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JEDI MIND TRICKS lyrics - A History Of Violence

Heavy Artillery

Original and similar lyrics
[Vinnie Paz:] Ayo I'm quiet calm, write my greatest shit when the light gon' My hand fast like Ramadan when the night dawn I'm the physical of Tsunami, you a slight storm This is a spiritual anomaly, a fight song To guard you now directly in my right palm Nuffin' new about it, keep the ratchet with me lifelong I come thru polar caps melt, ice gon' My mother cryin' to my brother why is his life wrong? Concrete God's school - Allahu Akbar! Crooked D's in front of the crib inside a parked car Gumar-Oz-Dubar inside the shot bar Darts fly inside you and severe you like a shark star If we ain't livin' in hell I'm tellin' you it's hot Ba Masonic manifestation of God is not far In reality the sun is just a star The Earth is just a bowl of shit is where I stop Ba [Hook x2: Samples] "This blood spill fo'real" "Heavy artillery in my facility" "Betta call security, it's bout to be on" "Your whole team is gettin' blown to smithereens" [Jus Allah:] I am cyber, I'm hundred miles of fiber I am the proprietor of fire I do not perspire, I fire as I so desire I'm a stry as a fire, endire I have tried the possible I have gotten lightning in a bottle My logic is not inside a novel I am unconventional, incomprehensible It's intentional, it's in general It's in principle, I'm the sensitize to the cries Blind eye to the mice I'm despised by the skies, likewise I am sand and stone, I stand alone I'm a candle blown, I have hands and bone I'm smart and old, I am dark and cold I have a pawn shop apart; I have a heart of gold I'm a heartless soul, it's my heart for stone Death for all, let the closes star explode [Hook x2: Samples] [Outro: Paz] Brrrrrrrtt... Rrrrrrrttt... Osama Vin Laden The God Jus Allah, Yo Kwestion where you at baby? Frank Sinatra, Enemy of Mankind, whadup cuzo?

True Honey Buns (Dat Freak Shit)

Bahamadia "Kollage"
I'm reclinin' out West - maxin at da ress pressed to see my cutie that I call to come caress me desperate pooh unavailable da check dis - not into masturbating yo cuz that's some other shit since I had hit a dry spell I figured I'd manicure my nails den out da blue I'm interrupted by the bell it was Kia talkin bout Dia c'mon let's bounce tonight Wu-Tang performin at da Fever and I got backstage passes - vip status da after party's at the Marriott we in the night like Gladys cool I can do wit dat give me 45, so I can wash da pussy cat a marinade da body hop in mizarahi tighten up dah afro and turn to superhottie tell you what I'll hit you up soon as I'm ready when I see your Mitsubishi out front we jettin' (chorus) Arrived at da club like 11:45 - scenery was live - mob like a 3-2 center outside fly riders da whole shabang you know how Philly hang come time nah get extravagant while I was side tracked by the glamour and the glitz key was chattin' wit a bouncer telling him we on nah list within a split second we escorted through conjestion routine friskin' metal detection all's clear as air - no question so we grabbed at the bar and head towards da dance section wit no hesitation we breeze to the back in the green room where the celebrities was at, that's when nah propaganda began to emerge star stud events must trigger hoochie alerts cuz Kia went berserk, diggy low at first subtle body language actin'like a flirt tongue stickin out wit da' baby doll pout talkin' all loud I'm like what's dis all about ... -mono- Here come tha' raw maneuver luew-der than imagined Kia aimin' for attention strivin for it with a passion slips out her sarong starts dancing in her thongs like a bootie song was on I said sis you know you wrong (see) you tha' reason nigs be screamin' bitches, hoes and tricks I'ont believe you goin' out on nat Adina Howard shit don't you dig these niggaz think you hotter than tha' sun even if they talk to you they wanna hit run if you skeemin' on nah cream boo you ain't gettin' none you played from nah door wit dat nut shit you done den she gone look at me and say yo chill whatever, I thought you was my peeps I said I thought you was together your actions bounce on all these chicks in here like a reflector I'm tryin nah school you sis you its plain that you don't know no better - I'm not da one to judge so do what you gotta do but it ain't what you do its how you do it... Chorus True honey buns wanna have fun un-like a chick who settle for da hit and run, yeah to all tha girls do what you gotta do but it ain't what you do its how you do it...

