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JOELL ORTIZ lyrics - Free Agent

Finish What You Start

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[Intro: Joell Ortiz] I hear y'all talkin It's funny to me (yeah!) See, where I come from We act first, ask questions later (c'mon!) [Joell Ortiz] If I'm in there the whole place full up I'll use your lil' bar to do a pull-up Use your wack-ass tracks as target practice And tell the baddest broads to arch it backwards For years I wore the same Starter jacket and beat-up tees with the scars to match it Jeans with the holes, sneakers with no sole When Genesis dropped my Nintendo was so old Oh no, couldn't have that I put the pen where the pad at - VOILÀ! Magic I'll disappear in the booth, reappear messiah When I write, call it a night, vampire Ask around, your boy hot, and I uhh don't plan to cool off like a campfire E'rybody gather round, I'ma tell a story of a snot-nosed kid, try and smell the glory [Chorus: Royce Da 5'9" (Joell)] I, shoot first ask questions last That's how most of these so-called gangstas pass That's how most of these so-called gangstas pass That's how most of these so-called gangstas, gangstas {C'MON!} I - shoot first ask questions last A poof! How low, so low, so low, so low A poof! How low, so low, so low, so low I (Well I'ma finish what you start!) [Joell Ortiz] This for the block mister, the rock pictures Late night, cranberry and Cîroc mixers Parkin lot pissers, glock top shifters Dudes who stay fresh cause they shoplifters That's where I come from, so me no run from bumbaclot pussy drummer boy, rumpa-pum-pum You no tough stuff, you my son's son You just bluff rough, me say come, come I'll give it to anyone who wants some Go silly on they Achilles until they run's done I keep a hot line, 9-1-1 Everyone say hi to the hero that won't go unsung A moment of silence while I give Pun some Scream Borrrrricua 'til your tongue's numb What's your angle? Haha, I know mine If it's cheese, (Swizz) style, "SHOWTIME!" [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] I ain't a troublemaker but my flow cocky So all the pretty mamis yellin "GO PAPI!" Man that's so neat, and y'all so sloppy When you think I'm done shittin I do mo' copy[?] Just love to flex my rap muscle What muzzle? Dog, you just a Jack Russell Your bite weak and your bark a lil' pitch Relax, you no match for a hard-nosed pit' I can't find a track that my bars won't rip You guys are sick warrin with the Gaza Strip When I back out this pen all you guys'll strip Like you in Chippendales tryin to wind for tips (haha) No need to see, slow down and let the leader lead DJs, bring this back! I'm what the needle need And I don't mean to get all mushy like my last bitch (BLAP!) Damn, I love this rap shit [Chorus]

End Of The Road

JIM JONES "On My Way To Church"
[T.I. talking] Jim Jones what it is homie Killa Cam, Freekz Zeeky, Juelz whats happ'nin Hey 'a aye... yea yea yea 'a aye T.I.P. nigga y 'a y yeeah. Aye a aye I'm up in Harlem to put it down wit my muthafuckin folks Dipset bitch. A town to muthafuckin NY nigga you already know what it is. Bankhead C-rod, Grand Hustle, Diplomats you dont like it kill yaself nigga. Lets go [verse 1 T.I.] Late night straight white fa ya base pipe No mo quarter O's get ya weight right Crack rock black glock kept it waist height (hey) It hit ya mug you dont imagine what ya face like American pie I'm tellin you guys you want beef wit us well who the fucks preparin you guys We sparin you guys get buried alive What you rushin fa, act like you in a hurry to die Some I let 'em fly 'fore I let that ride I paralize ya like Supermans horseback ride nigga Walk up on ya car and scorch dat ride Flat tires, glass shattered wit a corpse inside A town break down straight pounds of dro' Still deal if you want 10 birds or mo Pimp Squad, Dipset I know ya heard before If we called you a bitch you deserved it hoe. Aye [verse 2 Jim Jones] I cop bricks of the crack (dat yayo) And take it to my block, strip or my trap, my block strip is so trapped Cops quick wit a strap, and you'll be scared shitless How they where the big fifth and load up flares and biscuits I'll take ya bitch from you, bring her back wit smeared lipstick (She Mine) You can compare ballistics, but it's mere physics (Pimpin) I'm 2-3's on drops, I used to play hoopties on blocks plottin man like who he gon pop In this tragic city, now I'm Bankheadin 4 tens headin down in ATL's Magic City Yes the stash is pretty, and the mag hold 50 We take ova towns, then send the Rovers 'round Lookin fa hoes to pound, ya local hoochie spot Lookin fa hoochies hot, to get they coochie popped I love the titty bars, I love my niggaz pa Dipset, Pimp Squad yo lets get it pa [Bun-B talking] Yeah already trill niggaz in this bitch UGK know what I'm sayin. Thats off top fool You already know. Wreck it boyz. Go down like that What up Jones. Dipset nigga [verse 3 Bun B] Bitch my Cadillac is candy and my pistol is pearl My best friend is a pimp and his bottom bitch is ya girl I got them 84's that clank, the big diamonds that blank Plus them hoes that pop pills, smoke kill, and sip drank Fuck what ya think I'm tryin to tell you how life is give it and take it My lil brotha in the pen, where niggaz shiv'rin and shakin We got a million dollar team, wit one gone So I'm takin my 500 to flip in the game to have somethin for 'em when he come home My two older brothers locked up, both of 'em smokin Principals gon be fucked up my lil neices and nephew heartbroken Seein Daddy in a cage at that age, it fuck ya mind up So at this stage in the game I gots to really get my grind up So you gon see me in yo city doin a verse or a show Or maybe even servin these niggaz a couple of dem thangs on the low Dipset affiliated so you can hate it or love it But it you keep pushin ya luck bitch my middle fingers gon shove it Know what I'm sayin

