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JOE lyrics - Ain't Nothin' Like Me

Life Of The Party

Original and similar lyrics
I Don't Wanna Believe That it's Over You Might See Me Smiling But Inside I'm Dying Too Proud To Let It Show I Ain't The One You won't See Me Crying But it's Hard To Let It Go All My Time On The Tour Bus Wasn't Good For Us And Then You Throw It All Started Getting Around With A Few Choice Chicks But We Had Something Special Plus The Sex Was Sick Do You Remember From The Bed To The Wall On The Floor By The Fireplace I Know You Remember On The Truck Couldn't Wait So We Got Off On The Garden State Somehow We Must Of Got All Turned Around On Last Freeway Now I Cant Find My Way Home To You Oh Girl Still I Get Love In The Hood Still Acting Like My Life Is All Good Still Putting Up A False Bravado When I Lost You I Lost My Winning Ticket To Lotto Still Everytime I Raise My Glass I Try To Drink Away My Past To The World I Might Appear To Be The Life Of The Party But They Don't See Me I Never Thought I'd Be The One Missing Oh, I Can't Take This Emptiness And I Can't Keep Going On Like This And I Can't Keep Pretending That This Don't Hurt Like A Mother Babe I Know That it's Crazy For Me To Come Over I Had To See You I Know I Gotta To Change Girl I'll Do That Quick You Need To Take Me Back Cause The Sex Was Sick Remember When We Used To Ride The Bus Girl How We Came Up Money, career, Chicks And All That Id Give It Up Just To Have You Back 'Cause Money's Only Paper Girl And This House Don't Feel Like Home When I'm Alone Whenever You See Me Baby Remember You all Don't See You Only See What You See On The TV This Is My Reality Girl You'll Get To Know Me

Let Me Hold You

Bow Wow Wow "Wantes"
[JD Talk] [Bow Wow] This What You need to Do Girl ... LET ME HOLD YOU I been watching you for a minute Come through here so sweet scented In life girl you need me in it IM determined to win it I know what you need I know what's wrong I know how to make it tight Everything will be all right If ya LET ME HOLD YOU And Introduce you to my world And Introduce you to the better side of life that you aint been seeing girl Ima show you where its at And Ima show you how to get it All you got do is be wit it and LET ME HOLD YOU Down like a real mans supposed to I never would have approached you If I aint have intentions on doing good See dude you wit is so fooled To me girl your so cool And all Im asking you to do is LET ME HOLD YOU Down like a best friend and two homies in the game When you cry I wanna feel your pain No Secrets , No Games All Excitement , Nothing Plain Keep you happy Thats my aim And all you gotta do girl is LET ME HOLD YOU [Chorus] In My arms In my mind all the time I wanna keep you right by my side till I die im gonna hold you down and make sure everything is right wit you You can never go wrong if you LET ME HOLD YOU Down like a real friends supposed to im trying to show you the life of somebody like you should be living OOOooHHhh Baby Baby You could never go wrong If you let me hold you [Bow Wow] Ima Keep you up on whats popping and shake you fresh to death When we hit the mall we can ball till theres no more left I know you aint used to it but you gon get used to it 'Cause that's the only way im a do you and just All my hommies think Im tripping cause I got you a pad See they just mad cause they aint get you They aint get you SCORPIO is your sign and girl your so fine And i would do whatever in no time LET ME HOLD YOU No Shine Its what your coming with but Ima change all that Rearrange that Put you in the range all black With the rims to match Phone attached TVs in the back How you gon say no to that? Huh LET ME HOLD YOU Niggas Look at me like now here you go Really bout to blow some doe But ain't nobody did it before so why is you so go hold it Cause I believe this was meant to be I just gotta work at it Like a crack attic up in rehab [Chorus] In My arms In my mind all the time I wanna keep you right by my side till I die im gonna hold you down and make sure everything is right wit you You can never go wrong if you LET ME HOLD YOU Down like a real friends supposed to im trying to show you the life of somebody like you should be living OOOooHHhh Baby Baby You could never go wrong If you let me hold you [Bow Wow] Down down around Atlanta Lanta Fah Found And everybody know now what Im tryna do I say Down down around Atlanta Lanta Fah Found Im just tryna get you to LET ME HOLD YOU [Bow Wow] Down down around Atlanta Lanta Fah Found And everybody know now what Im tryna do I say Down down around Atlanta Lanta Fah Found Im just tryna get you to LET ME HOLD YOU [Chorus] In My arms In my mind all the time I wanna keep you right by my side till I die im gonna hold you down and make sure everything is right wit you You can never go wrong if you LET ME HOLD YOU Down like a real friends supposed to im trying to show you the life of somebody like you should be living OOOooHHhh Baby Baby You could never wrong If you let me hold you [JD Talks] [Bow Wow Talks] [Omarion Talks]

