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Isaac Hayes lyrics

Theme From Shaft

Original and similar lyrics
Who's the black private dick That's a sex machine to all the chicks? SHAFT! Ya damn right! Who is the man that would risk his neck For his brother man? SHAFT! Can you dig it? Who's the cat that won't cop out When there's danger all about? SHAFT! Right On! They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I'm talkin' 'bout Shaft. THEN WE CAN DIG IT! He's a complicated man But no one understands him but his woman JOHN SHAFT!

Shut Up

PAC DIV "Pacific Division EP"
[Verse 1: Mibbs] Knucklehead niggas with the base in the trunk Bout to bubble like peroxide layin in a cut Grown ass kids who don't want to grow up But will have to do it soon cause our money's grown up But even if I had 5 mil in the bank I'm a still put a 5 dollar bill in the tank What you thank? I'm a change cause I got a new Range Fuck that ante up, man who in her got some change And we lookin for Dame's with the tight stretch pants In the big booty stance with no particular plans They all like to party and so do me and my man's So we picked a destination and head straight to the sands That's the beach, for the fam that's at least once a week Where we grab a couple freaks and show em the coral reef You know what I mean, it's that sticky Cali Green And it's out your wildest dreams Listen to the beat and Shut Up [Hook: The Cool Kids] (Shut Up in between each line) Just keep your eyes on the road and It's best you keep your mouth closed Stop playin with your cell phone Cause it's about to get thrown Just keep your eyes on the road and It's best to keep your mouth closed And don't you think about touching my Stereo [Verse 2: BeYoung] Ay Yo Yo, Ay Yo Yo Hop in my bucket baby, let's swing a episode Hit the mall, trick it all, see how far yo credit go Daddy with them sweaters low, with the Po in front of it Phoney man of the year, who you think you fuckin with Used to get the ugly chicks, now they all country thick All they get is trips to Rosko's for them country grits When I'm on my Southern shit, Might hit the Waffle House Have em gone off the Kush, leave em with the cotton mouth Bring em in swap em out, seat em in knock em down See them twin woofers beatin hard time to quite down Let me play the pilot now, listen to that [?] sound I was Holy Moly when Smoke was singin "Shop Around" See my Collar? Pop it now, Neiman Marcus shopin now Hair did, nails did, got you lookin proper now Wow! you stylin on em, flyer than falcons on em This is for my ladies who crazy and got a mouth on em Shut Up! [Hook: The Cool Kids] [Verse 3: Like] Naw, there ain't another nigga flyer My bitch so cold you could promote her on the flyer These ugly chicks hatin when I'm rollin up beside her Bendin them corners til the curb kiss the tires These ho niggas liar's that's word to the Choir I be with my nigga Dom in Leimert smokin fire Where's my lighter? Mash the Kush in the Cypher In that puff pass motion, but I ain't touchin yo saliva You Juicy Mouthed, Chickens cluckin in them Hoochie outfits Swift don't just dock the tracks with people we house with Don't talk to me bout fashion dog you be wylin You still think Coogi stylish, Who's ya stylist? I'm usually loungin, puffin on some Ganja Bumpin some Sinatra, Cuttin up some pasta Snackin with my elbow on the table eatin Lobsters Napkin over the collar in case I'm sloppy with the Salsa Man Shut Up [Hook: The Cool Kids]

The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace

[Verse 1: Jay Electronica] The game ain't been the same since B.I.G died And Wu swarmed on New York from out that beehive Don't talk to me bout MC's got skill Don't talk to me bout whose the king of the hill Don't talk to me bout whose the best alive or whose in your top 5 Cause he's not I'll Real recognize real, stick to your deal Try to make a cool mill off the single With that ringtone appeal In 3 years, you'll be nil Meal by mouth, my appeal down south Is like the nation of Islam's when Ali knocked Liston out A universal change from what appeared as just about All aboard, It's the last train, soul train A bottle of ciroc could turn a private jet to soulplane Put your seats back, your tray down and feet up Cause we about to heat up [Verse 2:] From Baton Rouge to Jerusalem Rap crews we bruisin' em Crooked mouth, flat footed Cops man we losing them Let me see some ID, nigga fuck a ID You been getting head from crackheads in the lobby Mr. Officer, please observe my skintone Please observe the prophecies of hurricane and brimstone The flow's so Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoy Half oyster, half shrimp, fully dressed po-boy Lyrically I'm unfuckwitable, unforgettable One tough miracle, competition's none I leave em dumb stuck critical, that some luck, pitiful Better luck next time We young, black, and restless Hung, black and wreckless My name's on every guestlist I bang on every setlist Went to London town, tore it down and threw my necklace Even twitter said that Jay Elec be on that next shit I should be arrested [Diddy Ad libs]

Talkin' Bout Me

KANDI "Hey Kandi"
[verse 1] As a woman it's my job To make sure my man is happy Always assure him that he Has all that he needs in me As a woman it's my job To make sure he's so satisfied Keep it tight day and night so that I Never have to worry 'bout him strayin' See I'm a real woman who wants a real man And when I find him I'm gonna keep him all I can You'll never catch me stressin' him You'll only find me lovin' him I'm a real woman who wants a real man And when I meet him I'll give him all I can You'll never find me trippin' on him I'll only be givin' love to him [chorus] "My woman's gotta have skills in the kitchen, She's gotta keep it real with nothin' missin'" "You talkin' bout me" "And when she hangin' with her friends gettin' tipsy, She call me where she at and say she miss me" "You talkin' bout me" "She gotta give me good lovin' though the night now, No matter where she at she be like 'right now'" "You talkin' bout me" "And when a brother's goin' through some of that raw stuff, She got my back like 'sho nuff'" "You talkin' bout me" [verse 2] Every man wants a woman Who really has the skill to cook his meals Mac and cheese, collard greens, cream corn, baked beans "I'm a southern lady, my cooking's got him crazy" I hear they all want a woman Who can rock 'em all night, make 'em feel right Do a lot of tricks and keep him hyped You know, the house-wife/freak type See I'm a real woman who wants a real man And when I find him I'm gonna keep him all I can You'll never catch me stressin' him You'll only find me lovin' him I'm a real woman who wants a real man And when I meet him I'll give him all I can You'll never find me trippin' on him I'll only be givin' love to him [repeat chorus] [bridge] You Talkin' bout me 'Bout me Boy don't you see That you talking 'bout me 'Bout me Boy don't you see [rap] [repeat chorus]

