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JEDI MIND TRICKS lyrics - Visions Of Gandhi

The Wolf

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro from a sample] [gunshot] It's comin', it's comin' You wear a gun, the beast 'til the end that is This is the twilight winter I am ready to be her son It's now, I will RISE to her side! I don't need the words, I'm beyond [Ill Bill] Keep it homie this is a gangsta party Bullet proof glass for Robbie Die sorry by the hand of vampires and zombies Fire bombin' suicide army God's inside me Ride 'til I motherfuckin' die high on canarcy Unfocusable, 'xplodin smokin toast to ya vultures Soldiers in haemoglobin words of evil spoken invokin' Volcanoes evoked, these veterans are very violent Non Phixion Jedi Mind Tricks a deadly virus I could just go live no love I read Kaballah on drugs Gun in my wig gettin' my dick sucked Bitches spit and cum on each others clits for kicks Cocaine tits degenerates smother ya shit Another day in paradise, surrounded by bloodsuckers and parasites Gettin' in shoot outs for Amorites Leave ya block flooded wid blood this hard find I promised Eat shit suck fuck kill and die honest [Hook from sample] The big bad fearless wolf I'm the end of the world Wearing the flesh of fallen angels I've scanned the reality I see it, the corruption of flesh And blood to you all! [Sabac Red] Call me the rap Che Guerera Loungin' in the black grave's terror I lace tracks wid terror forever smellin' death Reoccurrin' like the hands of burnin' flesh Must be the spirit of Koresh that keep me turnin' in the bed Troopers hoverin', you'll be sufferin' crews be buggin' When they rather shoot they brother than abuse the government Our crews make compliments from writin' darkness When we spark this the hardest part is when Gods is dealing with fake artists,I face charges for speakin' my piece Unleash the beast after nine eleven still got beef wid police Streets' a warzone we more prone to violence and greed No voice leaves no choice they tryna silence the seeds Time is when will you get yours, stop relyin' on me I'm firin' wid speed so before you dyin' you'll bleed This is a war call I warn y'all stay up 'fore you're held Or get fucked up cut up ya wrist and kill yaself [Hook] The flesh of fallen angels come to me all! A secret, living on by the skin of reality I am the wolf!, 'til the end I don't need the words, I'm the beyond the words [Vinnie Paz] These streets is Vietnam I'm like Jesus tryna complete a song I believe in Islam heathens can bleed 'til they gone It's on, anyone can get hit Anyone can get the centre of their energy split My enemies fit, to face Palestine You bitch rappers only got heart on Valentine's And all ah y'all that wanna know how my metal feel It gets settled in the temple when my baretta kill My pen bleeds the ink y'all spill But y'all still seem to think y'all real Jedi Mind real put the nine to ya grill We spit real, and y'all run for the hills I stab you in the back 'til it weakens the knees Then smash you wid a statue of Jesus that bleeds [Hook] I've tasted the devil's green blood It runs in my veins I've seen beyond the world The architecture of blood and bone marrow Death is coming! I have tasted the flesh of fallen angels I am the wolf yes!, I am the wolf!

The Unlocking (Feat. Ursula Rucker)