When I Do What I Do

Lil' Rob "Can't Keep a Good Man Down"
Everybody asks me what, everybody asks me who Everybody asks me why I do what I do I walk around the town with a paper bag that's brown With a beer inside of it cuz I drink a lot of it I like to get lit so everyday I take a hit And I don't give a shit just what you make of it Don't bother me, won't bother you What the hell you trying to do? Get up in my mix, why you wanna fix someone who ain't broke I must have done something right I take flight day and night and try to make my shit tight Like that bandana on your arm, I'll scar you like a needle I'm sick of you fucking people talking about me like I'm equal Like I make shit real severe, I'll make you all disappear But right now I'm not ready to serve twenty five years, to life That's not something that I'll do for you I do what I do when I do what I do [Chorus] I do what I do when I do, when I want to When I do what I do I do what I do when I do, what's it to you When I do what I do I do what I do when I do, when I want to When I do what I do I do what I do when I do, what's it to you When I do what I do Make sure my head is shaved so I throw on brand new blades Don't leave home without my shades and some money I just made Pantalones big in size, cuz inside there's a big prize You think you're bad like me? I'll believe that when pigs fly I kick back under lamps, do what? No, I bust raps Just call me el maldito, flying like an eagle Waiting for release so, bumping like the Misos I got a lot of primos, not to mention mi amigos On the bicicleta on the way to the marqueta That's where I said I'd meet the vato, my conecta Give him some feria in exchange for some yesca The one hitter quitter, spinning my cabeza But don't call me druggy, because that word is ugly I just smoke marijuana, any time I wanna There's no change in me, can't turn my brown eyes blue I do what I do when I do what I do [Chorus] I always kick up dust but I always keep my shoes clean People say I'm too mean, what the hell do you mean? They say when I drop rolas Lil' Rob controla As if I didn't know, tears on you pillow Don't know if I know enough, know enough to call your bluff Why you wanna school me? Fool you cannot fool me The truth is in your eyes, the window to your soul You say you got pedo, puto just let it go Before you get too deep and you start losing sleep Got you weeping like a willow, break you like a window Spinning faster than my cd, so fast that you can't see me Black boots, black Dickies, white shirt and my beanie Got eyes behind my head, I stab back-stabbers dead Put them all up in their place, they catch a case up in their face Hey you know it's true, but what is it to you I do what I do when I do what I do [Chorus]

Heart Of Every Man

To a world turning cold as stone To a world spinning out of control See the sigh of the times Feel the emptiness inside To try to hide the pain inside CHORUS May the love of Jesus fll the heart of every man May the hope of heaven touch a life with healing hands And may all who seek him find grace enough to stand May the love of Jesus fill the heart of every man To a soul that's too tired to fight To a heart that's too weary to try When all faith is taken away by the trials of the day When there's nothing left to say CHORUS BRIDGE For God so loved the world that He gave his Son and Whoever believes will know His love CHORUS

Don't Make Me

JOE BUDDEN "Padded Room"
[Verse 1] Top down with the fresh cut With A. Baker (Anita Baker) through the speakers, 'Best Of' A crisp white tee, I'm still feelin' dressed up Everythin' else healthy, don't get me messed up A good pair of shades on, you gon always see me in disguise Not for style, I don't want you to seein' my eyes But for now, tell God hurry my plans Cause I just had to bury my man Us two was on some brother shit But if I learned anythin', if you take life for granted it'll grant you some other shit I know I can't be the only one troubled with I talk 'bout hard shit like I discovered it Thought I had enough of it, still won't cut a wrist I just wrote the book, he published it Simply read holdin' back the years Cause when I strayed, it looked like he holdin' back some tears, he sayin' [Hook] [Verse 2] Sometimes I feel like it's a ghost behind me Nudge in my back, got the toast behind me Clockin' my every move, takin' notes behind me Crowd laughin', there must be a 'Roast' behind me But the boy won't bend Though the road to the riches is startin' to look like it don't end I'm on 9-5 speedin', truly love it No idea where I'm goin', that's the beauty of it But still I'm here waitin' on a sign Or a F.Y.I. to be notified, cause (WHY) Do it matter what he got it store for niggas if they too broke to buy I know I want heart, my back carryin' some tons ya'll From the devil's bedroom on to his front yard Pop up in the backseat and keys the chauffeur Let em know before I hop out with him on my shoulder, I said [Hook] [Verse 3] Wouldn't be smart to tangle wit ya guardian angel Not when they got a strangle from every angle, head to ankles Get mangled, so I don't got shit My eyes everywhere, on my Stuart Scott shit Tryin' to be fly every second that the clock tick But there's a suicide bomber in the cockpit See my intent is to be content But that's contingent off fly hoe's usin' ?? Since mama concieved me Me and dude been stuck in a melee He's tellin' me I gotta ball like Beasely But I could give a fuck how a nigga percieves me So until God retrieves me I'm followin' behind the nigga that misleads me If need be, bounce from where he tryin' to keep me But everytime I try he tells me that he needs me

