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JOELL ORTIZ lyrics - Human

Human (Outro)

Original and similar lyrics
Fuck it Had to talk my shit to y'all, don't hate it or love it Just respect it and be honored That I'm standin' in your presence, it's the Yaowa We ain't promised tomorrow I grew up in a single household, my mama was father My uncle was junkie My cousin was a dickhead tryin' to punk me My other cousin got bodied cause of a stupid color My projects is a live set, we shoot at each other Some niggas is 'bout it, some niggas is scared But even the 'bout it niggas fear, the worry is shared Vision blurry, impaired Pickin' up pace in the hood and I hurry to where Same corner store, same faces in front of it Same dice game, same 40 and same blunt is lit Same couple of schemes to get a hundred quick Some niggas is grimy, scheme on who they runnin' with But see I was smart, I bought another clip Never wait to get shot at to shoot, that's some dummy shit It was just me, no brothers or sis No one to tell I'm plummeted to a fuckin' abyss Them drug dealers at my door again My mom's meetin' 'em in the hall again I swear when I grow up I'm killin' all of them Man that shouldn't be your thoughts after 10 But that's the life that I was brought up in I never had a choice Walkin' through the livin' room, hearin' my granny voice Like "Don't you be just like the rest of them Your boy [?], yeah they arrested him" But little Joell, he ain't let it get the best of him Fuck it Had to talk my shit to y'all, don't hate it or love it I'm just human I'm only human I'm talkin' pre-music Pre-money, pre-fame, pre-groupies, just highwaters Comin' out the snow, peelin' your socks off yah Freezin' just to find out there's no hot water Man I had packed roaches That couch is 20 years old but it's the best sofa Moms ain't cook yesterday so ain't no leftovers Still every fuckin' Halloween I would egg yolk yah We lit the staircase up with cap gun revolvers Playin' cops and robbers Funny, I'm lookin' back now, we all wanted to be robbers We didn't respect the coppers We used to go up to the roof and throw rocks at the choppers Fast forward, I'm at the table, the rock gettin' chopped up That Reebok sneaker box is startin' to get guapped up Your jewelry and clothes, that's startin' to pop up I'm a teenager now, much more than a monster I stole a Hyundai Elantra and crashed it into a Honda I'm in the backway with a bird and I'm standin' behind her I remember that first feeling, remember that first feeling No condom, I was illin' Dead ass Young, dumb with a gun and just feining to turn you to a dead ass I remember that night I borrowed my nigga Fred's mask And they found son in the street, nobody know what happened but Yeah I still jump out of my sleep Let me leave that right there before I incriminate myself Behind this beat My life ain't sweet It's sort of like finders keepers And you'll be surprised by some of the shit these finders keep Keep, I can no longer do I can't keep this all to myself, I must give some to you Before music, the only check I got was summer youth Yeah I'm a rapper but I'm still... I'm still one of you Human