Back 2 School

Man my daddy told me, boy when I was your age, I had to walk 13 miles to school I said, Oh, is that why you didn't graduate? CHORUS: Talkin' noise with all of my homeboys Then we go back to school, yeah (Her titties bigger than they were last summer, know what I'm sayin?) With a mouthful of beer and a noseful of weeeeeed You know I been act a fool, yeah Mama, (Mama), go to the University of Smoking Marijuana (What?) All of my friends go to USC, so I'm gonna tag along and hit the bong with them Walkin' through the masses, lookin' for my classes I can't concentrate on the teacher, surrounded by titties and asses Spend a lot of money on some brand new clothes Tryin' to impress these brand new hoes Laugh every time I have sex with a chick, Baby don't know I'm an ex-convict Walkin' round the campus with my 'fro and dick Every twenty seconds I'll be grabbin' my dick Full of alcohol at the football games Doin more drugs than my nigga Rich James My GPA's droppin' at a very fast rate It would take a miracle for me to graduate Maybe I won't, maybe I will Stressed out, poppin' pills in my Coupe Deville CHORUS How do I party (party) and still pass I hardly (hardly) ever go to class Got a golden eagle on my stolen Regal If you bought it from me, it's illegal 'Cause I'm Afroman, the educated crip On a rock cocaine scholarship Cook that crack until it's done I use that for my Negro college fund Broke minorities, sellin' dope to those bitches in sororities She's drinkin' one too many 40's She took her clothes off, now we're havin' orgys Baby I don't mean to act rude, But you told me you would never fuck a black dude Colt 45 must have got you in the mood, To eat a fat dick like sum soul food CHORUS Hey fellas, can I get jiggy with it? Hey check this shit out right here, Hey homeboy, don't stress, I got the answers to the test, My college professer smokes a lot of grass, She's gonna make sure we pass, That's how you pass trigonometry, Sell dope to your teacher, use niggernometry On the microphone, there's not a rapper bomb as me, And when the police pushin, nobody's calm as me Wait a minute, you know what's fucked up Black people in college act stuck up So self-concsious, and insecure, You wanna speak back, but you really ain't sure Look at me, what do you see? You see the OG you ashamed to be So fuck you, you pretty little rich frat boy, You can suck my dick just like that boy CHORUS I said honey, (honey), you got some sexy looks, You need money (money), to buy your textbooks Get it wet, and I can get it hard, We can slide your vaginal credit card Computer girl, come to my house and be my tutor girl, Before we study, can we smoke a little Buddha, girl? Raise your shirt, lick the nipples on your hooters, girl Open up your legs, baby your the girl Stick out your tongue and let me shoot it, girl You was playin with my floppy, then my hard drive downloaded, Down your thoat, and fuckin exploded Tell your prejudice dad and mom, To email their comments to suck my Afro's the bomb, blowin' up like Vietnam CHORUS(x2)

