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Too Soon (Biggie Tribute)

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] I remember how I felt when your tape dropped Like 'how the hell can't find a song that ain't hott' Strong voice, your delivery is unmatched Your metaphors made it sure that you run rap Gucci sweater with the Kango hats When you was clubbin lumberjack with the hat to match When you was thuggin, to this day I listen back to your tracks Like you was buggin Felt like strangling that faggot ass nigga who threw the slug in And murked the king Probably some jerk who wasn't worth a thing You gave the ladies all them words to sing Gave the hustlers commandments to live by My how the time has wizzed by I know your proud of Jay, he a big guy Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis Now it's Xbox 360, Playstation on the hip But when it comes to this game Ain't a damn thing changed Damn that man blew out an early flame... cause your still the man [Chorus:] Your candle burned out Way before your legend ever lived I'll see to it that you live Talking bout you to the kids Like this man right here handled his biz Anybody who heard him knows what it is (Blew out too soon) [repeat] [Verse 2:] You wrote my favorite song of all-time Whoever pulled the trigger on you had a small mind Cause see this dude right here was a lot more than rap I guess he was over ya'll head like a bad quarterback Not mine, when I got signed I dwelled on what he spoke Rhyme for the bitches the niggas want what the bitches want end quote Ain't nobody better at putting emotion on the track It's well understand why you cause commotion when you rap Man you had the juice Some people think that you lied, you never died, and you back in the booth Man how I wish that was the truth Because with you back in town... we could lead this game back to it's roots We sincerely miss you The whole world wished every one of them shells clearly missed you Brenda's baby havin babies, now I'm fed up I'll address this one though, you keep your head up [Chorus x2]

My Own Time - Album Alpha

Walking through the snow kicking my heels Seems that sunlight never felt so good before Bet you really don't know how it feels I don't have to answer to anyone no more And better I've never felt Nothing to show, but nothing to lose, I'm on my own Cast your mind back not so long ago I was always busy playing by the rules Bet you thought I really didn't know You were double dealing, now you're back at school Something you didn't learn Faith in myself Gives me the strength to carry on... I'll do what I want to anyway I'll do what I want and I'll do it in MY OWN TIME Don't give me that same old pack of lies I'll tell you the story how it really is Want me to carry on? You think you always had the upper hand Someone better tell you that the tide has turned Getting your fingers burned, how does it feel? Now it's for real this is the deal I'll do what I want to anyway I'll do what I want and I'll do it in MY OWN TIME is on my side again And one thing I intend Is to do it in MY OWN TIME

Can't Knock The Hustle (Rmx)

JAY-Z "B-Sides Remixes"
Intro: (Singing) Whoooh, Paradise you better think twice, 'cause you're not living the life Jay-Z: Jay-Z, Roc-A-Fella y'all, it don't stop Verse One: We about to change this game here Check my pockets there's nothing but game there I remain without fear Keep the lanes clear, and the cats that's all about threats remain here On top of this Metropolis My name is like a square Dropped off every tier Now y'all can swear to Jay Heard it the other day Through the mystery, we get it swiftly We got to hit you every night before we hit the lights it's type addictive Need cats to live with, the heat goes on Everyday is a hustle, the beat goes on Funny thing happen, in the midst of chasing money and foes And the worst thing worst then getting old is not getting old Niggaz stay low, like six bowls of shit and gold And watch the hoes when they bump into your clothes And I hope they shine Seen a lot of things and enough memories to last me two lifetimes Can't knock the hustle Chorus #1: (Singing) I'm taking out this time To give you a piece of my mind Who do you think you are Baby one day you'll be a star Verse Two Check this In a mans world need a girl to tough something Pull an 80 out her Anne Klein purse and bust something If you skating through the night to the light, then trust something When I get home Then it's on Girl just crack those shaped legs like Grade A eggs Love the way you behave and beg Moan, turn those hollers to screams as we zone like a college team Then they can hear you from Hollis, Queens (226) Life with me, consists of a lot of things Chips in your ear hit the dirt 'cause you got hotter things But you know how to scream, friends talking dizziness Remind them freak chicks to stay out my business You know they can't love it, trips to LA with no luggage Came back with six bags struggling In first class if my ass should crash, champagne spilled on me Bank still off on me Chorus #2: (Singing) But until the last day, I'm the one who's crazy 'Cause that's the way you making me feel (can't knock the hustle) I don't want no romance, I just want the chance Can't knock the hustle for real Verse Three Ever since you retired, working alongside those live wires Been in this rap biz with fake nigs you know liars I guess I'm biased, what I talk about I live These rap dudes can flip, but some of them ain't even rhyming for chips WHAT PART OF THE GAME IS THIS Seems brainless, on tours with whores that's what I'm saying I miss Cats that go all out for their gold plaques Starting out with four jacks, ended up with Gold Ac's Bet your love collapses if my funds get trapped On the weight of me through you, screw you Gun blew you, I didn't want to choose you Run through you like UH, EXCUSE YOU! But that's my cash, I understand you hustle That's my cash, you don't understand Let my dough flash, you can show it love Like a rap star in front of the club But don't knock the hustle Chorus 1 2 to fade

