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JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP lyrics - Nothin' Matters And What If It Did


Original and similar lyrics
Well I get up in the morning Have a smoke, have a drink Then I get dressed I don't want to get to work too late 'Cause that bossman he's a real mean son-of-a-bitch Everything is so fast and so crazy But the day still slowly slips on by And when that five o'clock whistle starts to blow I'll be gone in a wink of an eye Chorus Tonight, I'm gonna see my baby again And that long haired girl will be smiling When she sees me walkin' in Well all right, she looks so good That she just hasta be a sin Tonight, I'm gonna see my baby again We'll walk over to the East Street Montgomery Pier She says she likes holding something dangerous She pulls me close and whispers in my ear She says, Come here little boy I'll put my pussy right on your face Because my fever is runnin' hot and high And you're the boy that makes me feel like I'm alive Chorus

Against The Grain

GARTH BROOKS "Ropin' The Wind"
Folks call me a maverick Guess I ain't too diplomatic I just never been the kind to go along Just avoidin' confrontation For the sake of conformation And I'll admit I tend to sing a different song But sometimes you just can't be afraid To wear a different hat If Columbus had complied This old world might still be flat Nothin' ventured, nothin' gained Sometimes you've got to go against the grain Well, I have been accused Of makin' my own rules There must be rebel blood Just a-runnin' through my veins But I ain't no hypocrite What you see is what you get And that's the only way I know To play the game Old Noah took much ridicule For building his great ark But after forty days and forty nights He was lookin' pretty smart Sometimes it's best to brave the wind and rain By havin' strength to go against the grain Well, there's more folks than a few Who share my point of view But they're worried If they're gonna sink or swim They'd like to buck the system But the deck is tacked against 'em And they're a little scared To go out on a limb But if you're gonna make a difference, if you're gonna leave your mark. You can't follow like a bunch of sheep You got to listen to your heart Go bustin' in like old John Wayne Sometimes you got to go against the grain Nothin' ventured, nothin' gained Sometimes you've got to go against the grain


E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G When im out on the road Goin from show to show Told my homie Romeo how much i miss u so I dont know how much longer it will be im missin you wantin you *ha* an i really wanna talk to you *oh no* i left my 2-way at home still sittin on the charger *oh no* my battery dead on my my cell phone n i really wanna call ya J-boog lemme use your phone, gotta call my baby-girl back home let her know what she means to me cause weve gotta be Chorus Cause your my angel, your my heart girl Cause your my evey thing, your everything i want in a woman your everything i need in a woman Repeat Verse: I got you on the phone, you sayin you wish i was home, but then you flip the script, to put me in the wrong,and you think im lyin when ive been tryin all day to talk to you, jugglin videos and photo shoots, baby girl dont think that one mintue goes by and i dont really wanna call ya, dont think that im screenin my calls or checkin my caller I.D tryna dodge you girl Tryna be all i can be, a young man in this industry,you mean the world to me you are my everything my, Chorus Girl i want u to know that nothing will come between you and me Girl i want you to know that you'll always be, my everything *Rap* Baby-girl im missin you cant wait to get home so i can hold you plain as love when it comes to you, faithful and true is what i stay to you you my homie wanna chill wit you throw on some sweats wit some Nike shoes, all get sa-ditty for me, blue-y skirt wit a mini tee, See times been hard for me, bein on the road wit out my wifey lookin at my watch as time goes by, lookin at the sky as the day goes by wishin on these days you could fly, till the next time to be by my side for you i ride for you i lie, me and you girl Bonnie Clyde Chorus X 2 la la la ,la la la la, la la la la la la la la *repeat la's untill fade* this is the stupidest song ever!

All The Way Home

I know what it's like to have failed baby With the whole world lookin' on I know what it's like to have been so sure Wake up and find it all gone Now you've got no reason to trust me And tonight my confidence is a little rusty It's getting late And if you don't feel leavin' alone Well maybe I can walk you baby All the way home Our old fears and failures Well they do linger (oh yes they do) Like the shadow of that ring That was on your finger Well those days darling, Those days are dead and gone Oh I could walk you baby All the way home Now there's things no one can rearrange We both have yesterdays that we can't change It's closing time - bartender's ringing last call These days I don't stand on pride and I've learned how to take a fall Now the time has come And if your first choice - he's gone Well that's alright baby 'Cause I can walk you all the way home All the way home All the way home

I Want You

Oh my baby baby I love you more than I can tell I don't think I can live without you And I know that I never will Oh my baby baby I want you so it scares me to death I can't say anymore than "I love you" Everything else is a waste of breath I want you You've had your fun you don't get well no more I want you Your fingernails go dragging down the wall Be careful darling you might fall I want you I woke up and one of us was crying I want you You said "Young girl I do believe you're dying" I want you If you need a second opinion as you seem to do these days I want you You can look in my eyes and you can count the ways I want you Did you mean to tell me but seem to forget I want you Since when were you so generous and inarticulate I want you It's the stupid details that my heart is breaking for It's the way your shoulders shake and what they're shaking for I want you It's knowing that she knows you now after only guessing I want you It's the thought of her undressing you or you undressing I want you she tossed some tatty compliment your way I want you And you were fool enough to love it when she said "I want you" I want you The truth can't hurt you it's just like the dark It scares you witless But in time you see things clear and stark I want you Go on and hurt me now then we'll let it drop I want you I'm afraid I won't know where to stop I want you I'm not ashamed to say I cried for you I want you I want to know the things you did that we do too I want you I want to hear she pleases you more than I do I want you I might as well be useless for all it means to you I want you Did you call her name out as she held you down I want you Oh no my darling not with that clown I want you, I do I want you You've had your fun you don't get well no more I want you No one who wants you, could want you more I want you I want you I want you Every night when I go off to bed and when I wake up I want you I'm going to say it once again 'til I instill it I know I'm going to feel this way until you kill it I want you I want you I want you


ELTON JOHN "Reg Dwight's Piano Goes Pop"
When I was a little bitty baby My Momma done rocked me in the cradle In them old cottonfields back home It was back in Louisiana Just about a mile from Texarkana In them old cottonfields back home Let me tell you now well I got me in a mess I caught a nail in my tire doing lickety splits I had to walk a long long way to town Came along a nice old man Well he had a hammer Wait a minute mister, can you get me some direction I'm gonna wanna be right off for home Oh let them cotton balls get rotten I got you baby, who needs cotton In them old cottonfields back home Well it sure feels good to breathe the air back home You should have seen their faces when they seen how I'd grown In them old cotton fields back home

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