* phone dialed and rings * [1] He-LLO? [2] Yo who dis? [1] Yo this [edited] [2] Yo whattup man? [1] Yo whassup dude? [2] This is the Black Ill [1] Oh whassup G? [2] Y'know, yo [1] What? [2] We down in the studio yo [1] Word? [2] Yo we got a jawn [1] Yo, is she live? [2] Yeah she's live [1] Sup wit her? [2] She's just, real nice to talk Sometimes I used to knock off [1] Word how she be swingin? [2] Oh yeah she's swingin like that y'know it's on! [1] Oh WORD? [2] I called a couple other heads and shit y'know [1] Aight, who else who else - who else widdit? [2] *laughing* [1] I mean she widdit LIKE THAT? [2] Yeah you know! [1] Ain't no bullshit? [2] The whole Resevoir Dog squad n shit, we gon' be eight deep [1] Oh aight, word [2] So come on down, it's on yo [1] Aiyyo it's it's it's just us? [2] Yeah it's just us [1] Oh damn, whassup with some more jawns? [2] Oh yes.. it's just her and some weed y'knowmsayin? Fuck some other shit [1] Fukkit, aight, bet, what the.. Y'know whassup for real for real [2] Word, yo so come through [1] Aight what time yo? [2] Umm [1] Like NOW? [2] Yeah, come through now! [1] Peace [2] Peace! [Ursula Rucker] I the voyeur, peer, as she begins her, ritual Paying sexual ties for few and untrue Words of admiration, translation: sucker ass, lines, of trash Spewing from First One's unskilled lips That beg for pussy tricks that make his dick go quickly limp She pimps her innocence as Second One demands entrance through the back door.. 'Bend over bitch, you know this is what you were born for; to dig those soft and lotioned knees into the floor -- and take it in, that sweetly spread ass like a real pro whore' Her subsequent screams seemed to praise Sent messages of pleasure and pain to his fuck tainted brain But her screams masked laughs at his dumb ass As he quicker comes, then Third and Fourth One just as dumb Invite themselves to join in Third One wants to hit the skins old-fashioned style while Fourth One says, 'Don't she got some DSL's, make a nigga joint just swell, to think? I wanna sink my inches, into that bitch's, berry-framed mouth' So one goes North, the other South To sanctified places where in-house spirits will later wash away all traces, of their ill-spoken words CLICK ABOVE TO VISIT OUR SPONSORS and complacent faces And then, like their Minutemen, predecessors Lude, aggrandized sexual endeavors, end up rough Cause neither one of them could keep that weak shit up Corrupt, Fifth One steps to her Hip-Hop clothed just to, think he gonna impress her 'Hey Slim, I heard you was a spinna -- sit on up top this thing, black dick, and work it like a winner' With the quickness he got his pseudo-thickness all up in her But suddenly he, stops mid thrust *Yvette Smalls' pager goes off* Seems she nameless to cuz, got his stuff in a death cunt clutch He fast falls from the force of her tight pussy punch Just like the rest of that sorry ass bunch Now here comes Six ready to add his inactive shit to the mix Talkin smack at that Saying, 'Girl, I'ma wax that ass, and stick that slit so hard, you gonna be calling me God' So he proceeds to poke and prod with clumsy finger and wack sex slinger 'Condoms make me last longer,' wrong, cause her motions of snatch, however detached from the situation cause his pre pre PRE-ejaculation It seems she just wastin good pussy and time on dudes like Number Seven who ain't learned their lesson He wants to enter the flesh divine by dropping a kind of semi-sweet line 'Your honey hole so fine and mile deep; I'm gonna leap into you like an ocean do you right and make your head spin' So he jumped in and then, he drowned Got lost and found in her Tart Canal Slave to the waves, made him cum for days Eighth and last One turn arise Plys her with familiar lies Even more familiar still, cause him she used to love But he never could quite see above, her mound A pound of flesh is all she was, no name no face or even voice So poised, she rises -- Phoenix from the flame Finally bored with their feeble fuck games She smooth reaches behind her and takes straight aim at eight shriveled up cocks with a fully loaded Glock Parts lips, not expressly made for milding dicks and then, she speaks: Your shreiks of horror bring me bliss, I must admit The thought that I could shred your tips with eight quick flips excites me, see y'all fuck with the pussy but I fuck with your minds Lack of soul and respect is the crime This.. was a set up.. now tell me what..... what's my name? * gun cocks *