Ric Flair

[INTRO - Ric Flair speaking] "I'm going on tour, and I'm gonna show anybody out there that thinks for one second that maybe I'm second guessing myself, that I am the greatest of all time forever and ever. One surprise, one surprise ... shhhh! Wooo! I'm back." [VERSE 1] To make it out the ice cold streets of the city You better have a Christopher word game, witty You better have a dance game similar to Diddy Or play b-ball above the rim like Smitty Josh, Chris Bosh, Pau Gasol Or any other nigga that ball at all I used to sell it white as Paul Wall Gave my young boi three of them in the mall And he gon' bring me $75K back tomorrow You know what Bigga 'bout, you know what Bigga do Ice water in my veins, heart pumpin' igloo I'm familiar wit the money so who the fuck is you? What the fuck you do? Where the fuck you from? Who you knowing? Somebody get this nigga, I don't know him And I'm 'bout to jet off on his ass like a Boeing Going, going, going, gone song [INTERLUDE 1 - Ric Flair speaking] "You don't like the the prestige that I have in life. You don't like the notoriety. You detest the fact that I got more cars than most of you have friends! I got a big house on the big side of town I got life pretty much the way I want it!" [VERSE 2] To make it out the ice cold streets of the city Your mindstate gotta be as wicked as Fiddy Can't love life suckling on mama's titty Cause life is a bitch and a bitch ain't with it You gotta have faith livin' life on Biggie I'm ready to die for the money, who is with me? Life after death, hey this must be hell I asked for six figures, God gave back self I'm on my way to heaven in a Porsche 911 Buried in my car, I'm surrounded by a harem Surrounded by my brethren, my funeral is legend Buried like a pharaoh with my jewelery in the desert The government will hate me like Jesus, but fuck 'em I did it for the grind, I did it for the hustle I did it for the people on the bottom in the struggle I did it for my comrades, did it cause I love 'em [INTERLUDE 2 - Ric Flair speaking] "Custom made brother Wooo! And I mean custom made! From the alligators to all that they can see right here. Ric Flair! There's only one. And I don't care if it's Tokyo, Japan; Greensboro; Richmond; Charlotte, North Carolina; Asheville; Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte; L.A. I'm the man that's makin' it possible!" [VERSE 3] To make it out the ice cold streets of the city You gotta politic your situations like Clinton If you chase power you ain't gotta chase women So take some advice, take cash over ass When you get money you ain't gotta take shit So, long as you broke she ain't gotta take dick Capiche? Now you know what motivate your beetch Capiche? Pay the mortgage or the pussy up for lease Capiche? Church ladies goin' gaga for the Gucci (Yah!) Got two niggas, menaging for some Louie (Yah!) Work with the keys, get acquainted with Alicia And every other girl named Rihanna wanna meet ya They in it for the money, not the swag or the features Pretty parasites might suck you like leeches Just some information for a student from a teacher Real life shit, I'm Mike Bigga, nice to meet ya gone [OUTRO - Ric Flair speaking] "At Delta, the girls call me cool. At Eastern, the girls call me Slick Ric. And all the other women around the world just say... awww, there goes the man... Woo!"

