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Wheel Of Fortune

Original and similar lyrics
Well I got me a job in this little smokestack town And everyday I'm out workin on the line And I wear the scars on my arms of a man of steel Seems I've spent my whole life feein' a little sick and tired And every now and then I wonder Was it really worth all the struggle and the pain But then I look into the eyes of this little family of mine And I know I'll get up in the morning and go out and do it all again But then I hear a sound crash like thunder It's just me fallin' down hard like the rain Looks like I'm goin down under That great big wheel of fortune again Looks like I'm goin down under That great big wheel of fortune again Well I got me a job in this little haystack town And everyday I'm out working till the sun goes down And just like my daddy and his daddy before him I mixed my blood with the soil of this sacred ground And every now and then I wonder Was there something I missed somewhere out there Beyond the edge of these clouds But then I feel a sense of pride and a sense of home and place From a hundred years of being firmly planted on this ground But then I hear a sound crash like thunder It's just me fallin' down hard like the rain Looks like I'm goin down under That great big wheel of fortune again Looks like I'm goin down under That great big wheel of fortune again Me I roam from town to town And I'm seeing good folks goin down All across this land There's a promise being broken... a dream being sold And you can feel it in your heart when the truth is told So... So how did we get fooled again How did we get fooled again now Well I got me a job in this little oil well town And everyday I'm out workin in the fields And my hands are stained with this black southern gold My mind is numb from the sound of this drivin wheel Every now and then I wonder What could have been... What might have been If I'd taken a few steps further from my home When I take a look around I can see I ain't got much But what I got I can surely call my own But then I hear a sound crash like thunder It's just me fallin' down hard like the rain Looks like I'm goin down under That great big wheel of fortune again Looks like I'm goin down under That great big wheel of fortune again

Choctaw Bingo

JAMES MCMURTRY "Saint Mary Of The Woods"
Strap them kids in, give 'em a little bit of vodka In a cherry coke, we're goin' to Oklahoma To the family reunion for the first time in years It's up at uncle Slaton's 'cause he's getting' on in years. No longer travels but he's still pretty spry Not much on talk and he's too mean to die And they'll be comin' down from Kansas and from west Arkansas It'll be one big old party like you've never saw. Uncle Slaton's got his texan pride Back in the thickets with his asian bride He's got an airstream trailer and a Holstein cow Still makes whiskey 'cause he still knows how. Plays that Chocktaw bingo every Friday night You know he had to leave Texas but he won't say why He owns a quarter section up by Lake Eufala Caught a great big old bluecat on a driftin' jugline. Sells his hardwood timber to the chippin' mill Cooks that crystal meth because his shine don't sell He cooks that crystal meth because his shine don't sell You know he likes that money, he don't mind the smell. My cousin Roscoe, Slaton's oldest boy From his second marriage up in Illinois He's raised in East St Louis by his mamma's people Where they do things different thought he'd come on down. He's goin' to Dallas Texas in a semi truck Caught from that big Mcdonalds, you know that one thats built up on that Big old bridge across the Will Rogers turnpike Took the big cabin exit stopped and bought a carton of cigarets. At that indian smoke shop with the big neon smoke rings In the Cherokee nation hit Muskogee late that night Somebody ran the stoplight at the Shawnee bypass Roscoe tried to miss him but he didn't quite. Bob and Mae come up from some little town Way down by Lake Texoma where he coaches football They were two A champions now for for two years running But he says they won't be this year, no they wont be this year. And he stopped off in Tushka at the pop knife and gun place Bought a SKs rifle and a couple full cases of that Steel core ammo with the berdan primers From some east bloc nation that no longer needs 'em. And a desert eagle thats one great big old pistol I mean fifty caliber made by bad-ass Hebrews And some surplus tracers for that old BAR Of Slaton's as soon as it gets dark, we're gonna have us a time We're gonna have us a time. Ruth-Anne and Lynn come down from Baxter Springs That's one hell-raisin' town way down in south eastern Kansas Got a biker bar next to the lingerie store That's got Rolling Stones lips up there in bright pink neon And they're right downtown where everyone can see 'em And they burn all night, you know they burn all night You know they burn all night. Ruth Ann and Lynn they wear them cut off britches And those skinny little halters and they're second cousins to me Man, I don't care I want to get between 'em With a great big ol' hard on like a old bois d'arc fence post You could hang a pipe rail gate from do some sister twisters 'Til the cows come home and we'd be havin' us a time. Uncle Slaton's got his texan pride Back in the thickets with his asian bride He's got a corner pasture and an acre lots He sells them owner financed strictly to them. It's got no kind of credit 'cause he knows they're slackers And they'll miss that payment and he takes it back Plays that Choctaw bingo every Friday night He drinks his Johnny Walker at that club 69 We're gonna strap those kids in give em a lil bit of Benadryl And a cherry coke we're goin' to Oklahoma, we're gonna have us a time We're gonna have us a time.

