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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Country Roads Collection

Singing Skies And Dancing Waters

Original and similar lyrics
So many years ago, I can't remember now, someone was waiting for me. I had the answers to all of my questions, love was so easy to see. I didn't know. When I was younger, I should have known better, I thought that nothing was new. Through all the spaces, in all of the changes, the one I lost sight of was you. I didn't know, I didn't know. I could see you in singing skies and dancing waters, laughing children, growing old, and in the heart and in the spirit, and in the truth when it is told. My life became shaded and I grew afraid and I needed to find my way home. I just couldn't see you, I thought that I'd lost you. I never felt so much alone. Are you still with me? Somehow in reason, I lost sight of season, tides rolling out and rolling in. Sometimes in evening when daylight was leaving, I though I'd never see you again. Are you still with me? Are you still with me? I'm with you in singing skies and dancing waters, laughing children, growing old, and in the heart and in the spirit, and in the truth when it is told. If my faith should falter and I should forsake you and find myself turning away, will you still be there? Will you still be there? I'll be there in singing skies and dancing waters laughing children, growing old, and in the heart and in the spirit, and in the truth when it is told.

De Labore Solis

-to my godess- I suffered thousand nights, My spirit cried, I lost my dream, My sense of life was locked Beyond a secret silent stream I was lost in the waste land Of dwelling in loneliness Prepared to die, strange visions Having been my only guests, But close to the end all my pleas were heard By a dancing, singing, humming bird Planet earth became motionless I was embraced bu devoted breath - By a gold-princess! Inexpressable vibrations moved me When I saw your eyes No human word can ever tell How deep I sympathinzed My heart bled a tear so red Full of joy and deliverance, Your spirit and mine United at once in the cosmic dance Nubien light, yes it shone so bright Torture and fight dissappeared that night Jesus walked through our deserted heart Nothing on Earth will ever tear us apart - Nevermore! Now I dance across the secret stream With angelic elf at my side Soft siren, you're my resurrection beam, Beloved face, you are my pride! While your light caresses my skin We dwell in oceans of eternity Your golden aura droens all sin Forever we are - The blossom and the bee!

Truth Be Told

AUDIO PUSH "Truth Be Told"
This is what you ride to, Sit back and just vibe to. What you rock ya best fitted And Jordan 5's to. This ain't what you used to, Or what you call a truce to. See this is what you sit back and Just tell the truth to. So truth be told. I'm from this team named BOW. You prolly heard about. You most likely said Some hateful words about. And that's cool, But we bout to make it gruesome. Cuz these legends keep on dying, I think we gon be the new ones. So yeah, You bout to hate us. I swear you bout to hate us, Cuz every girl you checking for Is always tryna date us. And no, we're not the New Boyz, Please do not mistake us. And nah, that ain't a dis, But I mean listen, They just ain't us. This one for my phone, That I constantly be on. Telling my girl that don't Believe me until she see me on TV, Or hear these songs. And yes, she was wrong, Cuz this is what I love to do. Look at me girl, We ON!! I swear I told you. I told you, I told you. And if you ever hated boy, I promise I don't know you. And if I ever knew you, That would never mean I owe you. I told you we the niggas, And I promise Imma show you. I'm not a rookie, Not interested in freshment. I'm doing what I want, Got 'em second guessing they dressing. And Cash try and talk to me, Try and give me some gestures. But I know I got a gift, And it's time I show you my presence. So this This is for all them bomb Whoas That be at all them Kendrick and Them dime shows. That's prolly here now, Rocking wit me. Never liked me. Now they love me, And they think my smile pretty. I promise to god, It's all a facade To you popping. Boyfriends hate you Cuz they know They girl watching. But in this club a million times When everybody was. But nobody cares, Until everybody does. So now that you you do, I pray you listen forever. You arrived a Lil late, But better late than never Listen, Love it. You feel it? You see it? That's why I never say I'm really real, I just be it. I appreciate y'all coming to make history tonight And the next nigga you about To hear up on this mic Is the only other nigga That can give it this nice I know him as Larry Jackson But y'all can call him Price One time look Real rap I'm giving y'all real raps I made it out the hood and Still a nigga feel trapped All I hear is lies, Show me where the real at I just tell the truth And all the real niggas feel that Man I can feel the pressure moving in Now I'm at the top and they like "Price, what you doing here?" Don't be stressed, Baby, Don't be losing hair. Just live your life, Cuz it's too many nigga's losing theirs.. And since when did a hustler ever sleep in? And since when did Snitching become a street trend? And since when did Doing a dance make you Ineligible to rap? Man I'm killing it, Till the beat ends. Better yet, Imma give y'all dudes a beat. Seeking until I'm sleeping Y'all sleeping, But I ain't weeping. I'm creeping, To the top I'm reaching. Y'all speaking, But y'all ain't decent. Y'all better run to y'all deacon, Once them blood suckers leeching! Imma tell 'em 'fall back' Ain't no love for ya Oh, you a fan of us, Baby? I got a hug for ya. And to my brothers Watching Crips Shed blood for ya If I got it, it's yours, I give my last dove for ya. I.E. yeah we looking the best. This world is just a class, You being put to the test. In these streets, I got stripes and I ain't hugging a ref And to my brother double I Boy, I love you to death. For real. I'm having a moment, A nigga is on it. And yes, I shatter opponents, As soon as I go in. I'm blessed. And you ain't touching my team Homie, so why try? B.O. Dubb, We out here head first, Skydive. Raise your glass, man I'm giving a toast. You always got that one Ex That you're missing the most. But I ain't tripping, I'm chasing that Mike Jackson 'Beat It' dough. With that I.E. Toe Bend see the flo Shout out to my son I teach him Never to comp the haters I got my family counting on me like a calculator. But the pressure is cool, Cuz I'm going far. Just pour the brown and Then I sit in my car. Cuz this what you ride to, Sit back and just vibe to. What you rock ya best fitted And your Jordan 5's to. This ain't what you used to, Or what you call a truce to. See this is what you sit back and You tell the truth to. So truth be Told....

Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres

RUSH "Moving Pictures"
I. Prelude When our weary world was young The struggle of the ancients first began. The gods of Love and Reason Sought alone to rule the fate of Man. They battled through the ages, But still neither force would yield. The people were divided, Every soul a battlefield. II. Apollo/Dionysus Apollo: Bringer of Wisdom I bring truth and understanding, I bring wit and wisdom fair, Precious gifts beyond compare. We can build a world of wonder, I can make you all aware. I will find you food and shelter, Show you fire to keep you warm Through the endless winter storm. You can live in grace and comfort In the world that you transform. The people were delighted Coming forth to claim their prize They ran to build their cities And converse among the wise. But one day the streets fell silent, Yet they knew not what was wrong. The urge to build these fine things Seemed not to be so strong. The wise men were consulted, And the Bridge of Death was crossed In quest of Dionysus To find out what they had lost. Dionysus: Bringer of Love I bring love to give you solace In the darkness of the night, In the Heart's eternal light. You need only trust your feelings; Only love can steer you right. I bring laughter, I bring music, I bring joy and I bring tears. I will soothe your primal fears. Throw off those chains of reason And your prison disappears. The cities were abandoned, And the forests echoed song. They danced and lived as brothers; They knew love could not be wrong. Food and wine they had aplenty And they slept beneath the stars. The people were contented And the gods watched from afar. But the winter fell upon them And it caught them unprepared, Bringing wolves and cold starvation, And the hearts of men despaired. III. Armageddon: The Battle of Heart and Mind The universe divided As the Heart and Mind collided, With the people left unguided For so many troubled years. In a cloud of doubts and fears, Their world was torn asunder into hollow Hemispheres. Some fought themselves, some fought each other, Most just followed one another Lost and aimless like their brothers For their hearts were so unclear And the truth could not appear Their spirits were divided into blinded Hemispheres. Some who did not fight Brought tales of old to light. My Rocinante sailed by night On her final flight. To the heart of Cygnus' fearsome force We set our course Spiralled through that timeless space To this immortal place. IV. Cygnus: Bringer of Balance I have memory and awareness, But I have no shape or form. As a disembodied spirit, I am dead and yet unborn. I have passed into Olympus As was told in tales of old, To the city of Immortals, Marble white and purest gold... I see the gods in battle rage on high... Thunderbolts across the sky... I cannot move, I cannot hide... I feel a silent scream begin inside... Then all at once the chaos ceased A stillness fell, a sudden peace The warriors felt my silent cry And stayed their struggle, mystified. Apollo was atonished; Dionysus thought me mad. But they heard my story further And they wondered, and were sad. Looking down from Olympus On a world of doubt and fear, Its surface splintered Into sorry Hemispheres. They sat a while in silence, Then they turned at last to me: We will call you Cygnus, The god of Balance you shall be. V.The Sphere: A Kind of Dream We can walk our road together If our goals are all the same. We can run alone and free If we pursue a different aim. Let the Truth of Love be lighted, Let the Love of Truth shine clear. Sensibility, Armed with sense and liberty, With the Heart and Mind united in a single Perfect Sphere.

