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JARREN BENTON lyrics - My Grandma's Basement


Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] Your liver taste exquisite with Chianti, The uppercut is so vicious that it could lift a donkey, I pop pills and cop kill, the visions haunt me, Kill him, then bring him back to life and forgive a zombie, Blow the shotty up and hit him in the prison lobby, The closest thing you got to pussy is doing bitches' laundry, Youz a sucker, motherfucker, and that should alarm me, You ain't carrying hammers, you a fictitious army, Y'all make Drake look hard bodied, that should appall me, And my money astronomical like Dennis Garvey, Unless you want your fuckin' head shattered, get up off me, I'm about to break fool on you, catcher, harm me, Pull the motherfuckin' biscuit out catch a body, Italian luxury and I ain't talking Maserati, The fish hit you dead in the chest, a kamikaze, The flying monkey gets Ozbourne like I was Ozzy, [Laughing] Boxcutter Pazzy! Yo, Mr. Benton, Kato, what up?! [Verse 2: Jarren Benton] All I need is one mic, three syringes and two rocks, I rap like I got Pac's dead corpse in a shoe box, I'm a retard, Jarren stay on that stupid shit, So disrespectful, I slapped Christ off his crucifix, I go to your funeral, punch the eulogist, Papa used to tell me that rapping ain't fuckin' lucrative, That's foolishness dad, you sound ludicrous, Fuck your opinion, goddamn it, we 'bout to do this shit, Boxcutter hooligan, Look what this blade would do to him, Fuck a fifth of Henny, I could chug a whole pool of gin, Kill him, then I stand over his body, then I shoot again, Fuck coke, get high off the pesticides of fuel again, I'm an animal, I grew up in the pits of hell, I'm strong enough to punch through the ocean and fucking kill a whale, Scalpels and all sorts of assortments, Bitch, I'm a pimp, I can sell shit to a toilet, So scram with your faggot ass, Don't make me let the semi blast, Fuck a gun, don't make me pop the trunk and pull out Vinnie Paz, Y'all some homos, rappers talking 'bout finny bags, Keep the conversation brief but we ain't talking clinic ash, Just read a shitty comment, now my day is ruined, You 'bout as gay as a B2K reunion, I'm an innovator, give a shit what they were doin', Rotting flesh pollutes my back yard, so now my neighbors movin', Adidas on my feet, it's never Reeboks, Hop says he dropping his album right after Detox, I'm into bestiality, getting head from an ewok, You niggas got it fucked up like a Blood trying to C-Walk, I throw you off a tree top, in a Chevy bumping P-Rock, Bitch, I'm off the wall just like fucked up Sheetrock, Doctor Lecter, I eat you rappers, get ethered, Finish it since Papa skeeted me out his urethra. Bitch!

