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JAY-Z lyrics - The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse

Can't Knock The Hustle (Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro:] (Singing) Whoooh, Paradise you better think twice, 'cause you're not living the life [Jay-Z:] Jay-Z, Roc-A-Fella y'all, it don't stop [Verse One: ] We about to change this game here Check my pockets there's nothing but game there I remain without fear Keep the lanes clear, and the cats that's all about threats remain here On top of this Metropolis My name is like a square Dropped off every tier Now y'all can swear to Jay Heard it the other day Through the mystery, we get it swiftly We got to hit you every night before we hit the lights it's type addictive Need cats to live with, the heat goes on Everyday is a hustle, the beat goes on Funny thing happen, in the midst of chasing money and foes And the worst thing worst then getting old is not getting old Niggaz stay low, like six bowls of shit and gold And watch the hoes when they bump into your clothes And I hope they shine Seen a lot of things and enough memories to last me two lifetimes Can't knock the hustle [Chorus #1: (Singing) ] I'm taking out this time To give you a piece of my mind Who do you think you are Baby one day you'll be a star [Verse Two] Check this In a mans world need a girl to tough something Pull an 80 out her Anne Klein purse and bust something If you skating through the night to the light, then trust something When I get home Then it's on Girl just crack those shaped legs like Grade A eggs Love the way you behave and beg Moan, turn those hollers to screams as we zone like a college team Then they can hear you from Hollis, Queens (226) Life with me, consists of a lot of things Chips in your ear hit the dirt 'cause you got hotter things But you know how to scream, friends talking dizziness Remind them freak chicks to stay out my business You know they can't love it, trips to LA with no luggage Came back with six bags struggling In first class if my ass should crash, champagne spilled on me Bank still off on me [Chorus #2: (Singing)] But until the last day, I'm the one who's crazy 'Cause that's the way you making me feel (can't knock the hustle) I don't want no romance, I just want the chance Can't knock the hustle for real [Verse Three] Ever since you retired, working alongside those live wires Been in this rap biz with fake nigs you know liars I guess I'm biased, what I talk about I live These rap dudes can flip, but some of them ain't even rhyming for chips WHAT PART OF THE GAME IS THIS Seems brainless, on tours with whores that's what I'm saying I miss Cats that go all out for their gold plaques Starting out with four jacks, ended up with Gold Ac's Bet your love collapses if my funds get trapped On the weight of me through you, screw you Gun blew you, I didn't want to choose you Run through you like UH, EXCUSE YOU! But that's my cash, I understand you hustle That's my cash, you don't understand Let my dough flash, you can show it love Like a rap star in front of the club But don't knock the hustle [Chorus 1 & 2 to fade]

The Cause

Inspectah Deck "Uncontrolled Substance"
* multiple gunshots * [Intro: Inspectah Deck] Yo, when we do this, we do it for real We do it for the love, we do it for the money For the cash, for the women, the birds We do it for the foundation, for the people No matter how we do it, we do it for The Cause Yea, yo [Chorus: Inspectah Deck] What you in for? What you live for? What you die for? I hope its for The Cause .. What you work for? What you stand for? What you strive for? I hope its for The Cause [Inspectah Deck] Inspectah, rhyme beretta nine in ya sector Wet the scenery with extreme measures Supreme lecture, bless the heads, you dare enter the 9th Chamber, dance with the mind bender Surrender your thrown, there's no room for pretenders Bystander pollyin worldwide with nine members Distributin, my verbal sharp shootin While I execute the deadliest moves with fine tunin Duel of the Iron Mic bound to spark fusion Movin at the speed of light, nice at what I'm doin Drop it in ya brain like spice, without the five mics Heads roll off hilltops when I strike Sniper aim, stick you up for your price of fame Like the flame, watch you get hot inside the game Recognize my name, I.N.S., your highness I rep for live sets, place ya bets, make ya threats There's no cure, even the experts are stunned My work is done as soon as I've just begun *echo* [Chorus] [Streetlife] Strictly, Streetlife, I never play a fan of the fame Just build on my name, and master the slang I'm hittin harder than a lot of artists in the game I'm lyrically inclined, rockin just the same Than any MC who ship platinum or gold And only recoup to pay back what you sold Over budget your video, got pimped like a hoe My niggas move slo-mo like robotic clones I'd rather be alive and paid, than dead broke My life is like a thin line, on a tight rope A fiend with no dope, wrong way to provoke The man behind the scope, tucked, ready to smoke From the same place you from, different hood, the same slum Mother's third seed, father's first son Bastard child runnin wild, livin foul Ran into some juvenile niggas in design P.L.O. Style, sign my name on the dotten line Your beef is mine, dangerous minds combine, we all carry nines *echo* [Chorus] [Inspectah Deck] Hitman like Thomas Hurns, bustin while the weed burns Shorty, sixteen, yearns for my crew to take turns I'm a loose cannon, medically examined Found deadly as a plague, soon to spread like famine Splurgin, livin out the dirty version Throwin rocks at the ghetto birds circlin the urban Workin overtime, you notice the shine Niggas scope mine, models won't work Capone nine [Streetlife] We travel in pairs, you got the front, I watch the rear Got money on my mind this year, by all means Put an end to your cold stairs, crush your small dreams What you hear is the truth, fuck what you used to I provide you with street music you can ride to Push through, sound blastin through the sun roof Street surfer, lurkin, thirsty for the loot I'm in it to fuck fans and rock mic stands I work for cash and fans, and die for the Clan

