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JAMES MCMURTRY lyrics - Just Us Kids

Just Us Kids

Original and similar lyrics
I've had enough of this small town bullshit I'm not stayin' in school I'm makin' good dough workin' with my brother Cleanin' out pools I'm going out to California And man it won't be long As soon as I get my license Color me gone Oh knock it off Johnny Man, your livin' in your head You ain't even got a car And those chicks don't believe a word ya said But you're doin' all the talkin' So I just keep quiet And this'll probably go no where But I can't blame ya for tryin' It's just us kids hangin' round the park at night Hangin' round 'neath the vapor light We got no drugs and we got no guns Not even botherin' anyone I don't have to wear a necktie I don't have to punch a clock I started up a dot com company And man it rocks Won't you come with me down to Mexico In the winter with some friends? My divorce will be final Along about then Meanwhile I got a gram and a real good ride And don't you know I hurt way down inside? Just us kids in the parking lot Out here givin' it all we got We don't want to get old and die And there ain't nothing we wouldn't try Ya know we could really have it all Our kid's gonna graduate next fall I could take retirement in 10 years It's a damn short movie How'd we ever get here? Just us kids hangin' out today Watchin' our long hair turnin' gray Not so skinny maybe not so free Not so many as we used to be

Kids In America

BLOODHOUND GANG "Use Your Fingers"
Looking Out A Dirty Old Window Down Below The Cars In The City Go Rushing By I Sit Here Alone And I Wonder Why Friday Night And Everyone's Moving I Can Feel The Heat But It's Seuthing Heading Down I Search For The Meaning In This Dirty Town (Downtown) The Young Ones Are Going (Downtown) The Young Ones Are Growing We're The Kids In America (Whoa Oh) We're The Kids In America (Whoa Oh) Everybody Live With The Music Go Round (Round Round Round Round) Bright Lights The Music Gets Faster Look Girl Don't Checkin' Your Watch Not Another Glance I'm Not Leaving Now Honey No Not A Chance Hot Shots Give Me No Problems Much Little Baby You'll Be Saying Never Mind You Know Life Is Creul Life Is Never Kind We'll Make A New Story We'll Wrap It In Glory We're The Kids In America (Whoa Oh) We're The Kids In America (Whoa Oh) Everybody Live With The Music Go Round La La La La La La La La La La (Sing) La La La La La La La La La La La La La Come Closerer Honey That's Better Got To Get A Brand New Expiriance Feeling Right Oh Don't Try To Stop Me Be Hold Me Tight Outside The New Day Is Dawning Outside Suburbia's Sprawling Everywhere I Don't Want To Go Baby New York To East Philidelphia There's A Newark Coming Up On Ya We're The Kids In America (Whoa Oh) We're The Kids In America (Whoa Oh) Everybody Live With The Music Go Around La La La La La La La La La La (Sing) La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La We're The Kids We're The Kids We're The Kids In America

Revolving Door

CRAZY TOWN "Gift Of Game"
[CHORUS:] Now Ladies come, ladies go, Out my revolving door Some ladies never come back, Most come back for more. I've got a house in the hills With a door that spins. Goes in and out, Out and in, ‘Round and ‘round again. I live a life these player haters Would love to be living. Since a kid, I've been surrounded By beautiful women. And slippen' in them To win them The unforgiven. Still something's missing, Cuz deep inside I'm suffering Of a lonely heart condition. Wishing I could find a girl That would take me away From the chaos of the city And the everday part that I play. Tell me why lay low, Why say no When I got girls serenading at My window. Ladies good to go We's major league The new breed. No so-so. Highly advanced and got the game To get in any girl's pants. And romance her stone Cuz I more than hold my own They call me Shifty Capone I make them moan Yes, I'm the one. Between the sheets, I amaze and stun. Ain't no need for me to brag About the way that I'm hung. Let's just say I got the skills To get the flyest girl sprung. Or to take and make An older lady feel young. [CHORUS] I keep my girls in rotation, Door rotating. You looking for a good time, I'm always on vacation. You could stop by baby, If you want to try your luck. But don't waste my time, Unless you're down to fuck. Unless you're coming back for more, Well then you know what's up. You know the routine Girl, you're not the one. You're just a one night fling. Some ass to hold this casanova over. Till the right girl pass, I'll drop this lifestyle fast. Cuz what I'm really looking for Is the one will last And make my present past. My adolescence surpassed. By the will to chill, I'm looking for something real. In a world of fake hos in high heels I'll drop hot wax on your nipples, Causing trouble. And when you ride me, Yo, I'll be throwing up that triple double My sex drive's kicking. I'm sexually exploring. So many possibilities, It seems my life could never get boring. Cuz I'm not fucking around. I'll rub you down the right way. I'll rock your world nightly. So, can I hit it lightly Yo, girl, I like it like that. Let me hit it from the back. I'm a natural aphrodisiac. Better known as a Mac. [Chorus]

