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JILLETTE JOHNSON lyrics - Water In A Whale


Original and similar lyrics
Cameron's in drag, makes his father mad Since he was a little boy he always felt more comfortable in lipstick People call him fag, teachers turn their backs Off the bus he runs and runs to get home before anyone can catch him These days the world is full of aliens The world is full of aliens But you are a real, live human Aren't you, Cameron? Powder and a brush can cover any cuts And quickly running cotton under cold water rinses out the blood marks Cameron, you're a star A light where there is dark And you're a hundred times a woman A hundred times the man that they are These days the world is full of aliens The world is full of aliens, but you are a human A real, live human Aren't you, Cameron? You're not an alien You're not an alien You're not an alien Cameron You're not an alien You're not an alien You're not an alien Cameron Cameron's in drag, makes his father mad Since he was a little boy he always felt more comfortable in lipstick These days the world is full of aliens The world is full of aliens, but you are a human You're not an alien You are a real, live human Aren't you, Cameron?


ATOMSHIP "The Crash Of '47"
I am the alien. Sitting on my front porch step. Whittling without a care. Sitting in this rocking chair. I am the alien! We are the aliens. Standing here with our hands down. Whittling without a care. Sitting by this rocking chair. We are the aliens! Sitting and waiting and waiting and watching and watching and waiting cause I am the alien. Wishing and hoping and hoping and praying and praying and hoping that we are the aliens. Hold me down to the floor. Chains and whips you wish for more. Hold me down to the floor. Cause we are the aliens!

Crawling Eye

Misfits "Famous Monsters"
It's such a steep climb Up the mountain's south side It has a cloud that acts in such peculiar ways Accident count rising A young girl prophesizing To protect their race, they'll seize her mind At this altitude, it's freezing Aliens control human beings No one has lived to tell Who's seen the crawling eye These evil demon eyes Under cloud cover hide They have great tenacles to tear apart their prey All these men are dying Crawling eye decapitizing Fiends without a face attack mankind At this altitude, it's freezing Aliens control human beings No one has lived to tell Who's seen the crawling eye

Souls From The Streets (1994)

