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JAY-Z lyrics

Tom Ford (Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro: Jay-Z] Clap for a nigga with his rappin ass Blow a stack for yo' niggaz with yo' trappin ass Clap for a nigga with his rappin ass Blow a stack for yo' niggaz with yo' trappin ass ...Tom Ford [3X] [Jay-Z] Comin up, comin down Ride clean, fix your hair in my Crown Bad bitch, H-Town Keep it trill, y'all know y'all can't fuck around Paris where we been, pard' my Parisian It's Hov time in no time, it's fuck all y'all season Piss Bordeauxs and Burgundies, flush out a Riesling When Hov's out them hoes out, y'all put y'all weaves in And - clap for a nigga with his rappin ass Blow a stack for yo' niggaz with yo' trappin ass Spent all my euros on tuxes and weird clothes I party with weirdoes, yeah Hov, yeah Hov [Chorus: Jay-Z] I don't pop molly, I rock Tom Ford International, bring back the Concorde Numbers don't lie, check the scoreboard ...Tom Ford [5X] [Jay-Z] Yeah, hands down got the best flow, sound I'm so special Sound boy burial, this my Wayne Perry flow Y'all know nothin 'bout Wayne Perry though District of Columbia, guns on your Tumblrs Fuck hashtags and retweets (nigga) 140 characters in these streets (nigga) Pardon my laughin, y'all only flaggin on beats (nigga) Pardon my laughin, I happen to think you sweet, heh [Chorus] [Jay-Z (Beyonce)] (Aww man homie) Uh, so throwed Comin up (comin up) comin down (comin down) Ride clean, fix your hair in my Crown (in my Crown) Bad bitch (bad bitch) H-Town (H-Town) Keep it trill, y'all know y'all can't fuck around (fuck around) Comin up (comin up) comin down (comin down) Ride clean, fix your hair in my Crown (in my Crown) Bad bitch (bad bitch) H-Town (H-Town) Keep it trill, y'all know y'all can't fuck around (fuck around) Hol' up; I don't pop molly, I rock Tom Ford [Pimp C] Huh... CHU'UCH! Hol' up, Tony Snow Check 1-2, 1-2, bitch! [taps mic] Is the mic on? Sweet Jones, yeah... BEEEE-YATCH! Knowmtalmbout? "Keep yo' foot off in they ass", that's what Ken told me Niggaz like to play games cause they feel like they know me (feel like they know me) You don't know me nigga, I done changed (I done changed) So don't be tryna put no shit off in the game (gaaaame) This ain't no motherfuckin '91 We out here rappin for money, you niggaz rappin for fun I don't fuck with nobody in this shit but Bun Still give me a million, you gotta give that nigga one (onnne) You can try me if you want to, bitch (want to, BE-YATCH!) But I'ma show you what the fuck I'm workin with (Uh!) It's man style, pistol popper, you ain't real Just 'cause you born in Port Arthur don't make a nigga trill (TRILL) Y'all here lettin that bitch run you Need to put that hoe in check, that's what real nigga do (do!) A bitch pussy ain't shit to me And you ain't gettin no respect, bitch, if you're fuckin for free, uhh! [Chorus] [Pimp C] HUH... CHU'UCH! HOL' UP, TONY SNOW SWEET JONES, BEEE-YATCH! [Jay-Z (Beyonce)] (Aww man homie) Uh, so throwed Comin up (comin up) comin down (comin down) Ride clean, fix your hair in my Crown (in my Crown) Bad bitch (bad bitch) H-Town (H-Town) Keep it trill, y'all know y'all can't fuck around (fuck around) Comin up (comin up) comin down (comin down) Ride clean, fix your hair in my Crown (in my Crown) Bad bitch (bad bitch) H-Town (H-Town) Keep it trill, y'all know y'all can't fuck around (fuck around) Hol' up; I don't pop molly, I rock Tom Ford