Massive Heat

Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz "Make It Reign"
Kurupt:Uh, PG Verse 1: Peter Gunz I walk holdin my balls, About an inch from the wall, Keep hips hypnotized as if My name was biggie smalls, Your girls are docced dip in, Nigga keep a headlock, Trust Gunz with your wife? Motherfucker bet not, Sleep on Peter G, Peas don't eevr doubt it, From here to New Orleans, I'll improve 'em, bout it bout it, When a days I do a Michael, To the days of being jailed, Class with thoughts that kept My fresh mind stale, Bridge: Peter Gunz and Kurupt Now, who you know With the New York, that keeps a brother respect From California like I'm Snoop Doggy Dogg? Peter Gunz: Well, I'm Pete gunny Gunz, For plenty ammo ammo, Shove this pipe in yo wife, And watch her voice hit soprano, I got rhymes, cock mine, Just shits naughty gimmick, That nigga that raps about it But he do it in a minute, Got schemes that'll break yo wealth, Break yo health, You see me comin nigga, Just break yourself, (break yourself) A bronx tails like deniro The girl call me, hero , Bust a kids' in the mouth in a 15-0-0, Playas play on, Hatas hate on, Put my weight on, Hit yo bitch off, And then I skate on, Lay on, me, Nigags can't touch this, Try to rush this? (shit) Fuck this, Get the fuck out of here, (you know what I'm sayin?) Chorus: Kurupt This is for my niggas, Holdin down the street, Sellin guns hand to hand, Under massive heat, Cause a nigga got to do, What he gots to do, So if you that type of nigga, Then it's just for you, All my guns, Swingin niggas from L.A.To New York, Who ain't havin it?Let the picture spray And we talk, Cause a nigga got to do, What he gots to do, So if you that type of nigga, Then it's just for you Verse 2: Sticky Fingaz This is the facsimile, You bout to get that ass faxed, This is simple, And beat with bast, I got a little somethin somethin, For all you cats, And all you fleas, And all you Cs, (all y'all) Midnight dark, Cock back the spark, It starts sparkin, And everything's dark, And I know where them niggas is at, There they go, Gettin hit like, Where the homies at? Where they go? Yeah nigga, Left all alone in the zone, Where heads are flown back, Bone flown in the zone, Terrors, dripemental, Tight and gigantic, Titanium, Subterrainium, Titanic, it's all loose, Vanish and run 'em down, (what?) Peter Gun and the down, Full pound, full round, Tariq stack the pockets of his pants, Rob a fringah, (what?) That's what you get For fucking with niggas with Sticky Fingaz, (yeah, yeah) I though about it, And naw, I don't doubt it, Might get us, But don't fuck with us, Verse 3: Peter Gunz: Gunz (7x) Movin and groovin And showin (fade) Ay yo I blast in the door, Everybody get the fuck down, Anybody move is gettin fucked down, Kurupt pull the truck round, Blindfolded gag these niggas, Grab these niggas, They move bodybag these niggas, That's when they start bitchin, Like, he said it, and he said it , What the funny shit about it (yo) They both gettin get it, Do you head it? It's a lot fish, You might see the Titanic, In this gigantic, But you're dead nigga in Five minutes Verse 4: Lord Tariq Ay yo Gunz,I bust him in the mouth, Give him new meaning to Bite the bullet , If he flips, I won't think, I react just pull it, Got to take 22 full clips, Cock it back to you, Next silly you, I'm killin you, You gettin blessed by the L-O, Say hello to my big partner, Yo with this heavy metal, I'm a rock ya, I tell yo fuckin block, bring your guns, Ya bring your goons, And I'm killin all 9 of y'all motherfuckers, Chorus Lord Tariq: Ay yo I see 9 niggas, I got 9 shots, I gots to stay low, Niggas know me from Robbin spots, Better be get my rec on, Got my vest on, My shit is reinforced, Stick enough to stop Teflon, They got about a key, In the corner, They sittin in a 3, In a quarter, On the way of the manslaughter, So I approach the man, The keys to the car, cash and the coke, Get the fuck on the floor, Or get smoked motherfucker, Starin at the trees on my trucker, Jumped in the 3, I hit a bruptner, I must've been doing about 80, Some niggas gave chasin a Mercedes, I'm laughin, (haha) Cocked my nine, and start blastin, Six to the chest, For being swift with the tongue, Now you use a garbage bag, For a lung, You can't fuck with a gun, I've been in this game since '81, Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz y'all done

The Return

[Verse 1: Mibbs] It's the return to the city of the angels and demons Where the party's still popping while the neighbors is sleeping Police helicopters flying over our heads I don't know what happened but I hope that nobody's dead You know that shit don't stop so now it's back to the basics Living above the law, that's some classic LA shit And banging Pac, Cube, Snoop, Eazy, and Dre shit Been on a hiatus, now we back to our greatness Since I was kid, my best friend was Kurupt Yo-Yo was my bitch and DJ Quik was my unc' Mack 10 and Dub-C taught me to tie my Chucks And Nate Dogg was my nigga, he never left me on stuck I give my city a hug and make love to the pavement Where I live at everyday is like a fucking vacation Hoes come to my city, looking for a vocation I tell him get with this pick up or she [?] [Hook: Ty$] Ya bitch wanna smoke with a nigga She said you's a broke ass nigga And girls just wanna have fun Ride around, top down in the sun She want a nigga that can Buy her something, buy her something, buy her something She need a nigga that can Buy her something, buy her something, buy her something Yea, yea [Verse 2: Like] K I heard from this old throwback I been dying to cut down She used to be a dime, heard she got her a son now Tryna get at me, but she got a big gut now And showed up to my crib weighing two hundred plus pounds You tryna guess if I still got in them guts, wow I did though, don't act like you never fucked with no big ho We from that big coast where the 6 4's hop And where the guns might bust, and where there's none like us House parties cracking 'til the sun light's up Name another trio with a buzz like us Name another trio who can bust like us Who get love like us, but there's none I trust [Hook] [Verse 3: BeYoung] Say rest in peace to the homie Chick Hearn Floss too much and you bound to get served Talk reckless and it's bound to get heard Niggas booking flights into town just for the herbs Don't think it's just the birds Surfing and sunshine Run that light and you swerve into one time, some broke, some fly Cutthroat, cut ties That nigga sixteen, how he get double life, for tryna bubble white Pack heats and Niggas after cash like it's always tax season Pull a Breezil with ass fat, cleavage Met her Friday, got the ass that weekend Hatchback beating, where the cash at, seek it Wear the wrong hat, you can catch that beating Laderas and the swang, we in the parking lot chiefin' Yea, that's the city that I'mma never leaving We get high [Hook]