I'd Do It All Again

JERRY LEE LEWIS "Killer Country"
Well, the band was on its final break When he came walking in The lies that showed more than his age He was drunk, worn and thin He sat down behind the ol' piano And he ran through a couple of notes And he said, "Would somebody buy me a drink, boys To kinda help me clear my throat?" And he said, "What would you give to hear a song? What prize do memories bring? It ain't every day you get To hear living legend sing" I may forget a line or two A few words now and then It takes a drink to make me think And live it all again This gray you see don't bother Jerry Lee And neither do these lines I may have seen some better days, boys But God knows, I ain't reached my prime I've got some scars from a woman's war And playing those one-night stands Lord only knows, if I had the time I'd do it all again Yes, I could still make 'em dance Like I did in times that's gone And I can still make 'em cry And I can touch 'em with a song I can still yet turn 'em on The way that I did back then Lord only knows, if I had the time I'd do it all again

Questions And Answers

Useless Id "Let It Burn [Split with Ataris]"
And now I've got a big question mark above my head. I am one step behind the big fall, before packing up and leaving I'm stuck in a junction with 24 ways, how stupid of me to ignore the fact that I'm facing my weird life and future, but still I've got a big smile on my face. I guess nothing will change or turn off the switch in my head nothing will make me to become what you became, nothing is right and nothing is wrong, you live your life now let me live mine. And now I've got a big answer to all my friends, who didn't understand at all, who didn't get my way of living this isn't something you learn at school this is not a fucking pose it is something that comes from inside yeah something that I can call my lif

Down South Players

HAYSTAK "Car Fulla White Boys"
If you don't dig this you definitely ain't from down here... like this, here I say.... [Verse 1] Imagine me in a SUV Sports utility, them boys from Tennessee Ooh-ee the stee-lo, they know Tennessee tags on the back of the Durango Ain't no players like down south players Them boys there do come clean, I swear Can't every click duck crew Do as we do (I'm bout to starve) Me too Let's get the seafood (whistles) All up in Red Lobster Hey girl, you got a table for 20 players and mobsters Rollie's glisten, diamonds gleamin Beepers beepin, cell phones ringin (Hold up) This Haystak (What you doin' later on) Come to the spot I'm droppin' the lyrics on this new song (How's it go) It goes (HOOK) Down South Players (Gettin' payed in the game) Down South Players (Wearin' suede in the rain) Down South Players (Do the craziest things) Down South Players () Down South Players (Gettin' payed in the game) Down South Players (Be wearin' suede in the rain) Down South Players (Do the craziest things) Down South Players Play on! [Verse 2] Ooh-ah, it's about that time That I blaze a dime and pass it, write a rhyme Perhaps I'll finish the one I was workin on a few days ago Maybe they'll show me love and bump it on the radio Here it go-go-goes (Think I'm playin around) Hit the studio (And start layin it down) You see us down south players, we don't mess around Whether we iced out, Dickied down (In and out of town) To this game I'm not new Karl Kani to FUBU Every fool in my crew Done did they share of doo-doo Man the south is cuckoo These fools are trying to shoot you Pistols be like (woah-woah) Bullets be like (toe to toe) Ha ha ha ha ha ha, where'd a white boy come from In the top 20 throwin low blows at dum-dums My check comes in lump sums My name's found in chump's guns You want some, come get some Yo Dan, drop them damn drums! (HOOK) [Verse 3] Down south players handle big money business Can't you see the 20 inches while we gleamin' on y'all (gleam) See, we gon' ball Drop CD's like rainfall Cut through suckers like chainsaws, ha(Damn, dog!) Jump on the tour bus and ride out cross country Pack my bags, bitch, arrive-derce Next time you hear me probably be on C-D Next time you see me be on TV ba-by Hit like ball bats Thinkin we all that 200 pound, 6-feet tall cat Talkin bout where them broads at You got to love that Seperate the weak hearts from the thug cats O.G.'s from the rugrats Chill, Stak, fuck that! Roll like a bulletproof Tahoe Sittin on platinum Bravo's My entourage consists of Down South desperado's Follow the empty bottles, stems and seeds Til you find a million motherfuckers just like me I on I on! (HOOK)

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