Let Me Live

Angel Dust
Separate me from the dead all around Smashed into the ground Ecstasy of killing blinded my eyes I cannot remember the day it has begun, Nor do I know why Once I learned to kill and fight For a battle that was in sight When I'm dreaming, I still hear them marching on In the darkness, Innocence got ripped Out of my heart I washed my hands in the blood of The man that just have been killed The beast in me had risen again, Gave death into my hands Oh, ripping, shooting, burning That's the way, that I got drilled Menmachine of no remorse. The killer is deep in me When I'm dreaming I still hear them maching on In the darkness. I start to pray: Let me live, let me love again Let me drop my head - into your lap Let me live - let me love again Ease my pain - when I'm home again Wondering 'bout what a man is able to take Wondering why I'm still alive Exodus of humanity, already, it hast begun Skulls and bones aroud me A bloodbath full of lies Insignia of imperfection branded in every face

Counter Parts

(feat. Dilated Peoples) 'Check it out' [Q-Tip] [cut and scratched 4x] [Iriscience] One two yo yo yo Yo hit the switch in December I'll be on till November Bombin, disturbin the calm at civic centers Make a smoothie outta rapper and his ice in my blender Beyond the Fender Bender, Dilated-Swollen Members Independent money makin, no time for waitin Rakka stimulatin, designed for penetratin Nuttin to prove, air sea and land mover Crescent Heights, Cali up north to Vancouver [Prevail] Molecular monitors censors an Anaconda that harbors A feeling for heat and armor and eating a snake charm Capital break, wrap it in tape the cidic images Stand up and when I twist the lid off of a silver cylinder Crash the vehicular, makes a riveting statement Prior engagement escape this electric encagement Select the vegenance surraying for the four-blade tango Enough voltage in my panel to constantly change the channel [Chorus A - Iriscience] Yo I came here to change the whole sound of art And let em know it all comes down to art The mission now is rip the whole town apart Wit my colleagues, my teammates, my counter parts [Chorus B - Iriscience] Yo I came here to change the whole sound of art And let em know a new cycle is bound to start The mission now is rip the whole town apart Wit my colleagues, my teammates, my counter parts [Evidence] Yo, some pay no mind Man, I put time in so play this You live on the edge, I live on the San Andreas In range of, clear and present danger Can't even trust my shadow, every day it's lookin stranger In ten years, you'll find me on the low Full-bearded, Serpico wit flows yo Coolin in the cut crevice, underground tavern Wit wifey and seed, still on point like a javelin [Madchild] Madchild twists and turns like an Indian burn Wit powerful jaws and character flaws Rippin and tearin wit claws Kill if I'm aware of the cause Not to mention, knuckles white from inner tension Witch doctors and war chiefs approaching Fantastic adventures, a frightening fortune Scorpion tail snaps, constrictor strangles S+M Rocks, Dilated Works the Angles [Chorus A] [Prevail] Galvanize steel grate, I tear a quite well made I trust you're rush into an open blade of rust Hands to ribbons, is in a beatbox of must Crimson wordplay Prevail, the narrarator from the doorway My partners in this, have gotta be clearly obvious Known for superior form of smoke inhalation From spoken inceneration Omens of Damien reignin in present New Haven Now ain't that amazing [Evidence] Yo I'm inspired and wired That time will be attractive Not tired I've fired volcanoes still in ac-tive (The unibomber!) Causin drama or terror, it's fabulous I'll bounce to the arting wit a backpack full of travelers Checks to burn, stay warm for the brain storm Cuz in my snow storm I freeze if I don't sleep below the ice for my blanket Thank earth for it's hidden treasures And now I'm takin drastic measures [Chorus B] [Madchild] Indulge in this intrusion Underworld defender Horrendous snowball of absolute insaness (feel me) Riskin freedom to be famous When nothin remains except passion and pain No slashin the vein, to bleed and drown in a bath Fall down and I laugh, get up wipe myself off and walk down a new path I'm INTACT! You can't handle the impact Insync, blazing wit killer instinct [Iriscience] [imitating LL Cool J] I excel, they all fell New details, Madchild Prevail I remove the veil, manifest God self As the life-giving son, Iriscience brings twelve Like Buckingham Palace to British Columbia Three states under ya, I deal wit District of Columbia Understand the numbers and the system that you're under And why them belly full but we keep em feelin hunger 'Check it out' 'Get live, catchin wreck is our thing' [Jeru] 'Check it out' 'Get live, catchin wreck is our thing' 'Check it out' 'Get live, catchin wreck is our thing' 'Check it out' 'Get live, catchin wreck is our thing' 'Check it out'