Wild Wild West

Kool Moe Dee "Vol. 2-Jive Collection Series"
It's about time For some action I'm hot as a tamale on fire I need more than A physical attraction Cause lust is a weak desire A woman without a good Head on her shoulders Is nothing but a piece of meat For that I'll go to the butcher store Cause I'm choosy about what I eat The body is a mere appetizer And the mind is the real main course The personality is the icing on the cake The real magnetic force The completion of any kind of coffee Makes my percolator perk And once I taste the coffee So get ready to work All night long How many ladies Are deep enough To handle a man Like me I mean mentally Emotionally and physically I like my women deep I like 'em Hot blooded by nature But not promiscuous A women who can relate to Being spontaneous And yet I like 'em old-fashioned Updated with a modern day twist A women that's a slave to passion But know when to resist I like a woman That's not so public Cause no one needs to know And if you can respect my privacy The forever we're good to go All night long Scintillating, sultry, stimulating, sexy Super, subtle, smart, and seductive Sensitive, serious, succulent, sensuous Softly saying she loves this Kind of Mental stimulation That's causing body heat Visually anticipating Making love between the sheets Now I can't stand a groupie But I'll always love a true fan Someone ready to do me right Once she knows the man I admit I love it in public Cause it's cool being Kool Moe Dee But behind closed doors I get the applause For just being plain old me All night long I never like to make the first move I'ma rapper but I don't rap Cause when it comes to the ladies I'm too smooth for that I love a women with a good sense of humor For me that is essential Uninhibited and very deep Someone I can really get into And once I get into ya I can feel if you're for real And right is how I'll do ya I'll give you something you can feel It's like a romance Right out of a storybook Without the Wine and candles An encounter You'll never forget But don't try it If you can't handle All night long


GANG STARR "Moment Of Truth"
Intro(phone conversation): Yo what up son -Yo what up kid Yo, you holdin your head up -I'm tryin to man, but the system is shady Word man they always man, they always tryin to keep a good brother down, but I'm sayin We still, you know we got love for you son and we prayin for you and we, you know we tryin to hold it down wh you know while you in there man -No question Hopefully they won't keep you in there for too long -Yeah, for real, I sure love be out in a minute, you know -But you know what I want you to kid You know what would -be the bomb man What's that -You need to do some shit with Face man -Bomb on niggaz, be shady man Scarface -Yeah man Yo that's my nigga, yaknowwhaImean -Scarface is tight son Yo that's a good idea word is bond I'm gonna talk the play in tomorrow(yeah) and see about if we could hook up wit him -That's proper Hook: Guru Scandalous, money greed and lust In this trife life, there ain't nobody you can trust Plus there's no justice, it's just us In fact, watchin' yo back it be must And each and everyday around the way gats bust And jealous so-called friends'll try to set you up It's called betrayal Verse 1: Guru Check the horror scene The kid was like twelve or thirteen Never had the chance like other kids to follow dreams Watched his father catch two in the dome and to the spleen Nothin but blood everywhere, these streets are mean They spared his life, but killed his moms and his sister Jean Of course over some drug shit Hi spops was on some ill-out, spill your guts, on some thug shit Didn't know his boys was on some shady ass no love shit His pops got played out though, with silencers they laid him out yo Took his stash and all the cash and left 'em, tied up on the couch yo With tape over his mouth, so he couldn't cry out cause his dad was the nigga with clout Survival of the fittest so they split his wig no doubt Despite the stocking caps he noticed the same cat, who used to give him doe and taught him, to use the same gat Supposed to be an Uncle,fam and all that He could tell it was him 'cause he wore the same slacks, he wore when he took him to Meadowlands racetrack Why did he flip and go out like that It's called betrayal Hook Verse 2: Scarface A Betrayal Punk ass niggas It's called betrayal He on a mission to become a ball player Flip big Benz's, flossin all gators Had it all mapped out,6-8,12th grader Fresh outta school, he fin' to go lay paper He had abrother who was hustlin collectin his change Never let his baby brother stick his neck in the game Told him all he had to do is just enjoy the ride And he ain't have to worry about money cause that's in time So now he's pacin as the time moves slowly Can't wait to face Shaquille in the paint and school Kobe Kept his grades and stayed up under naighborhood functions And then a group of knuckleheads came through dumpin So now he's sittin on the sidewalk bleedin Fell into a puddle of his own blood and stopped breathin And everybody in the neighborhood still grievin But destiny caught up with his ass and he got even And all the cryin in the world ain't goin to bring him back his brother, sittin at the wake wipin tears from his mother's eyes Why'd the game have to go and take the young boys life Only the wicked live shife, payin the price while he's starin at the shell his brothers soul wants hell the trigger man made bail and you, wouldn't pay the boys mail, and sacrificed the fuckin family That's betrayal Betrayal(echoes) Hook