OTEP "Sevas Tra"
sing to me my muses lost in the hot cyclops anarchy possession invention blood, blood spirits, spirits sprits, spirits calling, calling where will these visions lead how far dare i go where will this song take me into the deep unknown yeah spirits, spirits come, come hope the prophets and the gods came prepared for this so we dine on divine of the mind impaired preaching werewolf prayers on a nightly flight it's taken all we ate in the pale moonlight feel the urge of the power surge connect us all bringing kingdoms under siege with the words that i control gotta be nice you got your blind success only love can set me free from this patriotic quest test me once and i secretly die alone while a toy in the face in the faces of the hawk walk in the wilderness of the mind so i decide to die and leave a friend of mine behind possession, invention invite discovery surrender to pleasures lost in ecstasy survive i lie you are my enemy you die for lies, slave to misery bring in the battleground laying wasted the competition of connected intellects and the say the soul systems i decree mutiny it's revolution us against the patriarchy disassemble the soul, full of knowledge untold while i spin the webs of wisdom prophecies unfold into tech mode to decipher the code a babylon drives all to have a memory load mental states decide for all races urgency of rage in these grimmy little places prepare for warfare nothing but the knowledge of america's nightmare yeah possession, invention invite discovery surrender to pleasures lost in ecstasy survive i lie you are my enemy you die for lies, slave to misery sometimes i sit and ask myself what have i become what have i become what... have i become what... have i become what... have i become what have i become something's taking over me something's taking over me something's taking over me something's taking over me you paint your face with the blood of weed self sacrifice everyone you meet scream at demons in my face theres voices of the dead left here in my head i survive, i'm alive i render fever to watch you burn kill your leaders to help you learn i survive, i'm alive


ATMOSPHERE "God Loves Ugly"
[scratched] "Get off the mic and get off the coke!" "On the count of three" "1...2..." "one for the cuervo, two for line" "Get off the mic and get off the coke!" "Get off the coke!" [Chorus: Slug] We came here to slit your throat You came here to sniff some coke Kid don't fall like all the rest Cuts through soul and cuts through flesh [Slug] When they started to scream I thought I might, geez, singin "Everything good ain't as good as it seems" Get ripped like flesh, you got kitten's pride I'll make a mess on your set and your dress Handle my business, or handle your princess When I was younger, was no different It's all effort, taste the sweat Screamin at the earth, cause she don't hate me yet Slug HAS to give a fuck, I know better MAN, I'm just a rapper on luck Still stuck in the same mind state I grew up Still paranoid, still waitin to duck, What Tryin not to get caught in the plague Got a lot to say before your dumb ass walks away Load up one verse, let it boom Like a gunburst and left your head sun burnt [I Self Devine] Can I... run up in your settlement Should I... bring wash like the government The flow is dangerous as unguarded children Runnin the streets in a project buildin' So desensitized, got no feelings Numb to the world, 6'4, with the 5 foot ceilings The math is inaccurate, broken dialect, English ambassadors Henesey fifth to the lips and the blunt of this Weed call, great food, seutures, we feelin it I be porno whipped, house looking show ownership When we know he just a worker Makin five fifty somethin, barely controlling shit Keep frontin, I'ma hurt ya Now your face getting scraped by asphalt Off a somersault, flesh wound Bring in a bag of salt [cut sample] [Musab] Surprise y'all, come to bed My nut stains look like wet Wonderbread White and thick, I don't ever bite my lip Give a damn if you like my shit The box is full of foxes Standin topless, lickin the splotches Here kid, want to sniff some coke? Rhymesayers Entertainment, we ship the dope Your dick's short and funny like Piscopo Give it up, man, how you gonna stick the dough Pay me anyway, and you can have that tramp I can get another lady any day They gonna ban my shit like Joe Camel Come off like a sandal, spittin the flow ammo Believe it, get a pack of Whitecastle Cheesesticks And PEEP the remix [Aesop Rock] Smart for the whips, fiddle frame parchment March for the clique, Jughead motor like a mineark on the power cables Chewing through the ?? My slang letter dopeman pretty No free pony rides, no basket of kittens No Playdoh fun bags to reep for Christening Little courts rainbows, Pegasus and Wizards Just me shoving caine in the gash in your throat with the premise Middle of New York with a sack full of action Cash with the school kids toke crack with magnums Def Jukie, jet black, black lungs, black hoodie Both crushin with a musket pressed to the musk of the budget And I'm a must of the crunk shit YOU GET DOWN You don't know the meaning of dope anyhow You probably think I'm a joke by now But we got more clay and more coke then y'all [Chorus - repeat 2X] [scratch samples] "Good God!" "Oh my God" "God, God" "God Damn!" "God helped me change" - [Slug of Atmosphere] "Pray to God that you could be like us" - [Grandmaster Flash] "God damn...damn" - [Run DMC] "Oh my" "Lord!" "CUT!" - [James Brown] "God Knows!" "GOD GOD GOD" "Oh Lord" "Dear God" - [Snoop Dogg] "and damn it" "God Damn!" "Good Lord"

