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JOHN DENVER lyrics - All Aboard!

Jesse Dreamed Of Trains (Reprise)

Original and similar lyrics
This song was first released on the All Aboard! album. It is the only album it has been released on. When Jesse was a little girl, she only dreamed of trains She never played with dolls or lacy kinds of things Jesse counted boxcars instead of counting sheep She could go anywhere when she went to sleep Jesse laid a penny on the track one day In God we trust she walked away The very next morning all she could find Was a little piece of copper squashed flatter than a dime Jesse dreamed of trains When the nighttime came Nobody knew how she made it come true Jesse dreamed of trains Words and Music by Vince Gill and Guy Clark (Additional words for Jesse by John Denver)


AL STEWART "Famous Last Words"
In the sapling years of the post war world In an English market town I do believe we travelled in schoolboy blue The cap upon the crown Books on knee Our faces pressed against the dusty railway carriage panes As all our lives went rolling on the clicking wheels of trains The school years passed like eternity And at last were left behind And it seemed the city was calling me To see what I might find Almost grown, I stood before horizons made of dreams I think I stole a kiss or two while rolling on the clicking wheels of trains Trains All our lives were a whistle stop affair No ties or chains Throwing words like fireworks in the air Not much remains A photograph in your memory Through the coloured lens of time All our lives were just a smudge of smoke against the sky The silver rails spread far and wide Through the nineteenth century Some straight and true, some serpentine From the cities to the sea And out of sight Of those who rode in style there worked the military mind On through the night to plot and chart the twisting paths of trains On the day they buried Jean Juarez World War One broke free Like an angry river overflowing Its banks impatiently While mile on mile The soldiers filled the railway stations arteries and veins I see them now go laughing on the clicking wheels of trains Trains Rolling off to the front Across the narrow Russian gauge Weeks turn into months And the enthusiasm wanes Sacrifices in seas of mud, and still you don't know why All their lives are just a puff of smoke against the sky Then came surrender, then came the peace Then revolution out of the east Then came the crash, then came the tears Then came the thirties, the nightmare years Then came the same thing over again Mad as the moon That watches over the plain Oh, driven insane But oh what kind of trains are these That I never saw before Snatching up the refugees From the ghettoes of the war To stand confused With all their worldly goods, beneath the watching guard's disdain As young and old go rolling on the clicking wheels of trains And the driver only does this job With vodka in his coat And he turns around and he makes a sign With his hand across his throat For days on end Through sun and snow, the destination still remains the same For those who ride with death above the clicking wheels of trains Trains What became of the innocence They had in childhood games Painted red or blue When I was young they all had names Who'll remember the ones who only rode in them to die All their lives are just a smudge of smoke against the sky Now forty years have come and gone And I'm far away from there And I ride the Amtrak from NewYork City To Philadelphia And there's a man to bring you food and drink And sometimes passengers exchange A smile or two rolling on the humming wheels But I can't tell you if it's them Or if it's only me But I believe when they look outside They don't see what I see Over there Beyond the trees it seems that I can just make out the stained Fields of Poland calling out to all the passing trains Trains I suppose that there's nothing In this life remains the same Everything is governed By the losses and the gains Still sometimes I get caught up in the past I can't say why All our lives are just a smudge of smoke Or just a breath of wind against the sky


Dreamed I was a fireman I just smoked and watched you burn Dreamed I was an astronaut I shot you down like a juggernaut Dreamed we were still going out Had that one a few times now Woke up to find we were not It's good to be awake. Dreamed I was a tidal wave I ravaged your coast, There were no survivors. Dreamed I was your landlord I showed your place when you had lovers. If I was a vampire, I wouldn't suck your blood. Then I dreamed I was you Sweetest dream I have had. [CHORUS] : If you could hear the dreams I've had, my dear, They would give you nightmares for a week. But you're not here, and I can never sleep Come home so I can be a creep. Dreamed I was a dream I stole you away, away in your sleep. Saved you from a fire, a gun for hire, Introduced you to a vampire. A wave crashed on the beach We rolled around in its foamy grasp, Kissing in the chaos of a kelpy sea Seems I couldn't save you from me. [CHORUS] Maybe I'm obsessive to think like this Probably not impressing you with my cheap tricks Honey, it's depressing what depression does to some. I'll play the part for hours, But I know you'll never come. [CHORUS]


