nervous I had to try hard not to stammer He said 'I'm glad you liked the show that crowd was dope out there tonight, alright You wanna see some more? Well be my guest You can have a private performance' I'd fallen in love I didn't ask why though he seemed like such a regular guy he said we could be secret lovers just him and me Then he joked 'Hey, man! Your name isn't Stan, is it? We should be together!' And he was passionate I guess I would rate him a nine out of ten by then I'd fallen in love When I asked why have I heard so much about him being charged with homophobia and stuff he just shrugged Next morning we woke he couldn't have been a nicer bloke Over breakfast made jokes about Dre and his homies and folks Neither of us asked if or when we would see each other again but I thought that was cool 'cause Iwas already late for school by then I'd fallen in love

Anyway The Wind Blows

JJ CALE "The Road To Escondido"
Some like this and some like that And some don't know where it's at If you don't get loose, if you don't groove Well, your motor won't make it and your motor won't move If time don't tell you then don't ask me I'm riding on a hurricane down to the sea If you can't hear the music, turn it up loud There's movement in the air and movement in the crowd Bow-legged woman doing the boogaloo She got a jive, she got a move Turn around, do it again Bow-legged woman, where you been Fat jack owns a honky-tonk downtown You can catch a woman if you hang around You can tear down the door, tear down the wall Fat jack he don't care at all Easy come, easy go Any way the wind blows Hey, drummer, drummer, can you give me that beat Can you give me that beat, got to move my feet Guitar player been all around the world But he can't play a lick for looking at the girls One two three four five six seven Well, you'd better change your ways or you won't get to heaven Eight nine ten, gonna stop at eleven Eleven just lays around with seven Some like this and some like that And some don't know where it's at If you don't get loose, if you don't groove Well, your motor won't make it and your motor won't move Easy come, easy go Any way the wind blows


ANYA MARINA "Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II"
There was a dive bar and a cowboy Well, not a cowboy really, but he wore the hat And there was someone who looked like me At least a little, but not exact He said, "I'm gonna take you out proper You and me are going to the zoo." And I pretended that I was bored And I could take my eyes off of you All I had to do was ask I never knew that this would last I never knew what I was in for This town thinks it's got your number It's unlisted, but they can wonder and guess and speculate on you and me Little did I know, Little did I see Little did I know just how far our little car could go Little did I know Said he was damaged over whiskey A kind of Kerouac over cigarettes "Let me guess, you're a gambler, too?" He said, "I bet I marry you." Well, I was talking like a bad-ass, too A kind of animal all my own "No one's ever gonna tie me down, Especially not some Romeo." All I had to do was look You were such an open book How could I miss what I was in for? Go on ahead and be a loner Pur on your distant look and roam around the west Like Jack and Neal and Dean Little did I know And I drove a thousand miles for you I even bent the rules, it's true I swear to everything above I never knew you at all, my love

Ego Rock

Let's go, let's go let's go let's go. Peter you start it. Richard, you start it. Somebody start it. I just had to get out on the Texas plane, Lord, well it was bringing me down. Yeah, I had to get out of Texas, baby, Lord, it was bringing me down. I been all around the world, But Port Arthur is the worst place that I've ever found. I guess they couldn't understand it there, Honey, they'd laugh me off the street! Lord, I guess they couldn't understand me, baby, Honey, they'd laugh, I said they'd laugh me right off the street, yeah. I said I want to keep on moving, baby, Be the last person I ever wanna meet. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Honey ain't it hard when you're all alone. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Honey ain't it hard, Lord, when you're all alone. I might die real old lady But I'd never call Texas my home, No, no, no, oh! You say you come from Texas, baby, She says she left Texas with just her name. (That's what she told me.) Yes she's from Texas I tell you, She says she left Texas with just her name. Yes, well I swear when that girl came to the big city Lord, she learned a brand new game. Well, yeah! Honey, I hear you talkin' about sorrow, Baby but you don't know my pain â€' that's right! Mercy! Mercy! I hear you talking about my sorrow, You don't know my pain. You know there's an inside kind of sorrow Lord, the women are always singin' the blues. All right, All right motherfucker, you sing! You know I, I dealt the Ace to the Queen, You know I played scrabble with L.B.J. Yes, I dealt an Ace to the Queen, Didn't I'll tell ya I's playin' scrabble with L.B.J. Well, I don't care what the name of the game is, baby, I tell you I always seem to get my way. I used to be a doggone fool, Fall for a woman's story every time. â€' But no more, I swear â€' Well, I used to be a, be a doggone fool, Fall for that old woman's story every time. Yes I, I'm a big boy now, Yeah, they gotta come up with some kind of heavy line. Well, well, yeah! Sounds like I found the man Who could take care of my time. It ain't me babe, it ain't me babe! It appears to me that I found a man That could take care of my time. Well, I got my own trouble, I got my own car, I got my own little lady, I got my hotel, Oh what are you talking about! Don't try to take it! Somebody talks as fine as he does Oughta be able to take care of One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Woman, woman, it just makes me mad. Ahh! Ahh! Woman, Yeah, Woman, Yeah, Woman, Yeah, Woman, Yeah, Woman, Yeah, yeah, it just makes me mad Oh man â€' shit, man... Yes she played me for the fool I tell ya Yes and I've got to love every man she's ever had, yeah. If I found a man who could put me down the way you do â€' I mean so handy-like, you know what I mean ? Yeah, I found a man, whoa, who could put me down the way you do, â€' I mean so easy like it was second nature, y'know what I mean, man ? Ah maybe that man could help me At least, honey I thought I would give you a chance I said I, what I said I could try after the, after the show tonight maybe uh ... I'm just a working man, you know Ha ha ha ha, you don't work too hard, baby! You know I ain't no Hollywood star. â€' I'm not Joe Namath, you know, I read about that in the papers today â€' You know I'm just a working man You don't work too hard, baby! I never ran in a football game 200 yards Ha ha ha ha ha, that's the kinda man I like, that's the kinda man I like. But you know I can take care of those country girls Well I can mess around in that farm-yard. Lord, Lord, whoaah!! Ha ha ha! ha. Whew! Whew! Wow! That's getting a little too close, too heavy here. That's Nick Gravenites, that was a tune called Ego Rock. No! ... All right, rock, rock roll song.

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