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JJ DEMON lyrics

I'm In Here

Original and similar lyrics
[Hook] I'm in here Can anybody see me? Can anybody hear? [Kyle Lucas] I'm in here, can you hear me screaming? Can you hear, I think I need it My voices in my head just keep on feeling so I feed em' Now the code ain't got me leading These hoes just keep on leaving Leaving a hole inside my v-neck about the radius of phoenix Now I'm puffing Arizona, rolling up two J's like I'm Demon Demonic to the meanest shit, I'm hot just like my region I've been sent to murder beats, I got these whack rappers grieving Now they calling me a monster, okay bitch we ain't agreeing Just a diabolic pot head, the product of hydroponics I'm possibly psychotic, the partialist of my problems God I'm shaking like it's parkasins With fire like an arsonist A narcissist? Not really, because really these chicks are on my dick She blew on my harmonica sorta like she was Monica Lewinsky on her knees Until I bust her like a tommy gun All this chronic's really just anonymous with all this fun I'm a fucking pop star with hot bars all in one [Hook] I'm in here Can anybody see me? Can anybody hear? [Demon] Can anybody hear me? Yo, I'm in here Poison is bent Venomous I am a gentleman Up in your skirt like women's tennis at Wimbledon Half of you are the simpleton type Hyping your chest up, asking for my number You can 1-800 get fucked Collect dust, you busted, you'll never humble me Phone buzzing in my yellow jacket, I am the bumble bee Skinny jeans on, don't be afraid of the future I see a lot of snakes here, like I'm getting head from Medusa Yeah, I'm in here, come in, comment on the mic Steady ready for drama the yeah, we're alike German engineering, I'm unsafe, any speed Your rap's got no legs, call me the centipede I don't even know if you're ready for me I'm a murderous mad man in a straight sweater the haunts Freddy's dream I'm on anything, Kyle stood in my way You're peanut butter and jelly, so bad end to your day [Hook] I'm in here Can anybody see me? Can anybody hear? [Syd Vicious] Yeah I'm in here Flow tighter then women's swim wear We run rap, nigga We've done that and been there I'm limitless, with no little pill So nigga chill Fells like I gotta have niggas killed To get a deal, with the skill, I want the scrilla in the phoebus Don't cooperate I make my killers come and see ya They so cold they keep their non-milles in the freezer I run with a pack of gorillas like I was ceaser Busting in wherever you stay fighting Kicking the fucking doors in like the U.K riots Duct tape around your mouth, making you stay quite They started swinging and robing like the was Bruce Wyane's side kick No batman will be stack grams from rap jams They're getting ghost, pat scram, I'm Pacman All my dogs crazy, they need kat scans Going peanuts for that bread until the mat jams [Hook] I'm in here Can anybody see me? Can anybody hear? [Spoken In Background] At the feet of every enemy, sin will be defeated, death will be defeated, pal will be defeated, the devil that is strong will be filed down.

Whatz That!?!

TWIZTID "Mirror Mirror"
Microphone check, 1, check 2 now what dat feel like [Madrox:] They say were just a couple in the way, ass, talkin way too fast, and all our shit it sound like trash. You cant see us, replicate us and try to be us,envonius swab meet, twoo stripe adidas, now what choo holdin down, dog yo whole style is sunk, yo rhymes is wack yo shit dont bump, you say im hatin, hell naw im jsut tellin teh deal, and since i hate you then i dont give a fuck how you feel, we keep ya dead jumpin, put yo hands up in the air, you can diss the un-real, cuz the un-real dont really care,we dont give a fuck, load bodies off in the trunk,everyday is prolly the 13th wit bad luck, somehow we made it through, dont know how, somehow we do, without relyin on radios or interviews, where my killas at Middle fingers in the air, and we spreadin the numbers everyday so be prepared. [Chorus:] What thats thats what its like, and I dont want nobody to know, (nobody) What's that thats what its like and I dont want nobody to know (nobody) [4x] [Monoxide:] I cut ya eye ball out wit an exact-o blade, you still couldnt see my freek show my state, levitate up in the middle of the room and have everybody shakin in they kung-fu shoes, i got, madrox wit me packin a bowl, I got, 17 keepin one in the hole, I got a , stash spot that I keep on the low, in case I gotta put in work on a bitch ass Jugghoe, people sending me the death threats, but i got somethin for you fake ass bitches better believe that, my axe swinging I got ya blood on my face, witcha body still floppin cut in half at the waist, its like, deeper than a mad man, shit it aint nouttin to lose but my shell and you can have dat, never void, muhfucka never die, wit tha axe and the pistol representin the East Side [Chorus] [Madrox:] we got the dialect, to dialate yo intellect, we teach of love and hate without no textbook or no internet, we stomp on waves(waves) play in the graves (graves) adn the take the minds of poserless and knee it at your face, Man define minda frames, everyone is king, and the pressures of the world are crumbled by teh words we sing, I ain't content Im pissed and sick off all this bullshit we all up in yo face, run up on this Geractric [Monoxide:] WE aint the trance or the millenium, I cann tell ya dat, you can keep that freestyle rap and back back, we are the drama seekers, lookin for non -believers, we walk and water and clouds, and slit the dream weavers, I hope ya glad to meet us, now get a blaze up, you jsut a hounddog, stalk bitch, so raise up, you outta mind outta body, outta spirt, outta rhyme, sneak up on you in teh dark from behind [Chorus]