Sing For The Moment

These ideas are nightmares to white parents Whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings Like whatever they say has no bearing Its so scary in a house that allows no swearing To see him walking around with his headphones blaring Alone in his own zone, cold and he dont care He's a problem child, and what bothers him all comes out When he talks about his fuckin' dad walkin' out Cuz he just hates him so bad that he blocks him out But if he ever saw him again, he'd probably knock him out His thoughts are wacked, he's mad so he's talkin' back Talkin black, brainwashed from rock and rap He sags his pants, do-rags and a stocking cap His step-father hit him so he socked him back And broke his nose, his house is a broken home There's no control, he just lets his emotions go Come on... Chorus: Sing with me, sing for the year Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear Sing with me now, just for today Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away Verse #2 Entertainment is changing, intertwinin' with gangsters In the land of the killers, a sinner's mind is a sanctum Only an unholy, only have one homie, Only this gun, lonely cuz don't anyone know me Yet everybody just feels like they can relate I guess words are a motherfucka, they can be great Or they can degrate, or even worse, they can teach hate Its like kids hang on every single statement we make Like they worship us, plus all the stores ship us platinum Now how the fuck did this metamorphosis happen? From standin' on corners and porches just rappin' To havin' a fortune, no more kissin' ass But then these critics crucify you, journalists try to burn you Fans turn on you, attorney's all want a turn at you To get they hands on every dime you have They want you to lose your mind every time you mad So they can try to make you out to look like a loose cannon Any dispute won't hesitate to produce handguns Thats why these prosecutors wanna convict me Strictly just to get me offa these streets quickly But all their kids be listen'n to me religiously So i'm signing cds while police fingerprint me They're for the judges daughter, but his grudge is against me If i'm such a fuckin' menace, this shit doesn't make sense, B It's all political, if my music is literal and i'm a criminal, How the fuck can i raise a little girl? I couldn't. i wouldn't be fit to You're full of shit too, Guerrera, that was a fist that hit you! Chorus Verse #3 They say music can alter moods and talk to you Well can it load a gun up for you and cock it too? Well if it can, then the next time you assault a dude Just tell the judge it was my fault, and I'll get sued See what these kids do, is hear about us totin' pistols And they want to get one, cos they think this shit's cool Not knowin' we're really just protectin' ourselves We're entertainers; of course this shit's affecting our sales You ignoramus. but music is reflection of self We just explain it, and then we get our checks in the mail It's fucked up ain't it, how we can come from practically nothin' To bein' able to have any fuckin' thing that we wanted It's why we sing for these kids that don't have a thing Except for a dream and a fucking rap magazine Who post pinup pictures on their walls all day long Idolize their favorite rappers and know all they songs Or for anyone who's ever been through shit in they lives Till they sit and they cry at night, wishin they'd die Till they throw on a rap record, and they sit and they vibe We're nothing to you, but we're the fuckin' shit in their eyes That's why we seize the moment, and try to freeze it and own it Squeeze it and hold it, 'cos we consider these minutes golden And maybe they'll admit it when we're gone Just let our spirits live on, through our lyrics that you hear in our songs And we can Chorus Chorus without Beat Instrumental


