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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Country Roads-Very Best Of John

Whispering Jesse

Original and similar lyrics
This song appears on six albums, and was first released on the Higher Ground Album, and has also been released on the A Portrait and The John Denver Collection - Take Me Home, Country Roads Albums. It was rerecorded on the Love Again and A Celebration of Life Albums. A live version also appears on The Wildlife Concert Album. I often have wandered in deep contemplation It seems that the mind runs wild when you're all alone The way that it could be The way that it should be Thing's I'd do differently if I could do them again I've always loved spring time, the passing of winter The green of the new leaves and life goin' on The promise of morning The long days of summer Warm nights of loving her beneath the bright stars I'm just an old cowboy from high Colorado Too old to ride anymore, too blind to see I sleep in the city now Away from the mountains Away from the cabin we always called home I dream I left there On an old Palomino Whispering Jesse rode right by my side I long to hold her To hear her soft breathing The touch of her cool hands on my fevered brow Whispering Jesse still rides in the mountains Still sings in the canyons Still lives in my heart Words and music by John Denver

The Yes And The Y'all

AESOP ROCK "Labor Days"
[Aesop Rock] *acapella* Jiggy-jabberjaw vitamin idol and primal rages When bible page verse tidal waves has begun (Water one) I wrote the book that shook America to splinters In a winter wasteland Icicle-bound barren township Call barren moon childs and proud gimps to clinch this chemical war pig Delinquent sinkin like a paper tugboat Well beneath your holiday Beached on a red tide infested shore corroding eastern seaboard beauty I'm a jigsaw slab, but all the pig saw was dirt bag It's like a bleeding comet bombing on your sequels To the riverside park tunnel people claim last lifeform standing Carbon based pardons ain't enough My stilts truly personify the serbonite flea circus We urchins merkin on daily I catapult brain opera past basic Tear my own face off in the finale, stick around it's ill Diabolic Prodigal Son spill grimmace If you had one more eye, you'd be a Cyclops Which explains missing the premise Bliss mimic, baptise, chastise, laugh die Kiss the finish, piss the villagers the fuck off Pete Piper picked peppers, and Run rocked rhymes Aes Rock might've smoked one too many dimes in his time Now where you gonna be when the sun falls, brother Probably gathering your sheep with all these other mothafuckers Struck twice in the same place by a moody Zues fishliner Smackin the third clear out the park Going gone (To infinity and beyond!) I rocked for a flock of Chewbacca look-alikes in magic makers Hermit crabs and New York city sewer aligators Keep your homily dream out your homily I deal with tangible goods And avoid manufacturing food for landfills I've seen friends bow to needles I've seen needles bow to records I've seen boughs break I've seen God bow and make the clouds shake I've seen the proud break I've seen alot for a blind soldier Who tattooed the city scape up skin to blend in Rats travel by night invite the waterbugs I'm here to pull the three-prong When it's prime directive wormhole of self-sacrifice Had a hatchet slice for camps For that God-awful Frankenstein Starving your style to someday be a story in my ? Life's hard, life's easy Life's everyting in between Life's Peachy like James and the Giant And I keep spittin as long as these kittens buy it And I keep casting my line as long as these officials bite it And I like it (Don't try it like that) [Movie sample] Yes the bough is low That's the way it goes though.... Maybe I should just give up or stop trying But life is so uncertain, so short I've got to keep on searching And wherever it takes me, I've got to go [Aesop Rock] Ban away temper tantrum, decrept anthem Set a low go, I arrived late I'm here to scrape a car clean to the funk machine Imposes on the underling amalgam cluster and identifies the mother (You got heart) I hate to tell you but it skips more than it palpitates Like these here drunken little archers missed one of they calculate The falcon hates the mockingbird The farmer hates the drought I hate em all, I kick the bottom brick out shouting Yes y'all And blow the village out perspective (Aesop!) Do you take this makeshift-Candy Land-cold classic-bastard style To be your lawfully wedded head trip Doing base throughout sickness, health, electrical storm Fire, pain, rain, hail, wind, ice, sleet, snow? (Hell no!) I'm balanced, personified phantom to the bone Walkin like a Jabberwocky Scalpin a pair of one-way tickets to shadowboxing Christmas with a shallow stocking Like this (I'm just trying to milk the mileage) You drop science like Don Herbert with liquor in him Soundin off like senior citizens sitting at bingo parlor bickering Yeah it's kinda funny, isn't it How I can build while you just sit there and bitch about your syllabus [Chorus] 4x Dwarfed by the lights, bewildered by the fanbase Bound by an idea, skeptical of the handshakes Skeptical of the handshakes {*repeat to fade*}