Uncut, Pure (Original And Remix)

Big Daddy Kane "Veteranz Day"
See the crowd in an uproar acting unstable Here comes Dark Gable raps remarkable Mic ripper, cash flipper, Cristal sipper Derrie're batalliere that's French for ass whipper Long time putting work in this, to be tremendous If I'm not the best then I'm a damn striking resemblance I roll the dice on the streets that be cold as ice And cause great disturbance just like a poltergeist I come attacking this enrage to disengage the missing page To the newest in age that's hitting stage For I be one that knows the art To get you up and out your seat, if you was Rosa Parks Tell me how much can you take from me the man to make Rhymes that's so butter my breath smell like land o lakes You know the lick, seen me hit em like a brick Plus my posse run thick, not that click from Mario flick Beware of one of the best they be You wanna test the God I hope you mean a SAT Because your poetasterous style it plain bore me Pardon the vainglory, but here's the Kane story Chorus Bringing you that uncut pure, knocking at your door About to give you more of the raw Point yo hands up to the sky Verse 2 Fuck the chorus And let the lyrics sit up in the track like rigamortis I spit a few to listen to when this I do it's as if as you Was invisible it'll make your life miserable Hip-hop icon, keep a grip like a python I be that wrong one to get fly on Boy you got to get that playa hatin' out you That's the other side of the game and I ain't Erykah Badu Black Caesar, don't you even reach my way You'd sooner find a vital point that's on Priest Pai Mae I heat it up to where I pasteurize half the guys A fast demise disaster lies as he dies Confront one of the best at rhyming What I write it be so rough that my ink pen need alignment The untouchable, don't want to tempt me I come kicking through your door, unlawful entry It be me, even though none of y'all want to see me For real, damn I know how Jehovah's witness feel I remember how I formed it up Cause I took what was raw and then I warmed it up Turned the fire down to simmer as I calmed it up But take a look I think the Kane about to overcook Come and get it, but you better come with paramedics Cause you couldn't bring it to me if you worked for Fed Ex I come cutting through split his gut in two I touch em what em do you know the style ain't nothing new Chorus Bringing you that uncut pure, knocking at your door About to give you more of the raw Point yo' hands up to the sky, high Get on down baby we keep it live Repeat Verse 3 A good game it lets the plot thicken, but the thing that just ain't clickin' Is the way y'all legalize trickin' You talk about your ride and you don't even got one But I can pull a hot one, when inside of a Datsun The wicked in the bed, plus the wicked in the head When I shoot the game, it's like my tongue got infra red Let the Messiah take you higher as I supply ya' what you require Desire and admire it entire Sudden impact as I'm guttin' em black Closest thing to me would be; nothin' in fact I come with more in skill, to always score and kill Females adore and thrill, sweeter thang than Lauryn Hill As I return with a vengeance, here comes the day of independence Approach them all with some bad intentions In other words I'm making them resign, diminish mine Runnin' through them like a finish line Chorus

Trials Turned To Gold

Keith Green "For Him Who Has Ears To Hear"
He's brought me here, where things are clear And trials turn to gold He shared with me, His victory He won in days of old Oh Lord, I don't deserve The riches of your word But You've changed my filthy rags To linen white as snow The view from here is nothing near To what it is for You I tried to see Your plan for me But I only acted like I knew Oh Lord forgive the times I tried to read your mind Cause you said if I'd be still Then I would hear your voice My Lord, my King, my urge to sing And praise the things above No words can say the glorious way You changed me with your love He's brought me low, so I could know The way to reach the heights To forsake my dreams, my self esteem And give up all my rights With each one that I lay down A jewel's placed in my crown Cause His love, the things above Is all we'll ever need He's brought me here, where things are clear And trials turn to gold

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