Dancing In The Wind

SUZI QUATRO "Back To The Drive"
In your glass menengerie you hide you can't face the day kinda dead inside down again from your ego high and mighty where illusion plays in between the lies and you can look so vain with your snakeskin eyes anesthatising, moralising to survive oh oh oh, ain't life funny As the critics bite and the cameras flash the wolves are hungry for you to crash picking on every single word you say they try to put down your still talking free you wont't show your vunerability to the paparazzi circling the prey oh oh oh ain't life funny how a little too much of truth can get you down Because And it's so damn lonely in a world so phoney where the cheaters never know they've sinned will your wings keep flying, through the lost horizon has your spirit gone dancing in the wind Shiny suit and tie life's a compromise the lion roars an the jungles cries fools you've suffered, damn them all to hell as the game exposed they can feel your sting as the weakest falls to the power king the just don't understand you've taken everything oh oh oh, ain't life funny how reality creeps in without a sound Because And it's so damn lonely in a world so phoney where the cheaters never know they've sinned will your wings keep glying, through the lost horizon has your spirit gone dancing in the wind

Night Light

AESOP ROCK "Daylight"
Voice: Day turns Night x8 [Aesop Rock] Night Light suckas.. Put one up shackle me, not clean logic procreation I did invent the wheel, in a previous generation While the triple sixers lassos keep angels roped in the basement I locate my old halos and pass em out to the pavement Y'all catch a 30-second flash frame Dirty cooperative Neptune bloom head-trip split Fantastic! Fathom the splicing of major league low lifes With anti hero earthworm mentality (Godzilla!) I paste my game to zero all completion See a cretin's still a cretin even speakin' altered moniker American nightmare lost in the monitor I'll hold the door open so you can stagger through Then ten berserk and bread cookies in after you It's the gutter and I spell it with the 'G' I stole from Get the fuck up Noise crutch stolen wretched refuse of my teaming dumb luck Still I promise temperance storm breed still bleeding Amish See the freaks sucked out the bottom dropped 3 bears and a baby in a cottage And I can't sleep now Yeah, the police'll laugh You won't be laughing when your covered wagons crash You won't be laughing when you're hosted by the ghost of Christmas past You won't be laughing when your blow up doll's got a headache and won't give up the ass And I lay my kicks to rest when I'm impressed So I staple-gun them to my feet This origami dream is beautiful: pull the tail watch the wings flap But you really can't do a thing with that All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day Swallow up the pieces Spit 'em at your species Reachin' the city of lost barnacles and leeches Night-light got me when the daylight went to evening Night (Light) Day (Light) x8 I'm pretty sure I got a pulse.. plus We Shimmy cross the centerfold, and our night light engulfed Just let me keep the crumbs (Please) With seven deadly stains To hear the plane to crystal conscious The results a dead-beat trying to make a dollar off a bomb threat (OK) Lift me to activism chain activate wild-style Pluto orbit Set a course then push the button I swallow spores born by the laws of a morbid glutton I can spot a drunk battalion by the Charlie Chaplin waddle Zig zag and zig 'em again before they can pull a badge out But I lash out Another thick installment of one night in Gotham like Houston we have a problem They're buffing the trains the same days the graffiti writers bomb 'em Who split how many freaks on box cuts of a high road bellow? Heads ripped! Watch red bricks turn yellow I'll try to meet the wizard But a tailgating tit-man holding an oil can won't let a hermit crab break in his new shell-toes Life's not a bitch, life is a beotch who keeps the villagers circling the marketplace out searching for the G-spot Maybe she didn't feel y'all shared any similar interests Or maybe you're just an asshole; maybe I'm just an asshole Kiss the speaker wire, seaming swashbuckler or pagan thresh hold Stomach full of diner food Wings span cast black upon views Here to help release the rabbit hounds or pick apart your mood I got this friend of polar nature and it's all peace When I seek similar stars but can't sit at the same feast Metal Captain! This cat is asking if I've seen his bit of lost passion I told him: Yeah I gave him one last look and smashed him All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day Swallow up the pieces Spit 'em at your species Reachin' the city of lost barnacles and leeches Night-light got me when the daylight went to evening Night (Light) Day (Light)..

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