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JOHN DENVER lyrics - All Aboard!

The Little Engine That Could

Original and similar lyrics
(May/Foster) There was a little railroad train with loads and loads of toys, all starting out to find a home with little girls and boys. And as that little railroad train began to move along, the little engine up in front was heard to sing this song: Choo choo choo choo, choo choo choo choo, I feel so good today. Oh, hear the track, oh clickity clack, I'll go my merry way. The little train went rousing on so fast it seemed to fly. Until it reached a mountain that went almost to the sky. The little engine moaned and groaned and huffed and puffed away, but halfway to the top it gave just gave up and seemed to say I can't go on, I can't go on, I'm weary as can be. I can't go on, I can't go on, this job is not for me. The toys got out to push, but all in vain alas, alack. And then a great big engine came a-whistling down the track. They asked if it would kindly pull them up the mountainside, but with a high and mighty sneer, it scornfully replied don't bother me, don't bother me to pull the likes of you, don't bother me, don't bother me, I've better things to do. The toys all started crying cause that engine was so mean. And then there cam another one, the smallest ever seen. And though it seemed that she could hardly pull herself along, she hitched on to the front and as she pulled and sang this song, I think I can, I think I can, I think I have a plan, and I can do most anything if I only think I can. Then up that great big mountain with the cars all full of toys, and soon they reached the waiting arms of little girls and boys. And though that ends the story, it will do you lots of good to take a lesson from the little engine that could. Just think you can, just think you can and have that understood, and very soon you'll start to say I always knew I could. I knew I could, I knew I could, I knew I could, I knew I could.

Trains Make Me Lonesome

GEORGE STRAIT "Holding My Own"
I was 5 years old the day Daddy started packing And I stood there by my momma as she cried And the next thing that we knew some old train came passing through and Daddy got on board and we ain't seen him no more CHORUS: I wonder why trains make me lonesome It happens everytime that engine moans some And when I hear that whistle blow Well it makes my heart sink low And I wonder why trains make me lonesome It was a cold dark night when I drove her to the depot There were tears in my eyes and a ticket in her hand And as we stood there by those tracks I knew she wasn't coming back So I turned and walked away but I still miss her today CHORUS This office building looks like Central Station Those ink spots look like engine number nine And this couch on which I lay Is supposed to haul my blues away And that old pipe that you keep toking Is like an old coal engine smoking CHORUS

The Greatest Pac-Man Victory In History

AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
[Chorus] Get up to get down now Get up to get down now (like this) Get up to get down now (like this) Get up to get down now (alright) I don't wanna do it anymore Couldn't do it if I tried, wouldn't do it if I wanted it Hey I don't wanna do it anymore Couldn't do it if I tried... [Verse 1] Okay The moments were subtle but unstolen and guess who owns them No friendly, non-threatening corporate lacky mucks in the totem Lucy was in the sky with diamonds Five dollars to hold them The summer beneath these Pac-Man's with acid behind his molars Little white tab hollering, little white flag waggling Inorganic pat on back, trim the panic flat on backer Back to back like Mad Hatter magic Rabid mastif collaborative Splatter bachelor fabric fatter with Cabbage Patch lit (Dark days) Banded Louie-Louie (Park blades) Chemically bent-up but eager to crash for that one, two, three repeater Good morning Vietnam Whose couch is this, whose house is this, who are you down with bitch? I'm sorry, dog, I dreamt the foulest shit There was this rabid foot talismen drowning out of my armspan What's fouler was the other farmhands growing gills and shark fangs What's fouler was my torso stripped to ribbons in the marshlands But I'm up now Let's get this window pane and shut the fuck down Down by the river where the litter sits And lionheart critters smoke dope and act like illiterates I ran with a brat pack of loose bolts and high social maladjusties Sacred, numb, and boundless went to same proto called cookie Well, I was dummy to some when my tongue was cradled and my skin looks crazy Pocketbook mirror, courtesy Amy Spiders in the mattress, paisley sunglasses, dialing eyes green Ice grill that could burn through your picture-in-picture widescreen Poison late late show starring Aes and his jigsaw face Twelve hour solid gold entertainment Other shit to sell from other ships that sell they DD paper (Space Invader) This one's for the labor days worked for rent and rolling papers Only the illest beats leak asbsurdly out the boombox The daytripper anthem goes: "Wake. Drop. Walk to Aquarium." Whistle while you work like a canary lung All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy to carry drugs I sorta see it as my last flash summer Skateboards and sloppy psychedelics and big numbers Good times, good people All airbrushed on a collapsible easel Peace man, easy [Bridge] And I knew the permanancy would drift And I knew the ph balance wasn't right And I knew the crash and burn, how to caress it L.S.D. flashed the message And I knew the gash wasn't gonna stop bleeding And I knew the ph balance wasn't right And I knew how September would then affect it L.S.D. [Verse 2] Lazy summer days Like some decrepit landshark dumbluck squad dog lurks sicker, deluded Last sturdy domino leans secluded Don't let stupid delusions lesson super-duty labor students Dragnet lifer solutions Daddy loves sloppy dimensions like son-daughter links Such determinated leopards, successfully disshelved Little soliders developed like serpents despite life sentence ducking lemmings Some don't like sobriety's dirty lenses Some do let sleeping dogs lie still Don't look so damn lackluster Suck defeat Love some damage, load sample delete Late Show, Dave Letterman, shitty diner lip-slide dutch Low self-discipline leader seek that lung self-destruct Life sucks dickhead Lost summer's display laminate showcasing divinity Live system definitive Liturgy soaked the pig lowly, spectactular delight Why, what kind of L.S.D. you like? Your lizard king has spoken (all hail) You in the back, get them up, those trails are necessarily bumped (Summertime) Some'll try and recapture the same flag But I played it smart and recognized the summertime passed [Chorus]

