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Indra Ponti lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
There is not much of nice talking Except when we are side to side sitting To exchange laughter and little whispering There is not any peace of mind Except when we are face to face in kind Of eating away all minutes and we are so much aligned There is a decision never be any better Than to say goodbye even in tearful stammer Simply beacause the situation allows us to go no further

Old '67

ELTON JOHN "The Captain And The Kid"
Hey how about this A little conversation tonight Thinking aloud how we struggled to find Our place in the dizzy heights Don't often do this We never really get the chance Nearly froze to death on Oxford Street Now we're sitting in the South of France Talking through the evening It's good to shoot the breeze Just you and me on a balcony And cicadas singing in the trees [Chorus:] Old '67 what a time it was What a time of innocence, what a time we've lost Raise a glass and have a laugh, have a laugh or two Here's to old '67 and an older me and you Sentimental twilight Conversing on those virgin days Laughing about how the two of us sound Like a Tennessee Williams play Honest, it's amazing That we can get together at all For in between the saddle and the grand piano We can read the writing on the wall Talking through the evening Sitting here side by side Just you and me on a balcony It's a little bit funny this feeling inside [Chorus]

The Late Show

Everyone I've ever known has wished me well Anyway that's how it seems, it's hard to tell Maybe people only ask you how you're doing 'Cause that's easier than letting on how little they could care But when you know that you've got a real friend somewhere Suddenly all the others are so much easier to bear Now to see things clear it's hard enough I know While you're waiting for reality to show Without dreaming of the perfect love And holding it so far above That if you stumbled onto someone real, you'd never know (You'd never know) You could be with somebody who is lonely too (Sometimes it doesn't show) He might be trying to get across to you (Words can be so slow) When your own emptiness is all that's getting through There comes a point when you're not sure why you're still talking I passed that point long ago (Long ago) Now I'm so tired of all this circling And all these glimpses of the end (You know it's useless to pretend) That's all the voices say: 'You'll go right on circling Until you've found some kind of friend' I saw you through the laughter and the noise You were talking with the soldiers and the boys While they scuffled for your weary smiles I thought of all the empty miles And the years that I've spent looking for your eyes (Looking for your eyes) And now I'm sitting here wondering what to say (That you might recognize) Afraid that all these words might scare you away (And break through the disguise) No one ever talks about their feelings anyway Without dressing them in dreams and laughter I guess it's just too painful otherwise Look... It's like you're standing in the window Of a house nobody lives in And I'm sitting in a car across the way (Let's just say) It's an early model Chevrolet (Let's just say) It's a warm and windy day You go and pack your sorrow The trash man comes tomorrow Leave it at the curb and we'll just roll away

All A Dream

NORAH JONES "...Little Broken Hearts"
And we finally awake And walk into the sunny day I can see it in your face That everything will be okay 'Cause you never hurt Someone who wants to learn To be your slave And the night is oh so clear The clouds will never reappear But the moon is out of place And all the trees are looking strange And feeling the warmth of your breath Against my skin Now I hope this isn't only just a dream So we run into a church The people all look the same And the sun is in my eyes I'm trying hard to scream your name My stomach starts to churn And the curtains in the wind begin to burn And now I know it's all a dream Enemy sleeps with me night or day Enemy teases every minute in my mind He's in my mind Enemy throws all my money away Enemy knows how to make me always pay I always pay Enemy lies don't cross my mind Enemy talks, talking so nice and kind So nice and kind And how long does it take To fight off this weakness? And tell him To guard me 'Cause God knows I'm sorry Mmm Ooo


ATMOSPHERE "Strictly Leakage"
Rough, rugged and raw, nobody saw us So I smashed through the windows and dashed with it all Didn't even leave the broken glass Put it all in the van and took it home to stash We don't bargain, we throw darts man No money, pull honeys at the park jam So give it up this is Sean and Ant's stage Yours is on the floor with your permanent mad face You hit last place like you didn't know you would And caught a bad case like you never over stood Damn shame just a waste of track tape I bet them raps taste just like an ash tray You kittens gotta be kiddin' All that hyperbole your spittin' is probably bitten Look at the teeth marks, check the dental records Go take a second to locate them exits, bitch Believe it's time for you to believe it Clean out your desk and turn the keys in It's termination day for these half wits Flappin' them lips from the cradle to the casket You mundane like Sunday traffic About as much threat as a wet book of matches They show me where the mic was, I grabbed it Took the stage and made the fans feel fantastic Atmos follow with the fear Don't be talking off my ear while I'm swallowing my beer Get the fuck outta here with your act Same type of cat that likes to talk shit behind your back Stab it, in your face like what's happening The brighter the lights the bugs come, it attracts em' Nowadays I keep to self so tell your girlfriend to take her eyes off of my belt buckle So fuckin' hungry the tummy rumble Gotta be more then just another monkey's uncle So I'ma get dumb this album And do it like I don't give a damn about the outcome Slide past the trash that's hatin' Slit the tree in half and crack the pavement Wrote graffiti on the mainstream application Was validated enough - we had the ladies masturbatin' After Satan laughs his ass off We'll all love hip hop, we'll all have bad jobs And even there on that assembly line I'll remember to remind you bout your empty rhymes On lunch break I'll battle you for those cupcakes Do it for the love or just to prove you're a fuckin' fake And after I catch a kiss from the receptionist I'm gonna pose like this I don't quit, I never have If you step in the act you better be better then that You can talk your shit like whatever, dag But excuse me miss we need to check your bag huh You're stealin' now give me back my style How does it feel tryin' to piggyback my crowd Say it loud, break it down, take em' out Like "give me this, I'm young, gifted and mixed" Wooooooheeeeee That's what I'm talking about Yo Ant I wanna holler at some friends I wanna say what's up to Plain Ole Bill I wanna say what's up to Puck Los Notivos, Stage 1, I Self Devine Cool Hakim, Brother Ali, Kancer, Mole Man Jimmy 2 Times, Budda Time, BK One Blueprint, The Chosen Few, my man Real Proof J-Bird, Kevin Peacher, Joe Good And my little brothers Jordan and Nathan Yo Sadiq I didn't forget about you man Let's get these swimming pools!

Universally Speaking

I saw your face Elegant and tired Cut up from the chase Still I so admired Bloodshot your smile Delicate and wild Give me she wolf style Rip right thru me [Pre-chorus] Silveretta the jets of a lifetime Go and get her ive got her on my mind Nothing better then feeling is so fine Simply put I saw love stream flow [Chorus] Come on baby 'cause cause there's no name for Give it up and I got what I came for Universally speaking Take it back and you make me nervous Nothing better then love and service Universally speaking Win in the long run I saw your crime Dying to get high Two of a kind Beat all hands tonight [Pre chorus] [Chorus] [Pre Chorus]

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