Who Want What

What up Sigel? Huh? Yeah Smash , scrape, scrape.... you know the game baby CHORUS 2X: Beanie Mac and Memphis Who the fuck want what Me and Bleek charmed up , with your town under siege Diligent in the sleeve Who the fuck want what Me and Beans charmed up , got you niggas arms up My squad be armed up [Memphis Bleek] This one's for the dogs with the 4-4 long You niggas bust shots but you throw yours wrong (yeah) Peep game , niggas leaves stain when it rain Damped and wont dry we thugs we won't cry [Beanie Mac] Ayo you know how we play dog , smash and scrape Pull them real tools out they won't blast them eights Trust me they start tellin who blast the weight Bleek a three time felon I'ma basket case [MB] You bout ta witness a dynasty like no other Who flow like Bleek , think , no other Who rhyme like Sigel , dog , no other It's Roc-a-Fella twin desert eagle no other [BM] Ayo we outshinin niggas , two of the finest niggas Got niggas like damn where'd Jay find them niggas Rock blocked diamonds niggas , that'll blind you niggas You know it's Cru Love , just thought we'd remind you niggas Who the fuck want what Who the fuck want what Who the fuck want what Who the fuck want what Who the fuck want what Who want what Who the fuck want what Beans and Bleek , Roc baby , don't stop [MB] Ayo I ride with the top down , high with the glock now War it don't stop now , Memph man hot now Niggas didn't want that I'm still where you pump at B. Sigel , M. Bleek , niggas can't front that [BM] Ayo nigga who want that , not a soul First week, no video , went gold Bases loaded , now I'm up to bat Witness the truth , niggas can't fuck with that [MB] Fuck those who disagree like these streets aint mine Like the Roc don't mean somethin , glock won't lean somethin [BM] Ayo like I won't pop up in fifty shot machine somethin Hit you from a half a block , infrared beam somethin Niggas don't want it with Mac , trust me Niggas wanna chill , roll up , and get blunted with Mac [MB] A then we swerve out , blowin herb out , you heard 'bout My 'bout it squad , niggas get rowdy and rob CHORUS [MB] Ayo you heard the title nigga , who the fuck want what My bullets you get em free who the fuck want one [BM] Ayo I still throw 4, 5, 6 , upset rookies Set up shop on Flushin , who you can't touch him [MB] I'm still on two birds , two blunts , too hurt Two of the biggets guns put two in your shirt [BM] You can still get two to your chest I'll show what a thug about and let them slugs spit out [MB] I'm that same cat all black crack in my palm Hop off the B. Franklin with gat in my palm [BM] Yo I still spit a thousand bars , still roam the resevoir with dogs I still wire your jaw [MB] And yeah I smoke weed , I don't give a you know Pop up on your block and hit it up in the Hugo [BM] To the streets all over , we spot you niggas Put your feet up Hova , we got you nigga CHORUS

Bout My Money

TRICK DADDY "Book Of Thugs: Chapter A.K., Verse 47"
[Trick Daddy] Let's see, what to do today Fuck that I'm goin to get my money This one in a.. Thuggin memory That thug nigga Hollywood nigga I did this one in that nigga name Hollywood nigga, yall remember that mutha fuckin name This bout that mutha fuckin money NIGGA!!!!!! To kill for cocaine and get a nigga killed And a banana peel will get his whole hide flipped He's bringin danger to the life of his home boy's You can see the moon, but don't let him go alone boy Bout my money, we goin to bump heads and it wont be long That's why I got two choppers, one for the car, and one for the home Got extra grip for when they hold on Nextel, instead of these dial tones and quarter game for these old tapped ass cell phones And new back bone for my new dread homes You aint been outta jail long, but nigga you dead wrong Bout my money, nigga you shouldn't a played wit it You're goin to remember the day when this A.K hit ya. [Chorus:] Bout my money That shit there aint nothin funny Don't start duckin and runnin when it go to gunnin bout my money And sonny, don't be stuntin and lookin funny When I ask about my mutha fuckin money That shit there aint nothin funny Don't start duckin and runnin when it go to gunnin bout my money And sonny, don't be stuntin and lookin funny Have my mutha fuckin money [Trick Daddy] I read in the Book of Thugs, Chapter A.K Verse 47 And it tells me all thugs niggas go to heaven But between the lines of verses 48 and 9 Is what ya thug nigga's, drug dealin and doin time But verse 100, talks bout my money Say's its full of blood so all memphis is funny But nigga I don't want to hold your gold I just want to free your soul And be found somewhere in public when all this shit unfolds I done gave ya two bricks, and you aint gave me back shit You runnin around in your new bubble lights When verse sit lookin sick I aint here to hold ur sing, I just want my cream and you can keep your little watch and ring that go bling bling [Chorus] [Trick Daddy] Now all this huffin and puffin aint goin to get you young fuck nigga's nothin But a shit bag and bullet holes through your bloody clothes Out of all the nigga's you mutha fuckin know I should have been the last nigga you want to muthafuckin know I'll meet ya at your front door, and im bringin my calico Nigga if u aint got my flow ur ass gotta go We'll get you mammy and all and layin em down on the front room floor Bout to do em all cuz I done have problems bout all this shit unfolden Bout my money, I came at it, and your son ain't have it Now this nigga I owe is goin to be the next nigga to go I only got 20 G's, and I owe 'em 84 It ain't my muthafuckin fault, I'm short bout 64 This nigga aint goin to fuck me no more [Trick talking] [Chorus]