Real Niggaz

ST. LUNATICS "Free City"
[(Chorus - Nelly) 2x] Real niggas ride wit' us You haters gotta ride the bus Smoke 'til when my brain gon' bust Bank account so plush, the FEDs on us Real niggas ride wit' us (and dime ladies) You haters gotta ride the bus (we drop crazy) Smoke 'til when my brain gon' bust Bank account so plush, the FEDs on us [Kyjuan] Kyjuan's a preppy hippy, cross the bridgy of Mississippi I slang thangs, make bread, easy like Jiffy Call me a cool nigga or a Mr. refriger' Kids ask me ('Mr. can you get crunk and jiggy') I reply quickly, bottle of Andres or Crissy Smoke backyard or sticky, my man, watch me get busy I wake up with two dimes, both named Nikki I'm a playa dirty, no passion marks, no hickies Cats make me sick when I roll through y'all city Lookin like angry mad, face mad, teeth gritty You gon' make me go back into my days of U-City Cornrows, penny bros and new Dickies Ahh shit, when situation looks shitty I got that thang with me, plus I Puff like Diddy You niggas can't hang with me, or pop the pain with me So wrap somethin mo' and hop in the Range with me [Ali] Check, check No picture me rollin, Optimo, glocka four-four Four-do' Range Rov', mink with matchin Kangol Whole hood like 'oh', freakin 'em out they mind D's with diamonds on 'em, jackers, I know they want 'em Not, you see the watch, Rollie or G-shot You hear me four, five blocks before you see me, that's the knock I need not speak on that, I speak on Zack And how he better fix my shit or give my eight G's back Salute the rugged, flip screen, you gotta love it Navigational system behind the ten, duckin the public Take my chain off to thaw out, battle four out We fill, the fattest wad a hun'neds you ever saw out Son break the jar out, twist the muskie Only real niggas ride and smoke, patna trust me If I'm lyin, bad mouth, slap then crush me Cuss me, suplex lamb, grab the nine and bust me 'Cause only.... [Chorus] [Nelly] I'm like the battery, I come through every door on a cell (Duracell) Mr. energizer, forever ready to make a mil' Fuck that Cris', let it spill, I hit the gas, and make it peel I'm smokin twenty inches of Parelli, wha, up off the wheel I hit the jewelry store at noon, slight case of the chills I got the face too damn chunky 'cause it's still read 'twelve' Well hell, not a shit starter but I be startin some shit Half the time I'm in the club, half the niggas gettin pissed Me, got they miss, I done, caught they wrist And they be thinkin you cockblockin 'cause you gave her a kiss I walks over to your bitch and asks her 'who's is this' (yours Nelly) Tell 'em one more time just in case he forgets I be the sleepy eyed, kinky guy, the chinky eye Comin be like I, ay, EI, ready the guy Nigga hella high, country grammar, yellin 'EI!' Fuckin your cutie pie, forty-nine, not gettin none [Murphy Lee] You shoulda' seen this ladie's face when I walked in the bank I'm the school boy, I'm Hollywood, smellin like dank Lookin like I don't know left from right Holdin a check, got the whole front desk like 'Murphy's set for life!' I agree wit' em, I exchange sacks with seeds in 'em Drivin eighty in the rainiest Rov', TV's in 'em I'm St. Lou, plus true to the arch equals I'm real I'm Hollywood, plus true to the heart equals a mil' I'm killin y'all, matter fact I'm killin myself In a category with T-Boz, I'm feelin myself It gets no better, Slo says it gotta get better Gotta get wood, gotta get dubs, we gotta get leather I'm like, what, real playas roll on dubs (Lunatics like) And haters can't kick it wit' us (and our blunts tight) We smokin 'til our brain gon' bust Gettin head in the back of the truck, City what up I'm like only.... [(Chorus) 2x]