One Night In Las Vegas

CHELY WRIGHT "Never Love You Enough"
(Chely Wright/Brad Paisley) Flight 709 pulled up to the gate An hour and 45 minutes late And of course our connection was already in the air Spent a day of our vacation in Chicago O'Hare And like musical chairs at the baggage belt We were the last ones standin' there when nothin' came out Looking back now on our string of bad luck That just wasn't our day but you know what? That one night in Las Vegas Lyin' there with you Was well worth everything that you and I went through And so it goes, our life's been that way Puttin' out fires, takin' it day by day And look at this year, it's been our hardest one yet Just when we thought it had gotten bad as it could get You got transferred to Denver, I stayed behind Put the house on the market 'bout went outta my mind And your dad got sick, I've never seen you so scared We almost didn't make it through the year But that weekend in the mountains In a cabin all by ourselves Makin' that one memory made up for everything else Oooh me and my insecurities You and your stubborn pride If we've learned anything it's there's no winner when we fight So this mornin' in our kitchen After talkin' all night long We finally stopped tryin' to figure out Who's right and who is wrong And when you hold me like you're holdin' me And I kiss your tired face We know we took the long way here But wound up in a better place Baby one night in Las Vegas Or one weekend in the mountains Any moment we're together makes up for everything else

For Me

Brave Combo "Process"
You can have any life that you want Just as long as you know You're a slave to my desire from now on I'm not perfect or saintly There's an army to say I'm wrong To point out when I'm weak or too strong I'm no genius, no genius but I know What kind of message you send You're my crutch and enlightenment Precious gift, pirate's treasure opened up The sacred things are free Is it my fault that I thought they were just for me For me Anybody can be anyone Every problem's the same Every miracle of birth has a name Paris grew from the dust in my head And you found me alone I was looking in the dark for a phone I was almost tripping in your light On the night of the storm I believed I could feel safe and warm You were wearing a little white dress That was tight to your chest And I wanted you to take it off for me For me You can have any life that you want Just as long as you know You're a slave to my desire from now on Don't pretend. Why am I freaking out? This is not even close To the best it can be, but it's all for me For me


JAMES TAYLOR "Before This World"
I'm not smart enough for this life I've been livin', A little bit slow for the pace of the dream. It's not I'm ungrateful for all I've been given; But nevertheless, just the same... I wish to my soul, I was back in Montana, High on my mountain and deep in the snow. Up in my cabin, over the valley, Under the blankets with you. Over the ocean from here. Over the mountains from there. Who can imagine the scale of the forces That pushed this old mountain range up in the sky? Tectonic creation, erosion, mutation; Somethin' to pleasure God's eye. The world is a wonder of lightnin' and thunder, And green of the ground as we fall from the sky. The old and new faces, the tribes and the races... Thousands of places to try. Over the ocean from here. Over the mountains from there. One sits and waits while the other one wanders, And squanders his time with a life on the road. Down from the mountain, across the wide ocean, The world is in motion and cannot be slowed. Enough for today... the demands of the moment, The thing on my mind is the work in my hand. Wood for the woodstove and water for coffee, Somethin' I can still understand. We got a few friends but not many neighbors, The trip into town takes us most of the day. And after, "Hello", and "it's sure good to see you", It seems like there's nothin' to say. Over the ocean from here.

86 Remix

AZ "L.O.D.B: Last Of A Dying Breed"
[Verse: Raekwon] Wood green jacket in the clapper Catch me inside Mojito City with a stretched plump actress Grabbin' her thong, the light-skinned Mia Long Rich niggas way back, the bitch do John Why would you ever wanna be here? Guns bigger than me here I'm like the centipede, three pair Wallabees, first pair ferocious Guns from Scotia, everybody know I flow like oceans Truck little pieces, how're we gonna eat this? I walk around fly, high, telekinesis And my lady a well known designer who fell in line with me And all she do is sell LV We in the grow house, trees look alone I built the Dutch Master train set, relax, you home And watchin' Carmelo when the Knicks go in I'm playing my square, I'm in the front row, my bitch roll in That's not wifey, that's a lover She gave me some top, but how we met, she was alone with my brother Givin' twenty-year veteran good dick, came to my senses Stay strong like old man in dentures Wintertime rockin' the fox, hangin' with Bruno Mars, The Lox Sting, yo, Nas' pops We gettin' honeys, Rat Pack clique in my gunny Blowin' two Ls, Ocean 11 this money Floss stays coolin' on them horses Hoppin' over logs, long Polo boots, ownin' them Porsches Maxin' king, everything Gucci Just like the suits I play Saturday to stay in Jacuzzis Brother Man, I'm floatin' to mother lands And came back with ounces of gold, wrapped aside, rubber bands Hangin' in McCormick & Schmitz Doin' my OG thing, slangin' some 'caine in the mix [Bridge: Altrina Renee] I'll be flying to the islands when it's cold outside Matching furs, his and hers, got matching black cars On my life, livin' right, baby, love is no limit Life's good either way, 'long as you in this

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