I Luh Hur

AKINYELE "Vagina Diner"
My girl is pregnant, I'm ready to start splitting All around the town on the down low was the girl that I was hitting Everyone knows I used to luh huh I don't want this pregnant talk to get back to my mother Shit! I just can't believe it I thought me and this lady had came to a mutual agreement But I was dead wrong, her trick was evil and ill All along girlfriend I though you was still on the pill Step to the G-Y-N The gynecologist, miss, so we can put this to an END You'll need some dough, I'll probably LEND You wanna play Biz Mark AGAIN And tell him I'm just a FRIEND So buy me Newports, cause as I smoke All I do is think about you and child support But I don't got papes, I got money Sticking up and messing up when I went outta state So you can stop all that FIENDIN' With your damn SCHEMIN' You're Christopher Williams cause you must be DREAMIN' Wake up and escape And while you're at it why don't you throw away your Jodeci tapes Cause you can be forever my lady, but I ain't with no baby Ah, ah, no ifs ands or maybes I ain't old enough and ain't trying to hear it So don't steal my youth cause I'm still young in spirit That belly blows up, it's gonna be trouble Imma have to play like a pin and come pop that bubble Find Chucky if you want child's play I'll give your ass a hanging and drop you off in an alleyway This is a diary of a black man By making no alimony payments due to no wedding bands So ax that talk about MARRAGE Miss, you must of misunderstood, I want you to have a MISCARRAGE I'm fed up, and sorry that I've done it I'm ready to set her up and have my little man kick her in the stomach Or punch my fist through that naval Cause I'll be damned if this be the hand that rocks the cradle Or push her down a flight of steps I don't care or give a heck About the people under the stairs I'm all about a home made ABORTMENT My name's not Pat, so don't send Jack Black This ain't the damn Wheel of FORTUNE I don't want no pause or no PORTION Next time woman you should proceed with CAUTION It ain't all about boy and girl A half hour past the Cosby Show Cause you, it's a whole different world And yom that's how live I am Use a diaphragm, I get it off your chest like a mammogram Oh brother, word to mother Just cause I talk this shit don't get me wrong Yo, I still luh hur I luh hur (repeat 5X) Nobody tell her, because I luh hur I luh hur (repeat 8X)

Keep Talkin'

JUVENILE "Reality Check"
[Chorus: Skip - 2X] Keep talkin' out the side of your mouth (POW!) Smack the taste right up out of your mouth (POW!) "I wa-, I wa-" That's what I'm talkin' about (POW!) Keep talkin' out the side of your mouth (POW!) [Skip] Since I hit the TV now I'm a hot topic But that don't mean Skipper won't pop it Ain't that that dude with the H2 and the nice wallet? And I got four words - stay off my dick You wanna make it to where Skip ain't got shit So you could ride around town and spread your gossip Make up stories like "U.T.P. done dropped Skip" "Juve' used the man, paid him and then got rich" C'mon stop it, you're makin' it up Damn, how much hate is enough, boy you faker than fuck "I just saw Skip blazin' it up With a dime piece, smilin', gettin' head in the truck Look, right now he headed for us" (Look!) "You lyin' motherfucker, dude he right behind 'em, you a busta" Cause that's your old lady he with Them hoes is for everbody, stop savin' a bitch [Chorus - 2X] [Redd Eyezz] Open my eyes when the sun rise, blazin' First nigga on the strip, even if my block's hotter than Cajun I cop them Haitan, Jamaicans, Cubans and Yanks Program with every race, now I cuts my own steak Known to take G trips to a town like Wimbleton Get a bust' down spot and be servin' like Wimbledon Black John McEnroe, my rap flows are clapped (uh-hu) Supposed to be hot as Tabasco, look at them assholes now Homie, when I'm seen there's a crowd With head bustas off the streets talkin' loud, ready to wild Get respect for a few things Deranged, the chopper spit And the first off the block to cop a new Range Life is fast, I get cash and write about it At night it ain't safe in the South, we bout it bout it Doubt it and get bodied 'cause the shotty will lift - your big muscleman bodyguard off his shit [Chorus - 2X] [Juvenile] Who lil' daddy with the fitted cap turned back? Know some of these niggaz got respect, he tryin' to earn that Hopefully one of these niggaz with yayo will see that And put him in the right position he tryin' to be at They talkin' in the wind but they no better than the play though They could make a carton or a t-shirt in a day though I ain't tryin' to flex my power bitch but I got say so And I could make a million; American, yen or peso They say I got a attitude, that's not the issue at all Don't get involved when I'm doin' what I have to do I'm suttle now but I could turn into an animal Blow it out of proportion and I ain't understandin' you Not in it for the short, I want the long term Fuck the government, I'ma take care of my own children You gon' have to zip your lip up, before a nigga flip up I don't think they understandin' me, holler at 'em Skipper [Chorus - 4.5X]

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