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JACKSON BROWNE lyrics - The Naked Ride Home

For Taking The Trouble

Original and similar lyrics
For taking the trouble, for hanging on and tryin' Now you've been working through the rubble of a shattered mind Yeah Baby, tell me why the tears are falling from your eye Tears of laughter, tears of grief, are they the tears of a captured thief? You thought that you were home free, thought you had her well in hand But there were things about her you didn't understand Yeah Baby, tell me how you're gonna keep that promise now? To live your life without regret and make it work with what you get You didn't then, but now you know When she began to lie-you really should have let her go You're learnin' how to talk about it, you're learnin' how to bend It's like you're learning how to walk all over again Yeah Baby, tell me who you're gonna give your lovin' to? That girl who catches every eye Or the one you can set your compass by You set it by her soulful smile The fire in her eye And the way she goes that extra mile The love you wanted this to be Is somewhere down the line You'll find her eventually Your grandma and her grandma Sittin' 'round heaven discussin' the law Lovin' that girl was not your crime, Livin' without her gonna take some time Lovin' that girl next thing you knew, You'd turned away from the thing you do Lovin' that girl, you couldn't see Living without her gonna make you free

Fight The Feelin

Too Short
featuring Rappin 4-Tay Too Short: Say hoe yeah you Can I ask you a question You like to fuck? Oh, you don't want me to talk to you like that Will you like to make love? I saw you walking down the street, and I had to stop Turn up the radio and drop the top I see you look so good, and your so fine Young tender, would you be mine I get you in my car, drive you to my house Cuz I'm a mack, I cold turn you out I wont ask, and I sure won't beg Reach right over and rub your leg I let my hand slide between your miniskirt Slip a finger in your panties, straight go to work What time is it, don't watch the clock Lay back baby doll and I'll rock the cock Funky Fresh I am, and I always can, Freak Nasty I'm the man I take you out to the finest resturant Buy you any damn thing that you want You want flowers, I'll buy your ass a rose But later on your coming out them pantie hose You want gold, girl whats next It's me and you, doing the sex So now you know I'm just a freak Give it up baby, I can't wait two weeks I want it all, Don't say I won't Get it girl, now I'm telling you don't . . . -girls voice- Nigger please You provoke no feeling You must of forgot, the girls of whom you're dealing We haven't the urge, to get busy Like those dizy lizys, who used to dance for you, your through I can't put it more blunt, your vocab is restricted You're addicted, to the words you inflicted Time after time, line after line Talking bout the bitches that are on your mind Do they call you short, because of your height or your width Dis me boy, I'll hang your balls from a cliff Wrapped around a slinky, your a dinky It's an easy task, to the corner cause the curb didn't want your ass Your name is yuck mouth, you don't brush Gotta cover your mouth like this They call you yuck mouth You refuse to brush, no sweetheart you can keep that kiss Your a freak with no tale You have no ass, class,you can't pass, your simply trash Your a typical nigger, the kind you don't take home scissor tights and Barbie from the dangerous zone Like a short dogg that carries fleas You make my ass itch, twitch, don't you wish you could scratch it And grab it like you want it The name fits cause your all up on it... -Too $hort- Get mad if you want, I won't front When it's time to hump, won't be no punk Roll your ass over and tap the butt Too $hort baby all in them guts I'm not your ABC, from the alphabet Every letter I'll write'll get your pussy wet It's just a freaky note, from me to you At the bottom I signed it Playboy II I'm a player, bitch, I thought you knew Like every other nigger in my crew I bump hoes, now it's your turn Tell me young tender when will you learn I cold mack like pimps you know Won't sell you though, or sell your blow Just your average everyday straight bump up bitch My gold rings come from spitz Look baby, You know what I want Your acting like it's that time of the month Are you bleeding, can't think about sex Irritated by your Kotex We don't need to kiss, we don't have to fuck I'll pull out my dick bitch, you can suck Now here, don't say I won't Get it girl, now I'm telling you don't... -Girls Voice- Punk I'm not a tease, I'm not a skeezer And most definately, not a dick pleaser You dreaming ,and sceeming, and fiending for my lust You don't have enough For you I feel disgust Wait, small things I hate For goodness sakes, If I wanted someone small I would masturbate I'm not talking 'bout your height, weight, or what you dream When I say too short, you know what I mean You see, I need man, not a boy to approach me Your lame