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JESSICA SIMPSON lyrics - Sweet Kisses

Heart Of Innocence

Original and similar lyrics
[Written by Paula Carpenter*, Jessica Simpson, Frank Myers, Gary Baker] [Zomba Enterprises Inc./Swear by It Music/BMG Songs/Above The Rim (ASCAP)] Sometimes I wake up in the dark of night And in my mind there's a picture of you I know someday this dream will come alive So for now your shadow will do I've never seen your face But I know your in my heart Maybe someday some place I'll hold you in my arms [CHORUS] I have a gift for you Something that I've held on to Waiting for your sweet caress The ribbon has beed on tight For all that I hold inside And only you will possess This heart of innocence I lay my head down on a pillow of white Your in the dark I am cradled in peace No thoughts from yesterday to haunt me at night No tears to dry, no sad memories It isn't hard to hold And now I'll safely keep The strength that's in my soul Until you come to me [CHORUS] Every night I make a wish before I fall asleep That destiny will take your hand And lead you to me [CHORUS] [spoken] I love you

The Vigil

In a purple vision Many thousand years ago I saw the silent stranger Walk the earth alone Twenty-seven faces With their eyes turned to the sky I've got a camera And an airtight alibi I know they're out there We see them coming Faster than the speed of light They greet us in the dead of the night Somewhere, someday, someone They'll be light and sound They'll alight on the ground On which we stand Somewhere, someday, someone Will help us to survive They're gonna show us hell And bring us back alive Well, I'm no poet, but I can't be fooled The lies don't count, the whispers do I hear the whispers on the wind They say the earth has fallen due We run in circles Our days are numbered Every night I look away To the heavens and I pray Come to us Come to us Our lights are dim Our roads are crumbling And we don't know what to do We're sick and tired And dying to meet you 'Cause we bit off more than We can chew

Carseat (God's Presents)

Tongue tied, nerves as big as boulders Why Mom, I thought I was your soldier My brother sits by me Buckled into the carseat Feel the thirst, it's time for pulling over Into the truckstop on my daddy's shoulder Out back where they plant all the trees ten feet away my daddy buries me [God's Presents] If my path be smooth or rugged If with thorns or roses strewn Where I go the Father seeith And He will leave me not alone If I take the wings of morning far within the giant sea Even there His hand will leave me Even there my God will be Though the gloom of night be round me Though I cannot see my way Yet the Lord will see and guide me Because unto Him the night is day If my thought are good or evil Set me think to hide them not there is one above all seeing And He beholdth every thought And ever more my eyes beholds me And all my ways to Him are known And His loving arms enfolds me He will leave me not alone

Better To Reign In Hell

CRADLE OF FILTH "Damnation And A Day"
Heart in hand passed to the clasp of pain In a dark lowland that set bad blood in veins Burning, like penal fires roused stain The jagged-toothed skyline braced with crosses The golden dawn Lay lost to mist where Emboldened thorns Made their bed with toppled stones He closed His eyes Sunken to dream there OF crow-black skies And a great white empty throne Horror stalked the bilious fogs That balked His vision He licked the spittle from the cheeks of the wry And drifted back to when His stung it's target The sneer of Michael on a glorious high Of angel dust and Virtue by His side Drowning in the past That downfall seemed like yesterday Though blurred moons passed As enemies in high places laughed Moved to mirrors cracked with heavy lines He rose snowblind, though shifting sands of time Erased the trace and taste of bitter wines The grapes of wrath grew fat on the vine She came to him A little whip of tantrums Thrashed on velvet skins That lined Her wishbone Henge Her name as Sin A warming spurt of mantras Splashed on occult tongues That whispered sweet revenge For the shame of their crawl from grace Cold and hollow as the grave And for the rape and a ruinous scourge Spared for souls that had shared God's worship For now their throats coated notes with dirge That poured from parapets to the pits below Drowning in the past A wretched scream like yesterday Died at last With the rising of the revenant dark All sharpened claws and blunt discharge I shall bow no more to the dogs of the Lord Tearing at my carcass heart I shall fall to my knees only at the keyholes Of Virtue slipping into bondage masks... Freewill made me better to reign in Hell And with new wings Unfurled and spoken He took the things That would desecrate the world The seduction of both woman and man For a bastard masterplan Drowning out the past Fool Fates unwound cruel yesterdays Beneath the stars That staggered from the blast

Where Are You Tonight ?

COWBOY JUNKIES "The Caution Horses"
There's a young man in the corner playing 'Crazy' all night long quarters piled high upon the table He orders Wild Turkey and with a quick wit and a smile he says, 'My darling, you're the one I'll drape in sable' But his baseball cap and this bar-room rap tell me a different story that this is not my prince to grant all my wishes Just another lonely country-boy grown weary of the night Just another boy with a sink full of dirty dishes Where are you tonight? When I left you in my dreams last night you promised me that we would be breaking free Where are you tonight? He tells me of the back roads and how we'll drive them all night long how the days will fade and the moon will hang forever and how the cloud of dust we'll kick up will linger like a song and the myth will grow about the two who refused to surrender Then I catch us in the bar-room mirror with his arm around my shoulder this girl I see has grown so unfamiliar and as she stands to leave with a stranger by her side she can't help but laugh at a life grown so peculiar Where are you tonight? I don't think I can face tomorrow's light not knowing if you'll be there to guide me Where are you tonight? Where are you tonight? I think that I'll make it through all right, but I'd love to have you just one more time beside me

The Tranquillity Of My Last Breath

Music: Kråbøl/Svee February ´94 Lyrics: Hirsch April ´94 Inspired by a short-story by H.P.Lovecraft (1890-1937) Climbing up the tower, I'm on my way to light Escaping from the castle, I've been locked up day and night Have to find my way out, or I will go insane Lust for light is leading me, flowing in my veins At last I am free... what strange things to see Marble slabs and columns staring at me I'd better keep to the road this dark night So I will not be led astray in my search for light Voice of fate: Longing for light, you're to find death instead Out from the dark into darkness you're led Following the road to a castle in the night People there are screaming, going insane with fright What could it be there that scares them so Well... I hope that I'll never know Waiting until day-time he sleeps beneath a tree The wild animals avoid the thing they see Not even the wolves of the forest dare come near It wakes in them an arcane fear Looking for water when he wakes up from his dreams Thirsty and dirty he goes looking for a stream Finding a river he sees his mirror image in it The thing he sees, he knows it is himself This is too hard to live with , he cries in desperate tears Recognizing the unearthly fear Drowning himself is the only escape There is no way to escape your fate

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