Revolutionary Warfare

NAS "God's Son"
(feat. Lake) [Lake] uh uh huh, lets go, yeah! [Nas] Uh, ghetto children singing 'singing' [Nas] See they eager to learn 'uh hum' [Nas] how to become the next world leaders 'Bravehearts'! [Chorus: Nas] Revolutionary warfare is all fair loving war for the cause I gotta take you off here Revolutionary warfare is all fair loving war for the cause I gotta take you off here [Nas] Book one, strategy, tactics, techniques Look dumb, but massively notice the weakness, in all them Gotta shoot only if necessary Homey vest is very real if enemies carrying heavy steal Beware the thugs who ain't scared of blood or jail time Where Arian nations ain't having integration, we so blind The beauty of life, was when my mom said nigga you could be Christ I wasn't old enough to hold my dick and pee right, 'Jesus'! What is he like I picture him standing with diamonds on him Little different from the way my mommy saw him Practice your aiming, physical training in, difficult terrain and Test your endurance, try to keep your stamina banging Splitting dutches up, strap up, the armies is school Teaching smart ways to kill, I'm thinking Ghandi was a fool But chronic's a fool; got me thinking out loud, fuck it Sleep on my drunkenness I'll blow your brains out [Chorus] [Lake] My revolution is as real as Bobby Seale's, I build With dudes and cribs worth a quarter mill, in dix hills for fish scale, to cop guns, the time come I'll mask up and get my comrade off the bus Fuck the beef I'll snatch your seed, from chuckie cheese And feed him to the rats in the back of the P's Black fatigues and on the sofa 50 inch flat screen Louie Vitton holdsters My motions don't appeal to repel at divisions I did it strong for 7 long years in prison, fuck the system I'm like a modern day Hitler, black gorilla, crip and blood in one nigga Only killas know my face I beat a case for shooting at the police, nigga, the name Lake Though simultaneously the street revolution 21 gun salute the new Huey Newton [Chorus] [Nas, Lake] [N] Teach y'all women how to hold the family down in case something happens to his fathers [N] Protect the children, grab revolvers [N] The women plays important part of our life force [N] So what we fight for, my heart goes to you beautiful wife in war [L] Uh, And listen more talk less [L] Watch all and trust none, demand your respect [L] And be ready to die for what you believe in [L] And ride all the time not just when convenient [N] Justice and freedom, wisdom and understanding [N] We the lost children of Israel in this western world region [N] You ain't a man you a coward if you cant support the girl you put a seed in [L] Strong rule the weak, but the wise rule the strong [L] It's more to a war than just getting it on [L] Conceal your form, cover your tracks [L] Stay prepared I don't care if no one's spared [Chorus: x2]

I Need A Girl Pt. 2 Az A Ridah (G Unit Remix)

Yo u kno me I'm a straight-up nigga So I tell a bitch exactly what I wanna do ya knah sayin? If I'm in a club and I'm tryin to go home I'm like 'Yo ma wassup' Ya kno get wit u ya kno I mean tonight tho, not like next month None of dat other shit ya knah sayin? But u kno every now and then I be lyin I aint gonn front, I be lyin to the hoes man I can tell a bitch exactly what she wanna hear [Verse 1 - 50 Cent] I wanna be the reason u smile after u wipe ya tears The reason you have the courage to confront ya fears The reason theres 2 karats in each of ya ears I'll splurge wit the paper ma, I dont care How u like it, pumps or boots? Jeeps or Coupes? Minks or leathers? 50 fall off never Whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine Cuz when I shine, you shine c'mon Fine champange, we can toast to life Crap table in Vegas u could toss the dice Don't let ya friends get u confused, sayin '50 bad news' I need u in my life girl, ya too much to lose Ay Puffy stop makin them muthafuckin 'I miss J.Lo' records nigga Yo Chi, turn this shit off man I aint feelin this shit right now Put sum hard shit on --beats switches-- Yea c'mon uh hahaha yo [Chorus 2x - 50 Cent] Nigga u wont deny that I'm a fuckin rider You dont wanna bump heads wit me I'll put a hole in yo ass you'll see That it aint cool to fuck wit me [Verse 2 - Tony Yayo] G Unit.. I roll wit gorillaz Fuck a big bodyguard I hang wit pint-sized killers I aint tryin to be dirty - still on the strip I'm tryin to be dirty - filthy rich Give a nigga too much rope he think he a cowboy Give him too much dope I'm pushin a big boy V-12 XL detail I rap and wait for dem checks in the mail And if u hatin in due time ya life will expire Cuz my guns speak Jamaican they be like 'Bloodfire!' Where I'm from niggas be on sum sneak shit When hungry use they lighters to cook they beef stick And its dro and its Nestle, got me right So my lungs be as black as Wesley Snipes I'm on first class flights headed towards Vegas Not slot machine niggas, we crap table playas I roll a 7 cuz we crap table playas [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3 - Lloyd Banks] I kno alot of niggas want Banks gone But my kinda beef'll fuck up ya grill and not the kind u put franks gone I'm hot now so my meals is home-cooked I deal wit more hoes than a Chinese phonebook You hidin wit ya messed-up ratchets I'm out blowin haze bags the size of ketchup packets Fuck Uz' in ya ride, this tool's on my side Got females standin' wit tattoos on her thighs Visualize cats losin they wives Cuz the next time I see em they got black and blues on they eyes Nah I aint ready to die but I'm prepared I'd rather grow old wit gray hairs in my bed They kno me in the field, the kid wit the fans That argue over my balls like Kobe and Shaquille If u talkin bout millions throw me in the deal Big city stadium tour roll me in the wheels muhfucka..

