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Knock U Out

Original and similar lyrics
I bet ya wanna beat box battle, but i dont battle no beat boxer, But i got lyrics that'll shock ya Battle anybody wantin' beef n boy i'll squash ya You n ya boys n tha lot ya, i'll stomp ya Kick ya head around like you tha ball n this was soccer You sounding like pathetic mc's in need of sponsers You stupid, acting like you stronger Coz you beat me in a battle back when i was younger (so what) I dont want ya respect so screw the punch lines I'll run up in this ring like mundine and begin to punch guys Like rocky, you knock me down but you cant stop me You'll have to get ya boys to gang up on me like this was hockey Before i drop, we'll never stop it's in our viens As long as we here that's where it's gunna remain So get out my way, you dont want no rematch Diss me all you like the only response your gunna get is feedback Look out We're boxing now You wanna battle on the mic And we'll knock you out Yeah, we'll knock you out Within three rounds MDP and Mundine Are gunna beat you down It's the man mudine you think me rappings a joke Well you can luagh but i'll uppercut ya over these ropes And leave ya nose broke, i aint playing no games I'll throw a left right combination at ya rib cage And all the haters from the newspapers chould face the facts I'm jumping back in the ring and getting me title back Reminding these cats, i lost by split descision Now i'm runnin up on these critics and boxing their chins In you think i'm going back to leauge i'm never quittin' I love jumping in the ring, kicking ass and backflipping Recieving big checks and cashing em Just for getting dudes in the ring, and bashing em Yeah i got knocked down but i got back up I survived every round you only won by luck Now i'm back for another bout this time i'm gunna knock you Out lets finish the fight, we'll see who's running there mouth Look out We're boxing now You wanna battle on the mic And we'll knock you out Yeah, we'll knock you out Within three rounds MDP and Mundine Are gunna beat you down I came here to burn down the stage, release my rage Spit fire out my mouth n put it to flames Leave these wack cats burning in pain they cant sustain Now the fingers are pointed at us n we're the first to blame What ever made you think you could attack us, acting all tough? Man my styles are raw flush, yours is a bluff And now you standing up tryna be buff After i battle you, dublt will put your s**t through a hush You pidily suck, i'm beating you up in this battle of victory Shooting ya mouth off, but ya bullets are missing me Picture me going down in history I'll blast you off this planet before you try n get rid of me I pidy thee for tryna beat this lyrical You ain't s**t to me you'll never be So why dont you realize that mdp will always be will best Eliminating competition till there's nothing left So bring the rest Look out We're boxing now You wanna battle on the mic And we'll knock you out Yeah, we'll knock you out Within three rounds MDP and Mundine Are gunna beat you down

Takin Ova

Tommy Tee
[Verse One: TECH-ROCK] As we lead MC's into battle I stand ground with Tee Studios as my castle Roaming thru my original bracelands Visiualizing my verbal style thru spray cans Takin ova building empires like Caesar Try to screw me and I Scrooge you like Ebenezer Nice gals on the mic fights for the grand prize N-Light-N be the torch in the force of the midnight [Verse Two: N-Light-N & Tech Rock] Camelot be turning 98-3 times Merlin casting spells leaving walls burning Two shadow knights riding through the wood sites Mic carriers in the moon light Soon fight, battle, whom write the remedy Voice maleficence, slingin like Yosemite Benevolance versus malevolance You represent irrelevance We're heaven sent elegance! Talling tales with a dark age relevance The men, mc's talked about in the past tense [Chorus: Opaque] Takin ova, we be the legatees to the rap legacy Sereneties of the industry Takin ova! [Repeated 3 times.On third time 'Takin Ova' echoes] [Verse Three: Diaz] It's the north sea defender, storm outsender Scandinavian, Iberian islander T.P! Theological Prophecies I give you beliefs, Tiara energies [Tech Rock] Fuck 'em in the streets V.O.T chase you out of town the sound men about to catch another beat down Yo, Tee lay the beat down [Tommy Tee] Who am I ? [Tech Rock] The best Norwegian producer on the M-I I take you to the sea, the open type On any open MIC I shine, Saint Like Glorious! Viviende god apaladre I'm sailing in with the Spanish Armada [Verse Four: Tech Rock] From the horseback to a 24 track recorder My bees be walkin the water, crossin the border Shouts to Cod 2 and the crew C.O.D Let's whack these others crews like cap M-P-C's Chorus [Verse Five: Karma] Kid Karma drop the drama, shiny armor Ivanhoe Seven swords swinging soldiers in the ??? Harrow head heroes from beyond the 7 meadows Tellin tough tales from the backside of the meadow We can never settle, battle for the line over kings Clingin steel and reprint shields is what we bring Tee takes the lead, like Arthur we won't fail Adventures awaits, search for the Holy Grail! [Verse Six: Opaque] The Mudstained Trubadour Masquerader, element to carry through for my cause Pearly white teeth connected to my jaws I pause a bit To let my palms get in position Play the role out of suspicion My mission is sparklin clear And I won't fail, V.O.T in my back T.P must prevail, Royalty Suckers better pay a fee A very important point is loyalty Now I reveal my disguise You guys see blury flashes of my eyes Which are evil not sober Lettin you know T.P is Takin Ova!![Echoes] Chorus [Outro: Tommy Tee] Takin Ova Oh, you crossed over, then you got bucked and knocked over!