game, really insults me Your name is Too $hort, or shall I say too skinny If size were money honey, you wouldn't have a penny Little boy, your not a player I'm your savior To try to get at me, shows of gracious behavior I have to sit on my feet to come down to your level Your mother should have hung you, from her umbilical cord If she would have known your mission Okay little boy, here's a proposition You wanna bit of danger, Step you to my zone You call yourself a dogg, thatz how I'll send you home With your tail between your legs, screeching and whining Jealous of you got some, nigger please your lying Cause I fight the feeling, that would have to be one And mathmatically, me plus you equals none... -Rappin 4 Tay- I am the rapper that they call 4 tay I'm gon tell you like my homie Short Dogg would say Hoes in the world, trying to play it sweet Knowing damn well that they wanna freak Some do this for maybe a week And then it's cool to get up under the sheets Trying to work that thang, but she said no That's about as far as it's going to go So I toss and turn, to make it loose Finally she feels the act right juice Some of you hoes say, oh that's nasty Back of your coat say sweet and sassy 24 deep, that's how you sleep Undercover freak every day of the week You see some of you freaks just need to quit it Playing that role like you ain't with it The rest of you freaks just won't admit it Especially when you know just who can get it Ain't body tripping cuz I know I'm right You could be black or you could be white For a (low bass) girl it really don't take to long But a (low bass) girl's always trying to turn ya on With a little squeze, but it's just a tease Give it some time, she'll be on her knees Then I'll pick her up, so I can work the butt Baby, I just wanna try to bust a nut But don't get me wrong, cause you started it all Coming to my house in a Camasol But when it's time for me to shove Then you front on all that love First you said that I deserve it Now you fight, don't want to serve it Gave it some time, so make up your mind Don't fight the feeling, this time to unwhine You was talking 'bout you gunna give my some But I'm Rappin 4 Tay it don't make me numb... -Too $hort- Yeah man, the little hoes got ill So now it's time to get way to real I know they never have some real dick They need to quit talking that childish shit You wanna rank hoe Go get your bank hoe My little dick'll have you screaming though Because when it comes to sex, you don't know what's up Your still playing that finger fuck See I'm a grown man I bust some young cock out I like big butts, not big mouths I know some little girls'll break you down in bed Pull your drawers down, give you some head But little girl, you wanna have some fun You better go to magic mountain cuz your way too young So at this point, I can't really say shit Ain't dropping no lines, I'll just call you a bitch...Beyotch!!!


Girl, use my manger for your darling angel Cozier than my sheep you ought to be, Mary Showed you my stable for my farming animals Girl, you must spend the night with these, maybe Life is one big party when there's children But whose gonna have a bed for your small son? It's all good that you're little one's near but Can't find a room –crud! Water broke and now what? You can rush out to the place I mentioned Spend the night save the money for the rent and Keep him there through your entire vacation You won't need reservations – my barn's pretty vacant Girl, use my manger for your darling baby Over where Bo Peep would want to be, Mary Sure, use my stable – it's a charming place and Girl, you'll make friends with cows and sheep, maybe Sure it's clean and that's how you should be treated Though you'd better get another one in Egypt Ruler of Bethlehem is conceited - take it from me kid; If he comes, beat it! But he's not gonna come tonight; there's no problem Not till talkin' to some wise men; Herod's so dumb But the free room that I have for you is ho hum He could search for so long and still never see your son Girl, use my manger for your darling baby Clothe Him with white sheets or else he'll freeze, Mary Showed you my stable – what are all these angels? Girl, I might end up on my knees, maybe Girl, there's probably gonna be a crowd So let me see your child –He must be sent from up above And He appears to be so tender and so nice and friendly I think He's givin' me a hug Girl', there's probably gonna be a crowd So, let me see your child –He must be sent from up above And He appears to be so tender and so like the shepherds I'm thankin' Heaven He has come Tonight it's one big party ‘cause it's God's son But you'd better watch your back when it's all done It's all good that your little one's here but Can't be a fool, hon – what about the law, mon? You can call on divine intervention But shiny light gives you very much attention It could lead to my incarceration I wanna tell the nations, but I think I'll wait some Luke 2:7 And she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

