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JOHN CENA lyrics - You Can't See Me

Know The Rep

Original and similar lyrics
[Freddie Foxxx a.k.a. Bumpy Knuckles] Hahahaha... Y'all know the rep, yeah, listen My name is Bumpy Knuckles, I write that fuckin flame And kill for the right price I got a buckin name My forty caliber too fresh, stuck in aim We roll like 18 wheelers in the truckin game I'm nice with mics there's nothin more I like than to paralyze your left side and leave you all right I be layin front of your crib with Tec-y all night Tryin to get them 9 millimeters loaded up tight, listen I'm like a Cadillac, I write a battle rap so smooth contest you'll be out of that Y'all know the beef is stewin, that Bumpy came to ruin You may be signed but you don't know what the fuck you doin I make aight hot, I make dope raw And send you higher than a long Colt four-four You know the only rap pimp that kept a ho poor And slam a fool on his back and break the whole floor [Chorus: Bumpy Knuckles] A yes yes y'all, and you don't stop We keep on, once the cops are gone This is real street spit you best be warned Tell your favorite MC the mic is on A yes yes y'all, and you don't stop We keep on, once the cops are gone [John Cena] Yeah, yeah It's the J daddy, not Hov' or Jam Master My mic is correct, but y'all know the hands faster See you bitch rappers I'm attackin the pile Y'all be cryin foul cause I'm hackin your style I make sure you and your mans done When I see y'all both drop, I'm the cat screamin And1 You see me on the team dog you know the game's over Stones on my wrist, and a chip on my shoulder Sixteens cashin in on another hot beat Go cop me a drop with the butterscotch seats And we better not meet, if we do you gon' see a change Make sure you whole FACE gettin rearranged We rollin up in the blacked out truck dog It's Freddie Foxxx, now you deal with Corrupt Mob It's gas on the fire, any time a track blaze Squad known to beef up the Heat, just like the Shaq trade [Tha Trademarc] This my 9 to 5, this ain't no hobby cat Copycat killers bite styles, my rhyme piles is heavy Give me a beat, man I'll body that Spittin that heat street raps man they nod to that What you smilin at? You R&B, man that's hardly rap You lost the beat, man you bought a map Matter fact, here's my next rap, borrow that Been off the street too long, I want my corner back You ain't a player, you a armchair quarterback You ride the beat like side streets on a flat Don't play dumb, I know where you came from You only seen slugs buddy after the rain come Keep it subtle, Trademarc got you bitch like babies suckin tits talkin 'bout mami let's cuddle It's gon' be what it's gon' be, you duck down A quiet cat with a violent rap, what now? [Chorus]

Boyz-N-The-Hood (Remix)

