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Incognito lyrics - Beneath The Surface

Fountain Of Life

Original and similar lyrics
(J.P. Maunick) Chase the sunrise, people come together Feel the glory of the new day Feed the feeling, gather friends and strangers Come together make it stay this way Chorus: Looking for the fountain of love We fell into a cool paradise (He yeah hey yeah) The rythm of the sand and the sea Is where we've always wanted to be I've been looking (Looking for the fountain of love) Searching (Fell into the cool paradise) I've been in search of paradise (The rythm of the sand and the sea) Sand and sea (Where we've always wanted to be) Wanted Always, wanted Always searching for a new direction Your heart desires a better state of mind Mother nature will provide the feeling In the sunshine, happiness you'll find Chorus We've been holding on Waiting for this day to come our way Holding on We've been holding on Waiting for the light to shine our way (Holding on) Always waiting Sayin' (free me, free me, free me) Chorus

Song For America

KANSAS "Song For America"
Virgin land of forest green, dark and stormy plains, here all life abounds Sunlit valley, mountain fields, unseen in the rain, here all life abounds No man rules this land, no human hand has soiled this paradise Waiting patiently, so much to see, so rich in Earth's delights Painted desert, sequined sky, stars that fill the night, here all life abounds Rivers flowing to the sea, sunshine pure and bright, here all life abounds No man rules this land, no human hand has soiled this paradise Waiting patiently, so much to see, so rich in Earth's delights So the maiden lies in waiting, for the sails to reach the shore Land of beauty and abundance, innocent, you opened wide your door Wanderers found the waiting treasure, full of gifts beyond their measure Milk and honey for our pleasure..... Across the sea there came a multitude, sailing ships upon the wave Filled with visions of Utopia, and the freedom that they crave Ravage, plunder, see no wonder, rape and kill and tear asunder Chop the forest, plow it under..... Highways scar the mountainsides, buildings to the sky, people all around Houses stand in endless rows, sea to shining sea, people all around So we rule this land, and here we stand upon our paradise, Dreaming of a place, our weary race is ready to arise

Best Intentions

Russell Hitchcock
(George Merrill/Shannon Rubicam) I am not what I seem to be I mean no harm I'm not a fake There's a world alive inside of me Got a heart that beats And eyes that see So don't tune out this frequency CHORUS Best intentions don't guarantee Only love will set you free Makes no difference long as you live and breathe Like you, like me If I believe only what I see I kiss the dark I am the thief Stealing light from all of us in need Causing grief Ignorant conceit So show me love, give me some relief CHORUS I came from nowhere like this city street Everybody's walkin' to a lonely beat I don't know what they're saying But I know what they mean And all their good intentions Will only chain and fetter me Take me home To where I want to you, like me, like you, free CHORUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What's The Difference?

ANTI-FLAG "Mobilize"
the constitution crumbles beneath the weight of facists no right to assemble - no free speech for the masses seattle '99 the mayor's decree anti - W.T.O statements are grounds for an arresting! (chorus) our leaders decry tianamen and dare to speak of freedom as they unleash our cops on us so...what's...the fucking difference? behind locked doors in session world sponsored coroporate politicians structure policy to build more coroporate strength FIGHT STRENGTH - WITH STRENGTH! at news conference they claim, we listen! while they lockout their own constituents so we march on to raise our voice because we are left with no choice!!! in china, nike pays workers fifty cents a day in the U.S. lawmakers give china free trade human rights-based sanctions just washed away when our lawmakers are owned by multinational;s money (chorus)

Small Paradise

Two veteran lovers french kiss in the doorway Their ears are cold but their hearts are so warm A country band playin' down the street just a little ways They're whiskey wild, they keep it up until dawn CHORUS: Small Paradise I glad to see everything's alright with you Alright then hold me tight - kiss me Small Paradise A neon sign blinks outside in the pouring rain It's ladies night free drinks until 10 Some people walk on by, hey girl don't I know you, won't you come on in Well it ain't love but it ain't bad CHORUS CHORUS


Josh Joplin Group "Useful Music"
Miguel sits at the corner store with skin like terra cotta pottery Waiting for a bus, a bus With a hat like Billy Jack's, a smile like Freddie Prinz He comes and he goes with the dust Looking out his window world as the desert skies open up and introduce The stars that dance in space But he falls fast asleep with a dream that he keeps Underneath his pillow case CHORUS Carry me whoever you are I'm waiting with masses for the rites of passage And wishing on a superstar Stacy adds to her billfold and slides down a brass pole For free drinks and a bigger tip Posing from a good home that haunts when she's all alone She sheds what she cannot strip CHORUS Show us the Way, show us the way Cause we want to be loved and we want to be saved And we all want to be ok, and we all want to be ok But we don't have the means to pay And I don't have the means to pay CHORUS Miguel sits at the corner store smoking on a cigarette He bummed off a punk in gangsta hood Stacy takes a drag and puts her hands on his back And they walk like they're Holly wood CHORUS

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