Dallas Blues

When your money's gone Friends have turned you down And you wander 'round Just like a hound (A lonesome houn') Then you stop to say "Let me go away from this old town (This awful town) There's a place I know Folks won't pass me by Dallas, Texas, that's the town I cry (Oh, hear me cry) And I'm going back Going back to stay there 'til I die (Until I die) I've got the Dallas blues And the Main Street heart disease (It's buzzin' 'round) I've got the Dallas blues And the Main Street heart disease (It's buzzin' 'round) Buzzin' 'round my head Like a swarm of little honey bees (Of honey bees) When I got up north Clothes I had to spare Sold 'em all to pay my railroad fare (My railroad fare) Just to come back there Ridin' in a Pullman parlor chair (A parlor chair) Sent a telegram, this is what I said "Baby, bring a cold towel for my head (My achin' head) Got the Dallas blues And your lovin' man is almost dead (Is almost dead) I'm goin' put myself on a Santa Fe and go (I'm goin' to go) I'm goin' to put myself on a Santa Fe and go (I'm goin' to go) To that Texas town Where you never see the ice and snow (The ice and the snow)


Brothershood of Man
When I was a little child I loved it when the circus came to my town gathered in this great arena all my fav'rites once a year in my town. But my fav'rite of them all are the famous flying demons hear tham call high above the grat arena we would hold our breath in case they'ed fall. Fly fly fly fly gliding thro' the air in all their glory high high so high weaving silhouettes before your eyes fly fly fly fly will they ever live to tell their story they flew so high on the night the circus came to town. Now I have a little child he loves it when the circus comes to town he is filled with great emotion see his face his eyes wide open my son. Now the moment has arrived see him look up to the skies high above the great arena looking up to see the demons fly. Fly fly fly fly ... akes to satisfy you got whaä{

