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Black Roses

Original and similar lyrics
BLACK ROSES by Inner Circle Chorus: Whatever happened to my garden of black roses Oh nurturing years of so long Whatever happened to my garden of black roses They say a stranger treated them wrong When I was a boy I planted a garden yeah That meant so much to me One of reality A garden of love none like this before me One of a kind equality A prayer for you and me wo ho ho ho ho CHORUS If we can keep the candles burning To shelter them from pain and let them live again Shower the world with their innocence Who's tears felt like rain, history remains the same wo ho ho ho ho Bridge: But one by one they come up missing Strangers thought that I was sleeping Some life somelife means nothing to some Watch out now we've got them on the run repeat chorus and fade


AKON "Trouble"
(chorus) Now i aint putting nothing out,I smoke when I wonna 26-inch chrome spokes on the hummer This heat gon last for the whole summer Running your bitch faster then the road runner Rocks on my wrist,rolls gold under Glocks on my hip,those throw thunder Im buying diamonds by the pier But when you stop,the only thing spinning is your ear Yeah,Im riding with that all black snub Raiders cap back,all black gloves Im 80s man,but the boy smack thugs these record sales??? Not to mention I bought a pack of clubs His impacts about as raw as crack was Now all these new artists getting raw deals Im only 21,setting on mills (chorus) we on fire up in here,its burning hot we on fire shell take it of if it get to hot,up in this spot we on fire tear the roof off this motherfucker nigga what you say we get lose in these motherfucker (wers 2) if you now anyting about my,then you know im a baller If i aint hit the first night,i aint gon call her Im trying to play,you trying to have my daughter But i cant blame her for what her momma taught her And i dont care bout what the next nigga bought her Cause i aint putting no baguettes in her?? I got a diamond about as clear as water And i got bread,but i aint spend quarters So cut the games ma,lets go in the back matter fackt,turn your ass round,back a nigga down And i aint bias when im riding throug the town like em small,like em tall,like em black,like em brown She gotta be able to cum when i need her Tight ass pants,little wife beater Regular chick or R&B diva Bitch say something,I aint a mind reader. (chorus)

Pink Houses

There's a black man with a black cat livin' in a black neighborhood He's got an interstate runnin' through his front yard You know he thinks that he's got it so good And there's a woman in the kitchen cleanin' up the evenin' slop And he looks at her and says, Hey darlin', I can remember when you could stop a clock. CHORUS: Oh but ain't that America for you and me Ain't that America somethin' to see baby Ain't that America home of the free Little pink houses for you and me There's a young man in a t-shirt Listenin' to a rockin' rollin' station He's got greasy hair, greasy smile He says, Lord this must be my destination. 'Cause they told me when I was younger Boy you're gonna be president. But just like everything else those old crazy dreams Just kinda came and went CHORUS Well there's people and more people What do they know know know Go to work in some high rise And vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico Ooh yeah And there's winners and there's losers But they ain't no big deal 'Cause the simple man baby pays for the thrills, the bills, the pills that kill CHORUS

You Nearly Did Me In

Ian Hunter "All American Alien Boy"
(Ian Hunter) See lonely shadows - silver needles Abandoned in the evening war Lost children of the night - come catch the candle bright I hear a hollow sound - falling to the ground - she's lost before she's found Sad broken angels takin' rainbows Out on the street for all to see If we are the chosen few - what ever happened to All those things we knew, if this is being free - I'd rather search for me CHORUS You nearly did, you nearly did, you nearly did You nearly did me in, you nearly did me in And I need some place to hide - my weary anger down Out on some misty distant highway Feel like I though a million miles Is my search nearly done - I think I see someone I get the urge to run on blindly through the rain, and I fool myself again CHORUS What ever happened to dignity What ever happened to integrity What ever happened to honesty Well I'll tell you something baby - I feel the pain just like the sea CHORUS

Black Velvet Band

Celtic Folk
THE BLACK VELVET BAND --------------------- v.1 In a neat little town they call Belfast, An apprentice to trade I was bound, And manys the hour of sweet happiness I spent in that neat little town. v.2 Til a sad misfortune came over me, and forced me to stray from the land, far away from my friends and relations Betrayed by the black velvet band Chorus: Her eyes they shone like the diamonds You'd swear she was queen of the land, and her hair hung over her shoulder, tied up with a black velvet band v.3 As I went out strolling one evening, not intending to stray very far I met with a frolicsome damsel Plying her trade in the bar v.4 A gold watch she clipped from a customer and placed it right into my hand On the very first day that I met her Bad luck to the black velvet band Chorus v.5 To judge and jury next morning for trial I had to appear and the judge he said my young fellow the case against you is quite clear v.6 I give you seven years penal servitude To be spent far away from the land Far away from your friends and relations your going to *VanDamiens land Chorus v.7 So come all you jolly young fellows A warning take by me When ever you're out on the liquor Beware of the pretty colleens v.8 For they will fill you with strong drink until your not able to stand and the very next thing that you know, me lads you've landed in VanDamiens land ******************************************************************************* Note that Tasmania (Van Diemen's Land) is no longer an Australian penal colony. Its use as such ceased some time ago. (:-)

Common Dust (Feat. Kid Crumbs)

Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust (8X) Chorus: Black Thought (4X) It's Common Dust y'all, and you don't stop For you to trust y'all, with real hip-hop [Black Thought] Thought be the pilar of the styles of speech A dusty head brother mighta saw the bleach Teach I aims not, just to talk my sense Damn I gives not, 'bout the consequence Funk the stylistics, and jazz the vibe Laughs at e-tudes cause I'm stayin alive Time I grips not, so it limps along Dust you, collect if you digs my song Paids and black braids what I aims to ease Connection L-7 throwin out the breeze Cool breeze to blow up cause I bust the shit I'm just a sun child rollin in a dustin ship It's like that y'all [Kid Crumbs] Thought's a Black miss you wanna catch the Crumbs When I hums a fat song, with derelicts and bums Smoke gems with the folk from the cellar when they come Mouth be like cotton, got sticks of gum Common spear-a-mint, it's like sense is Dust Accumulation much cause naps I got nuff Funk feeds the dome see the trees they wanna rise Out sprouts the funk mouth, free to vocalize Old school highs I got, for your eyes Circulize never even though we lock together Ask the set I'm clever cause I'm severed and I'm pooped But anyway the wind blows, the Dust you gotta go Chorus [Kid Crumbs] It's like Crumbs stay at a mic, comes to and from the ashes Pass the what kid? L-7, we massive Jazz the funk, slow-be-poke, baby she be glass Puff the stuff you have now I recline and make you laugh Roots can boost knot and off the docks I rocked your riches The Edgar shit is locked, that's, if the force is with us Yeah, deeps pon the streets I reach, be the sound A pouch full of ouch, soon the freaks is freakin out, uhh Threes that make you shout, 'bout, ruckus on the corner Black, ?uest and Rubber, we did it in the summer Now the po' folk is near, they say I'm not a Square But when the circle's Root, Black see if I'll be there It's like that y'all [Black Thought] Dig it, cool for me I'm glad when I springs from pad To those with mad Dust I be just a lad Rock me rocks not cause my Thoughts is Black Sports the A-di-das plus my proton pack Accumulatin Dust as my trail mix crush Digs the naturale, baby flush the blush Yeah, when it roams, find your way back home And dig it with the kids with the Dust-y dome Soon your zigs roam when you brooms the scene Dust you gots not, cause your rooms is clean Trust I knows much cause I blows the horn It's Common Dust y'all, you go on and on Chorus w/ variations to end

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