LL COOL J "Phenomenon"
[Redman] Aiyyo 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, blaze the hot [LL Cool J] trizack it sound like heaven 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 my man Meth-Tical come and get some [Method Man] player my position, hot nixon this one for all the sick ones, infliction posionous darts sickenin' best beleive finger itchin' with two proclay now I'm trippin on MC's cliche shot that ricochets start trouble bust bubbles hit the wicked ways gotta love me G-O-D no one above me look up but fuck ugly techna jaw from a punch buggy sunnin' you got you shittin' in your last runnin' who fucking punk hit a speed bump coming through a single shot make you meet love respect Wu [Redman] aiyo I put it on a nigga shit it on a nigga turn a chrsitian to a certified sinner the bomb I release time (explodes) while you got sit up I was hittin' your ex hoe shit I kept low petro your metro politics keep the chicken heads gobolin' shit I'm drivin' in come with full polygin terrorize your city from the spliff committee kick ass till both timberlands turn shitty gritty smack the drivers head in the gypsy when I approach rappers be takin' notes drop like I shoulda invented the rain coat absolute I love to burn to the root I keep coming till your pour sperm from your boots vigilante hardcore to the penis tell you fuck you my attitude is anemic [Canibus] I'm the illest nigga alive watch me prove it I snatch a crown with your head still attatched to it Canibus is the type who'll fight for mics beatin' niggas to death and beatin' dead niggas to life when you look at me long enough I start to read your thoughts if the signal is strong enough and then I'll call your bluff like yo how many rhymes you got I will go for more milleniums than mazda's got on the car lot and there's no where to run ta when I confront ya nigga I call your bluff like you had a phone numba who wanna see Cannibus get wild who wanna act wild get shot down with a surface to air missile I take 'em on in all shapes sizes and forms and spit on anybody who ain't close enough to shit on zero to sixty I'm already doing a hundred when I'm blunted and I give it to any nigga that want it [DMX] stay out the dark cause if I catch you when the sun is down run it clown come up off that or I'm gon' gun it down run it now wherever stone goes it's gon' be there see that that shit'll finish you dawg beleive that where we at do your value your life as much as your possesions don't be a stupid nigga learn a lesson I'm gon' get you either way and it's better to live let me get what's in your sock because it's better to give than receive beleive what I say when I tell you don't make me put your somewhere were nobody can smell ya and when the lights is out they don't come back on this ain't a flick they ain't gon' come back on you ain't that strong you knew it was wrong but you asked for it baby you'se a pig nigga ski mask for it baby so I can hit you up on front teeth you get dumb sweet you want heat you want deep leave 'em behind [Method Man/Redman] aiyo 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 blaze the hot trizack shine like heaven 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 come on Mr. Smith come get some [LL Cool J] my young son's fantasize of borrowing flows tell little shorty with the big mouth the bank is closed this symbol on my arm is off limit to challengers you hold and bust the swords I swing the excalliber how dare you step up in my deminsion your little ass should be somewher cryin' on detention watch your mouth better yet hold your tongue I'm a do this shit for free this time this one's for fun blow you to peceis leave you covered in feces with one thesies (LL Cool J is hard) every little boy wanna pick up the mic and try to run with the big boys and live up to the real hype but that's like picking up a ball playin' with Mike swingin' at Ken Griffy or challenging Roy to a fight snappin' your ameteur MC's don't you know I'm like the Dream Team tourin' overseas for rappers in my circle I'm a deadly disease ringmaster bringin' a tiger cub to his knees in the history of rap they've never seen such prominence your nieve confidence gets crushed by my dominence now let's get back to this mic on my arm if it ever left my side it'd transform into a time bomb you don't wanna bar that you wanna idolize and you don't wanna make me mad nigga you wanna socalize and I'm daring every MC in the game to play yourself out position and mention my name I make a rhyme for every sylabel in your name go platnumn for every time your grimy ass was on the train watch your mouth don't ever step out of line LL Cool J nigga greatest of all time

Verses Of The Bleeding

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Legacy Of Blood"
[Vinnie Paz] Allah U Akbar, everybody just be calm That's the word passed down from the Emonh It came from the Qu'ran, it can't be wrong It's only measure, the time, the God's eons So I suggest you follow Allah way Or turn into a bitch, inside the jungle's of raw way That's what the Lord say, you ain't ready for that You better bring a bulletproof and machete for that And nobody wanna be there They stick you with 30 motherfuckers, up in the tare Now it's back to the topic at hand, I'm rockin' ya fam And fight against the army with a rock in my hand A glock in my hand, divide ya body into two parts And change ya entire theories of God by spittin' two darts But I just wanna people to build And did Emadma Hussein, know that he would be killed? [Chorus x2: Vinnie Paz, Des Devious] We comin' for blood (in the name of Allah) We comin' for blood (and we ain't playin' with ya'll) We comin' for blood (we destroy and rebuild) We comin' for blood (if you ain't loyal, you killed) [Des Devious] I got a vice grip on the mic, spittin' my shit My balls and arrogance alone be the cause of these hits Easily split ya wig, with the flick of a wrist Send the block, ya body's grindin' you, and to the abyss But that's some, sick shit, I only do when I trip Or when I'm, til them motherfuckers runnin' they lip That's when I, start the procedure, of body beatin' you into a seizure Your crew is standing there staring lookin' like non believers I felt 'em standing and staring that's when I pulled the heater My ratchet cookin' these faggots, I make 'em all see the Fact of the matter is, the cue don't back down This ain't no slap down, you gettin' clapped clown So don't be runnin' around, talkin' all this and that That's female shit, type of shit that get you trapped Into a dark corner, rope pullin' on ya Tried to escape, hear shots, left ya ass a goner [Chorus x2] [Vinnie Paz] I'm ready to blackout, crippler crossface tap-out Comin' through the fuckin' door with the gats out Let the blood rain down and drippin' ya skin Let the slug hit ya crown and rip up ya limbs I'm the illest fuckin' rapper alive Give me 16 shots, I can crack you in five I have to survive, have to get my money and shine Have to get everything that I used to promise my mom I gotta do it for everyone that I promised something So everyone who thought I wouldn't be alive or something Come on money, that's some cold shit, wishin' me dead So I beat in their mid-section, til they pissin' in red [Chorus]