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[Verse 1] My mathematical powers devour cowards as I spra words Like acid rain showers, nations, you can't face them Erase them or I praise them, as my mind excites the wind Like spirits of ill concensions, time will clash On ya cipher, lyric concealed behind whirlwind fire Or flood, draw blood from wack souls as I smack hoes Live concensive, or yes 'em, it's damage That my sintex causes, is irrepreble Cuz vanity of my insanity force ya whole click to be divided You have just bear witnessed to dub side united [Verse 2] Who do you love? Bugs, styles and fresh And numb somes of soul, witchcraft The clutch is the archer's mode, and sure plot Of device, we shot twice, after the same arrow Rush through life, it's off this slug Advise me with words from death, and new com battles Far time left, and pure shot plug that way You marathron, let me down to grace the plate Full stagnant, touch I, but revamp the squad Gettin' loops, saviate on contact [Verse 3] The triflyn four fists, sparks another spliff Bodies left stiff, you can't fuck with my ruggedness My gunshots is leaving niggaz on they asses Smoking all the canibus, like the weed savage Rip dimensions and it matters, take an L You no challenge, I blow up, ya muthafuckin' brain cells And leave you legal, the slang tongue spigel Cocks back the fifth, teflon starts to seek it Criminals on a move, set a threat Sip the moet, and let off the twin techs to ya muthafuckin' chest [samples] [Verse 4] I speak double-double, cause double trouble never do I rumble On a rule, my microphone sever clones It's beyond binocalurs, sence the moody, six chromosomes I'm no more less, no need to flex the evil, trip with the clip I got the 6-1-0 flow, and 0 and 2 is my zip Yo, so call me out in Philly when you down to flip No frill skills, or freestylin' when y'all wildin' I broke cats all the way live, on Velly's Long Island I visualize cream, tech's scrap with infered beams Stash keys, and tease, lickin' back so y'all can My click of criminals, flippin' confortable My pockets full of benjamins, fool surrending When I'm blendin' in, dub side invincible Imperial, for lyrical tactics I react with signs to get ya ass kicked Indeed the face of evil, is the face told by me So I proceed to bleed my people, niggaz say I'm too cerebral Lies, dub side, flippin' perfection through your section Sanity's slippin', whose the next victim to catch a bless [Verse 5] Set a threat, I rip the mic and run race like an auto practice I inflect this verse leavin' heads in they casket Watch this nappy headed villain, brutal torture is illegal I back down clowns with a four pound, as I defeat you Insert the lyrical slugs, that straight's very A nickel plated verse I spit like a hollow tip steady Constantly, drop ya wack back with fire weapon This adolescent, keeps a clip full for street protection Ain't nothing complex about the way I cock my biscuit I set and threat it, bust that tech son, it's not explicit Exquisite, in divine rhymes I drop like jewels The mic I abuse when I choose to break fool [samples] [Verse 6] With this course, I force many emcees out the galaxy Challenge me, I rip apart flows with analogy Now with me, got that establish and wrap ya cabbage with styles You can't manage to damage or even fathom the mental capacity Cuz I harass these wack emcee's, in degrees I splatter universe, and mountain casaulties In the dark, my squad sells, blowin' ya conscience My assumptions, ethotical, unstoppable, anthological I pull the trigger with mystical, my poetic Rip fanatics up, and rich with the sinical [Verse 7] Coming back from the city of Atlantic, it's the hispanic Causing mad panic, with fat static for ya addict Automatic, I stick shift quick if you test me Left the ciphers, layin' lifers, seen in one spot and attended That you get ya crews bruised in black and blues Put ya name and age on the front page, of the newspaper I drape my hood up on my carriage, damage faggots Quit the habits, feedin' on emcee's on maggots Inspect ya gadgets, my style switches cause I flick it Return the mic, fixin' stitches, cause I ripped it [Verse 8] I can't stand like a maniac depressin' That's been submerged in subterrarian eutopia Why's the mansion that I'm representin' Is the feel competitin' in suburbs Which has regenerated the etaric That kicks the subterric poetry on this plain of obscurity One element, top lyricist Intellectin' with, d-u-b squad of imperialist With an innevator as the dictator So we can see you, liver clues with side and system views Heads emulate but can't duplicate, cause this side Can't be tugged, yo, one love