Bath Salt

ASAP MOB "Lord$ Never Worry"
[Intro] Ah, it's a plane, it's a bird, it's a zombie, hahaha [Verse 1: Meech] The highest high, I'm Ayatollah Rubber on my dick, allergic to baby strollers Blue dream, that amazing odor Ant is a pyrex I'm the coke and the baking soda Juice be the blue flame that create the whole thing Rap game, crack game, apparently the same thing If this was eighty-something I'd be in shell toes Gucci link fat rings ashy ass elbows Saving every penny trying to get up out this hell hole For my super-thugs, hustlin' up off the jail phone Life's a battle fool you better have your weapon drawn How could I be scared of death, bitch, I'm already gone Money on my mind, your bitch on my zipper Breaking up pound after pound, THC on every finger You gon' need a boost from God to get as high as me nigga Excuse me, I meant to say as high as we nigga [Bridge] Flatbush Zombie, A$AP Mobbin Hit a killswitch and put an end to any problem [Verse 2: Juice] Hash and weed, hash in a bong Got weed by the ton, got blow by the load If you wanna get throwed, A$AP Ant got the po-tion Three fly ass bitches with we Double-cupped them double D's Hi-high nigga, hi-high livin' Three young ass niggas running shit, no slippin' Gotta know the game, gotta know the lane, gotta know the pain No handouts, ain't shit easy Dark shades, on my Eazy-E Got bitches on my mini-me And you niggas in the rap game can't relate I'm real pimpin', no fornicating Fuck what you heard, I'm goin' ape Smokin Grape Ape, fuck your mixtape, that's a weed plate Zombie style A$AP, never mind these clowns I love brain, zombie style, never mind these clouds [Interlude: A$AP Ant] Juice pass me the weed, Meech where the acid at? A$AP Ant in this bitch, uh [Verse 3: A$AP Ant] I'm a demon triple beaming, painting pictures rapin' Mona Lisa Blood sheets, creepin for the panties With the collar danny's Killin bitches sniffin' panties Willy wonka candy semen Three niggas, one bitch, one clip One brain dead girl Off your mind leave your brains on your moms Razor blades dipped in bleach Tear your skin to pieces Dump the body in Tennessee Highway getaway OJ bronco Cap it baby drive em off the bridge Look into my eyes, vivid tears I see fear, ya'll some fuckin' queers Grow a fuckin' pair, I'm 'posed to be here 'Posed to be dead, overdosed on shrooms Let's cruise, drive by on site Ride like a bike, for my zombie homies kill tonight [Bridge] [Verse 3: A$AP Rocky] A$AP niggas we aliens Cold-blooded nigga, reptilian Acid, acid, ambiens Only fuck a bitch if she lesbian Trill niggas run the city, got the key on lock Juice got the juice, nigga Meech gon' pop Addie in the Caddy with the heat on cock When a Mac go (blakk) cuz the beef don't stop, nigga My name is, that pretty motherfucker From the land of the lost of the gully and the gutta See the Preds made a toast for the honey and the butter Only die for two things, that's my money and my mother, motherfucker! Niggas know my name, did I stutter? Niggas know me, man I keep it one hunna I'm a stunna Hood By Air for the summer Toast to the God and it cost nine hunna So-so ru-run up if you wanna Mac in the backpack, right by the Macbook And I rep that Harlem And my Zombie niggas straight out of Flatbush

