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Invertigo lyrics

It's Getting Personal

Original and similar lyrics
I know it's not easy for you and it's only spelt one way but there's one part of 'no' I don't understand that's the part you didn't say now you made it all seem less, like a movie you sleep through when you'd wake upset and ask how it end so i'd act it out for you and I know there's no way it could have last but you could have planned it so I didn't guess, before you said CHORUS that you'll be thinking about me you don't say now, that's so original what i should, would and could haev been look out now, it's getting personal you said you'd love me 'til i die it's okay now that's still possible what you should, would and could have liked wasn't me it's getting personal you said it wasn't 'bout times that we had not 'bout my friends that always leave a mess not 'bout the work i don't do or the money i lose well that doesn't leave much left and i know there's no way it could have last but you could have been more sincere faking it, when you said CHORUS

Ring Da Bell

MONICA "The Boy Is Mine"
Verse 1: I've been talkin to some friends of mine about you boy They say you're bout to have a child When you goin' tell me bout it This other chick your sleepin' with Now you gotta deal with it Hope you've found happiness I've found myself in such a mess Hook: With you and I put way to much love Into you Through the one day we'll be true and time after time I stuck with you but now I'm too through Chorus: Cause I've been the fool Sittin' round too long I think its about time That I ring da bell and carry on I forgave you before But its too far long I think its bout time That I ring da bell and move along Verse 2: You said it was a mistake On one night you saw her late Must of been for pure affection Boy you didn't have protection You had to think of me But you did never see Yourself in this predicament You never thought that it would catch up Hook Chorus(2x) Hook How awful the way You treated me Gave you everything So hurt to say You didn't tell me Can't wait to leave Chorus twice(fading)

It's Not Right

Code Red "Scarlet"
It's Not Right (Watts/Lew/Graham) I didn't know it, I was too blind to see Today you walked out of my life So tell me why did you decide you had to go You didn't call or even try let me know Where you are, is it far? Chorus: It's not right, it's not it fair? How could you leave me on my own It's not right, it's not fair The love we had was strong It's not right for you to leave It's not right to leave me here It's not right, and baby, it's not fair Is it over, is it really the end? Cause I don't understand what I could have done You could have said, you should have made me realise It's so easy for you just to take the time Tell me why, tell me why Chorus Could it be that I loved on my own Cause I don't understand I thought our house was our home If you say that you love Then you say you're not sure Then you say that you don't Then tell me when Then tell me why Then tell me how Chorus

We Didn't Start The Fire

BILLY JOEL "Storm Front"
'49 Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnnie Ray South Pacific, Walter Winchell, Joe DiMaggio '50 Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, television North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe '51 Rosenbergs, H-bomb, Sugar Ray, Panmunjom Brando, The King and I and The Catcher in the Rye '52 Eisenhower, vaccine, England's got a new Queen Marciano, Liberace, Santayana good bye CHORUS We didn't start the fire It was always burning since the world's been turning. We didn't start the fire No we didn't light it but we tried to fight it. '53 Joseph Stalin, Malenkov, Nasser and Prokofiev Rockefeller, Campanella, Communist Bloc '54 Roy Cohn, Juan Peron, Toscanini, dacron Dien Bien Phu falls, Rock Around the Clock '55 Einstein, James Dean, Brooklyn's got a winning team Davy Crockett, Peter Pan, Elvis Presley, Disneyland '56 Bardot, Budapest, Alabama, Krushchev Princess Grace, Peyton Place , trouble in the Suez CHORUS '57 Little Rock, Pasternak, Mickey Mantle, Kerouac Sputnik, Chou En-Lai, Bridge on the River Kwai '58 Lebanon, Charles de Gaulle, California baseball Starkweather, homicide, children of Thalidomide '59 Buddy Holly, Ben Hur , space monkey, Mafia Hula hoops, Castro, Edsel is a no-go '60 U-2, Syngman Rhee, payola and Kennedy Chubby Checker, Psycho , Belgians in the Congo CHORUS '61 Hemingway, Eichmann, Stranger in a Strange Land Dylan, Berlin, Bay of Pigs invasion '62 Lawrence of Arabia , British Beatlemania Ole Miss, John Glenn, Liston beats Patterson '63 Pope Paul, Malcolm X, British politician sex JFK blown away, what else do I have to say? CHORUS '64 - '89 Birth control, Ho Chi Minh, Richard Nixon back again Moonshot, Woodstock, Watergate, punk rock Begin, Reagan, Palestine, terror on the airline Ayatollah's in Iran, Russians in Afghanistan Wheel of Fortune , Sally Ride, heavy metal, suicide Foreign debts, homeless vets, AIDS, crack, Bernie Goetz Hypodermics on the shores, China's under martial law Rock and Roller cola wars, I can't take it anymore! We didn't start the fire It was always burning since the world's been turning. We didn't start the fire But when we are gone It will still burn on, and on, and on, and on... CHORUS TO FADE

Walkin Away

Keith Harling
Long leges stepped out of the car And walked across the floor to the bar I turned my head, didn't want her to see The way her walk was affecting me The bartender said you'd better think twice She's not the kind of girl your momma would like Don't waste your time, just walk on by She'll just walk away and leave you high and dry Chorus: Cause she's got a way of walkin that could make a grown man cry She's got a way of talkin that could make you believe her lies Oh she could get away with murder Took my heart and didn't leave a trace She's got a way of walkin, walkin away A young boy, barely twenty-four I'd never been in love before She took the lead right from the start And led me up to the leavin part Now she's gone, but I'm alright I wonder where she's walkin tonight She's always there in the back of my mind I'd love to see her walk in here tonight Repeat Chorus:

Leave (Get Out)

JOJO "Jojo"
I've been waiting all day up for ya babe So won't cha come and sit and talk to me And tell me how we're gonna be together always Hope you know that when it's late at night I Hold on to my pillow tight And think of how you promised me forever (I never thought that anyone) Could make me feel this way (Now that you're here boy all I want) Is just a chance to say [Chorus] Get Out, (leave) right now, It's the end of you and me It's too late (now) and I can't wait for you to be gone 'Cause I know about her (who) and I wonder (why) how I bought all the lies you said that you would treat me right but you was just a waste of time (waste of time) Tell me why you're looking so confused When I'm the one who didn't know the truth How could you ever be so cold To go behind my back and call my friend Boy you must have gone and bumped your head Because you left her number on your phone (So now after all is said and done) Maybe I'm the one to blame but (To think that you could be the one) Well it didn't work out that way [Chorus] I wanted you right here with me but I have no choice you've gotta leave Because my heart is breakin' With every word I'm sayin' I gave up everything I had On something that just wouldn't last But I refuse to cry No tears won't fall from these Eyeee-eeee-eeees oh-o, no-o, oh-o Get out!!!!!! [Chorus X3]

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