Angels And Sailors

Doors "An American Prayer"
Angels and Sailors Angels and sailors Rich girls Backyard fences Tents Dreams watching each other narrowly Soft luxuriant cars Girls in garages, stripped Out to get liquor and clothes Half gallons of wine and six-packs of beer Jumped, humped, born to suffer Made to undress in the wilderness. I will never treat you mean Never start no kind of scene I'll tell you every place and person that I've been. Always a playground instructor, never a killer Always a bridesmaid on the verge of fame or over He maneuvered two girls into his hotel room One a friend, the other, the young one, a newer stranger Vaguely Mexican or Puerto Rican Poor boys thighs and buttock scarred by a father's belt She's trying to rise Story of her boyfriend, of teenage stoned death games Handsome lad, dead in a car Confusion No connections Come 'ere I love you Peace on earth Will you die for me? Eat me This way The end I'll always be true Never go out, sneaking out on you, babe If you'll only show me Far Arden again. I'm surprised you could get it up He whips her lightly, sardonically, with belt Haven't I been through enough? she asks Now dressed and leaving The Spanish girl begins to bleed She says her period It's Catholic heaven I have an ancient Indian crucifix around my neck My chest is hard and brown Lying on stained, wretched sheets with a bleeding virgin We could plan a murder Or start a religion.

Did She Say (Remix)

JAGGED EDGE "Jagged Little Thrill"
(feat. Lil' Bow Wow, JD, & Da Brat) (Oh shit!) So So to the Def, JE, Bow Wow Six in the mornin', mom's at my door Airport's all wired, cause the kid should flow Got an interview to do I ain't tryin' to be late But I can't leave the house Without my Funk Flex tape You know me AKA little cold crush Keep it hoppin' like a 6-4 juiced up Keep it poppin' from The Tunnel to the plush So So Def, yeah that's us [JE] Tell me how can you Believe everything you hear She ain't telling you Cause she really wants to be here with me And she would do anything to get with me So please, don't believe a thing that she says to you Did she say that she, that she be calling me baby When she told you I was no good And how all the time she tried to give it to me Did she say that she wanted me Did she say Ain't the first time that she stabbed you in your back Open up your eyes and see A real friend wouldn't do that Cause you need to sit her down and let her know You can't mess up a good thing so go I just wanna know one thing, baby did she say She said I want your man Making all sorts of plans Trying to get me away from you And as soon as you're gone She's tryin' to get it on Baby don't you listen to what she say [JD (Brat)] We don't stop (For what) Yo uh Now when my pager go... Who you think that is My bitch, no your bitch see She like you, but she in love with me And how I go back and forth with da [Da Brat] B-R-A-T, when the two way vibrate It's your nigga that's tryna come up on a hot date To get next to Chante Face it, he only fucked you cause he was wasted And now he want a replacement [JD] Basically your listening to the hottest fam Since the Jackson 5 We don't run outside, we hit the middle with the dive Playa ice and the tweny inches on the ride Playa when you see me [Da Brat (JD)] You see me, same thing, same way Radio, TV, up in your face It's us that digustingly bust and come up (With our head out the window screaming) We don't give a fuck (Meet us dead in the bed) Till the shit blow up [Funkmaster Flex] Yeah shout to Big Kap, Alcatraz Cipher Sounds, Johnny Walker Ray DJ Keori, Mister Cee DJ Scratch and DJ Twinz