#1 Stunna

BIG TYMERS "I Got That Work"
(feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile) [Baby] Nigga can't out-stunt me when it come to these fuckin' cars, nigga Believe that! You know me - I don't need no introduction and shit Ride Bentley's 'round the city on buttons, ya bitch Arm hangin', wrist blingin' - just stun'n and shit Drop the top, block is hot Stay bumpin', ya bitch B. Atrice get it right, don't tangle and twist it Hit the club every night, drunk - drinkin' that Crissy Niggas mad - don't like it 'cause I'm bangin' they bitches When the light hit the ice, it twankle and glistens Baby, Brian, B., Bubble - you can call me what you feel Hoppin' out the platinum Hummer with the platinum grill With the platinum pieces, and the platinum chains With the platinum watches, and the platinum rings (platinum rings) Last shit ain't changed Still doin' my thing Still do it for the block - nuts hang and swing You don't know another nigga that can stunt like me (stunt like me) Big Tymer representin', nigga - the U.P.T. [Hook (Baby + Lil' Wayne)] [Baby] I'ma a hard stun'n nigga like Evil Knievel [Wayne] Jumpin' out Lex's and Hummers - showin' off for my people [Baby] I'm the # 1 stunna! [Wayne] Wh-what, wh-what, what [Baby] The # 1 stunna! [Wayne] Wh-what, wh-what, what [Baby] James Bond, Jackie Chan, and that bitch, MacGyver [Wayne] Private planes, Jaguars, Bentley's, and Prowlers [Baby] I'm the # 1 stunna! [Wayne] Wh-what, wh-what, what [Baby] The # 1 stunna! [Wayne] Wh-what, wh-what, what [Baby] I put dubs on cars - when I ride, I'm fly We thugs, not stars, bitch - ride or die Put bricks on blocks, nigga - cooked and cut Juvy 'bout to hold the rocks, nigga, hook it up Diamonds on my hoes' feet - when they walk, they spark Diamonds in my fuckin' teeth - when I talk, I spark Don't fuck around with beef - when it start, I spark Me and my Hot Boy creeps - when it's dark, we spark Just bought a new car, and I spent about a million The motherfuckin' driver seat sittin' in the middle Me and my son, Wheezy, got a house by the water I'll be fuckin' bad bitches (bad bitches, bad bitches) [Lil' Wayne] I be hittin' they daughters [Baby] I like my dick sucked fast [Lil' Wayne] I like to play with them rookies [Baby] I like to fuck 'em in they ass while he beat up the pussy I'm the number-one stunna - you don't want my shit I'ma stunt 'til I die, bitch, the shit don't quit [Hook (Baby + Lil' Wayne)] [Juvenile] Baby, pop the Cryst-al, and shine the jew-els Get the Cadillac from Sewell with twenty-inch L's [Lil' Wayne] Boss B., Slow down in the Jag, you lost me [Baby] [tires squeal] Slow down, Wayne - you know that's all on me [Lil' Wayne] But you know how slow the new Rolls Royce be Come on - you know how slow the new Rolls Royce be [Juvenile] Baby, give me the ki's, give me the weed, give me the G's, give me the Mack-10 Let me see happenin' To me, these niggas laggin' [Lil' Wayne] What's up, Boss B. You ever got beef with a busta, you can call me You know I keep a 'blucka-blucka' Hit 'em all week Give me the keys to the bubble I'm on y'all street Juvenile (Juvenile) [Juvenile] Baby, let me get the keys to the Rover Truck Man, let me get this beef shit over, bruh [Lil' Wayne] But wait, My nigga, Baby - he live on chrome My nigga, Baby - he get his shine on [Hook2x (Baby + Lil' Wayne)] [Baby {talking}] Now, it's plain and simple, nigga I ain't met a nigga yet could fuck with these Cash Money Hot Boys with these cars, nigga See that new Monte Carlo, that's hot and on fire that my dog, Fresh, had first We got 'em on dubs That Lexus - the new one - that come out in 2001 with the frog eyes I got that bitch on dubs And that Yu- the new Yukon, that's bubble-eye I got that bitch on dubs And that Mercedes Wagon, with the kit, that's kitted out look like it got frog eyes That bitch on dubs And I got that Benz that me and my dog bought for our bitches We got this shit here on dubs We all drive Bentley's on dubs I'm tryin' to put platinum eyebrows on these hoes I just bought me a platinum football field, nigga Ya understand Don't fuck with me with these cars, nigga (at all, playboy) We the number-one stunnas, nigga (Nigga, we don't give a fuck) Got that Viper with them rattlin stripes, with that kit Ya understand We ain't playin' TV's in all our shit Believe that, playboy (Fuck your whole hood up)