Carry On

Magic Affair
Carry on the light, before the night is gone The spirits of delight is free for everyone Carry on the light, before the night is gone Sing your song, for the princess of the dawn The journey's hard as I run to my castle The war is on, but the mind feels hassle Of love and hate, bad and great My queen is there but still I have to wait For a woman, degree's a must 360°… Girl come with me Because the knight needs a life to lean on From morning to night until the break of dawn Full awareness, never careless Caress, oh yes, she has to have finesse So bring it on if you fit you fit the picture Then I'll get with ya and drop my scripture Cuz the P-R-O-B-L-A-C-K Needs a queen to fit me today And if you're ready to let go Then check the Swift as I start flow A hard's day job, has come and now gone Step in the room, and what I feel is gloom Cuz it's empty, no one to greet me Pain jumps in, only the mirror to meet me So I sit on back, write my text Ink flows through to I flex and plex Not a love letter, only a live getter Pen after pen, as the paper get wetter The warrior, lyrical courier Needs an amazon, and a strong type lover What's it gonna be, a simp or me G Emotional concept or a technicality Not new to the game, so what's up ? Gimme your heart or else stay apart And I'll accept, one or the other Princess or not I'm still the true brother

Gun For The Whole Family

AESOP ROCK "None Shall Pass"
[Aesop Rock (El-P):] Before shooting troops was cooler than hula hoops High noon was your basic who's who of brutal truth Hot summer gun or box-cutter slow dance Turn a young'n to a dozen paper dolls holding hands And tricky was a wooden horse pushed up on your porch so chicanery Was yours to engage or ignore I was on the latter, but a lot adopt pawns So we carried lawn chairs and buckets of popcorn (Pass the popcorn) Brawl fair, cop car Voyeur hawk him out his hinges, storm door splinters Clamoring about, hammers out about to ring Infiltrate each others tribes and murder each Others queens, packed to the very last rafter Clung to the rafts and the cameras To capture the damage, neck swivel with a chomp chomp volley Where the ants leave nothing, but the bones and the car keys Pardon if his two feet fester, it was rude of me people, meet left and lefter Planted like a model of civility and honor for the sector But never got his extra extra peace for the better But it wasn't entertaining, so they waited for the tazing From the safety of his haven, like bees to the honey when they lumped you Up, cause bumper cars are only funny when they bump Know that... [El-P (Aesop Rock):] Tune to "Hellemundo" for action packed blasphemy Big city translate your face til it atrophy I let the schadenfreude boy out actually Deployed to void with grin to watch laughingly (Yeah bitch) Pass the P's it's a laugh in I can smell the tragedy When hatchin', happily dispassionately patched in Alive with the menace of demise Like, "Yes!" the pain dazzles men, pass the popcorn (Pass the popcorn) It's reality at It's fastest, and yet it still unravels at a pace like molasses I guess the last of the seconds before the worst of disasters stretch past us Wouldn't you agree that it is fabulous? In the corridors of entropies wars contort drastically tilted fits I adjust to climates of the wilderness, walk along my spine take the pilgrimage Up in to the section that's reserved for the smirk of the coldest witnesses Work you motherfuckers (hooray!), there's all day to die, innovate the mayhem with grace The good-form-fall, fuck if I'm a warn y'all, nah I got the front row to the greatest entertainment that an angel never saw Sixty thousand watts of that raw "Pull the claw out of the trunk" fun, each one teach one how to club one Look at how they bathe up in the dove blood It's gonna be a night of thrills and chills where the sacred is made of mud mud... [Aesop Rock (El-P):] It was a lazy day, it was amazing grace It was a half-a-dozen claymores daisy-chained It wasn't daisies and crazy Eights, it was an ace of spades over a waiting game of slaves And saints, and every trainee face-painted while his great Escape grazed and ate He'll never make it, when he aims he shakes And I was overly engrossed from a very locked door With a couple milk duds and buckets of popcorn (Pass the popcorn) Clap clap, encore, monkey in the middle study How the bunker took the missiles, age of machines with nary a green Screen, so the hecatomb is every bit as cutty as it seems I could tell the pet from the vet, money where his canine's spread And never welshed on a bet, that said, know the over-under On your local hunter and you'll profit off his widow-maker's Numbers every summer, bump in the night, funny, will he catch and release? em? Has he mercy, will he hack 'em to pieces? Is he dirty, will he hassle policeman and security breach until impurities leak over the circuitry? And nada milk and honey there is only skulls and bunnies That hop around drunk in the land of a hundred Mondays God damn, pop the redenbacher proper and For Christ's sake get this man a doctor!

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