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Iron And Wine lyrics

Jesus The Mexican Boy

Original and similar lyrics
Jesus the Mexican boy born in a truck on the fourth of July gave me a card with a lady naked on the back.. Barefoot at night on the road Fireworks blooming above in the sky I never knew I was given the best one from the deck.. He never wanted nothing I remember Maybe a broken bottle if I had two Hanging behind his holy even temper Hiding the more unholy things I do.. Jesus the Mexican boy Gave me a ride on the back of his bike Out to the fair though I welched on a $5 bet Drunk on Calliope songs We met a home-wrecking carnival girl He's never asked for a favor or the money yet.. Jesus the Mexican boy Born in a truck on the 4th of July I fell in love with his sister unrepentantly Fearing he wouldn't approve We made a lie that was feeble at best Boarded a train bound for Vegas and married secretly .. I never him nothing I remember Maybe a broken bottle if I had two Hanging behind his holy even temper Hiding the more unholy things I do.. Jesus the Mexican boy Wearing a long desert trip on his tie Lo and behold he was standing under the welcome sign Naked the Judas in me Fell by the tracks but he lifted me high Kissing my head like a brother and never asking why..

Jesus Cries

Edge Of Sanity
In the beginning there was light. The world could feel his holy might. Born into a world he soon would leave. People would not listen, people would decieve. He tried to bless, he tried to heal, he told the mighty powers to conseal. The disciples of his father, born of God, they believed that they would bleed the holy blood. My God, my God. Why have you forsaken me? I am nailed to this cross, but spiritually I'm free. For God so loved the world, that he gave us his only begotten son and that whosoever believeth him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Jesus cries... Jesus cries... The star upon the sky, is it just another lullaby? What a world do believe could be all a fucking lie! I'll never serve in heaven.I rather rule in hell. Jesus cries A blessing from the skies Jesus dies A holy sacrifice!

Underneath The Bottle

LOU REED "The Blue Mask"
Oooohh whee, look at me, looking for some sympathy It's the same old story, of a man and his search for glory And he found it, underneath the bottle Things are never good, things go from bad to weird Hey gimme another Scotch with my beer I'm sad to say, I feel the same today, as I always do Gimme a drink to relax me Oooohh whee, liquor set free, I can't do no work The shake's inside me Ah shucks, I got the lousiest luck, I'm sick of this Underneath the bottle Seven days make a week, on two of them I sleep I can't remember what the heck I was doing I got bruise on my leg from I can't remember when I fell down some stairs I was lyin' underneath the bottle Oooohh whee, son of a B. You get so down, you can't get any lower So long world, you play too rough And it's getting me all mixed up I lost my pride and it's hiddin' There, underneath the bottle

Sense, Sensibility

Earnesty and clarity Those wonderful mentalities Of decent positivity Are all that we can scribe But misery and poverty They follow me and my family And though it seems that I can't win I think I have to try Everyone's afraid of me They'll never see that we all leave The same damn blood each night So you'll go your way And I'll go mine I hope we meet later on down the line Sense and sensibility And peaceful productivity A pretty girl with broken wings Is all that I desire But there's so much hostility In all the things surrounding me The awful blow of ethnity Is trying to stop me shine So I try to look inwardly At all the things inside of me But sodomy and buggery keep bubbling to the top So you'll go forward And I'll go back I hope we catch up with each other on the track And I've been thinking awkwardly About the things that are holy Like Jesus, Joseph, and Mary And Mary Magdalene And even theoretically I don't think I could ever see The perfect human being Jesus lived without sin So you'll go upward And I'll go down You'll go upward And I'll go down You'll go upward And I'll go down I'll see you in hell when we die

Messiah Has Come

KELLY PRICE "One Family-Christmas Album"
I have heard a message from the Lord. He's revealing His purpose to me. A virgin had a son, the Lamb of God, the holy one Messiah has come. Oh the joy that came to earth below (yes it did) on that night the world was soon to know Laying in the hay was born the King of Kings that day. Messiah has come, Messiah has come. And His name (and His name) shall be Emanuel (Emanuel) Holy one God with us and man, oh He will save His people from their sins Messiah has come, Messiah is born, Messiah has come. In a stall in Bethlehem, manger born, there He lay Lay one silent night. Shepherds came to worship Him, Angels sing to Him born to save the world from sin, ooh Holy, holy, holy, holy Holy, God with us and man, Messiah Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful He's the Lord of Lords, Messiah Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Jesus, Jesus is His name, Messiah ¡¡

Letting The Telephone Ring

ANI DIFRANCO "Ani Difranco"
I am letting the telephone ring Cause I don't want to know why I don't want to hear you explain I don't want to hear you cry I have written so much about you So much I thought I knew Words like water used to flow Now what could I possibly have to say? She is someone I don't even know And all the things that you've given to me I see now were simply reparations They were gifts of your guilt They were my preparation I know I should be mature Keep my feet on the floor But for some reason, I just don't want them anymore I know this shouldn't be important Compared to you and I But I can still hear my questions And I can still hear you I can still hear you lie Now vicariously I have her in me I want to peel off my skin Let the water wash in You always said that I was hiding That I was hiding from you But you are capable of things I could not do You are capable of things I could not do I remember how you pretended How you pretended to touch me I remember how I couldn't bring myself to believe I remember wondering, What was wrong What was wrong How could I be so naive How could I be so naive?

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