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JOAN BAEZ lyrics - Very Early Joan

Come All Ye Fair And Tender Maidens

Original and similar lyrics
Come all ye fair and tender ladies. Be careful how you court young men. They're like a star on a summer's morning. They'll first appear and then they're gone. They'll tell you some loving story They'll declare to you their love is true Then they will go and court some other And that's the love they have for you Do you remember our days of courting When your head lay upon my breast You could make me believe with falling of your arm That the sun rose in the West I wish I was a little sparrow, And I had wings with which to fly Right over to see my false true-lover, And when he's talking I'd be nigh. But I'm not a little sparrow, I have no wings with which to fly So I sit here in grief and sorrow, To weep and pass my troubles by. If I had known before I courted that love was such a killing thing I'd a-locked my heart in a box of golden and fastened it up with a silver pin.


DEAD CAN DANCE "Serpent's Egg"
I sat within the valley green I sat me with my true love. My sad heart strove the two between The old love and the new love. The old for her the new That made me think on Ireland dearly. While soft the wind blew down the glade and shook the golden barley. T'was hard the woeful words to frame To break the ties that bound us. But harder still to bear the shame of foreign chains around us. And so I said the mountain glen I'll meet at morning early. And I'll join the bold united men While soft winds shook the barley. T'was sad I kissed away her tears My fond arm round her flinging. When a foe, man's shot burst on our ears From out the wild woods ringing. A bullet pierced my true love's side In live's young spring so early. And on my breast in blood she died While soft winds shook the barley. But blood for blood without remorse I've ta'en at oulart hollow. I've lain my true love's clay like corpse Where I full soon must follow. Around her grave I've wandered drear Noon, night, and morning early. With breaking heart when e'er I hear The wind that shakes the barley.

Where Were You

JACKSON BROWNE "Time The Conqueror"
Where were you when the sky cracked open? Heading for shelter and barely coping Thinking you could ride the storm out, Hoping it would be all right Where were you when they gave the warning? Hundred fifty-mile winds by morning Category four making landfall in the wild grey light Where were you? Where were you in the social order? The Lower Nine or a hotel in the Quarter Which side of the border between rich and poor? Where were you going to evacuate to? Assuming there was any way to Where, if you didn't own a car? Where were you? Where were you when you understood However decent, however good However hard some people try They only barely make it by They're born, and live their entire lives in harm's way Where were you when you heard the stranded, The injured and the empty handed Were running out of food and water at the Superdome? With the newborn and the elderly Exposed to even more misery While those in charge of rescue Waited for the Guard to come And those who left the Convention Center Were stopped on the bridge when they tried to enter The safety of the west bank, and higher ground And when the Guard finally did arrive And got to work on about day five Mainly they were used to keep the looting down Where were you? Where were you when you realized However strong, however wise However true our leaders appear to be When they talk about prosperity However hard this country strives If property is valued more than lives How strong will we ever really be? How long do we imagine we'll be free? We hold the truth self evident: The photograph of the President From Air Force One, he views the devastation Shaved face, rested eyes Looking down, he circles twice On his way home from his vacation Where were you, when you got the picture? Where were you? Where were you when the streets filled up with black water? Where were you when defeat and destruction Reigned in the Crescent Where were you when it blew from every direction Where were you when the promise was made To return, and rebuild, and restore to its people The city that gave us the first American music True inspiration and the freedom to use it Where will we find it again, if we lose it? And where will we be, if we ever cease to love? If we ever cease to love ...


NIVEA "Complicated"
Verse1: Set up in the dark for so long Just living my life on my own Then right up out of the blue Bumped into you I was amused by ya smile boo Wantin you to call my phone, so me and you could talk just a little more I didn't know what to do I was feelin you hopin you'd be cool while hangin out too I don't know what happened Got people steady askin, How you go to sleep mad one day, the next wake up so happy love works like magic and its so true my mind can't grasp it I'm just glad that I got you in my life Course: I think about us all day Dream about ya always Love ain't always complicated I think about us all day Dream about ya always Love ain't always complicated Verse 2: If I'm lovin it don't long People speculating that it won't last long But that just can't be true cuz I been lovin you like you never knew that I could do I wil never let go gotta hold on cuz you done made me and you a happy home and I'll give all me to you, I'll do whatever you ask me too cus boy you're my biggest blessin They can keep on askin How I go to sleep made one day the next wake up so happy Well love works like magic and its so true my mind can't grasp it! I'm so glad that you made me your wife I... Course Bridge: Boy you make me feel so beautiful and I ain't never gonna let you go People say this ain't how its suppose to go But I refuse to believe cuz it happened to me One day you're standin in the middle of the rode and you don't know where you goin All of a sudden your whole life change and life finally gives you some thing back ITs been a mean world without ya Boy I love ya I love ya Course and Bridge Combined!

Silver Dagger

DOLLY PARTON "Grass Is Blue"
Don't sing love songs You'll wake my mother She's sleeping here right by my side In her right hand is a silver dagger She says that I can't be your bride All men are fools So says my mother They'll tell you again Love and lies And then they'll go And court someother Leave you alone to pine inside My daddy is a handsome devil He's got a chain five miles long On every link, a heart does dangle Of another maid he's loved and wronged, ohhh Go court another tender maiden In hopes that she might be your wife For I've been warned so I decided I'll sleep alone all of my life, ohh... Beware, beware, a silver dagger

Two Different Directions

JOHN DENVER "Different Directions"
This song appears on three albums, and was first released on the Different Directions Album, and has also been released on the A Portrait and The John Denver Collection - Annie's Song Albums. They say they love each other I've no doubt they do They say they'll always be together That may not be true They come from different places Different points of view They find themselves in different spaces Everything is all brand new Two different directions Too many different ways One always on the road somewhere The other one always stays Too often unhappy Too often on your own When you are moving in different directions True love is all alone Old stories start to surface Patterns from long ago And loving quickly turns to anger For reasons they don't even know The strongest heart can be broken With one insensitive word The deepest feelings remain unspoken No one is seen and nothing heard Two different directions Too many different ways One always wants to work things out The other one wants to play To ready for changes To much that just can't wait When you are moving in different directions True love can turn to hate If opposites attract each other What's the reason for One being like an open window One just like a closing door Two different directions Two many different ways One likes to see the morning sunrise The other one sleeps in late To many tomorrows To many times too late When you are moving in different directions True love may have to wait If you are committed to different directions True love will have to wait Words and music by John Denver

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