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JOHN DENVER lyrics - Aerie

City Of New Orleans

Original and similar lyrics
This song appears on three albums, and was first released on the Poems, Prayers and Promises album, is also available on The Country Roads Collection album and has also been rerecorded on All Aboard! album. Riding on the City of New Orleans Illinios Central, Monday morning rail 15 cars and 15 restless riders 3 conductors and 25 sacks of mail All along a southbound odyssey The train pulls out of Kankakee Rolls along past houses, farms and fields Passing trains that have no name Freight yards full of old black men The graveyards of the rusted automobiles Singing good morning America, how are you? Saying, don't you know me I'm your native son? I'm the train they call the City of New Orleans I'll be gone 500 miles when the day is done Dealing cards with the old men in the club car Penny a point, ain't no one keeping score Pass the paper bag that holds the bottle Feel the wheels a rumbling 'neath the floor And the sons of Pullman porters And the sons of engineers Ride their fathers' magic carpet made of steel And mothers with their babes asleep Rockin' to the gentle beat And the rhythm of the rails is all they feel Singing good morning America, how are you? Saying don't you know me, I'm your native son? I'm the train they call the City of New Orleans I'll be gone 500 miles when the day is done Nighttime on the City of New Orleans Changing cars in Memphis, Tennessee Halfway home and we'll be there by morning Through the Mississippi darkness rolling down to the sea But all the towns and people seem To fade into a bad dream And the steel rails still ain't heard the news The conductor sings his song again The passengers will please refrain This train has got the disappearing railroad blues Singing good morning America, how are you? Saying don't you know me, I'm your native son? I'm the train they call the City of New Orleans I'll be gone 500 miles when the day is done Words and Music by Steve Goodman

Twice Last Night

We did it twice last night And once in the morning [2x] [SPM] I pulled out my jimmy from a cracker jack box The bullet proof vest blocking all my cum shots I got one in London and her name is regina Then I got sofia she's from argentina Love em and leave em hell naw that aint my style I'd rather stick around for a lil long while At least twice a week if she's a good freak Bitch left a hicky on my left butt cheek Mann I'm as strong as an ox And your baby mothers a baller We call her the head doctor And nobody can stop her You need to drop her Cause all she really wants is a baller That spends fifty thousand dollars On the Mexican () [SPM] She's riding my pony Mann she's horny But it aint no fun if I cant call the homies Early in the morning watching erkl while she blow me When she see me with my girlfriend she act like she don't know me Cause she got love for me My balls are never lonely Call me crazy with that ass And the pretty cheecharonies In my room jamming oldies She's dancing in her chonies Had her screaming in the deli Till the neighbors call the police So we had to take it else where Take it to the embassy Picked up a stripper from the lesbian Tennessee Half black and Japanese Gone off them dakeries My bitch ate her out While I filled up her cavities Then we did it Twice last night And once in the morning [Baby Beesh] She grabbed from my paw and I said aw naw Rushed to the bed and jumped straight on my drowse The next thing she saw playboy wasn't small She asked baby beesh can I please take it off She me and I'm yum yum Mann we was doing it big She made me cum cum Damn I think I woke up her kid But we was on one With some () and wine I gotta freak one Aint no bitch colda then mine She got that platinum punana Fuck madana and jenny jenny My momma be on that remmy Mixed with henny when she get me And when I get her I gotta Hotter than enchilada Oohh she brought her friend too Now it's a () Against the wall let the camera record I got the berries and the creep so we will never be bored She kissed that teta Told her nena would you please kiss your friend She said you know I cant dadda But is you joining inn I said for show We started off slowly Once it hit midnight we went hard at 1:40 And then at 2:30 we started talking dirty You got me feeling like a champ When I dip up in the fury Forty five minutes straight Dripping wet took a power nap Six in the morning got her wet then the shower cap She was on top and I was on under A b a b a bed hit the wall and it sounded like thunder We did it twice last night And once in the morning


AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
I take it Easy [Verse 1] Upside down, I pick wigs for beetles Pry 'em out and pin 'em to the polar of the see-saw Sofa cobra shimmy out crater Cradle my weight in double wishbone suspension Versus AM clock radio bangers Downside up in cripple acres and still the fountainhead Spittle sniglets quicker than quidditch seekers snatch golden snitches You could be a part of it Just park your bark at 20 paces Hold this target and we'll call this bitch a partnership Man, the city bred the brittle cheapo Little Lego people squeezing little Lego Polaroid in keyhole Media breather needy burrow to hide all While you friends and neighbors press stethoscopes to the drywall Curl a worm tongue tight, bitten behind the vamp chopper foaming Lamb choppy sock puppet fear and loathing Need phoners a.s.a.p. to build careers out of misquoting So I read Aesop interviews and get schooled on my own motives It's a pocketful of nickels, like Cool Hand Luke decapitating Parking meters when the pigs blew the whistles like windmills I went to jail overnight for putting a sticker on a phone booth Now in the time that you did the paperwork How many'd the rapists merk? Panicky banister silver surf over the wobbles where the potholes Be the ulcer in the stomach of the God show You blinded by the light you might just plummet through the cosmos Meet Apollo sandman function before the whore hit the high note [Chorus] I take it easy, the ice is thinning in the valley of the jeep beats And when the freaks come out I hug a TV Somehow a channel zero bender's less creepy, it's bliss Repeat with a twist...Easy When every martian in the market holler feed me The all city opinion spicket leaky You learn more when your mouth piece retreat, it's bliss Now listen to this...oh OK All day every day, oh all right, all night every night [Verse 2] Whose capitain gon' spew stale venom? Not mine... I hug a hammock in the bedlam And when the potentially lucrative race horse gets deaded I'll wake up for a second to help the betters count their blessings But I cannot cratchet crutch the Ebenezer limbs much longer Flaccid flimsy songbirds, classic dizzy wrong turns For the long term got a dragon all achy Torn between the lending of a helping five knuckles And a charter your own escape Now it's like, sufferin' succotash, bucko, ducks in the chuckle patch 10-4 on that, stinger opinion, wingman double back Fuck it, Let him roam the home of the mange ridden emaciated Slave pain cave children game Not all players heal the same, learn it or don't learn shit My radio is on regardless I tune out pardons and tune in starlets Carbon and pre-David/Goliath live Paleolithic bias Who walks on all fours dragging the cadaver of King Midas Now it's Thor dwarf war hammers, Elvin bow and arrow aimers Documentation of the rate at which narrow tapers Hermit crab, honest cat, trying to raise the roof in my own TV room And still get the security deposit back Call Ripley, skippy, motorhead dope fixture on some go to bed no dinner Hold your head cold winter Ease up out of the ghastly, desert dozer cliques stranded on cloud 8 Proud of their pogo sticks, I stay left Along came a spider, sprung and alert, I stay def He makes records with his tongue in the dirt Suffer the dirty earth crisis with a license to flirt Buffer the mighty tighty sequins with a price on the mersh Covert Mr. Blizzard shoulder, he always acts all pissy Plus your friend said I was an asshole when he met me No bad moods aloud when you're in the public eye Kill it, you are the weakest link, goodbye [Chorus]

Can't Stop Me

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
[Verse 1:] Mhmm, yes, I does that. Stays hot, I ain't got to get my buzz back What everybody trying to be now; I was that They could never stop me; that's why I love rap Been living the life, praising ice. Bang the baddest chicks in the world, maybe twice The swag, the gear, the bread, all the whips is a year ahead I only fear the FEDs Forty-five on the other side of the peep hole Head shot from point blank; call it a free throw Funny, 'cause I had divisions since Calico Back then, I still ain't reached my peak, though Louie loafers, Pollo pea coat Call me whenever the bosses meet, yo I drove papi crazy, so the industries never gonna stop me, baby [Verse 2:] I'm gonna call it confidence, 'cause I ain't cocky I just know one thing: They can't stop me Whether I'm on "Ef" or LA, or they swap me; it's all good, because I know the gangsters got me First thing's first "they jar us" abruptly I treat the rap game like a large monopoly One on one they can't guard me properly But when they double team me the odds are sloppy I move like them eighty milligrams of oxy Send your sister back to your family knockneed Got too hot for the grams, and got weed In the rap bracket he remains the top seed Revolver holds six; quick to blow three Audio heroin, so you don't OD Shooters know you, but you don't know me The block is crazy, can't stop me, baby [Verse 3:] Once I start I ain't gonna stop the squeezing And the gauze ain't gon' be able to stop the bleeding And your girl ain't gon' be able to stop the weezing When she get that phone call from the doc; we even You could not stop me, so stop believing Ring tone rap, this is not the season I punch lines hard enough to stop your breathing And the ladies will still pay a lot to see him I'm gonna get rich long as I got my freedom And usually when you get hit it's for a reason If you in the hood, better dodge the Ds, and watch your Qs, and be on your Ps, and Thank you all for coming out this evening Having a good time with your liquor, and treason Even if they knock me, then continue to watch me They still wouldn't be able to stop me

