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JOAN BAEZ lyrics - Gulf Winds

Stephanie's Room

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(Words and Music by Joan Baez) You've loved me exquisitely. I tried to. Can we be best of friends now? I never lied to you. And can I love you forever? Sure, she said and smiled But will you? I wish there was some new way To sing about a full moon Poured down on us like a thousand rivers In Stephanie's room And you said you'd remember always The shadows on the hills below us But will you? You never once tried to sell me A bill of goods I wouldn't buy But I'm seasoned and I know a pirate By the devil in his eye And the only thing you ever stole from me Was laughter and some love I made To fill you White snow in the morning Kind of frightened me But you'd go sailing anyway Things are different at sea You know I'll never try and change your habit As sure as you know if your ship sinks It'll kill you And all the lovely ladies who came before me Are very much the same As the others soon to follow In your merry little game I guess I just want to be remembered Especially and frequently Like Stephanie Five red tail hawks are circling Above us in the sky You said they'd bring good luck And then you said goodbye You smiled and said, I'll see you Sooner than you think. But will you? Â 1976, 1977 Gabriel Earl Music (ASCAP)

I Decided

(Chorus) I decided to stay home tonite I decided I'ma treat you right I decided to be there for you Decided to be on my P's and Q's I decided to give up my friends Decided I'ma take you out weekends Decided to give you a reason to trust These are decisions that I make for love (Verse 1) Enough is enough no more running around (Searchin' for what's right here at home) Because my luck is 'bout to turn around (And I just can't keep doin' you wrong) Girl I take it for granted that you will be here always (Tired of this ego trip) 'Cause soon you'll be searchin' for another man And I just can't have that happen to me (Chorus) (Verse 2) Now I've had about all that I can stand no more (I'm turnin' in my playa's card) See I'm retirin' from the secret life I chose (Cause I just can't keep breakin' your heart) It was silly of me to be the way that I was (First was blind, but now I see) Baby, soon you'll be sayin' I'm fallin' out of love And I just can't let it happen whoa whoa I (Chorus) (Bridge) When tha morning comes, you see the sun will shine on you and me Was on my way to losin' you, until' I found reality So cast away your doubts and fears, cause from now on I'll be right here For always Forever more, I decided (Chorus) (Bridge 2) Girl I'm going to dump my friends Yes I will Truly I will We are going to be together on the weekend Whoa, whoa See these are the decisions I made for love For the two of us Get up off this bull and rebuild your trust Yeah, yeah, oh noooooo, whoa There will be No more cheatin' No more creepin' No more fuckin' No more sneakin'

The World Changes Forever Every Day

This is talk -this is pork, this is bullshit -this is beef, This Islam -is the scapegoat, for the Free World grief, The Islam to the slaughter, by some Prick across the water, Buttons pushed by Bush for all mankind, I think you oughta- have really thought this through, Who the fuck are you? To cry boo-hoo then follow through, with an attack on who you think is due… C'mon!!, …. that's-someone-else's-son-or-daughter, Oh I think you oughta, retract-your-knee-jerk-slaughter, Or-you'll-get-hell-from-every-rocket-shell, they'll sock it to ya very well, We'll all get hit, all-kinds-of-shit, everybody-fell-there's-a-rotting-smell, All hell breaks loose, there can be no truce, every blast of every mortar, The world is choked ‘cos you provoked, the wrath of every quarter… He calls for war when he's not sure, who the fuck he's calling for, But heads will roll, blood will spill, Bush will gladly kill, kill, kill, Bomb a fuckin' stretch of sand, blow the peasants off their land, Call upon your right hand man, Blair the Bland, take a stand, Lead us into a useless war, I'm sure we got some points to score, Kill some more and kill some more, Bush knows what we're fighting for… For-him-it's-only-lamb-and-mutton-to-the-frontline-overseas, But-we-can't-jam-the-button, or-harness-a-radioactive-breeze, Collateral damage friendly fire, statistics in a war for hire, To secure an oil pipeline, for a man who is a constant liar, I don't want you be slayed Bush, but you know you're bad, You-know-cos-you've-implied, it's a Crusade, for a Jihad,…

Rotten Strawberries

Factory 81 "Mankind"
He ran fast with every ounce of he had as the girl made her way into the street. All at once images flashed through his mind. The day that he crumbled his clothes tattered strained. The day he saw the apocalypse, he knew the world was going to end; when how. He recalled the sacrifices. Everything he had, he gave away. Everything he had done was for everyone who crossed his path. The only thing he had ever known was to help others, but not himself. He remembered her face as he had seen it many times before all the moments, she her friends laughed teased him. Now homeless and youthless, they never knew what he truly was for they could only see him as the butt of their jokes a source of cruel entertainment. Now that will change he will now know it will change, for the one thing he never learned was self love respect. As he pushed her with all of the life left in him, thrashing her against the ground she tumbled towards the curb looking back in anger to see what did this to her. She heard the screech of tires ring out as his body was slammed against a speeding BMW. He died never knowing a kind word, or a friendly face. Hating himself as he thought others did, (and some did), he did all within his simple mind power to earn their love or at least a smile. He died never knowing either one.

Love Won Work

Now we´ve entered New Britannia Lord don´t tell me Love won´t work I´ve seen my face Of course I know my place Yes, I started life retarded Voices told me take your chances So I run through all the things I´ve said and done Is it too late to find someone? I lie in wait to be undone By anyone In bars from perth to Hampstead we crowd And canonise the stupid Still proud, the pavements full, the praise is loud At last a victim well endowed With every quality allowed The truth will out Some thrive, we try to keep ourselves alive Strike first, the rich must be deprived Or Highgate armies will arrive I´ve seen the right Love won´t work We´ve lost the urge Love won´t work Now I come first Love won´t work We´ve lost the urge Love won´t work Now I come first

All Or Nothing

Chris Eaton
I was blind, though my eyes were open wide Then Your love broke through my life And at last I saw the light I was lost, on a long and lonely road With no place to call my own Then You made my heart Your home By giving me all or nothing The best that you could be Holding the hands of heaven With a love to set me free How could I ever doubt You After all You've pulled me through Now the least that I can do, if give all or nothing for You Let me go wherever You would send I allow my will to bend, to the heart of my best friend Let me show every tired and hungry soul There's a river that will flow, with a love that won't let go It's got to be all or nothing The best that I can be Holding my hands to heaven For the bounty in store for me And how could I ever doubt You After all You've pulled me through Now the least that I can do is give all or nothing for You Written by Chris Eaton Longitude Music Co. obo Clouseau Music Musicians: Keyboards: Chris Eaton Strings: Carl Marsh Guitar: Dann Huff

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