The Product

ICE CUBE "Kill At Will"
I was told, cause I didn't witness the whole act In and out was the movement of the bozack It was hot and sweaty and lots of pushin Then the nut came gushin And it was hell tryin to bail to the ovary With nuttin but the Lord lookin over me I was white with a tail But when I reached the finish line, young black male! One cell made two, and two cells made fo' and so on, so now I'm a embryo Then I got a hunch that I'ma be on lockdown, for nine months Chillin, with my mother to guide me And nuttin but a stomach to hide me from all that worry and bullshit Nine months later, I elbow pull and kick cause my time is up and I don't care With one big push, I'm outta there June 15th, it's just my luck In 1969, a nigga is the product 'Ghetto ass nigga, you ain't shit, and you ain't gon' never be shit!' I learned how to walk and talk and all that They put me in school, but it don't matter Cause I'm sittin in history Learnin bout a sucker, who didn't give a fuck about me They try to shape us But I know Uncle Sam is a motherfuckin rapist So I stopped payin attention Ice Cube, headed, straight to detention Fuck that shit, I roam the hallways I'm sent home and I don't got all A's A high school dropout My father had beef so I tried to knock pops out But I got tossed, he's the boss I'm out of there and mad cause I lost Now bein on my own is a factor So I become, the neighborhood jacker Gimme your car, run your jewels Makin a livin robbin fools And if I let my nine rang out You know, it'll make your brains hang out So what's your fate Am I the nigga you love, or the one you love to hate The wrong answer is said, the nigga fled I pump lead, now he's in a puddle of red And if you got a buck, you're shit out of luck Stuck up by the motherfuckin product 'Uh-uh motherfucker you gots to get a job if you wanna stay in my motherfuckin house' 'Many young men reject the traditional values that are important to their parents. Church, school and family have been replaced by street, turf, and gang.' Twenty-one now, and paid in full Feelin bad, from all the shit I pulled on people back in the day Plus, I got a little baby on the way So I'm tryin to go straight I'm with my baby's momma, out on a date Til the punk ass cops ran my plate Now I'm on a bus upstate 'Oh, the young nigga done caught a case!' 'Sittin in the mess hall, sayin my grace' [LL Cool J] Sent to a concrete hoe-house Where all the products go, no doubt Yo momma, I gotta do eleven Livin in a five by seven Dear baby, your man's gettin worn out of seein young boys gettin they assholes torn out And then he got shanked with a spoon And he was 'sposed to get out soon Is it my fault, he was caught in production Where a young black life means nothin Just because, I didn't want to learn your grammar you say I'm better off in the slammer And it's drivin me batty Cause my little boy, is missin daddy I'm ashamed, but the fact is I wish pops let me off on the mattress Or should I just hang from the top bunk But that's goin out like a punk My life is FUCKED! But it ain't my fault, cause I'm the motherfuckin product 'He ain't shit'