Ghetto Ballin'

MASTER P "Gameface"
(feat. Lil' Romeo, Silkk the Shocker) [Chorus x4] Girls jock me You cant knock me We ghetto ballin My real thugs got me UNNGGHHHHHHHHH! [Verse 1: Master P] Love money, hate haters 10 years later, still gettin paper Put 20's on the big wheel It's Univeral now Just signed a big deal Party at the spot, come ball wit me And if you aint a real Don Stop calling me It aint about what you got Its who you are My only bad habits are icey cars Open up my mouth, didnt mean to blind ya Take you to () just to wine and dine ya You wanna make music girl look me up And if your girlfriends cute boo Hook me up, get your drank on I got the tab, we dont speak on nuttin That we really dont have I told you it was a bentley That was pickin you up Moet and Cristal, we be mixin it up Cuz, I'm the player made it cool to be cunt Only run with the realest Thats just business and money Call me the big dog, yall the little cats You aint a true hustler unless you lose it And get it back [Chorus 4x] [Verse 2: Lil Romeo] Ok, we dont rent or lease We do cars(Ya heard) Compare us to yall whodi, dont try I got nine houses, eight cars Take my little sister to Mattel to get toys I bet we have how much Thats only mine And that frank limo cost sixty-five Geeez, Oooh Wee, now why little boys wanna hate on me We rock Grade A () to cubian stones The only thing glowing is the ice on my arm When I hit the playground, its time to go in I made my first million at the age of ten I love the girls, cuz the girls love me You cant pick up a magazine without seein me Six Flags, or the mall where you find me at I could buy what I want I need a whodi check, Uh! [Chorus 4x] [Verse 3: Silkk] We keep it real, we dont lie We comin at you, look look We dont try So they heard I was the best in the south She said I dont wanna be with you I just wanna test you out' I said Ma you gotta know fast Look, I dont have to touch you But tomorrow you gon' have to bail like Usher She said, what I'm gon' do after this I said nothin, cuz there aint nothin after sex Look, Ma, I'm the best there aint nothin after me TRU player for real, ask Master P I can get you the finer things Designer names, designer things Talkin bout diamond rings Hit the mall up, to armonte exchange You with that climb the range Look, I'm a baller Ma, just my extra game Doctor feelgood, minus the pain If you married, you aint gotta hide your ring I know you get boys sometimes Come on, try some things If we get high in New Orleans We can fly to Maine Learn some new languages We can fly to Spain Look at what my ring say Now thats a hell of a ring I said, no V-P in Rome Thats a hell of a team And yo, I'll do us, thats a hell of a dream And if I say so my self, No Limit Thats a hell of a thing, Holla! [Chorus 4x]

On Me

DRU HILL "Dru World Order"
(feat. N.O.R.E.) [Nokio] Yo, I can't even make a ghetto joint without even thinkin about a chick [N.O.R.E] This is hot right here ILL combination, Dru Hill, N.O.R.E, Thugged out Millitainment we gonna get it poppin [Sisqo] Dru Hill, I dont think they ready [N.O.R.E] You won't have a cluelalalalala [Verse 1. (Jazz)] Shorty you can't deny, Sisqo, Woody,Scola, and Nokio Makes you wanna do freaky sh-t you neva eva did before Put your hands up and move your body Touch your P--sy for me, yea Mix it up, put it down, im spendin shorty [Chorus] Put it on me (And you know just what to do) Put it on me (and you know I'm gon get physical to this) To this hot beat that makes your heart beat, Makes you wanna, (give it up now) give it up, give it up, give it up right now [Nokio] Here come niggas down the street [Verse 2: (Sisqo)] Ooh thats that racket, that's that racket, turn the volume up Yo it remind of that beat, that beat, that bump, that bump, that bump, that bump It's that hot beat, that makes the hotties wanna put it on me So give it up, give it up, give it up right now [Chorus:] Put it on me (you gotta get this from the hood) Put it on me (I'll make you love me while I'll freak you to this) To this hot beat that makes your heart beat Makes you wanna give it up, give it up, give it up right now [N.O.R.E] Yo, I make it hapalappen Play it off in the cadalacin Shorty checkin my phone that aint crackin Chick be easy, give a lil heasy Once i cum easy, get out the 9 measy She asked Papi, shhhhh negative choppin Straight grimmy Hard dick and no shoppin In the club get ya drunk Like (datadahhhh) And mami took it propa like (datadahhhh) gotta new deal, cat. truck wita new grill Its a reunion nigga, wit Dru Hill and i still get my drink on, loud and buzzin Def Jams own, Pootey Tang's first cousin (and no) muthaf--kas won't stop my game (and no) i get probs like a boxin name yea You sing everytime a nigga appear Two chicks on my arm plus a blunt in my ear, it go.... -It got you open, hopin, stroke this, dopest, dopest, dopest Rollin, these beatz be helpin, hopin, open, stroke this, focus Just can't deny, Sisqo, Woody, and Scola, Nokio and Jazz....... [Jazz] I dont mind, move your body [Chorus 2x]