Get Your Hustle On

JUVENILE "Project English"
(feat. Big Tymers) Fa sho' nigga, off top Believe this playboy, fa sho' nigga [Baby] I'm the #1 stunna, don't flinch you bitch I cash in quick and go and flash my 6 Twenty inch dub niggaz how you love that bitch 20 ki's or hard blocks, we call them bricks I'm a Uptown survivor, niggaz stash the lick Just bought a new Beemer, X-5 the bitch Puttin dubs with a kit nigga, flash yo' shit Puttin ice in my grill, fuck a classy bitch I'm a Uptown thug, can't you see that shit I'm around the way hunt for quarter ki's and bricks You can catch me at the club with a ghetto bitch Or you can see me at my mansion with a nasty bitch Flat screen, loud music, me and Fresh a bitch Pullin out the driveway with new cars and shit Palm trees feelin good nigga we love this shit Watchin ducks nigga bucks, but hold up bitch [Chorus 2X: Juvenile] Let me get my hustle on, nigga all for Nol' Let me make a hundred mill', nigga slow but sho' Let me spin my new wheels in front yo' do' Let me hit the battlefield nigga slangin snow [Juvenile] I wonder why niggaz always be doin stupid shit No sense involved at all, it's foolishness Now if a nigga take it and somebody hit yo' stash is you goin to bust his ass or are you gonna let that pass Besides, it only was a bundle of dough You a hustler nigga, you know how to get you some mo' Just tighten up yo' circle and surveillance your spot If you catch a nigga touchin somethin, he gettin got Now carry on with whatcha doin 'fore the people get hot Leave them hoes alone cause they the reason we gettin got If you owe a nigga pay him they be holdin a grudge He don't want to take a loss but he'll take it in blood Make sure fiends don't pass, make all the cash Big fired bags and floss on they ass I've been through some shit, that make me a survivalist I may be a lot of different things, but I'm not a bitch [Chorus] [Juvenile] But anyway, I'm not the subject of the matter All y'all bitch ass niggaz I'm comin after Cause the minute that I start slippin Look at who is gon' be tryin to get in my position, niggaz is grimin But what they don't know, I got some killers that's behind me I used to pull it off way back in the early 90's If any one of y'all wanna do it we can do it Don't hold it on your chest dog, don't be pumpin fluid [Mannie Fresh] I'm a Uptown hunter on Washington 6th Set the line goin down () a bitch They got that iron Uptown and they slangin it quick Valence is my home, I'ma rep 'til I'm gone Valence and Magnolia, but Greyhead roam Magnolia Projects is where I set my roam Saratoga and (), I call my home Ran through the Melphamine(), nigga I did that shit [Chorus] [ad libs to fade]

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