Better believe---- it cause it is co --- min ------ You wan't believe the site you see before eyes --- You wan't believe the site you see before eyes --- [Black Thought] Just push the panic button on your remote control Then enter the zone where our patrolers will get round cold soul Diddly Bo leave for feelin a saga foretold Who got caught pon the block for gold got the old Heads froze - they peepin outa closed windows They not secure as they supposed I watched it all unfold Well this another episode with titanic panoramic view is dismantle depressin um - load with this gun hold Wild like a sun sold for cash Guns traded for sensi and hash crack for ass Entire crews pass not making the news flash Brews pass a memory and spark not to blast Whatever have transform to the war path Pure wrath from north down to 24th and Task Games store the half the niggas you were prayin the streets Tainted with camoflouge - guerilla sabotoge My cousin's da ratatard was livin tight large Got caught then blast crashed off on Broad and Lambar So many so called hearts scared they burried in the yard Lick shots at Babylon de one comfy bombard Kids run far from traditional credit cards scams Veterans is nipped in the butt with large plans Stick up kids is jumpin outta played the Dodge Rams to jam You and your man it's mad drama and - [CHORUS] This is for all of my niggas that are RIP You ain't missin of life ain't what this should be I pass a car soon you know who's the enemy Lots of shit has changed and it's kinda fucked up to see You remeber Top C nigga think slice of dream Yo I'm fast for the buck do anything for the cream Never seen a case like this although it's quite contageous He even got his little bother actin all outrageous From dusk to dawn and from dawn back to dusk They do anything and everything tryin to come up It's kinda sicknin how the cash is so fucking addicted And when I say some bout they say that that's conflicted Ain't nothin but a contradiction in this world we live in Cause the loot is for the takin and not for the givin Then ya got this world well I say I'ma die hustlin Fuck everybody except my brother who I'm trusted in I guess the couple just did not know the truth Cause the following week I seen threw him of the roof And sometimes I wonder what the fuck I think about that How nowadays kids get whap for somethin less than a pat But I guess that's how it goes when there ain't no more rap Thought he was his borthers keep but fuck all that Niggas causin mayhem from the p.m.'s to a.m.'s Americas worst nightname guns against hands [CHORUS] It was the year a 84 I was tryin ta get in the mix The year the niggas roll with sheepskins kitcells and kicks Even got the patten leather Adidas snatched of your feet Man that talk is cheap the cripled can't walk for weeks The first sto was word to Penn and Teller's Strolled in the dollar house parties and search for Cinderella Was just a little man real bold Tryin to act grown and old so da respect can be shown A Hip Hop a little copped in and break dancin' When niggas wore wind breakers plot to take lamb skins Remeber Zigglers? Uptown the bottom to Natrona and St. Charles in South Phil the ooh mob gang H-R-M Ogontz Ave. Brickyard to hollow Niggas was snatchin gazzeles and flippin pockets for tha dallo You run ya little wolf chain in West Oak Lane And niggas from Logan came to extort we know tha game You proclaim this gangster bullshit talk And never even seen your man shot a bodies in charge Aggravated assualt another weekend in the precinct Take everybody for their ring man that's how we think Back then you catch a sucker punch off guard Niggas will pull you card tryin to walkaround all hard Niggas quick to flip your pockets if you lip service When you see fifty niggas deep with scully's get nervous It ain't no tellin what they could do to you So you clutch up thinkin you knowin you gettin stuck up In another episode in my area code It's another episode in my area code


Good morning, its 3a.m. in this great roaring city full of garbage eaters ravaging parking spots beneath my plaza window I see cheetah in their tight skins and tired heels all-night hippo in the diner crossing the street swarthy herds of young impala flambastic gibbon even a struggling monza and over there that brilliant head ornament on that Japanese macaque but look closely at the hammerhead hand in hand with the mandrill, its a sight you're unlikely to see anywhere else on the planet. . . the stench and the noiose, yes, yes, the howlers resonating repertoire is not too bad when mixed with the more musical twern of the tropical warbler but the impatient taxi blare the squawking elderly ibis and the glass-eye snapper hawking papers I can certainly live without also be cautious of the poisonous boomslang laughter social droppings of the fruit bat and purple queen fish and who's that babbler conversing with a magazine stand? Evidently he's getting a good reply. . . Arrive in neurotica through neon heat disease I swear at the swarming herds I sweat the foul terrain I rove the moving scenery I have no fin no wing, no stinger no claw, no camouflage I have no more to say . . . Say . . .isn't that an elephant fish on the corner over there look at that bush baby mud puppy noolbenger rhinoderma marmoset spring peeper shingleback skink siren skate starling star-gazer spoonbill and suckers they seem to be everywhere, well it's a live revue random animal parts now playing nightly right here in neurotica. . . so long. . .

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