Step Up

KURUPT "Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha"
Daz: Aw yeah! Right about now it's time to get busy Huh, straight out the box, nonstop Kurupt the Kingpin, Xzibit, Crooked I (Wait a minute, um) Crooked I: This is the art of, manslaughter When I'm rockin' I'm more shockin' than droppin' a boom box in bath water You entered the wrong scuffle You catchin' a chrome buckle I uppercut niggas hard enough to break my own knuckles Deliver the sick verbals My shotty spit a round, before you hit the ground, your body spin around, in six circles Diminishin' infamous menaces I'm waitin' to get dicced, if not, I'm a start finishin' innocents Lyrics (lyrics), I'm breezin the region Freezin g's in your legion Freakin' ancient techniques when I'm speakin' phoenician It's all about Crooked These bitches shout Crooked I'll make you say the West Coast aint shit without Crooked I own a vicious label, niggas'll get disabled When I'm spittin' rhymes written on project kitchen tables I load this 4-5 and let slugs dive at ya Now that's for Crooked I, the scrap happy, mic snatcha Daz: Motherfuccers can you dig that, huh? Can you fucc with this? Let's get Kurupt the Kingpin to fucc y'all niggas up Y'all don't wanna see none of this west coast MC shit Yeah, how you like me now motherfucker!?! Kurupt: Terror starts, in the midst of your heart, starts The storm, my vocals float like arts In the mystic state of mind, when I create a rhyme My microphone massacres every year the same time With audio amputations, vocal thoughts of a loud talker Up against the microphone night stalker With a tendency of bashing MCs, like ten of me As you can see I continue mashin' MCs Caboom, the room gets cleared as my views get clearer Extra-terrestrial microphone terror In effect, get infected Tell me what the fucc you expected These venemous injections I leave whole sections, and sections full of injections From these poisenous melodies and selections I select the methods of slow anguish I mangle shit with my language Tell me, have you ever seen one elope With the microphone In a scandal like abilities to make MCs explode Baboom, alone in my own zone So don't compare me to none Not one's nearly Severe, cuz I severely, impare MCs Near me, oppose and fear me, I got plots and theories Sincerely, I could have the spot locked Niggas get stoned for touching microphones with no knowledge on how to rock Daz: Yeah, back in effect, it don't stop Turn your speakers up, DJ Battlecat on the table We fuckin' it up like this and like that, yeah Got my homeboy Xzibit in the motherfuccin' house Alkaholiks! Xzibit: When I was enlisted I came to the table double fisted Sadistic, heavy artillery, for all my enemies Bust shots up in the sky screamin' obsenities Make niggas sport cackies and chucks from hear to Italy It'll be, a cold day in Hell when you see Xzibit fail Act like a bitch on bail, tuck tail, and run See we do it how it can't be done I'm the rough cut, plus how the west was won Or direct descendant of the gatling gun Don't test me son, you fucc around and catch you one That aint a threat, that's a promise I can definitely keep You can't compete wit' 25 niggas wit' heat in the street Ready to repeat, round after after round at you All hell break lose when the whole Pound come through I found that you and yours, can never fucc wit' mine I own shit but gimme some more like Busta Rhymes Cross the line, now you gotta pay the piper I'm The Alkaholik sniper, that be keepin' the crowds hyper It's ashes to ashes and dust to dust Can't stop till me and my niggas is platinum plus My Dogg Kurupt Daz: Yeah, no shit Yeah, y'all can't fucc wit' that That's what I'm talkin' about West coast, we been doin' this shit for years Aint nothin' happenin' wit' that Battlecat (Don't step up) Right, right (Don't step up, unles you wanna get hurt) Huh, huh, huh (Get get get get hurt) Whatcha say Motherfuccas that be hangin' in the battle (Get hurt, get get get get hurt) That's what I'm talkin' about Daz Dillinger (Don't step up, unless you wanna get hurt) Break it down, break it down Huh (mixed with Battlecat's scratching) Motherfuccas can't fade this shit

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