So Fly

NB RIDAZ "Invasion"
Oh woo oh (you so fly lady) [chorus:] You look so fly, so cool Tell me girl can I talk to you I'm only in town for one night Let me know if you're down to ride So fly, so cool Tell me girl can I talk to you I'm only in town for one night Let me know if you're down to ride [Zig-Zag] Yea, you ready to ride baby? If you think you're lonely now just wait until tonight... girl I know I've been on the road and away from home But I've been feelin for you, dreamin of you And what I'm gonna do when I have you alone You heard the message on your cell phone Me sayin 'Daddy's home' I'm about to put it down Got you runnin around half-naked around the house [laugh] And this isn't just fast sex We makin love until we both climax I know you miss me, I can tell by the way you kiss me There's no other place you rather be but here and next to me with me I'm that someone who's gonna love you right even if I'm home for just one night You know it's alright It's me and you, Zig-Zag and Mary Jane Your lovin's got me never wanting to leave again [chorus] The way you move that body (uh), twist those hips (yeah) I just want to know can I tell you this... [Magic] That you're the typa girl I wanna roll with tonight I'm at the Double Tree I got an early flight but nothin Could be better than to kick it with you I'm talking about more than a one-night rendezvous You can call it what you want, but I'ma treat you right It's like a fantasy, girl close your eyes Take my time when I touch that body Get you so hot you wanna talk naughty Ooh suga suga how'd you get so fly? I'm down for yours if you're down for mine (uh) Mamacita, chula, sexy chica meet me in da room, I'm in 602 Cuz all I wanna do is have a party for two Baby girl tonight it's me and you (woo) The way you're movin that body and twistin those hips Workin those eyes and lickin those lips... oh my (oh my baby) So fly (you're so fly lady) The way you're movin that body and twistin those hips Workin those eyes and lickin those lips... oh my (oh my baby) So fly (you're so fly lady) [Dos] T-t-tell me something girl, something girl T-t-tell me something girl.. you down to make it hot? It's that freaky deaky ride sexin you non-stop Love the way I touch you, I'm breakin you down You say you shouldn't do this, you still goin down Now we on the floor You moan and groan, holdin me so tight Tellin me you want more I see you feelin freaky we're on another level Got me serving you now on a dinner table How do you want it, how does it feel? The way you lick your lips girl you know I'm diggin this Your body keeps callin, no temperatures fallin The heat keeps risin, got you mesmerizin Tonight's the night we'll remember forever If I'm eva in your spot I know you're down for whatever [chorus]

Spend The Night

DONELL JONES "Journey Of A Gemini"
[Verse 1] Listen girl, its getting hot in here And ya making me feel Like you wanna do something, oh girl Whats on your mind I cant take much more of this bumpin and grindin Don't stop watcha doing to me Baby you gone make me want you even more Act just like you want me, back that ass up on me We can take this party, to my place or yours [Chorus:] All up on me playin it close You cant stop it wont stop rollin? Shorty what you feelin like You can come and spend the night All up on me playin it close You cant stop it wont stop rollin? Baby girl if you like You can come and spend the night [Verse 2] Oh Girl, its on in here, that belivedre got you open up wide And ohh girl Since we locked eyes Said it's so surreal, that we both can not fight it ooh yeah Don't stop (said don't stop) watcha doing to me (said to me) Baby you gone make me want you even more (make me want you more and more) Act just like you want me, back that ass up on me (yeah) We can take this party, to my place or yours [Chorus x2] [Bridge] Oh girl, its that time Feels good to know your leaving here with me tonight Cuz your in the mood, so am I And the sky is not the limit, we gone see how well I give it ooh yeah Don't stop watcha doing to me Baby you gone make me want you even more (you make me want you more and more) Act just like you want me, back that ass up on me We can take this party, to my place or yours (to my place or yours baby) [Chorus (Till the End)]