Eric B. Rakim "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em"
Let the rhythm hit 'em I'm the arsenal I got artillery lyrics of ammo Rounds of rhythm Then I'm 'a give 'em piano Bring a bullet proof vest Nothin' to ricochet ready to aim at the brain ~Now what the trigger say Tempos triflin' Felt like a rifle Massage 'n' melodies Might go right through Simultaneously like an Uzi Nothin' can bruise me Lyrics let up when lady say don't lose me So re-load quickly And you better hit me While I'm lettin' this fifi get wit me You steppin' with .007 Better make it snappy No time to do your hair, baby Brothers are bustin' at me Beats and bullets pass me None on target They want the R hit But wtch the god get Quicker, the tongue is the trigger 'Cause I'm real fast Let off some rhythm at 'em Let 'em feel the blast Penetrate at a crazy rate This ain't no .38 Hit 'em at point blank range And watch 'em radiate Runnin' out of ammunition I'm done wit' em You ask me how I did 'em I let the rhythm hit 'em I push a power that's punishable Better be a prisoner The hit man is the Brother wit' charisma Showing you that I have Powerful paragraphs Followers will become leaders But without a path Ya mentally paralyzed Crippled ya third eye Rhymes are blurred Then it occurred that you heard I Reduced the friction with crucifixion Let loose the mix then Boost the piston Eric hit 'em with' some of that Cut like a lumberjack And me gettin' hit back It won't be none of that I'm untouchable You see me in 3-D When I let the rhythm hit another M.C. Lyrics made of lead Enters your head Then eruptions of a mass production Will spread when Music is louder Full of gunpower Microphone machinery When I see a crowd of Party people pumpin' Their fist like this Ya hide in the back Thinkin' that I might miss But the R is accurate Plus I'm packed up with Educated punch lines that I have to hit Whatever I aim at I line 'em up Ya body is weak, feel with pain That time is up You been hit with somethin' Different, isn't it? Rakim is gonna radiate and nothing's equivalent Nothin' can harm me Why try to bar me You couldn't come around to rob with a army You'll get wrecked by the architect So respect 'em I disconnect 'em, soon as I inject 'em With radiation Put 'em by the basement Bust his chest open Bash his face in Let it split 'im Since he brought his main man wit' 'im He ask me how I did 'im I let the rhythm hit 'im Let it hit 'im Dance floor's dangerous Packed in like a briefcase Rhyth with ral rough rhyme Beats with deep bass Girls with tight pants Maybe they might dance Tonight if the Rs on the mike There's a slight chance The crowd is crucial M.C.'s grounds are neutral Now that you're here let me introduce you Get ready I'm hard read like graffiti but steady Science I drop is real heavy Radiant energy, that'll be the penalty Touch the third rail on the pain of remedy The prescription's one every hour Now it's a havoc If ya need another hit from the freestyle fanatic Attention: follow directions real close Keep out of reach of children Beware of overdose Too many milligram But what made a iller jam My rhyme is the rhythm of thoughts That kill a man I deas for the ear to fear Might split 'im He'll never forget 'im He'll rest in peace wit' 'em At least when he left he'll know what hit 'im The last breath of the words of death Was the rhythm Now throw you hands in the air and yo, go Rakim will do the rest of this slow If I speed they know you'll blow the hell up If I slow up, catch up, hell no Wicked as I kecked it Don't need to remix it 'Cause I prefixed it Reversed and switched it To perform to perfection Section for section Rhymes keep connectin' Ya guessin' what's next an' Blood pressure rise as ya damn near lost it Ya hit the ground burnin' and woke up frostbitten 'Cause when I explained ya can't complain for pain Travel through the brain hit a vein Then remain, let it radiate Vibes will vibrate Why did you violate Now I'm 'a have to let the style brak Moans now the tone is ingrown After this here's thrown, gimme another microphone Before I get that fifi I met Whisper I wanna reach your intellect Kiss her 'cause I wanna give her the most respect So I shine and let the write reflect Hold 'er, mold 'er, make 'er feel older Lay her on my shoulder EEverything I told her Makes her feel secure whenever I'm wit' 'er And you know how I did 'er Me and the rhythm hit 'er

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