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Iron And Wine lyrics

Upwards Over The Mountain

Original and similar lyrics
Upward Over The Mountain Mother don't worry, I killed the last snake that lived in the creek bed Mother don't worry, I've got some money I saved for the weekend Mother remember being so stern with that girl who was with me Mother remember the blink of an eye when I breathed through your body So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten Sons are like birds flying upwards over the mountain Mother I made it up from the bruise on the floor of this prison Mother I lost it all of the fear of the Lord I was given Mother forget me now that the creek drank the cradle you sang to Mother forgive me I sold your car for the shoes that I gave you So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten Sons can be birds taken broken up to the mountain Mother don't worry I've got a coat and some friends on the corner Mother don't worry she's got a garden we're it planting together Mother remember the night that the dog had her pups in the pantry Blood on the floor and the fleas in their paws And you cried 'til the morning So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten Sons are like birds flying always over the mountain

Poor Valley Girl

She could never give up the homestead on the farm Where they handed off tobacco in the big tobacco barn And the long straight rows that ran From the house down to the road That runs to AP Carter's store on the logging truck she rode She would sit and gaze at the foggy mountain top As the swift hawk circled round the Clinch Mountain rocks At the school down in Hiltons she would read about the world Created to be conquered by this Poor Valley girl Her mother was an Addington from over copper creek Her father was of solid stock; she was royal but meek Her laughter was infectious, her music was pure joy She'd win the hearts of man men as she did many a boy Her mother became famous, Maybelle and her guitar With sisters Helen and Anita, the family was four star June gave the world two daughters And a son with auburn curls And I thank God that he gave me This sweet Poor Valley girl

Recycling (H-Babe Tape)

ALPHAVILLE "Dreamscapes"
If you meet a long forgotten friend and he takes you in his arms and smiles and he tells you long forgotten tales and he takes you home for a nightride and he begs you, please, stay here with me in the end you agree remember: you're just being recycled so everything you say somebody else said it before you and everything you do somebody else just did it like you and the man in the lab just grins and says holding up a tiny can with a sperm remember: you're just being recycled montego bay the air is oh so thick there's not a single breeze the day lies dazed upon the shelf beyond a painted window out on a far horizon there stands a steamboat in the sun i rised my eyes and stared into that paralyzing light but god had left the iron skies this day will last forever, we pushed the final buttons and someone disconnected time we are here in montego bay..

Bed Of Stone

ASA "Bed Of Stone"
She's been sleeping on a bed of stone By a window where no light goes She wakes to the row of the traffic rumbling outside Then she remembers her dream and smiles Yeah she smiles On her dress she irons the folds Same way mama told Her brothers and sisters All the way home And proud of the way she fights Hardship alone [Chorus:] Some hope that they'll let go Some hope that they don't know Which way will the wind blow What will tomorrow bring What will tomorrow bring On her feet from dawn to night Working jobs others don't like Sometimes she wonders if they know that she's there The way that they talk to her Look through her stay here Almost all the money she has She saves for the day she returns She goes through leftovers When the market is closed Without caper she knows the police Will send her back home [Chorus] Which side of the road will you land on What end of the card will you pass down Nobody knows there's no right way Nobody knows there's no wrong way Aha ha ha Haaha ha Ibi aye yi n gbe mi lo mi o mo (Where life's taking me, I don't know) On yi lo o on yi lo o (It's going on and on) [Chorus]

Trying To Cry

JOE JACKSON "Laughter & Lust"
See the guy in the corner The one who's drinking another glass There's a look in his eye That I've seen so many times in the past I've seen it in the mirror And I've seen it in my friends When we realize we've lost ourselves And we try to make amends He'll drink another two or three And the room will start to spin Then he'll try to let the feelings show But he'll find he can't give in You remember what your brother said Remember what your brother said I'll tell the whole class if I see you You remember what your mother said Remember what your mother said Never be a man if you do See the guy in the corner Putting out another cigarette Maybe someone is dying From something that they can't cure yet Maybe a lover is cheating Maybe a lover just left But something's gone, maybe forever And it's something that he can't forget You remember what your brother said


ROD STEWART "Blondes Have More Fun"
You book the hotel I'll pack the bags honey You phone the airlines I'll call a cab When will you return well that all depends Just tell your mother that you're staying with friends Cuz I know that you're my best friend's girl But it's the weekend I don't give a hell I'll bring the red wine you bring the ludes Your mother's doctor must be quite a dude We'll hang the 'Don't Disturb' outside our door I'm gonna rock you till your pussy's sore Oh my sweet Diana I can't wait for the manana There's a hotel down in Mexico just made for two But I don't think you trust me and I can't say I blame you My reputation precedes me you ain't never gonna leave me Soon as we get there I'll go check in Mr and Mrs Smith of Abilene You get naked honey I'll get down I'm gonna chase you around and 'round and 'round and 'round You say you can't stand monotony I say what happened to fidelity Dirty weekend made for two Just me and you honey I wanna love that can last for ages not the trash you've been giving to strangers Don't want to make your two big brothers brothers annoyed Do you think you'll get the polaroid

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