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Immoral Squad lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
I hear voices inside my brain is locked from the outside. My body betray me no one else can set me free. Nothing can prove a useless pain I want a worthy death have a last pride of myself. It's ana act of bravery and not of cowardice. The most greatest act of dignity, honor and pride. Be winner od this game between technology and moral says.

The Three Of Me

There's a voice on the phone Who just called in to say "Mr Jones isn't home He'll be gone for the day" So he pulls down the blind To adjust his disguise But it's all in his mind Which he proudly denies I turn the boat back from the weir Where to go from here I can't hide from each face I see Looking out from behind them is me I'm attempting to guess What they meant when they said "Mr Jones and his guest won't be using the bed" So if I take the rap While they stay out of sight I can spring from the trap When the timing is right One minute I think I know what I mean The next I hear voices inside disagree Why are they laughing at me? So I pick up the phone Someone's asking to me Is the real Mister Jones Mister one, two or three? So I say that they're not But it's not as I say 'Cos they're all that I've got And I can't get away And Alice wawes through the glass Are we home at last For tomorrow they'll be there you see Locked away safe inside there with me 'Cos tomorrow they'll be here you'll see Locked away safe inside they're with me One minute I think I know what I mean The next I hear voices inside disagree Why are they laughing at me?


AZ "9 Lives"
Yea Once again coming for the game Who can stop me now? First and foremost, I'd like to apologize to the public For allowing y'all to endure (Sosa) All that watered-down, over-proofed thug shit (Sosa) See when you in the inside looking out It's hard to see the person on the outside looking in (Sosa) Let me express myself The first bars I've ever spitted I scarred the game Since then all the jewels and the cars done changed Had to circumcize the snakes, disregard their names So when i spit now, I involve the pain Convinced every religion that the God done came To me, it's '88 and I'm as large as Kane No need for spotlights, trying to dodge the fame Already got lice so why try massage my brain BBS's, clustered up carved in my chain Freezing the same flesh, once i'm dead and desolve in flames Honor the name, Sos' love drama the same So all y'all claim to be realer niggaz, calmer than came Hear this I'm unemotional, my eyes is tearless No regrets, my only threat is that I die careless Catch me, fuck sales long as the streets accept me It's respect before the money if I'm on correctly Vet status Crown Sos' the best at this Holla, this hot shit be the next classic Yea Now let's begin


AVATAR "Thoughts Of No Tomorrow"
Fly out of your cage Leave eighteen years of pain behind And feel the wind under your wings Victim of life, you're free now Breathe the clean air - sweet smell of death Sundown is here - Another one rises Pain, sweet pain You're too much for me Pain, sweet pain You'll set me free Nothing is to stay You wander on You couldn't wait Please wait for me I ask the stars: Where have you gone? What's in the next world? Will we ever meet again? Like a bird flying to the moon You never reached it - Your hunger was your doom Doomed to live or forced to die In this cage you were entrapped What did you see when your dreams held you wake? What did you say to the ghosts in your head? You drowned in your own blood and tears Once you have jumped there is no way back All these illusions, trying to make it right But it feels wrong, wrong to say goodbye My beloved stranger - Nobody knew what happened I hope you can tell me later I don't mourn your death - I just don't know why You were always close but still so far away


JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
[Killasha] The invincible huh? Yeah ya'll be seein it It is what it is indeed Stoupie Ya'll be knowin huh? Let 'em know [Ikon the Hologram aka Vinnie Paz] Hold the device tight, when it's time for a mic fight You're a pagan tryin to battle someone who's Christ-like The precise knight that smash you with a white pipe Left you bleeding into the ocean under the night's light Oh you hype right? Well meet the soul benders Cop that or get shot at like goaltenders You roll benches till playin fear was fair game Ya'll got fucked up like sex on an airplane That's why we can't change, we just ill We blow trees, sip Ole E's and spit real The clip's filled with the wraith that Cain saw Then I slash with a leather mask and chainsaw That's why the brain's raw, that's why your veins pour That's why you copped my shit nine times at the same store That's why you Entered the Dragon and got slashed And that's why the Hologram counting up cash. What!? [Hook x2] [scratches] "Lookin for rappers who wanna battle" "Don't seem to understand that I'm just that bad" "The underground rapper who's wreckin" "Whatever ya want yo, whatever ya like" [Killasha] Holocaust, rap javelin toss Killasha's the boss I take what's yours, pour poison in your pores I'm down for the cause my nigga, not "because" My soul wasn't made to be lost, stop for the pause I play 48 minutes hard without the calls Slicin elbows through ya jaw, need I say more? Facinating with 44s and foul whores Large gram cookups, and the ill drug scores My captivating verses, that'll open all doors I soar like a condor ready for war, fuck the law! [sample: distorted] "raindrops on the ground" [Hook x1] [Jus Allah] Ominous leave your brain matter painted on ya Stainmaster Game of Death motherfucker we draft ya, semi-autograph ya Keepin L's lit, sendin pellets through helmets Shells hit, you and the fag you share a cell with Takin niggas out thier element rhyme fighters Divine writers, time travellers, Sliders Pale niggas act jail lifers Who tell the active nail biters with the 12s in thier diapers Shoes never walk nor land, explore land I expose my scrolls and code it in Fortran Bullets graze ya wig kid, brushes with death I let the iron clutch grip the bones in ya flesh Playin on ya wrist like strings on a violin Dyin in a blood pool wrestlin Leviathan Fuckin wit Gods, Jedi Mind Tricks Ya'll suckas like niggas born without dicks [scratches till end]


JERRY CANTRELL "Degradation Trip Volumes 1 & 2"
Caine Caine What was your name? Damn glad to meet ya Never been to your place, but I know it Twitching embrace, show me the spider Try to disappear, back crack in the sofa Caine Caine Caine Slow poison working inside Descending in shadow, cocoon me then bite Caine spider give to me pain Got a caterpillar body and a butterfly brain Caine Caine What day is today? Don't I know you? 19 and bold, bitten in Houston Out to the car, picked up a spider Anesthetize your face, loser beside ya Slow poison working inside Descending in shadow, cocoon me then bite Caine spider give to me pain Got a caterpillar body and a butterfly brain Spun monkeys on the railroad track Take me to the caine field I walk along pick my spiderbite My old man wonders where I'm at I'm still a child, guess I keep trying to pay him back Arrogance stains, threading your silk tomb Steady she drain, spider digest you Slow poison working inside Descending in shadow, cocoon me then bite Caine spider give to me pain Got a caterpillar body and a butterfly brain

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