Mcs Come And Mcs Go

Freddie Foxxx "Industry Shakedown"
Shaquita your mother's at the door, Shaquita your mother's at my door She said you shoulda been home at 11:30, she's at my door Intro: Check it out party people in the house we wanna set the party off right right about now, with the hottest underground MC in the game, that's right it's Bumpy Knuckles baby, and we came to show you the diverse flow part of what we're 'bout to do today, so if you ready throw your hands in the air while we freak it like thi, thi, thi, thi- thi- thi thi this [Verse 1] Clap your hands and stomp your feet While we rock to the sounds of the Bumpy beat, the Bumpy beat You never heard me flow this slow So I thought that I would do it just to let you know I'm still nice with my M I C I still put the hottest niggas on I C E I'm down with Guru and DJ Premier I'd like to thank y'all both for bringin me here Now, back to the business while you clappin your hands It's been a while since you've seen a real MC These niggas make me feel thin With all these gangstas around wit it's You're rockin with the best I live a hard knock life, I wear a hard knock vest Wanna give me a hard knock test I have your little kids screamin I'm so hard that after me You need a Will Smith song to appreciate life I'm like Eddie in Tibet Fuck the bald head boy I want the, the, the mic Let's take it back to union square Can I grab the mic and MC in here Well if so let's start class Pharoah say rub on your titties Bumpy say rub on your ass HOOK: MCs come and MCs go I'm one of the few MCs left with MC flow So when MCs come in, MCs know If they can't MC then they got to go Now everybody light it up now HO... Take it deep inside your body and breathe... Let it out [Verse 2] Rock rock y'all I wanna give it to the thugs So they can bring it inside the party and spread it out to everybody Yo Bumpy look Omigod, what is this Got your hands in your pocket tryin to hide that icy wrist Now did you think I would miss, all that glitter and jewel When you know I rob a nigga, just too well It's not mine Bumpy do tell I wonder if I stick this knife in yo' ass would they hear you yell It's nice to jack a nigga before you get on stage And watch him standing in the crowd still cheering you and shit I'm nice y'all, like Gretzky and ice ball Wanna fuck Scary Spice not once but twice y'all I rocked in London and the crowd was yelling Bumpy Knucks is the MC that we be feelin Hennesey was a popular drink and it still is Look what it done to Arnold and Willis The real heads gon feel this My mic is kinda like my Vanderblast Jag only I wheel this Now let's take it back to Union Square Can I grab the mic and make it hot in here Well if so let's make it hot to the beat y'all, and you don't stop CHORUS [Verse 3] Keep it on y'all, to the funky sound Fuck hate me baby you can hump me now All the ladies in the house that's sick and tired of sayin ow Take just one minute and ask these rap niggas how They can get on stage and rap like that How you expect to get pussy after the show with crap like that I bring the element, I remember like an elephant When selling crack and jewels was not so relevent But times are harder than blind man's chest Big up my little man Big L, in peace he rests It's not many niggas spittin like it used to be So I'ma hang around here y'all get used to me All the gangstas in the house with they separate crews When these corporate ass kissers gon accept the news That black people get nothing but the blues And we lost at the white folks back in the fifties and sixty two I been to school, and I spit at MCs Until they spin 360 degrees and then they pass out Not gas out, and I'm not stoppin While the hoes is still jockin and your head is still boppin I flinch, don't fuck you and keep the bed rockin Jump from ass to ass so I know I'm hip hoppin Now let's take it back to Union Square Can I grab the mic and MC in here Well if so let's keep it tight While the real MCs take control of this mic CHORUS

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