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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Different Directions

The Chosen Ones

Original and similar lyrics
I heard how all the lights went out in memphis On the death night anniversary of the king The pretenders talking dirty in the palace But it doesn't have that old familiar ring I see there's been some changes in the valley All the renegades have finally settled down Now they worship in the temples of their rivals And desecrate the holy heart of town Can't you hear all those sweet voices singing Takin' care of the chosen ones Can't you hear all those mission bells ringin' Say a prayer for the chosen ones I read they're pourin' oil on troubled waters Yet they cast a giant shadow on the land Let's spend another night across the border And bury all our secrets in the sand Now they claim there is a message in the bible They swear there is no master and his slave But the future's lookin' dim for the lonesome cowboy When the hand that rocks that cradle digs the grave

Bayou Tortous

Got a idea tell you what let's do Let’s go out to that place on the Turtle Bayou We'll maybe get lucky, maybe get shot It couldn't be half of the trouble I got Turtle Bayou turn around Turtle Bayou turn around Just another night with the missus and me Settin' on the couch watchin’ Court TV Lemme tell you son it can sure get real If you ever get to thinkin’ it's a done deal [Chorus:] Turtle Bayou Turn Around Get your big feet up off the ground Turtle Bayou Turn Around We'll pass a good time out past the lights of town She comes from the land of the Bois d'Arc tree Scotts Irish and Cherokee She comes down here when the Northers blow 'Cause she don't care for the ice and snow [Chorus] Take my hand Oklahoma Jane One little dance wouldn't hurt a thing Now it's noon I'm rolling up the drive And I ain't even got a decent lie Doesn't everybody get that way sometimes I was lookin' at every woman but mine I was lookin' at the faces, lookin' at the parts Lookin' through the hole in the bottom of my heart [Chorus]


I got holy children to show me the light, singing hallelujah, brother how about you? Yeah, we got holy scriptures here that prove us to be right, in believing out loud what we wish to be true. I got stoned out neighbors to take me in tow, singing close your eyes, singing open wide. Watch the world fall away below, let the winter wind blow, and where will we hide when it comes from inside? Oh, hear me now, hear me now, hear me now, hear me now, hear me now, hear me now, hear me now, listen I got sweet, sweet music inside. Yes, a child inside me was alone in the night, Now has come to me, love has set my soul free. As a man and a woman stand alone in the night, here is reason to be like sun on the sea.

Message To My Girl

I don't wanna say "I love you", that would give away too much To be detatched and precious the only thing you feel is vicious I don't wanna say "I want you" even though I want you so much Wrapped up in conversation whispered in a hush Though I'm frightened by the word I think it's time I made it heard [CHORUS:] No more empty self-possession visions swept under the mat It's no New Years Resolution it's more than that So I wake up happy, warm in a lovers embrace Noone else can touch us while we're in this place So I sing it to the world A simple message to my girl [CHORUS] Though I'm frightened by the word I think it's time I made it heard So I'll sing it to the world A simple message to my girl [CHORUS] No there's nothing quite as real as the touch of your sweet hand I can't spend the rest of my life buried in the sand Oh every night I hear you call my name I wanna sleep in my dark (bedroom?) I have a mind to express my pain But I won't get back in your tomb I wanna hear, I wanna hear, oh why you're gone And every night seems the same song Same song... I will be humming in my sleep I don't wanna say I don't wanna say... I can't spend the rest of my life buried in the sand


Writer(s): Silvers/van Heusen If I don't see her each day, I miss her Gee what a thrill, each time I kiss her Believe me, I've got a case On Nancy, with the laughing face She takes the winter and makes it summer And summer could take some lessons from her Picture a tomboy in lace That's Nancy with the laughing face Have you ever heard mission bells ringing Well she'll give you the very same glow When she speaks you would think it was singing Just hear her say hello I swear to goodness, you can't resist her She's mighty sweet, and wait till you see her sister No angel could replace Nancy, with the laughing face


Wedding bells as heard from a bus Clanging bells, they ring for the two of us When they're through with us Up in the sky, threatening cloud drifts by Eloped so soon, hope there's no typhoon On our honeymoon Kids casting stones wave to the ship With a moan and a shudder, we're fast on our trip What future awaits, we're ready to brave Whatever our fate from here to the grave The ocean, once azure, is quite blacker than before And we are far from any shore The cries of the gulls make a lullabye Day comes too soon On our honeymoon

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