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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Country Roads Collection


Original and similar lyrics
When I was a young man I ran away trom home I went to join the circus Went to see the cotton candy whirl And make me lots ot money on my own For molly, oh my pretty molly But she's waiting all alone Someday soon I will return to her Then I made the big time Bright 11ghts show biz I'm really in the circus There's only one thing wrong I haven't saved a peony on my own For molly, oh my pretty molly But she's writing everyday Molly understands so it's okay Ride a windy box car See a thousand children young and old Oh that grease paint smile Can hide your soul Here comes a carrousel Guess which town it is Feel the thnil Grease paint covers everything But winters chill I'm reading molly's letter The ink is fading And the page is fuming yellow Long ago I promised molly Don't you know i I will close my eyes and go to her Words and music by rose

Jesus Hates Faggots

JOHN GRANT "Queen Of Denmark"
I've felt uncomfortable since the day that I was born, Since the day I glimpsed the black abyss in your eyes. There's no way you could make all of this shit up on your own. It could only come from the mastermind of lies. I can't believe that I've considered taking my own life 'Cause I believed the lies about me were the truth. It will be magic to watch your transformation when you realize that you've been had. It's enough to make a guy like me feel sad 'Cause you tell me that Jesus, he hates fruit loops, son. We told you that when you were young. Or pretty much anything you want him to Like sitcoms, pedophiles, and kangaroos. Morons who cut in line, Three-bean salad and parking fines. And when we win this war on society, I hope your blind eyes will be opened and you'll see. The arrogance it takes to walk around in the world the way you do-- It turns my brain to jelly every time. The rage and fear I'm feeling have begun to make me sick, And I think that I might be about to commit a crime. And you tell me that Jesus, he hates homos, son. We told you that when you were young. Or pretty much anything you want him to Like coco puffs, red cars, and Jews. Postal clerks who waste your time. Weight loss shakes and the local news. And when we win the war on society I hope your blind eyes will be opened and you'll see. 'Cause Jesus-- He hates faggots, son. We told you that when you were young. Or pretty much anyone you want him to Like niggers, spics, redskins, and kikes. Men who cannot tame their wives. Weaklings, cowards and bull dykes. And when we win the war on society, I hope your blind eyes will be opened and you'll see.

Living In Paradise

ELVIS COSTELLO "This Year's Model"
I don't like those other guys looking at your curves I don't like you walking round with physical jerks Everything they say and do is getting on my nerves Soon the will be lucky to be picking up the perks 'Cause when they pull the shutters down and throw up in the dark, they'll find that all the dogs outside bite much worse than they bark. Here we are living in paradise, living in luxury. Oh, the thrill is here but it won't last long You better have your fun before it moves along And you're already looking for another, fool like me. I call you Betty Felon 'cause you are a pretty villain And I think that I should tell them that you'd make a pretty killing 'Cause meanwhile up in heaven they are waiting at the gate saying 'We'd always knew you'd make it, didn't think you'd come this late'. And now it's much too dangerous to stop what you've begun When everyone in paradise carries a gun [Chorus] Later in the evening when arrangements are made, I'll be at the keyhole outside your bedroom door. 'Cause I'm the first to know whenever the plans are laid that never go further than floor to floor. You think that I don't know the boy that you're touching, but I'll be at the video and I will be watching [Chorus]

Non-Zero Possibility

At The Drive In "Relationship Of Command"
i'm just tired of counting bodies is this mausoleum tardy let's just paint you a pretty face flies dip tongues into tear ducts in toothpicks fought unborn contusion is hungry they still eat their young proto-culture null and void all veins in highway laps this breath collapsed again this hex was delivered spent orchestra influenza drawn and quartered pets it dwells and grows this is the pocket-sized edition rapid sleep through benediction let's just paint you a pretty face museums mark their bodies down and the tenants found all the distance in their prefix contusion is hungry they still eat their young proto-culture null and void fever bliss into central nervousness i was bitten on the entrance

Journey From Mariabronn

KANSAS "Kansas"
(Kerry Livgren/Steve Walsh) Two began together, lived as one Each one to the other had become More than a friend, living to meet a common end They were true, each one knew all is well Still the elder knew it could not last Hidden memories from the young one's past Drew them apart Both knew that deep within his heart they must part Each their own seperate way It puzzles me how we can be so close and yet worlds apart Can it be, my memory has torn my life in two From the very start I screamed for the devil to let me be I called to the heavens to set me free Today I prayed for the answer and not one Of the gods in the sky would rescue me Dreams of fortune fill the young one's mind Learn the worldy ways of hope to find Love on the way, searching to find the light of day In his soul he had found his own way But to each other they soon will return Destiny fulfilled, their words will burn an eternal flame

You Gotta Have Heart

(Aah, yirr Yearh, man Wooh, yo This rules everything man) [Chorus] I don't hurt ya It will only make you stronger In this game you gotta have heart This hustle will brake you down Pull you apart [Mack 10] Homie, the same thing make you laugh, make you cry And in the fastlane the strong survive and the weak die Thats the way the ball bounce and i often wonder why But i nease it all And not just a piece o' the pie I used to hope and wish for everything i couldn't buy I was a young ghetto-boy that grew up in the eye So i bowed to be a hustler and reach for the sky And not only a'm i ballin' Right now is mo' ta' It's like a jungle sometime U gotta hustle sometime U gotta use your mind, mouth and your muscle sometime U gotta grind Stop looking for a savier Use what the fuck i gave your (flavour) I'm in the gutter-lane Whit the gutter-mouth tryin' to get out the gutter For my life's gutter-out If i was right and called my mamma a bitch It wouldn't have took me this to to get this rich (i know) [Chorus x2] [WC] I was raised The young niggar was scwabble In the city o' looks No hope or rolemodels The black sheap o' the family destent to feel Preticted to spend my hole life in a jail-cell Fucked up and not believe in the hype I know i would be more then a fellen't I zoomed up and see the light Niggar, got my mind right Niggar, got my grind tight Now a niggar is gettin' paid to skip Skip to the lime-light [Mack 10] See, we all got problems But some need a dress And so at night i hit my knees and begged him for my blessings And ask him for forgiveness to minimize my stress Niggar, continue to know how to dodge this Smith & Wesson And with his help i will perform in my best And it's still hard with all this temptation and testenin' If i'm wrong Just accept it as a lesson As i conquer all my enemies And mashing with agression, Lord [Chorus x2] [Ice Cube] Ain't never been shoot like 50 Cent or 2Pac Cuz' 2 shots is too many Too hot to go in me I've rather sit remmy In the back of this Bentley And only fuck with niggars and you bitches that's friendly Dont forgive whats so femmé Cup with my penné I pull out the semmé Put hoe's up in Timmy Just fuck it - it's Babylon And niggar might have a bomb Just like the Taliban But i on never ?lan? [WC] I sit alone i my fo'corner room Loaded ammo Cuz' in these streets like there's a gamble And Run-DMC, times is getting harder So i'm taking of my gold-fandelellin' to the author Old niggar say to young killers awaked you But when you got it Only few homies stay true This game it's like russian roulette We hustle to death Mash for weather Make the devil marker for chedder [Chorus x2] [Hook:] [Ice Cube] Yo! WON'T YOU JUST STOPPING FUCKING WITH US? You know what i'm saying You take what you got I take what i got JUST STOP FUCKING WITH US! U're motherfuckers got everything and your still complaining U motherfuckers got everything and you still ain't have it It's u're world MOTHERFUCKER! AND U'RE AIN'T NEVER GONNA GET IT RIGHT! BIIIIATCH!!!

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