Toy Box

{winding sound} Oohh, I like this toy! Hmm, watch it go. {Gun fire} Ay! Ah! Ay! Uh! {Telephone ringing} {beeping sound} We're sorry, the person you are calling is dead I was like six, I used to get dissed by the chicks And everyone would chase me and hit me with bricks And rocks and sticks and callin' me names And fill my lunchbox with frog brains,Ugh! When I left school it was much iller My daddy was a serial killer, and how about that He always made me sit in the back With all his dead bodies in my lap, Move! When I got home, enough of the static Hammer and tools and up to the attic Never knew any other girls or boys Only my toys toys toys Bang clang hammer and twist Nobody knows I exist and I'm pissed But I won't be mentally scarred Instead I make toys, toys of the graveyard Monday, Ring of the bell It's all about show and tell Might as well Show all of these bastards just what I got Yo check out my toy box. Nothin' feels better than a good hardy-har-har. Right boys and girls? We got dead bodies everywhere you look All the nerds sittin up front got cooked Others start screamin and makin a dash So I start handin out toys fast at last You like slinkies? We got slinkies! Only mine like to wrap around your face then stretch, twist, kazoom, And whip your body all over the fuckin room So come one at a time Open your gift, and what you will find Is a toy my friend, that you'll never forget It's not everyday that you get your skull split You like soldiers? We got soldiers! Made with rubber and steel They look real But I wouldn't just toss 'em under yo bed That's how you get a axe to the fo' head Oh, and don't let 'em sit around all day Come home and find your mom... dead in the hallway Cuz they can be nifty All the toys are shifty (he-he) In my toy box (huh?) Woooowie, that sure sounds like fun! That's not a toy, hey wait a minute Don't fuck around, homie, you could lose an eye with it That's my double blade razor whip chop jimmy And it's mine motha fucka so gimme gimme you like toys? You come to the right place Try my little toy mutilatin mental case Wind 'em up and let him go among all of ya Then BANG! Serial slaughterer! Your turn, reach in and get lucky Oh look, he pulled out a rubber ducky [sqeaking] And it make a funny sound, then, Then BANG! thru the fingers off his fuckin hand Don't stop, class ain't done yet I remember you callin' me pointdex', Bookworm brainy, my aggrivation Went into these little creations Reach in you might find somethin wicked Wicked scary, chopping pickaderry Off with your head, a robot with a sword Now he's lookin at me, but what for? Wa-wait a minute, I made you, get them not me. Wait a minute, motherfuckers! O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-Oh I love this record!...(repeat 5x mixed w/:) Hahahaha, Hoohoohoo! Yahoo! Turn it off! Hahahaha, Hoohoohoo! Yahoo! Turn it off! (2x) O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-Oh I love this record!... O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-Oh I love this... Turn it off! Tell me why? Why do you feel that you should still be together with Lisa? Sure Cccc'mon man, our relationship ain't all weak and shit. Ya know I mean, I mean just because she's dead we should just break up or somethin? FUCK THAT! Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, listen to me, she's dead man you gotta move on So what! So she's dead Does that make you fresher than her? I didn't say that I don't think so! So she don't talk as much... and she really don't move around a lot. She's still fresh! She's still fun to be around! Heheh-heheh. You're just predjudice! Huh? You're predjudiced against dead people Aw man, you really are one sick bastard Tommy Yeah? Fuckoooff! What? Fuckoooff! What the fuck is that? What does that mean? It means Fuckoooff! Man, you fuckin lost it Yeah? FUCKOOOFF!