KANO "Home Sweet Home"
[VERSE 1] Yo, yo yo yo yo When I see the fans go mad I think why do they like me? Theres about a thousand other boys just like me Spittin lyrics on the mic dressed in nike What makes me so special? When they say im the next one to blow I say why do they think me? All I do is stay in mostly and sleep And all I do is watch channel u and drink tea, why me? All I do is listen to myself and get my lyrics in order Play my own songs and give a mirror performance Now im about to sign im sort of in there with warmers Im movin on now, wish me good luck My manager said this the quickest deal ever I said 18 years aint the quickest deal ever Im tryin 2 sell and make the quickest meal ever Support my family so I can feel better But its not for the cheddar, Its not for the fame Its not for the rolex Its not for the chain Its just for the respect, ive been doin this for years remember Free of charge I aint rich yet [CHORUS] sometimes I think is it all worth it I aint a popstar I cant be perfect Ive know ive got far, but is it to far to turn back? sometimes I have to kick myself coz sometimes I cant believe this shit myself so sometimes youll see me in a daydream finkin could be underground goin mainstream sometimes I have to kick myself coz sometimes I cant believe this shit myself so sometimes youll see me in a daydream finkin could be underground goin mainstream [VERSE 2] its so real now, ive had dreams of this album so reality is the theme of this album boy I dunno if ill make cream off this album I just wanna see fans screamin and shoutin I aint doubting my ability but sometimes I think why me particularly What different have I got to offer lyricly? But maybe there is something about me that the worlds dying to see And without me, who can replace me a few can amaze me And literally do what I do to the rave scene and go from spittin in the booth to the mainstreem but am I gifted? Maybe I am 18 im only a baby I am they say but was I born to do this ? yes I don't have to sign no forms to do this but I just take it one step at a time One word at a time one stage at a time one breath at a time until I run out of time. [CHORUS X2]

The Ballad Of Jesse James

Jesse James was a man And he killed many men He robbed the Glendale train And he took from the richer And he gave that to the poorer He'd a hand and a heart and a brain Oh Jesse had a wife to mourn for his life Three children they were so brave But that dirty little coward That shot Mr. Howard Has laid Jesse James in his grave (Instrumental) On Wednesday night When the moon was shining bright They robbed that Glendale train And the folks from miles about (yeah they can) They all said without a doubt It was done by her Frankie and Jesse James (yes it was) Oh Jessie had a wife, to mourn for his life Three children they were so brave But that dirty little coward That shot Mr. Howard Has laid (poor) Jesse James in his grave (Instrumental) Well the people held their breath When they heard about Jesse's death (yeah) And they wondered how poor Jesse came to die (how did he die?) It was one of his guys, called Little Robert Ford And he shot Jessie James on the sly Oh Jessie had a wife to mourn for his life Three children they were so brave But that dirty little coward That shot Mr. Howard Has laid Jesse James in his grave Has laid poor Jesse in his grave He laid Jesse James in his grave

We In This Bitch

IGGY AZALEA "Reclassified"
[Verse 1:] Right, Iggy back no playtime I just gave y'all some break time to miss me So stressed on what's next My last little bit of success ain't even hit me So keep it light on the advice Look at us, we must be doing something right clearly In convo I don't talk to too many I just talk to the fans in the songs cause y'all feel me Now let's reflect on what we left on New Classic I overstepped what was expected, I blew past it So best bet is respect my perspective Or go get your sight checked for new glasses The fact is you combine the stats with The history I made, the message should be established I guess what I'm explaining in laymen's Is ain't nothin' about miss Azalea average [Hook x2:] Now we in this bitch Admit it get borin' with no me in this bitch Now we in this bitch What's a world with no I-G-G in this bitch? [Verse 2:] Unpolished product of my environment Tryna get the same type love and respect as peers I be rhymin' with But everything is so one-sided, divided and biased That I can't get a fair judge panel not in the slightest bit In light of this, I had to write a hit to get this type of chip Ridin' dick won’t get me nowhere and I ain’t that type of chick That's so unladylike 'specially knowin' they be like "Iggy this and Iggy that" long as you say it, say it right Right, they might be playin' but Iggy ain't 'Til Iggy faint, I just wanna fill this Iggy bank See I emerged from the smoke without a smudge on me So back up up off of me unless you got some love for me, right [Bridge:] Even with my back against the wall I still don't know fear and won't shed a tear Cause when I think back, I've seen it all And everything that ain't stopped me got me here so [Hook x2] [Verse 3:] Look in my eyes and see what I see You know that nothin' happenin' surprise me It's like I seen this before This is everything I was dreaming for Relax your mind let ya conscious free I got expensive taste and I ain't waiving the fee It's like I seen this before Life is now everything I dreamed and more And more, life is now everything I dreamed and more And more, life is now everything I dreamed and more And more, life is now everything I dreamed... [Bridge] [Hook x2]

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