Poppin' Tags

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse"
(feat. Big Boi, Killer Mike, Twista) [Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X] And we gon' stay hustlin on that block until we caught And we gon' stay showin off that jewelry that we bought And we gon' stay leavin out the stores with heavy bags Cause we poppin tags, pimpin we be poppin tags! [Verse One: Jay-Z] We arose, let's go 'So Fresh So Clean' like 'Kast Jay-Z be poppin tags Leavin the mall with heavy bags You know the boy got a love for the cash Aw fuck, there he go again Talkin bout hoes and dough again Yup! -- Can't hold it in I'm surprised I got so much dough to spend But, back when I was poorer then You wasn't focusin, about the dough I spend But I was holdin in, I was a roller then I was a baller back then, all of that man Fall back, I fought that What would you do if you was in my shoes Leave dudes in the rearview V-12 engine, corners spinnin Twinkies shinin, pinky ring Armadale, nigga stinky stink Top, down, my cash is up Gold chain, I don't give a fuck Gold brain'll get you in the truck ma That's right, you in luck ma You see me cruisin down, better step inside Ain't enough room to fit you all in the ride First come, first served basis You know Hov' be goin to nice places That's right, and I'm droppin cash Leave the mall with garbage bags Gucci this, Prada that Roll witcha boy you'll be poppin tags [Chorus] [Verse Two: Twista] It's a party when I go up in the sto' Shoppin while I'm zooted off the dro' Rollin like a nigga that just came up on a mill' and I got 'em sweepin and pickin up tags off the flo' Bag full of clothes I remember havin rocks in the hall on the glimmer with the glock by the ball Servin up a jab and workin security 6 to 6 Then it's straight from the block to the mall Now what's on the wall Go ahead and treat yo'self When you come up on some cheddar better pop that tag Like when I dip off in the Prada then I go off to the lot lay the paper down and cop that Jag I got a console full of ammunition and funds Mink Roc-a-Wear and some guns Petty in a fresh pair of jumps, blo-packs and Bo Jax and Air Maxes, throw back some ones, no max for none (When I go up in the sto' a nigga never get enough) I'm a baller and if you want it come and get it now (Nigga come to a race with a car you won't catch up) And the Twista kinda wicked when I spit it now I be choppin up cheddar with Kanye Chop a little cheddar up with Jay Chop it up with the O-to-the-Kizay Poppin big tags with the flow and the dough, we get bi-zay! [Chorus] [Verse Three: Killer Mike] Uh-huh, whattup Tell you somethin bout me.. My throwback game is whiffle wicked Saint Patties day, green pinstripe, number 20 Mark Spitz'n Jersey ooh-wee with the matchin Nu*Wear fitted White boys say my style is bitchin Keepin coke in the kitchen Keep a glock that will shock and bring the rest tucked underneath my Michelin S I, travellin, handlin with a forty-five cannon It's tucked in my Marc Buchanan Extra clips and shells in the lambskin Two deep by Pelle Pelle Westside how they felly fell More G's on me, than a late 80's Gucci leather worn by the great Rakim himself Stitch my Dapper Dan oh man with the gun in hand I leave your blood squirting No offense, I'll put your face on the chest of a sweatshirt drawn by Shirt Kings I been fucking, a hustle, married to a racket since the first Air Jordan's and Starter jackets I slept with a package, under mattress I carry guns heavy speakeasy, slight with the fight words I'll put somethin hot through your motherfuckin iceberg Got a project chica, named Rica She keep a purse full of dro' reefer Small, pinkies like that Talk 'til the paper fat I rock somethin, roll chief +Sacks+ like Daddy Fat! [Chorus] [Verse Four: Big Boi] Pop tires in reverse, you'll be needin a nurse Leave you layin on your back in a Cadillac hearse Now your momma in all black with a matchin purse I know you wanna blow up, but a funeral hurts What's worse, you can hit the mall and ball 'til you fall Have to make a collect call, but your cell cut off Trot to the mailbox thinkin a check but the mail's run short No more MD, DD, LD That means Movie Date, Dinner Date, Lunch Date, help me please My sheets is gone Long bread to the short bread, word is bond Meticulously pimpously serve the song Act a damn donkey Like the pilgrims when they popped a tag on the indians home Drop top rag-o with the weed gone Chillin, bags in the trunk full of FEO Schwartz for the chill'uns Spent a few shillings Sip a few chickens, lick a few kittens, just kiddin A fresh bowl of milk is in the fridge and Can you pop the tags on the honeycombs Or are you actin mad cause the money done slowed, down, just a little bit Dipped, poked out, did some shull-bit Actin like a pitfall bull-pit Dead game is the pul-pit Leave a motherpumper with his John Doe toe tag clipped Imperial classic, a lyrical thrashin A miracle happenin Jay-Z, Killer Mike and Big Boi rappin and rhymin and smabbin Pop that tag on some of this game Holla-tic, swallow and keep the change [Chorus]

Sing / A Sky Full Of Stars

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh It's late in the evening Glass on the side I've sat with you For most of the night Ignoring everybody here Wish that they would disappear So we could get down now Well I don't wanna know If you're getting ahead of the program I want you to be mine, baby Won't you pull me close And take a step into no-man's land Into a sky full of stars I wanna give you my heart Go on and tear me apart Well I don't care if you do As long as I'm with you Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh This love is a blaze I saw flames from the side of the stage And the fire brigade comes in a couple of days Let it go until our roads are changed Singing we found love at a local rave No, I don't really know what I'm supposed to say But I can figure it out and I can hope and pray Told him my name and said, "It's nice to meet ya" Babe, where you're from, I don't think I've seen ya I already know he's a keeper The smile's making me a believer From this one small act of kindness I'm in D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-deep, yeah Cause in a sky full of stars You know you're lighter the more it gets dark Cause in a sky, cause in a sky full of stars I think I saw you, ohhhh you oh I think I see you I think I see you

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