EAZY-E "Eazy-Duz-It"
[Dr. Dre] Hey yo, remember that shit Eazy did a while back Motherfuckers said it wasn't gonna work (word) That crazy shit, yeah the stupid shit Hey yo Eazy! (Yo!) Hey man why don't you come off the piano for a minute and bust this crazy shit [Eazy-E] Woke up quick at about noon Just thought that I had to be in Compton soon I gotta get drunk before the day begin Before my mother starts bitchin bout my friends About to go and damn near went blind Young niggaz at the pad throwin up gang signs Ran in the house and grabbed my clip With the Mac-10 on the side of my hip Bailed outside and pointed my weapon Just as I thought, the fools kept steppin Jumped in the fo' hit the juice on my ride I got front back and side to side Then I let the Alpine play Bumpin new shit by NWA It was Gangsta Gangsta at the top of the list Then I played my own shit, it went somethin like this: Cruisin down the street in my six-fo' Jockin the bitches, slappin the hoes Went to the park to get the scoop Knuckleheads out there cold shootin some hoops A car pulls up, who can it be A fresh El Camino rolled, Kilo G He rolls down his window and he started to say It's all about makin that GTA *chorus* Cuz the boyz n tha hood are always hard You come talkin that trash we'll pull your card Knowin nothin in life but to be legit Don't quote me boy, cuz I ain't sayin shit [Eazy-E] Down on B's in the place to give me the pace He said my man JB is on freebase The boy JB was a friend of mine Til I caught him in my car tryin to steal my Alpine Chased him up the street to call a truce The silly motherfucker pull out a deuce-deuce Little did he know I had a loaded 12 gauge One sucker dead, LA Times first page *chorus* [Eazy-E] Bored as hell and I wanna get ill So I went to a spot where my homeboys chill The fellows out there, makin that dollar I pulled up in my 6-4 Impala They greet me with a 40 and I start drinkin And from the 8-ball my breath start stinkin Love to get my girl, to rock that body Before I left I hit the Bacardi Went to her house to get her out of the pad Dumb hoe says something stupid that made me mad She said somethin that I couldn't believe So I grabbed the stupid bitch by her nappy ass weave She started talkin shit, wouldn't you know Reached back like a pimp and slapped the hoe Her father jumped out and he started to shout So I threw a right-cross and knocked his whole ass out *chorus* [Eazy-E] I'm rollin hard now I'm under control Then wrapped the six-fo' round the telephone poll I looked at my car and I said, Oh brother I throw it in the gutter and go buy another Walkin home and I see the G ride Now Ket is drivin Kilo on the side As they busted a U, they got pulled over An undercover cop in a dark green Nova Ket got beaten for resistin arrest He socked the pig in the head for rippin his Guess Now G is cut for doin the crime For defence on the boy, he'll do some time *chorus* [Eazy-E] I went to get them out but there was no bail The fellaz start to riot in the county jail Two days later in municiple court Kilo G on trial straight cold cut a fork Distruption of a court, said the judge On a six year sentence my man didn't budge Bailer came over to turn him in Kilo G looked up and gave a grin He yelled out FIRE! , then came Suzi The bitch came in with a sub-machine Uzi Police shot the bitch but didn't hurt her Both up state for attempted murder *chorus*


[Intro - Jadakiss & (Woman)] (Jadakiss) Hahah (Sheek) WHOOO!!! D-Block, Darkchild Uh huh, yeah Uh - yeah [Verse - Jadakiss] Yo, I'm just too much, I flow too sick I be on top of the snare, all over the kick Since a youngcat, I been one wit the drum tap The purple start pushin my lungs back Been there, done that My words stick to you like thumb tacks Pardon me, LOX hooked up wit Rodney The Ferrari's teal, but the truck's mahogany Hating, I can't get you bastards off me Fresh like I just took the plastic off me Me and streets is high school sweethearts And I'm always in her so she can't divorce me Can't see farther than Kiss, I'm like a father to this Want ya go and cop your father to this I possess the whole package - the girls, the thongs And there's something about me the world just loves D-Block bringing hell of a pain, 'Honey' tell em my name [Chorus - Jadakiss & (Woman) (2x)] (J-A-D-A) I'm pulling it out, the guns'll pop (J-A-D-A) I'm taking your money, the funeral stop (J-A-D-A) The club'll band, the beat'll knock (J-A-D-A) We just keep going, this shit don't stop [Verse - Sheek Louch] Sheek Louch get it popping, this shit don't stop Got your boobs hitting, shaking in a Halter Top Drizzling out, no shirt, burgandy drop Chain's bigger than Chuck D and Flava's clock Yeah boy, Sheek kinda hot these days Hold the heat when I spit, need ten ice trays D-Block what up? what's fucking wit that? Got the Camp spitting heavy on this Jerkins track Glock jerk him back, either that or the mac I prefer chrome but take it if you got it in black Thick shorty wanna hop on it I tell her not here, but we could go inside the bathroom 'Honey Let me give it to your straight, I ain't spending no money We could drink till we pass out, make dicks and all that I'm a gangster, I bet shorty crawl back Got her job through a two way contact [Chorus - Sheek Louch & (Woman) (2x)] (S-H-E-E-K) Pulling it out, the guns'll pop (S-H-E-E-K) I'm taking your money, the funeral stop (S-H-E-E-K) The club'll band, the beat will knock (S-H-E-E-K) We just keep going, this shit don't stop [Verse - Sheek Louch] Hey yo it's Louchy baby, smoke screen in the Mercedes Naw it's just weed, I'm fucking wit y'all Oil slick, it's the juice that I throw out the back But it's for real lil nigga if you hearing the clack I'm bringing it back, you don't wanna jump to this I'm David Blaine, it's magic how I gave it the Kiss Letting it off, nigga like we hunting to diss (J-A-D-A) Hey yo Kiss ([Jada:] what up Louch?) yo take it from there [Verse - Jadakiss] Raspy voice, flow of the year; It's the cue tip bars They feel good when they go in your ear Ti Gun, Peanut Punch your girl ain't ready (F-A-G-E-A) (Sheek: Sheek Louch!) Jadakiss, the world ain't ready We got haze in the air and we pouring the yac Bout to get up on 'Honey' cause she throwing it back And you know I keep the hawk on my neck, so don't violate Cause I can't wait for it to go in your back, uh [Chorus - Jadakiss & Sheek (Woman) (4x)] (J-A-D-A) I'm pulling it out, the guns'll pop (S-H-E-E-K) I'm taking your money, the funeral stop (J-A-D-A) The club'll band, the beat'll knock (S-H-E-E-K) We just keep going, this shit don't stop (J-A-D-A)