Real Hustler's Don't Sleep

JUICY J "Blue Dream & Lean"
[Hook x2: Juicy J] Real hustlers don't sleep, we taking naps Cigarillo full of hairy shit, balled up like naps Got my eyes on you snakes, like craps On a paper chase, and you haters getting lapped [Verse 1: A$AP Rocky] Hood nigga, but a good dude Good nigga, but a hood dude (Shit) You don't know what I been through, so you don't know what I could do They hating on me, they talk down They talk threats, that's good news Margiela, RAF Simons, them Rick Owens is good shoes Getting paid, I'm in a good mood Old school, slabs in it Grill 24k in it, courtesy of my black dentist Trill bitch ad-libbing, that's what I call eloquent I'm getting brain, she sucking dick, that's what I call intelligence Tell a fella, Tell a gent, tell a friend, and tell a friend All I fuck is lesbians, fuck her till she celibate White bitches love Taylor Swift, tell that bitch I'm hella swift Hustling, everyday, with my twin and Juicy J [Hook x2] [Verse 2: SpaceGhostPurrp] Hi guys, what's up bitch? My name is Purrp I'm fucking your bitch, and I made her squirt I'm going to be rich, as I put in work Shes all on my dick, as I made her squirt Mind will get hurt, my lyrics merk Niggas with triggas and find them in dirt (Man) I like to flirt, I'm all in her skirt I smash it, and pass it, and watch that bitch twerk One day, one day, you know I'm going to become God Of the fucking country, do what you want to See gun play [Hook x2] [Verse 3: Juicy J] You not getting money man, you already tired I'm finna buy a private jet, bitch I'm getting flier Juicy J the boss, ain't no way I'm getting fired I'm on too much shit to name, ain't no way I'm getting higher I been chasing money since a young nigga from Memphis I see dead presidents, I think I got 6 senses Yea we on the money train, you just rock the benches On the purple and the yellow, call it Barney and the Simpsons Out in Taiwan, smoking Cheech and Chong Roll it in a cigarillo, chief it in a bong Ask me what I'm doing, getting high and counting money And I'm counting all day, because the money keep coming [Hook x2]

Back On The Corner

JOHN HIATT "Master Of Disaster"
Back on the corner I'm singing the blues I can see my reflection In the shine of your shoes Like Momma used to say No news is good news And I'm back on the corner again Back on the corner Got my seeing-eye dog He's blind as justice And hungry as a hog I feel like a prince But I look like a frog And I'm back on the corner again Back on the corner Pitching pennies and dimes Hell, I don't even know How I got here this time Singing for my supper at 12th Street and Vine Back on the corner again Used to take seven pills Just to get up in the morning From seven different doctors With seven different warnings I'd call 'em up to say I'm coming apart They'd say call us back when the fireworks start Well I lost my address I lost my wife I lost my children I lost my knife But if you trifle with me It's my life against your life Back on the corner again Back on the corner Something's sticking in my craw How come everything I do Is up against the law You can't arrest a man, can you For trying to break his own fall Back on the corner again Back on the corner Got a pidgeon for a friend He said he'd come to see me But he did not say when One of these days He's gonna fly back home and then Back on the corner again Every long, drawn step it took to get me here Was full of best intentions Bright hopes and good cheer With dreams made out of silk Lined with silver and gold Too beautiful to mention Too heavy to ever hold Well, I'm back on the corner With the pimps and the whores Least I know what they're standing here for She smiles, tips me a dollar, And I play her one more Back on the corner again Back on the corner again Back on the corner again

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