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Indra Ponti lyrics

One Fine Night

Original and similar lyrics
Wise men wait, they'll always put their trust in fate Fools never take the time for love to really grow They just don't know And lonely dreamers wonder if they will ever find romance My heart knew it 'till you shot your arrow through it Open up your eyes and see, it won't take a long to understand Just how amazed I am If I believe and you believe and we believe everything's gonna be allright It just might I refuse to believe that we're only here to live and die In the futile days of a faithless haze Never asking why, why would I When I've felt the hand of eternity It's a legacy I will leave, I want to leave

You Gotta Go

I never know why Why we can't see eye to eye And like a fool I believed We would find a way to survive I wish we could be more than just a memory Cuz we loved, we laughed, we cried And there's no good in goodbye You tell me you need some time Some time to be on my own Right now when I need you so Don't know how long it will take Do you expect me to wait But baby I gotta go Then you gotta go If you must go, you ought to know I will get along, I will live without you And if you should leave I hope you see I won't be around baby if you should leave You're gonna need me You might think that leaving is easy I had no right to lead you on I should have told you the moment the feeling was gone What I'm trying to say is that I need some space I need to be sure No, you'll never find another love like me All around this world Still you tell me You tell me you need some time Some time to be on my own Right now when I need you so Don't know how long it will take Do you expect me to wait But baby I gotta go Then you gotta go You said you'll always be mine I need to be on my own I gotta be on my own Not gonna beg you to stay But you'll be back boy I know Baby I gotta go Then you gotta go Then you gotta go Written by Dr. Jam/Brian McKnight/Mark Stevens

What's Goin' On

Bro'Sis "Never Forget (Where You Come From)"
I was wonderin' why the people act so strange - hatin' on each other ain't no love in these cold days - so I try to find out what's the reason now - but I guess the answer is up behind the clouds I try to understand - why they don't com- prehend - together hand in hand - and free to succeed - there will be a better day - now let me hear you say Whats goin' on It's time for us to stand up and stop the hat- ing - start to love and respect sisters and brothers - don't you make no differences between each other - get yourself together, love is all that matters Now as I take a look around, I see some- thing's wrong - and I ask myself what's going on - and I make you wanna dance on this track like that - and if you don't act correct, then it's time to lay back and think twice - cause we got only one life open up youre eyes - and you will see the light that shines brighter than the sun - c'mon live in peace and harmony

If I Was Santa Claus

ATMOSPHERE "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs"
[Slug] If I was a rich man I'd buy you some shoes Tall boots for all the dirt you walk through What would that do? Enable you to deal Without schooling you on how to touch what's real And if I was a smart man I'd tell you everything that I knew And give it to you every time you need a talking to But what would that do? Teach you my guidelines So you can be a cheerleader at your game on the sidelines And if I was a driver I'd keep my headlights on To see the difference between right and wrong I'd wear my seatbelt even when I'm in park Cause I don't trust the other fools that cruise through these parts And if I was a better cook I'd hook up a feast Set a table full of food for the children to eat I encourage the nourishment so we can breathe With the knowledge that we got something accomplished [Chorus:] And if I was Santa Claus, I'd fight for the cause Wouldn't expect nothing in return I'd give you everything you want, I'd be everything you need So you can take my hand and I can take the lead And if I was an honest man I would stop writing songs I'd break for a nervous breakdown for breakfast Tell everyone I knew to stay away from making music It ain't nothing but a confusing mess (confusing mess) And if I was you, I wouldn't hear a word I said Wouldn't trust nothing to start it up inside my head I'd make a conscious effort to live instead Of trying to kill the monsters that reside underneath the bed And if I was a hurt man I'd find a way to put my faith Into a woman that could take me from today Maybe I need somebody that could save me From the parts of myself that keep making me crazy And if I was a wise man I'd climb to the top of the mountain peak To think about strength versus weakness I'd find a point that rests a couple of feet above your head And figure out how I could try to help you reach it (Ho ho ho) And if I did have a choice I'd never want to live forever Just let me have a voice so I can make my points I can't imagine running a race with no finish line Just let me keep my pace and make to most of my time I love giving but I'm bad at receiving The truth is, I'd prefer to be the one bleeding But I'm a paranoid that stays between play and work Cautious and aware, 'cause I'm afraid of being hurt Which brings me to the issue And that would be this: How often must I ask myself why I exist? I feel like a freak, this world is a circus Just trying to find myself as well as my purpose [Chorus:] And if I was Santa Claus, I'd fight for the cause Wouldn't expect nothing in return I'd give you everything you want, I'd be everything you need And you can take my hand and I can take the lead [2x] I got nothing but gifts Keep it up in my wits Got me drunk on the fifth And now we're stuck in a ditch And as dumb as it gets I'mma run you some fibs (?) I wanna touch your lips I wanna rub your hips Put a glove on the fist For the love that exists We'll keep bumping the hits To get my bucket of chips From the Bloods and the Crips To the skateboarding chicks Put the Atmosphere on your Christmas wishlist [2x] (Ho ho ho ho)

Such A Wonder

It's a wonder how the supernatural, Joined Himself to clay. How eternity would choose a cradle, Made of dirt and hay. How the only One who had it all, Gave all there was to give. How the breath of Him whose seen forever, Made the dead to live! It's such a wonder, Such a crazy mystery; You chose to love someone like me! And I will never understand. This endless wonder, The hand that formed the sky and sea; Carries me eternally! And I'm so amazed, You're such a wonder! The word that sent the sunbeams shooting, Filled my world with light! The God who lit the stars of Heaven, Gave my eyes new site. Though my human weaknesses, They always keep me on my knees. The heartbeat of my Father's heart, Still beats strong in me

Ive Been Looking For Freedom

I guess I'll never understand it A billion people on this planet And here I've found the one who's made for me Just when I thought my hopes had faded I found the one who was created To hold my hand and share this world with me We're flying on the wings of tenderness Riding the rivers of gentleness Into the garden of love wi'll flow and watch it grow together We'll build a castle out of honesty Fill every room with the harmony Seeing the world trough each other's eyes Wi'll live our lives together I've always hidden my emotions But now my my heart is free and open To give to you the love you gave to me 'cause now the sands of time have shifted And every burden has been lifted 'cause now I know our love will show the way Refrain Refrain

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