Murder Incorporated

Bobby's got a gun that he keeps beneath his pillow (oh yeah) Out on the street your chances are zero (oh yeah) Take a look around you (come on down) It ain't too complicated You're messin' with Murder Incorporated Now you check over your shoulder everywhere that you go (oh yeah) Walkin' down the street, there's eyes in every shadow (oh yeah) You better take a look around you (come on down) That equipment you got's so outdated You can't compete with Murder Incorporated Everywhere you look now there's Murder Incorporated So you keep a little secret down deep inside your dresser drawer From dealing with the heat you're feelin' down on the killin' floor No matter where you step you feel you're never out of danger So the comfort that you keep's a gold-plated snub-nose thirty-two I heard that you You got a job downtown, man it leaves your head cold (oh yea) And everywhere you look life ain't got no soul (oh yeah) That apartment you live in feels like it's just a place to hide When your walkin' down the streets you won't meet no one eye to eye Now the cops reported you as just another homicide I can tell that you was just frustrated from livin' with Murder Incorporated Incorporated Everywhere you look now Murder Incorporated Down on your knees Murder Incorporated Everywhere that you turn it's murder Incorporated

Respect Us

LIL' WAYNE "Tha Block Is Hot"
[Lil' Wayne] What what what What what what What what what Listen, listen When.. I come through.. bustin' Everybody on.. tha block be.. run-nin' Weezy Wayne, Hot Boy, I.. be.. thug-gin' Got.. them.. things.. ten up, keep.. hustlin' Catch me at tha shop, I will.. be.. there And my prices stay low, I keep.. it.. there And if you want it raw, I got.. it.. right.. here And if you want war, I am.. your.. nigh-tmare This is all I know, it's bang bang I hustle and slang slang My block.. I hang hang Who am I Lil' Wayne, man I represent CMB My cell is ten in heat I usually get in beef Was taught that it's him or me I pop head-bustas quick I rock here for my brick I chop that, I'ma () My shop here () I always.. thug in black And always.. bustin' gats Your girly's.. fuckin' back Now how you... lovin' that Chorus: Juvenile (repeat 2X) Hot Boys wodie, respect us Representin' Team Cash-Money Re-cords It's warfare, you betta, vest up But if you ain't scared, they blow, your sets up [Lil' Wayne] Listen, listen I give it to 'em how they ask me Raw and nasty Tha AK, I pack it Believe I'm 'bout that action Slash a busta like a fraction I'm on that yolla Standin' on tha corner with one sleeve over my shoulder Ride on your block, I see a dozen of weak jerks Now it's time for your momma ta order a dozen of T-shirts For only half-a brick I'll blast tha fifty And I ain't gon' stop shootin' 'til I jam tha clip Yeah, I'm a small creeper, what But it's about ta get ugly Ya'll betta call people up I'm about ta start shovin' my sawed-off between your guts Wayne 'bout ta (cugghh-gghh-gghh) ball people up Ya'll betta duck When it get real, they hide from me But, all them bustas 'bout ta get killed, I'm tired of it Man, I'm thuggin' 'til tha day I.. I die, cousin Weezy Wee.. let 'em burn, bring tha fire truck in... (whoooo!) (Chorus 2x) Nigga, let it be known I'll come blow up your home Take a few blunts to tha dome And.. show up alone Just me and my.. flame-torch Wayne start.. danger Walked with my head down like a stranger, and banged ya Burnin' off that Hennesy Some-a ya'll be feminine Bounce in with a twitch Leave 'em crawlin' out a ditch God damn... son of a shhh!.. Don't speak I cocked that, and let it go, tssss!.. Give 'em heat Your cheese, I got.. ta.. get.. paid I'm goin' all out, no matter what.. it.. takes I.. was.. raised.. up on.. that.. paper Kill-for-the-scrill was.. in.. my.. nature Tote M1's and keep.. tha.. block.. hot Sell wrong colts to keep.. my.. glock.. hot Never add taxes to.. my.. price, man And if a boy play, I ride.. at.. night, man What! (Chorus 3x) [Juvenile} Uh, uh, uh Say Lil' Weezy You did this one here, ya heard me They ain't gon' never get weared out from this one It's like they said, boy In tha year 2000, it's all about Wayne It's your chrome, man, run that thang 17th ward to tha 3rd ward downtown Do that there Huh, huh, huh, huh