Straight Like That

Capone -N- Noreaga "The Reunion"
[Intro] I'll murder you Don't give a fuck about [Chorus 1] [Capone] It's Thugged Out Entertainment nigga [Final Chapter] Straight like that [Capone] We cut, shoot, stab, sell crack [Algado] Straight like that [Capone] We eat, sleep, shit street life [Algado] Straight like that [Capone] We get knocked bail the same night [Algado] Straight like that [Chorus 2] We gettin bitches, bitches, money, money, basically There ain't no kissin, we just fuckin honeys, basically You see y'all snitchin niggaz talkin funny, basically Me and my niggaz is known to keep it ugly, basically [Capone] I'm off Beezlebub, I walk wit the mac in my sweats Air forces, wife beater, fitted cap to the left My chain hang 35 inches, my heat 7 and a quarter Beard 8 and a third, and my piece be Orca There's no need for peace offers, my niggas be shootin, we riot We run the streets quiet, cuz the law's biased Skip the battles back in 86, now niggaz tattle, chop crazy bricks Cop new kicks, quick to say they rich Fantasize and flatten the hills, for niggaz in ghettos Its crack, bullets that kill, dreams are fulfilled Murders, ink in cold blood, holdin grudges for years I keep two bitches, two hot biscuits, four dot sixes The sorrow to swallow, I follow my motto Squeeze first, since the day I slung, ready rockin a bottle I stand and deliver like Edward Olmos, wet whatever Respect whatever, I talk with a tech forever [Algado] Our show's at your service on behalf of Final Chapter ? I'm not a rapper, quick to slap ya Got scheme, its not a factor, we gotta shine first Have 'em coppin your album just for our verse Straight like that, y'all better tell 'em I hope they don't act like we won't smack to back of their cerebellum Oh and did I mention? if I feel tension Get the full arm extension, get the whole block's attention I know you keep your life in your cash Your cash in the stash, stash in the car, car in the lot So when I blow up the lot ::BOOM:: your whole shit stop Y'all rappers is backwards, make the game flip flop I'll take you to the spot with no witnesses and no cops Better have your glock out and cocked, about to pop To hustlers like Flynt, sellin cracks like Sprint A dime a minute, now roll the dice, five in it [Chorus 1 2] [Final Chapter] Aiyyo, aiyyo I peeped your true colors while y'all niggaz was blinded I been down and spit a pound before you knew I was rhymin You know me, illest flow, ain't no seconds for timing My sixteens'll rip through beats, cut deeper than diamonds Make ya niggaz start to worry cuz my hood is dark and blurry When shots flurry, niggaz point guard like Marbury Ain't no arguing, all my click'll do is get the targeting Final Chapter split pies in two, its half bargaining I've seen you niggaz come up quick and then fall I've seen you frontin for your broad like her pussy's the bomb Clowns findin their stash gone but my cash is long So I'ma let y'all pass on, cuz you ass like a thong My click is movin out, now is you rollin along? Til I perish I'm spittin strong, it's that shit that I'm on Final Chapter's comin at ya, now the drama is born Settle in this street life from the hoods to the lord [Noreaga] Aiyyo I'm still ghetto, that's why these niggaz love me I'm still on the run eatin so I got chubby I spaz up in the Tunnel, stab niggaz with pens That's why til this day they don't let me in I be in New York smokin LA weed I hate a bitch named Pebbles like LA Reed I dead niggaz like Pac and BIG, blocks to live These niggaz can't eat like hostages Fuck Camry's and fuck Honda Accords I rob niggaz like the Crips at the Source Awards And everything that went down was cool with me As long as I came back with my jewelry We had machine guns, I think we had two or three And two or three limos, me and my nigga Timbo For bitches that suck nuts and spit it out the window You know my tempo, like Bloody Money 3 [Chorus 1 2]


Dark Tranquility
Let me die , I cried as the curtain fell and I stared in woe at the world before me My weeping eyes could not bear to tell or the shattered kingdom in ruins before me What became of the lands that were? A pearl in the nest of memories Forever gone...departed by the minds of man Scavengers, feeding on your mother's blood Parasites of life, with my heart I condemn your ignorant ways Like the leaves of the high trees I wither and fall, Borne by autumnal winds to my funeral hall I'm all alone in the grip of the silent sadness I have been told to honour life and what therein I'll find but if all I see is darkness, let me die and wake up blind As the gleaming blade before me, singing lullabies of loss Whispering Death is your redeemer to the Paradise you've lost Mankind, evoker of inferno Let me burn your honoured Crown of Creation and dethrone you to ashes for aeons to come Why should I stay here where I do not belong? Of weakness burns my within...And empty shell I've lost the way to the sanctity I need I'll greet the dawn that brings no life, no frail beams of sun to cleanse the black night My mournful roam has ended I hide in the shadows white binding my time, sheltered from this world which disorderly rhyme with the fury of damnation Once I held in my hand the starlight of Eden and the white sky lay open in a soul that was free (But the years flew so fast as the shadows were cast and I woke up one morning with no reason to be) I'm all alone in the shade of the nameless Sorrow I'm all alone within a shadowfire of fear Take me home to whence I came Where I'll find light to feed my flame of life Or my heart will die without a whisper of hope...

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