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Immoral Squad lyrics

Mother Earth

Original and similar lyrics
In name of development, we detroy mither earth, it's a fact of this civilization. If we don't stop pollution she will show us, the pain we've done. The humble nature, has been forced, to serve the capital accumulation. Human race is cunning, we've took too much profit of what she gave it's too hard to undertake the responsibilty to have respect. Mother earth cries...1

Killuminati Won't Save You

KING LIL G "Lost In Smoke"
[Verse 1:] I'm the black sheep of the family Graffiti up on the alley An ambulance passin' Another tragedy happened in cali All I wanted was a role model My father worked hard So tell me who the fuck was I suppose to follow? It's hard to swallow My stomach's hollow Knowing I only had top ramen to eat tomorrow I had no problem drug dealing I get mad When I think of all the bullshit that I was feeling I believe my father really broke a happy home Left us stranded in the dark For a fucking whore I prayed to god it wouldn't happen But I was ignored If it ain't my family What the fuck I'm living for? No looking forward No looking back No hesitation When I put my hands on that strap My music is the pain in my mother's eyes People struggling in the ghetto Something never televised [Hook:] People struggling in the ghetto Something never televised Killuminati won't even save you From all the struggle I survive One shot, two - three - four Can you feel the vibe? This is for my mother's pain And everything she sacrificed [Verse 2:] I'm still mad at my brother's chick I can't believe she snitched on 'em God damn you on some other shit I learned my lesson Never trust a bitch I'm thinking karma's a mutherfucker While staring at my rubber grip My close homies on the run again My phone's tapped I think I'm being followed by these undercover pigs I think they wanna set me up On some sucker shit Snitching will never happen Forever be the opposite Got my enemies saying That muthafucker's sick L.a. - chi-town even brooklyn We got something in common If you wonderin' Hustle hard Til the day you pay your mother's rent Ain't that the real reason why we started hustlin'? Besides the cars & the fame And trying to fuck a bitch My music is the pain in my mother's eyes Stranded in the ghetto Is something that's never televised [Hook] [Verse 3:] My president is talkin' bout some bullshit again They keep taking education money from the kids I never seen 'em once ever speak about the homeless Or ever talk about the gang related Feeling hopeless Incase you didn't notice The youngest to the oldest Homies never realize Til that eviction notice It's time for us to grow up The real world afraid of us That's why they never show love You know what they label us Wish I could just ignore the world With a ounce of weed And tell the people in the ghetto They can count on me Now dim the muthafucking lights Put me in front of a crowd Who applauds when I mention christ My music is the pain in my mother's eyes Stranded in the ghetto Is something that's never televised [Hook]

There'll Come A Time

JOHN BUTLER TRIO "Sunrise Over Sea"
There'll come a time When you may want just a little more Societys luxuries are not what you had in store. They offer no security for your soul. So Mother Eart is what you need Maybe this is what you be looking for. Oh Mother Earth Got to respect her She's all around me Under my feet you know I got to remember, Mother Earth Got to defend her. And to defend her I must respect myself You know I got to remember I must remember. There'll come a time When we can't take anymore When the air that we breath Has left us rotten to the core And the water that we drink You know its no good to drink any more Do we have to let it go, Do we have to let it go this far? Beautiful moon shining over the ocean Don't you know I'll do it all for you. Give up my days and my tomorrows If the words I singing are not true. Cause in this world and the others Not a thing that I wouldn't do Mother Earth your in my soul. It's my blood your running through. Must respect myself to respect her, Must respect myself to Defend her. Must respect myself to respect her. Must respect myself

The Prediction

K'LA "The Coldest Winter Ever"
So here it is, flat out and simple…which do you trust your heart or your head? See your heart will lead you where you want to be, but your head will lead you where you ought to be. But which will lead you where you’re meant to be? See I followed my heart and it led me where I am, but my head is continuously telling me that I’m not where I should be by reminding me of the pain I go through just being where I am. But I ask myself, what if this is meant? Although it’s hard, although it hurts, although it feels at times that it may not be fair, what if this is truly meant? What if I wait this out, stick with it through all the pain and hard work and it all pays off? What if I can change his life and in return he changes mine? But then again, what if I wait this out, stick with it through all the pain and hard work and it falls to pieces? Should I care more about me, or about him? Who should I love more? Am I willing to hurt him now and save myself later, or put myself on the line and save him? In the end I guess it all comes down to what kind of person you are. Am I a thinker, or am I a feeler? Do I plan ahead or do I follow my whims? Do I use logic or do I use compassion? Do I give condemnations or chances, or even more. Which does he make me want to be?

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