C.W. McCall "Rubber Duck"
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis) YEE-HAW! Merciful sakes alive! You wanna be one a' them CBers, you gonna learn how to ratchetjaw! Pay attention now; I'm only gonna explain it to ya once. You gotta go runnin' amuck in a pick-'em-up truck With one a' those fancy sidebands? Get four-on-the-floor and two on the door Get a power mike in yer jaw-hand Prepare to strike when ya key the mike 'Cause ya never know who's a-listenin' Some clown insists on a 10-36 This here's what you give 'im: Four, good buddy, I made me a study An' I figger it's the dark a' the moon, son It's half-past spring an' a quarter ta fall An' the big hand's a-settin' on noon, son Now if the fish don't bite and the almanac's right And the groundhog sees his shadow A 10-36 goes tick-tock-tick. And that's what I call ratchetjaw! Gotta git ya a base, out there at yer place With a forty-foot pole on the chimney With a thousand watts in yer flowerpots And a ree-mote line in the biffy If ya feel a twitch when ya throw the switch Ya gonna dim all the lights in Wichita Gonna send out a wave ta make the government rave And this here's whatcha tell 'em all: Yeah, four, good buddy, yer comin' in cruddy But yer walkin' right through my wall, boy Yer carrier's cool, you makin' me drool You were definitely battin' my ball, boy You hittin' me round about fifteen pound You cut me up like a bandsaw But what the heck, it's just a radio check. And that there's how to ratchetjaw [CB conversations. They're overlaid, as if you're listening to a party line.] [Woman's voice] Breaker, breaker, breaker, breaker. We lookin' for that one Buffalo Roy out there. Buffalo Roy, what's your twenty? Where are you anyway, Buffalo Roy? Are you out there? Come on in there, Buffalo Roy. 10-4. [Man's voice] Lissen, you. Shut up on all them breakers. One breaker's enough. [words missing] all the time. Can't hear a damn thing anybody's sayin'. [C.W.] Buffalo Roy? That's a dumb handle. Wanna feel some pain? Just turn up yer gain Get a fearful earful a' garbage Ta suppress a belch, just hit yer squelch You can cut out all the carnage You wanna have fun, you son-of-a-guns Just get on the press-ta-talk switch You gonna amuse 'em an' really confuse 'em With a little ol' thing called ratchetjaw Yeah, let them suckers think yer a trucker Say stuff they can't understand, son Just bounce up-an'-down while yer toolin' around Gonna sound like a truck-drivin' man, son Just tell yer beaver that you gonna leave 'er You catch her on the bounce-around If she comes back with a smart-off crack Say X-Y-L, it's show-an'-tell. We definitely got us to go now. Keep yer pants on honey, hang onto the money Yer X-Y-M's gotta blow now Eighty-eight, thirds, and feed my bird An' all them numbers upon ya all If speed don't kill, then CB will. And that's what I call ratchetjaw [More CB conversations.] Breaker, breaker, breaker, breaker, breaker, breaker, [repeated almost ad infinitum, punctuated by bouts of laughter] [Man's voice. Begins deep, slowly rising to Shirley and Squirrely squeakiness.] Yeah, 10-4, we got ya, breaker. Come back on that? Say, what kind a'... s'not? some kind a' cotton-pickin'... you puttin' me on, aren't cha? Yeah, you puttin' me on, aren't cha? [Laughter] 10-4. 10-4.

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