More Like You

REHAB "Southern Discomfort"
(feat. Mandy Lauderdale) An excess rules everything I do So tell me how can I be more like you Cause all of this don't seem to bother you So tell me how can I be more like you The lights are on but nobody's home If I'm mad, well them my mouth foam Cover my transportation in chrome Under the sky dome Pegasus flown over my skeletal features But an opaque anatomy is all I'll ever be For none to see A numb teacher holding a counseling position Posture remaining unchristian Slouchin' down so low I'm missing Caverns and taverns is where I sought my refuge Stood in the foyer of the brothel meshing with sin Grippin' a bottle How many times I sat up in the night sky Craving to die, wanting to fly Knowing this was all a lie The succubus French kissed me in the orafice Complex as Oedipus left in my mouth a taste of distrust Lust for flesh & bone, but ain't no angels in dust Ain't no heroines in opium, word up I scoped 'em There ain't no answers this is all random evolution Best check the chemicals in your solution You might be prostitutin' An excess rules everything I do So tell me how can I be more like you Cause all of this don't seem to bother you So tell me how can I be more like you Why is everything so technical, got me thinkin' mechanical Puffi' on those botanicals, every second so critical Board with the human language Anguish, beats on my mental, fuckin' with chemicals Sick as the appetites of cannibals Far away they shoot a laser from a computer It ricochets off a satellite panel To a missile silo in Cuba Eyes behold catastrophe Forseen by Nostradamus, the prophets peep the millennium Age of the broken promise More religions than park pigeons The poor envy the rich and Monetary decisions make pessimistic the vision It's like the whole planet went off the deep end While I was sleepin' Men be leapin off ledges, when there women leave for the weekend The human mind's an asylum, dialin' help lines repeatedly Pushin' garbage down and putting more in so greedily In the head of irate Babylonians Everything is what it is, even when it's not An excess rules everything I do So tell me how can I be more like you Cause all of this don't seem to bother you So tell me how can I be more like you

Searching For A Former Clarity

AGAINST ME! "Searching For A Former Clarity"
No the doctors didn't tell you, that you were dying. They just collected their money, And sent you on your way. But you knew all along, went on pretending nothing was wrong, you said I will keep my focus, till the end. And in the journal you kept, by the side of your bed. You wrote nightly in aspiration, of developing as an author. Confessing childhood secrets, of dressing up in women's clothes, Compulsions you never knew the reasons to, Well everyone, you ever meet or love, be just relationship based on a false presumption, despite everyone, you ever meet or love, in the end, will you be all alone? As the disease spreads slowly through your body, pumped by your heart to the tips of your arms and your legs, your greatest fear was that your mind wouldn't last, your coherency and alertness would be the first things to fade, as your hair thinned, as the weight fell off, as your teeth blackened, as the lesions spotted your skin, as you fell to your knees in the center of the stage, as you offered witness to mortality in exchange for the ticket price, as the lights blended into the continuing noise, as all hope was finally lost. Adrenaline carried one last thought to fruition. Let this be the end. Let this be the last song. Let this be the end. Let all be forgiven.

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