One Forty

NAPPY ROOTS "Watermelon Chicken & Gritz"
[Ron Clutch] No more wine for me, no more dimes of weed Cuz I'm tryin to see, if my mind can reach The level of the game that we die to see I'm talkin bout naturally where ya mind is free See I'm a dying breed, a country-fried emcee I used to rhyme for free, but now I rhyme for cheese See it was bound to be, when there's mouths to feed and there's bills to pay, somethin gotta give way The way I feel today, I could care less Cuz my mind is made, yeah my hair's a mess I don't bother to shave, I walk around bare chest like a candy face, like I'm wearin a vest I dare ya to test, I push a hundred-five reps Showin off my pecs, triceps and biceps I'm all for the cause, ready to die next I'm all for the cause, ready to die next.. [Chorus] We don't even talk about it we live it, we live it (How you gon' tell me how to live my life) (Can't nobody tell me how to live my life) And if you think you can take it from us, come get it, come get it (How you gon' tell me how to live my life) (Can't nobody tell me how to live my life) [Chorus Part 2 - 2X] (This life) - it's mine (It's yours) - it's mine (That's right) - it's mine (That's yours) - this mine [B. Stille] Now ah, when I was a, young man There was a couple of things poppa put in my head Never; sit down when ya need to stand Never; drink down all ya dreams and plans Poppa, what's that inside ya glass 'Don't do as I do boy, do as I ask' See ah - do it right if ya gon' do it that fast and - don't do it if ya gon' do it half-assed Well, since then I been an over-achiever Smoker and drinker, only I would opened my blinkers And I'm broke, so I guess I gotta choke on my finger Cuz I need to come up, ah I'm just a dreamer A hustle schemer, these cops be corrupt like Rupp Arena Try an bust my weiner, with these court subpeonas - petty misdemeanors 'Boy you ain't worth...' like student like teacher [Chorus] [Chorus Pt. 2 - 2X] [Skinny DeVille] Same jeans in the spring that I strut in the fall No comb, no fade, no nothin at all I'll give a finger for the haters and one for the law Sounds fine, Nappy Roots; a little somethin for y'all Get a dutch, jump the gultch, then stuff it with straw Get higher than a motherfucker, deep in the call Hit the liquor sto', makin mo', fifth and I pause Get love tryna cut, got ya dick and balls Awww, hell naw then broads at the wall Big pimpin on a budget, tryna make it the mall Thank the Lord, for just livin, makin the most 'Scuse me, anybody got change I can borrow Dime Caught a penny tryna get to the mall Wanna buy me some ice too, slip it and fall Oops silly me, big nuts and they gone Didn't see that shit comin like a truck in the fall [Chorus] [Chorus Pt. 2 - 2X] [R. Prophit] Lemme hear ya say... Nappy Roots see ya dawg, all my yeagaz... It's that life B, gotta make that choice... It's all on you... Lemme hear ya say... Lemme hear ya say... Lemme hear ya say...

The Maiden And The Minstrel Knight

BLIND GUARDIAN "A Night At The Opera"
The faithful crowd is gathered here Soon they'll appear The high and mighty show up The king is in doubts Apart from this beggar here There's no one like you my dear Tasting my lips No one but you and him Round the fire everyone should sing And praise the gracious queen Round the fire everyone should dance And we praise the handsome knight Forever and ever we both will be one The maiden, the fair and the young fell in love Will you still wait for me Will you still cry for me Come and take my hand Will you still wait for me Will you still cry for me Come and take my hand There's a moment in life When all the years will pass by And the eyes filled with tears We once shed We recognize failures The desperate cries Of the ones who believed in our lies Wherever I'll go you'll be with me My first though and my last though we'll depart in bitterness one day you'll understand Carry on, beloved maiden, mine Cary on or we have to pay the price Will you still wait for me Will you still cry for me Come and take my hand Will you still wait for me Will you still cry for me Come and take my hand Yesterday's memories And melodies Are gone with the wind so sad Snow-white her hands and golden her hair But she's not the one out in the emptiness Where everything's pale There is no sign of you I'm alone How I wish you should be here I'm alone Telling me it's alright Come rest your head Come rest your head Come rest your head Come rest your head I'm alone and sadness Reigns in my heart As long as we live It won't go away We are one But torn apart Will you still wait for me Will you still cry for me Come and take my hand Will you still wait for me Will you still cry for me Come and take my hand Proudly it stands Until the worlds end The victorious banner of love

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