Left And Right

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Redman] Yo, yo Yeah, come on [D'Angelo] I see you dancing right now I don't need to tell you that you know how Baby you do, oh I say you belong And if you dream, you'd be free I can take you there Just follow me Baby I won't, I won't steer you wrong And it seems like to me You want someone to treat you like their queen Babe I do So what'cha want Smack your ass, pull your hair And I even kiss you way down there You know I will Think I won't [D'Angelo] That's the way we do it Left and right Keep it moving Up and down How we do it babe Left and right Uh keep it moving Up and down Uh so what'cha doing Left and right I love it went you do it Up and down Love it went you do it Left and right Keep doing it babe, yeah [1 - D'Angelo] Left and right And up and down [Repeat 1 w/Redman and Method ad-libs (4x)] [Method Man] Yo D how we do it [Redman] Hey yo D how we do it [Method Man] Hey yo how we do it All day how we do it [D'Angelo] Yeah I hear you calling my world Make you feel like a pearl I'll rub your back and fulfill your needs, yeah So I would suggest you get undressed Fingertips touching and you'll come back As I want Why don't you give it to me I will have you believe There's no reason for you to leave Stay right here (stay right here) In my arms (in my arms) Bring you fears stay secure Here with me you can be sure There's no faking you turn me on [D'Angelo] That's the way we do it Left and right Oh Up and down You keep it moving Left and right Yeah she's moving Up and down Oh yeah Left and right Love it when you do it Up and down Don't stop Left and right Just keep doing it baby, oh [Repeat 1 w/Redman and Method ad-libs (4x)] [Redman] He yo D how we do it [Method Man] Yo D how we do it Funk Doc how we do it [Redman] Yo Stallion [Method Man] This is how we do it [D'Angelo] Why don't you know The sexy little things you do (The sexy little things you do) Oh, oh why don't you know The sexy little things you do, ooh [Redman] Yo, yo My flows remarkable Doc walk like Kane from Kung Fu round the globe Throw obstacles I'll hurdle them Herb and whack MC's, drum racks To the rims to the caps Yo Meth, Tical, and D I'm ASAP, I'm crack a don chicken hunting at KFC In '83 I was that scrub TLC talking 'bout Now I rock the house Chalk 'em out [Method Man] Yeah no doubt who gots the biggest ass in the house Young miss fillet-a-fish Salt water trout, pretty young thing Got a tongue ring and dirty mouth And she whispering them sweet nothings I hear it out Baby you got me like Joni had Cha Chi Until she got high and went and fucked Potsi Lady Godiva From day one a dick rider Liar, liar set your pussy on fire [Redman (Method Man)] Yo Doc be off the wall We keep a Marly cheap Pulling a Harley deep with a jar of grease Come 1-5-1, straight endo, the spot I fuck brown sugar behind the fiber glass window Its Doc not guns don't sling weight The only thing I sling is condoms for spring break (Fuck 'em) How we do it (Leave 'em) How we do it (Get the money) The pussy (The weed) Now do it [Method Man (Redman)] Now take your coat off and stay a while Now honey child if you're gon' be acting funny style Then I don't need ya It's Saturday, this night fever Shit is popping, Acheeva my mouth cotton Tis the season for draws dropping And heavy breathing You ain't skeezin' you dick teasin' I'm leavin' Acting rotten, I got no time for games I'm no joke Drop that ass when I'm finished And watch it smoke (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

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