PUFF DADDY "Forever"
(feat. Sting, Prazwell) [Puff] Yeah ye ye yeah yeah Sting, Bad Boy remix come on [Pras] Yo yo yo Hey yo shake what ya mama gave you is her motto pour out the bottle blow out the candle too broke to hold too shallow to handle get all today you never promised tomorrow Yeah her moves remind me of kung fu flicks Thick lips that contradicts rules of the game she plays the politics Red light special red light district put on ya make up body all made up Platinum played up Pearl Jam cut up Roxanne Roxanne you don't really have to put on ya red dress if you feeling kind of blue She got the hots for the disco jocks rock ya socks at the pop of the tops Never get cool like to call it Glock Twisted minded like Bob Zealot Roxanne (Roxanne Roxanne) You dont have to put on the red light (ye ye ye yeah yeah) Those days are over You dont have to sell your body to the night (c'mon) (Roxanne Roxanne) Roxanne Roxanne Roxanne You dont have to wear that dress tonight (remix) Walk the streets for money You dont care if it's wrong or if it's right (ye ye yeah) [Verse Two:] Yo what's the haps girl, dancing for the green paperback Sitting at the bar drinking up Cognac She steps in the room, dont know how to act Sweet in emergence, similar to Similac It was the hat Cats wanna be around her shine She wants to party, have a good time She feels kind of hot me feelin' feelin' fine Diggin' all her life just to get a gold mine Bro making the streets she's the pimper's paradise Jewels around her neck getting strong with the ice She said I heard of ya crew I'm the number one fan Of the refugees down from the islands Driving the Bentleys with her pretty pretty friends Sippin' colada every day is a weekend Heard your name was Pras outta Brooklyn And fifteen million place with your total sound scan I loved you since I knew you (I like this part, Roxanne Roxanne) I wouldn't talk down to you I have you to tell just how I feel (Roxanne Roxanne) I won't share you with another boy (Ye ye ye yeah yeah) I know my mind is made up (Roxanne Roxanne) So put away your makeup (Roxanne Roxanne) Told you once I wont tell you again It's a bad way (Ye ye yeah, yeah) Roxanne You dont have to put on the red light Roxanne You dont have to put on the red light [x2] Roxanne Roxanne I wanna be your man Put on the red light Roxanne Roxanne I wanna be your man Put on the red light Roxanne Roxanne I wanna be your man Put on the red light [Repeat until end]

Swagger Jacksons Revenge

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
It's the return of the black moors with no fez It's eerie like that documentary on lisa lopez Pentagrams pyramids conspiracies with goat heads Knock down the levees, knock down the projects, Start another project, build another object A drive-thru touch screen doctrine for me to digest, Just horses with our blinders on Drivin by the obvious Riding by the obvious Flying by the obvious Uh huh, regardless who you vote for, if the mind don't grow and the poverty line don't go But the dope keep coming and the t-v keep flashing images of a sports car Then you bound for a coke war The meek get clowned by the cope law The sheep get drowned in the folklore Then lulled to sleep by tom brokaw, Hm what a pity, the hope on a politicians tongue never ever trickles down to the city Yeah, so if a nigga put a presidents mask on and run up in the bank with a mac saying gimme gimme I ain't glad at em, but I ain't mad at em... I ain't mad at em Look, if anybody ask you who I be Say a painter with a felt pen who drew ali I'm like cassius when I blast molasses Out the ass of the masses From fulton street mall to gratiot I'm handing out free at last kits Yo jay, where yo staff at? Green said you threw it, Yeah, I outgrew it Some blog said you blew it Nigga fuck yo blog Jigga man said you can't knock the hustle dog I'm on the same launching pad that shot russell off That's why I stay dougie you can ask tumbling dice...

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