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John Bottomley lyrics - Blackberry

Fly With Your Shadow

Original and similar lyrics
It was on a chilly evening A man and his shadow did wake On hollow lane after sundown In a chair by the fireplace Across the road lived a woman Mysterious and beautiful From her house came the music Keys to the secrets of the earth The shadow ached for a visit The man said no I cannot spy The shadow lifted his parting glass Something inside the man died The shadow was his rebel Fiddlin' for the devil Fly with your shadow Fly with your shadow Fly with your shadow Fly with your shadow The man became a writer He wrote of pearl upon pearl Comic book character in the sunshine But something was missing from his world A tappin' on his door crept one midnight There was something he secretly yearned A gifted young prince stood on his doorstep His shadow had returned How did you receive your own flesh and bones What of the woman my friend She gave me everything the shadow replied When she kindly took me in Now the shadow used his skill Low down shakin' chill Fly with your shadow Fly with your shadow Fly with your shadow Fly with your shadow she was poetry herself said the shadow starry-eyed and wise he revealed I can show you Jupiter I can show you Juno if you kindly sign this deal Fly with your shadow Fly with your shadow Fly with your shadow Fly with your shadow

Raise The Dead

Linda Rondstadt "Western Wall"
written by Emmylou Harris Almo Music Corp/ Poodlebone Music (ASCAP) Hank Williams died when I was five He sang I'll never get out of this world alive Now it's been a long time since I was that kid And I've seen a lot more than Hank ever did I've done the down and out in every dark end dive But I'll never get out of your love alive Sam Cooke met the woman at the well She told him that his song was something he could never sell And I think he knew a change was gonna come Still he lived too fast and he died too young Well, dying young I have survived But I'll never get out of your love alive I got washed in the blood of Bill Monroe When he sang about the blues in the body and soul He believed in a God that could raise the dead Still, it's a mighty dark night to travel he said I've seen a mighty dark night and I made that drive But I'll never get out of your love alive Robert Johnson had a hellhound on his trail Drove him to the coffin like a hammer and a nail It takes a powerful man to carry that load When you're trying to beat the devil to the old crossroad I wrestled the devil, lived to testify But I'll never get out of your love alive I'll never get out of your love alive Oh I'll never get out of your love alive I'll never get out of your love alive

Couldn't Call It Unexpected No.4

ELVIS COSTELLO "Mighty Like A Rose"
I saw a girl who'd found her consolation She said One day my Prince of Peace will come Above her head a portrait of her father The wilted favour that he gave her still fastened to the frame They've got his bones and everything he owns I've got his name Well you can laugh at this sentimental story But in time you'll have to make amends The sudden chill where lovers doubt their immortality As the clouds cover the sky the evening ends Describing a picture of eyes finally closing As you sometimes glimpse terrible faces in the fire We'll I'm the lucky goon Who composed this tune from birds arranged on the high wire Who on earth is tapping at the window? Does that face still linger at the pane? I saw you shiver though the room was like a furnace A shadow of regret across a young mother's face So toll the bell or rock the cradle Please don't let me fear anything I cannot explain I can't believe, I'll never believe in anything again


AL STEWART "Sparks Of Ancient Light"
The stranger comes to town He is greeted like a prince Society declares him wise and funny Celebrities are only decorations in this place What really matters here is old money His temporary lover has amber coloured skin In a lush apartment in the city center Bankers like his company They always let him in There is no door to tell him do not enter They're following a dream Following a dream Sleepwalking A boy has become a member of a most desired club He has a fine address in these sixties If hipness could be diagrammed he would be the hub Girls follow him round like sexy pixies There's talk among the money men in Miami beach The train is leaving You don't want to miss it Whatever it is he's offering it's there within your reach So here is the ring Why don't you kiss it They're following a dream Following a dream Sleepwalking But there's a country house a world away from here Where accusations fill the room today Something has gone missing and it's absolutely clear A servent left quite suddenly He didn't ask for money He just packed up and left quietly away Back inside the nouveau world The rich are sitting down They realize it's time for some assessments Their charasmatic friend is somehow no where to be found Along with beggered will and their investments Someone said they saw him on a plane to Salvador or Moscow Now the weather's warming The lure of easy money keeps him constantly employed It's a social service he's performing Following a dream Following a dream Sleepwalking They're following a dream Willingly it seems Sleepwalking

The Rage Of Angels

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Visions Of Gandhi"
yea Jedi Mind Tricks my man Stoup holdin' me down yea yea It's been five years since you've been locked in the PEN And not to mention all the fuckin drama it bring You always in my heart and that's a BEAUTIFUL thing like warm air flowin from a beautiful spring But that's sum wild shit to do to a king And maybe some day i'll get used to the sting For now i'll been thinkin about you everyday And how we use to dumb out in everyway Brought a smile to my face on my hardest of days and praying that your mother and your father can raise Your little brother into a man one day I'll stay in touch with him so the plan won't stray But don't you worry about your little brother, he fine He smart with a heart and he steadily shine And if the little soulja ever step outta line u know i'm gonna be there to show him the time So what the deal cuzin how it feel right now I'll be there soon so just chill right now Whas the deal cuzin how you feel right now I'll be there soon so just chill right now Yea it's Vinnie Paz, you know i'm sayin, Jedi Mind i'm holdin' u down baby I'd rather walk these hollow grounds wit a glock or four pounds Police lookin over my back with a glock it's low down Wit a clock that slows down, it shoots flock wit no sound And i'm carried away on my back like a stone popper party Lyin' til' my soul hurts (soul hurts) Mad as fuck scared and stuck, i can't control earth Surrounded feelin like a cold hearse wanting to fold first I thank my peeps every day becuz they chose birth I'm totally greatful, at times i act hateful Ya'll wish ya'll feed over me to reside in a gold cradle Brown paper bag living in the latest whips Trips to Ep Cops Centre in the space and shit Always reminisce about the shit you laced us with Always the street legend to the bravest cliques And now i see niggaz gettin, it makes me sick The same shit that could've made us rich, made us snitch Divide the men from the boys see what makes them bitch To watch mothers lovin' struggles just to raise their kids Soar my mind every time that i raise this fifth And drink the bottle til' it's hollow and it all makes sense Get it right, blood is thicker than water, could never shit on my peeps Allah space

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