You Played Yourself

ATMOSPHERE "Strictly Leakage"
[Verse 1] What's up? My name is Sean, nice to meet ya So what brings you backstage in this theatre? Oh you're in the crew that plays first I shoulda noticed all four of y'all of wore the same shirts I bet you got a demo of your work right {That's what's up} Can you leave it with my merch guy? Well word up, good luck tonight And don't forget to drink water, and don't cup that mic, huh Do me a favour and stay away from Ant's beer No you can't bring your fans back here Nah I'm straight, you can keep your drugs in fact Keep em in the alley out back behind the club And drop the attitude Why you acting like that little sticky pass is some kinda right of passage dude Keep rapping till you get discovered But better believe it's last time we ever see each other [Hook (Every second line spoken)] Cause you played yourself Uh yeah, of course I remember you man, uh, how you been man? How you doin man? You played yourself They told me that you tried to pick a fight with your own DJ You played yourself Nah I didn't see you're set man, I was, I was sleeping on the bus You played yourself Uh yeah, go talk to that guy, him, he'll give you some drink tickets, word [Verse 2] New York, at the Bowery getting down With Grayskul, P.O.S. and Fillmore Brown My first time touring with a live band Trynna hide all the fear behind the mic stand I just want to move around and keep it versatile But tonight some kid took it personal I stopped my set, yo what you yellin bout? With your middle up calling me sell out Then security rushed him like a gang fight Wait, don't kick him out, man it ain't right But they wasn't listening to Slug I'm just an artist on the stage, they don't really give a fuck So I finished up my set then Ran out the front door to see if I could catch him And there he was, mad and drunk So I gave him his money and sent him off with a hug [Hook (Every second line spoken)] Man you played yourself Man you can barely stand up, you trynna call me names, punk You played yourself I understand, I understand dude, I was just like you when I was 15 years old You played yourself Talking about, you ain't The Roots, you ain't The Roots, why you got a band man? You played yourself Do me a favour, throw away my CDs, I don't want you stupid fans [Verse 3] Girl please, don't treat me like you treat a toy You wouldn't look twice if I was the pizza boy (nope) You ain't got to flash me your ass and tits I'd rather fantasise that you're a rap advocate Look around, you see all these women? They came for the music, you came for the scenesterism The validating game is degrading Got me cornered at the bar to boost your ratings I'm getting too old for the trap Go wiggle that cleavage at the opening act, huh Plus you smell like a bucket of vodka I would never put my meat sauce up in that pasta The shows over, so why you waiting by the bus Like I'm supposed to be impressed with the basics You don't believe that I don't want to see you naked But I'm not hanging out, take care and stay safe kid [Hook (Every second line spoken)] You played yourself Yeah actually I have heard somebody say that to me before You played yourself You realise I can clearly see your clitoris through your jeans You played yourself Look you are closer to my son's age than, than you are to mine You played yourself Look, look, the li, the living legends are right there, right over there, go over there!

The Ruff Ryders

DJ Clue "The Professional"
[Featuring Mobb Deep] [DJ Clue] *echoing* New shit Mobb Deep featuring Noyd (like this dunn) The Professional used from my nigga Vic Haha [Prodigy] Yo you catch chills P stimulates your eardrum Tastebuds more higher than drugs my song take all I blastoff on the track law My shit is pure satisfaction what more could you ask for Wit facts like an ?ansaw? I pour fire on earth I been to hot raw Do Queens tires get burnt, let's peel through the real Slide through my terrain, take a ride wit me Check out my lifestyle, it's a off-road course I stay challenged, but that's a good thing Cuz it creates balance, Infamous wild life federation My congress, sit down and conversate ya fate Derate barracks, don't get yourself embarrassed My click savage, y'all niggaz is average I'm handling your Most V.P., put em in P.C. Nigga, it's the I-M-D nigga (CLUE) Chorus 2x Chorus [Havoc] Cuz we plottin, leave the cats wit one option Start hoppin, cuz when it's on we ain't stoppin The click'll get the message when shit start droppin Don't got a gat stashed, you better start coppin [Havoc] Now you can talk about a nigga, criticize my faults But in New York, got it locked wit bolts, blow the vote Overdose, while you cop block and cut throats Me and my click's champagning, and campaigning While you rhyme about your jewels, and sniff that shit up in your nostrils I'll be plottin on your life, to put one up in your fossil Niggaz think they gully, on the inside sweet like honey Niggaz want the bitches, we just want the money Federal notes, flipped blue, keys of coke store frontin watchin his dough Tourin the coast, pardon wife due, gettin babies drunk Call me foul, deep down, you gotta admit, you like my style Put holes in your Polo, I know your M-O, you half homo Joinin my team, that's a no-no Say what you want, don't let it talk for you And that's my word, I'll have this hollow tip stored for you Chorus 2x [Noyd] One time nigga, two times nigga yo I dig the way Clueminatti got the beats rollin through the body The type of tracks, got me killin these cats Twenty-one and black, mental inner city minds be exact When niggas in the hood ain't no good, carry gats And leave you on your back in a hurry Especially, dealin wit the money Rockin Pelle fuckin wit the Spanish mami cheffin up by dellis Now we got the guns pumpin jums out the back of a deli Really, these chumps gettin slummed on the daily Forty days, forty weeks, either these raps are back in the streets Stackin cracks up in the fleece, so Hav blaze the bees And pass that to me, and I'll bless piece So this way the whole fam eat Be the Infamous of this shit, pioneers of this Survival of the Fittest, nobody's fuckin wit this So fuck around wit Hav, you fuck around wit me You fuck around wit me, then you fuck around wit P You fuck around wit us, then you fuck around wit three Mothafuckers from the NYC, what nigga uh, what nigga Clueminatti Chorus 2x

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