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JOEL PIPER lyrics - The Only One

My Little Earthquake

Original and similar lyrics
Meet me at the top of the world tonight So we can watch it fall Like we don't care at all You're just what I need, a natural disaster I want you to move me I want you to brake me You're my little earthquake Oh, you make the earth shake And even when I can't be reached Oh, you brake your way to me My little earthquake My little earthquake Oh, you take the pain away And even when I can't be reached Oh, you brake your way to me My little earthquake Tell me all your secrets, while the world divides This is the las call, so let's feel it all Stronger than fiction, love is hard to fake Take my hand and show me all the things I can't see [Chorus] If the ground is way beneath our feet, will the distression set us free? I hear the sound I need, your voice complete. Wants to finish inside of me. [Chorus]

Let It Be Me

If the day comes that you must leave. Let me be the ground to your feet. If the day comes that you feel weak. Let me be the armor you need. Oh, if falling in love is a crime. And the price to pay is my life. Give me the sword, bring all the knives. Hand me the gun, I will not run. And when they spare everything but my pride. Don't you worry, boy, don't you cry. But when they ask Who was the one?, who did you love?, Let it be me. If you ever meet your last breath. Let me be the last word you said. And if right comes, but you choose left. I will be the first to forgive. Oh, if heaven is a beautiful place. But those gates don't have enough space. They lock you out. Spare you no flame. I will come down. If they're on my wings. And when the angels call me a fool. For giving all my grace up for you. I won't look back. But when they ask, who did you love?, Let it be me. Let it be me that you think of When everything tells you to give it up. Let it be me that will anchor your soul. Until the clouds fall out of the sky. And the snow fall down in July. Let it be me, that you think of. Let it be me, the one that you love. Until the flowers don't bloom in May. And forever runs out of days. Let it be me Let it be me The one that you love... Let it be... me Let it be me... Let it be me Let it be me Let it be me Be me... Oh let it be me

King Of The World

STEELY DAN "Countdown To Ecstasy"
Hello one and all Was it you I used to know Can't you hear me call On this old ham radio All I got to say I'm alive and feeling fine If you come my way You can share my poison wine CHORUS: No marigolds in the promised land There's a hole in the ground Where they used to grow Any man left on the Rio Grande Is the king of the world As far as I know I don't want your bread I don't need your helping hand I can't be no savage I can't be no highwayman Show me where you are You and I will spend this day Driving in my car Through the ruins of Santa Fe CHORUS I'm reading last year's papers Although I don't know why Assassins cons and rapers Might as well die If you come around No more pain and no regrets Watch the sun go brown Smoking cobalt cigarettes There's no need to hide Taking things the easy way If I stay inside I might live til Saturday CHORUS

Tumbling Down

Eskobar "'Til We're Dead"
vers Hard times come Let them be Mark that stone Who is she? Leave this town On your own Take this sound To where you roam ref If this could ever make you free my love Then that's the way that it should be above the sky is telling you to stay inside and that's the way it should be vers Watch these men on the ground Feel this rain come tumbling down All those dreams washed away Change your ways let the children play

Carried Away

Cage 9
Feel my intentions running far and wide. Need the resurrection of the child inside. Need to feel the joy, the love the pain and the agony. If not just for a little while. Do what's right for me. Beckon the call of the greatness of it all. Floating along not one care at all. The winds of intention, persuading my reflection. Just then a wave crashed down and brings me to my knees. So hear I am... Carried away on wings of fire. Carried away by my design. Carried away 'cause I'm going higher. Carried away, far and away, from here. Breathe some life into what I am. Show me the way but don't hold my hand. Be a man, be a man. Be a man, I'll be a man. Goodbye.

Suburban Muse

Blue sky us holding down There's no why Only the sound of happy TV land Cue the canned applause Sidewalk fall through the cracks to China Never get back I'm nothing in these blues and laceless Velcro shoes There used to be a reason why We wrote the words across the sky You and I will never die without a fight My suburban muse Green grass towering high This white house, in it we'll die A thousand tiny lies take the place of you I've seen it too In all the things you do It lives inside of you A parasite or two I'm the king of ordinary things They're killing me from inside out I'll give it away Between the cars on dusty streets The cul de sac is where we meet I crunch the leaves beneath my feet and curse this town My suburban muse

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