Farewell Summer

JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
[Joell Ortiz] Yaowa! Lot been goin on these past three months If you don't mind, I'd like to share it with you Let's see, summer of oh-ten Well right before it kicked off I lost a really close friend Last time we kicked it was at a show in Coney Island Fucked with some bitches, I swear I miss my homie whylin That was bad enough news, like I needed to hear more Mr. Marshall Mathers is interested in us four "Us four" being Crooked I, Joe Budden Royce and myself, but I swear it's always somethin When the talks got real, E-1 started frontin Tryin to cockblock but we handled that, it's nothin Listen close, hear it from the horse's mouth, it's crazy The deal ain't finalized but yeah, Slaughterhouse and Shady Shows been gettin better, Highline was retarded When Fat Joe came out New York City went bonkers Styles P came out and put it down for all of Yonkers Even Sean Paul ripped it after twistin up the ganja Closed the show with Jim Jones, you know "Nissan, Honda, Chevy" had the fans Andretti, that's a monster Wish I coulda spit that on the stage at Summer Jam Can't complain though, that verse helped me scoop a couple grand Aside from the music, yeah, copped a new apartment Two bedroom joint, nothin fancy, lil' carpet Marble in the kitchen, cool walk-in closet A paintin here and there, somethin simple for an artist If you havin girl problems I feel bad for you son Well then feel sorry for me cause I had more than one Like E-1 and Slaughterhouse single, I lost +The One+ Before the us and Pharoahe Monch Canada tour was done I argue with her like, "Bein insecure is dumb The only thing that I could get from all these whores is cum" We did the Skype thing in my bunk on late nights Always started cool but ended in the same fight Why I ain't pickin up the phone once again It only takes a second to reply to BBM Baby I don't know what to say Maybe it was the 20-hour drive from Montréal to Thunder Bay Maybe my phone died, maybe I'm sound checkin Maybe I'm on stage goin in for the crowd sweatin Either way it's over, you failed to understand You was dealin with a star, not your average brother man On another note, I got to kick it with my sons Up in Dave & Buster's winnin tickets, it was fun Did Rockaway Beach, played some frisbee in the sun At summer camp they had a Track and Field Olympics and they won I took it down to Miami on the 4th Wobbled out a mansion and did cameo of course Shit I brought to the telly looked like panties on a horse Freak brain, this bitch said "Nigga, ram me 'til I cough!" I gotta call the bitch but yeah, Flex see that I'm focused Droppin bombs like I did to get rid of the roaches Feels good bein Puerto Rican from the pro-jects And countries overseas havin a ball like my cojones This summer I did well settin up for oh-eleven Comin up on a year my granny said hello to Heaven My moms still goin through it, e'ry now and then she cries I'm tryin to bring a different set of tears into her eyes "Free Agent" is FIRE! The world gon' see it's tough I'ma drop the "Yaowa" mixtape with Green to heat it up Shout to ICU, the documentary is nuts Some people on there gone, a lot of memories, but yup Gotta keep it pushin though the ride gets bumpy I'ma keep whippin until I get money Hate to be so blunt, but I came up extra poor Borrowed from next door, couldn't get ketchup from the store The butt of all the jokes cause of the rejects that I wore Matching perfectly with all the V-necks that I tore But nope, not no more, my feet keep the sickest kicks Still doin V-necks but nowadays my shit is crisp I'm comin for the title boys, hope you niggaz rhyme I'm treatin this like high school, "A" game every time Let you niggaz party, go on vaca', I'ma grind 'Til e'ry verse I kick is like Pele in his prime Y'all don't want a war, be screamin mayday with a nine Your thought caliber's no MATCH for this AK in my mind Don't get clapped, like sex with a dirty slut When I'm done with rap, they gon' hang your boy jersey up Cause I done been an all-star on all bars My dad left, and the apple never falls far So I'm gone like a sports car Anyone who think they better is just +Wild+, Draw Four card I did this by myself, no help brother No more sag, I'm comin for that belt fuckers Said my prayers, and God called Joell's number So stay tuned in the Fall, "Farewell Summer"


JAY-Z "Magna Carta... Holy Grail"
[Intro] Just let me great, just let me great I feel like mothafuckin' Cassius Clay right now, Genius! Don't be good my nigga, be great After that government cheese, we eating steak After the projects, now we on estates I'm from the bottom, I know y'all can relate [Hook] Fuck up the world Let's fuck up this world Fuck up the world Me and destiny got a date [Verse 1] Martin had a dream, Hov gotta team My chain already heavy, don't let me get a ring Parades down Flatbush, Confetti on my fur Turn right on Red Hook, niggas heavy on the curve See most of my niggas died early twenties or late teens I'm just trying to come from under the thumb of this regime 1% of a billion more then niggas even seen Still they wanna act like it's an everyday thing, clean [Hook] [Verse 2] High Yellow sky dweller and the rose gold Legend of the summer in the Rose Bowl Came thru Pasadena in the low low Just to show respect to the chulos Feel like a stranger in my own land Got me feeling like Brody in Homeland I just want my shot to show my genius Standing on the top hold my penis America tried to emasculate the greats Murder Malcolm, gave Cassius the shakes Wait, tell them rumble young man rumble Try to dim your lights tell you be humble You know I'm gon shine like a trillion watts You know a nigga trill as Michael Jackson socks Send a light to Compton and the hundred blocks Lil bastard boy, basking on top [Hook] [Verse 3] Sipping D'USSE boy this ain't your daddy yak He in a Cadillac; me? I'm in the Maybach This ain't grey sweat suits and white tube socks This is black leather pants and a pair of stance Socks is my synopsis is clear Got stripclubs feeling like Oxford, I swear Teacher teacher, I trying to unteach ya All the shit they taught y'all, they got you all in the bleachers When you front row at the Knicks game, those the Spike Lees You front row every where, you in the H.O.V's Jordan 1's and dungarees And that's just the half of my warpath Make a million another million let my niggas make a million 'til we all check a billion, shit it's just the way I'm feeling We have yet to see a ceiling, we just top what we top Cause the bars don't struggle and the struggle don't stop [Hook]

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