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Ignite lyrics

Who Sold Out Now

Original and similar lyrics
The plow that broke the plains We as humans destroy everything Well there´s limits to the land left the resistance and the monkey wrench Because money rules again Life is so much easier when your bills are paid you finished your studies, masters degree now consulting development companies Who sold out now Sixteen years old and live at home in front of your friends calling out at shows you left the scene because your new girlfriend told you so now freaked out on x at some rave or techno Money rules again Distro circus at every show I came to support these touring bands Nothings free pay my ticket at the door Who sold out now Constant complaining makes my ears ring i care about hardcore but hate the scene The plow that broke the plains we as humans abuse every way There´s limits to me friend what happened to the brotherhood we shared well money rules again I´ll give you anything if you just ask Hung yourself from your own rope i count my loss and just walk away Who sold out now

The Hitter

TOM JONES "24 Hours"
Come to the door Ma, and unlock the chain I was just passin' through and got caught in the rain There's nothing I want, nothin' that you need say Just let me lie down for a while and I'll be on my way? I was no more than a kid when you put me on the Southern Queen With the police on my back I fled to New Orleans I fought in the dockyards and with the money I made I knew the fight was my home and blood was my trade Baton Rouge, Poncitoula, and Lafayette town Well they paid me their money Ma I knocked the men down I did what I did well it come easily Restraint and mercy Ma were always strangers to me I fought champion Jack Thompson in a field full of mud Rain poured through the tent to the canvas and mixed with our blood In the twelfth I slipped my tongue over my broken jaw I stood over him and pounded his bloody body into the floor Well the bell rang and rang and still I kept on 'Till I felt my glove leather slip 'tween his skin and bone Then the women and the money came fast and the days I lost track The women red, the money green, but the numbers were black I fought for the men in their silk suits to lay down their bets I took my good share Ma, I have no regrets Then I took the fix at the state armory with big John McDowell From high in the rafters I watched myself fall As he raised his arm my stomach twisted and the sky it went black I stuffed my bag with their good money and I never looked back Understand, in the end Ma every man plays the game If you know me one different then speak out his name Ma if my voice now you don't recognize Then just open the door and look into your dark eyes I ask of you nothin', not a kiss not a smile, Just open the door and let me lie down for a while Now the gray rain's fallin' and my ring fightin's done So in the work fields and alleys I take all who'll come If you're a better man than me then just step to the line Now there's nothin' I want Ma nothin' that you need say Just let me lie down for a while and I'll be on my way Tonight in the shipyard a man draws a circle in the dirt I move to the center and I take off my shirt I study him for the cuts, the scars, the pain, Man, nor the time can erase I move hard to the left and I strike to the face

Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)

[INS] Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to welcome to you All the way from the slums of Shaolin Special uninvited guests Came in through the back door Ladies and gentlemen, it's them! Dance with the mantis, note the slim chances Chant this, anthem swing like Pete Sampras Takin it straight to Big Man On Campus Brandish your weapon or get dropped to the canvas Scandalous, made the metro panic Cause static, with or without the automatic And while I'm at it, yo, you got cash, pass it It's drastic, gotta send half to Dirty Bastard [Raekwon] Ayo, ayo Waves is spinnin, blades is spinnin Slay em in the eighth inning Stay truck, god stay playin linen Kill rap, observe the uptowns, ho, feel that Mink jeans on, seen where the real at 2000 zitos, movin wit a ill ego For real, for real, ill lines, ill people Yo, bring it back, 9 more civilians Pollyin deals, monopoly and bills Y'all niggas lyin Caught 300, lab look royal wit a mean stomach Go broke, all seen, done it Words from the heavy set If I don't eat, then we already met Fly ass bro, liver than coke [Meth] Now what Clan you know wit lines this ill Bust shots at Big Ben like we got time to kill Niggas can't gel or I'm just too high to tell Put on my gasoline boots and walk through hell Wit 9 generals, 9 ninjas in your video 9 milli blow, semi auto wit no serial Man metaphysical, I speak for criminals Who don't pay they bills on time and fuck wit digital Never seen, smoke a bag of evergreen My sword got a jones, more heads for the severing Johnny in the dungeon, takin all bets, throw ya ones in Scared money don't make money, throw ya guns in [Masta Killa] That's word to Jah Mo, San Juan, Puerto Rico Blowin hydro on a beach wit Tamiko My gun bullet hollow for you to swallow Blowin the nozzle, hear it whistle One in the head, this is code red, man for dead X amount of lead spray from the barrel Heat clear the street like Connor O'Carroll Fully equipped, rifles, banana clip shit To make my niggas from East New York flip [Bobby Digital] Yo, you may catch me in a pair of Polo Skipperys, matching cap Razor blades in my gums (BOBBY!) You may catch me in yellow Havana Joe's goose jumper And my phaser off stun (BOBBY!) Y'all might just catch me in the park playin chess, studyin math Signin 7 and a sun (BOBBY!) But you won't catch me without the ratchet, in the joint Smoked out, dead broke or off point (BOBBY!) [Ghostface] Wallo's comfortable, chocolate frosting Your socks hangin out, yours is talkin Rock so steadily, son, I'm still crazy Sport my old Force MD furs in the 80's Nat Turners wit burners, Jackie Joyner-Kersee Taught y'all niggas how to rap, reimburse me Rothsdale's, ruby red sales, Bloomingdale's, blocks Ox tails chopped up in Caribbean spots I'm nice, maxed out, creepin wit the ax out Murder these bikini bitches, switchin with they backs out [U-God] Niggas wanna pop shit, I pop clips Bitch, I'll put my dick on ya lips Alabama split, hammer slay quick That David Banner gamma ray shit Shells in the mouth, jailhouse snitch My powder voice, Snow White stiff Verbal killas, gorilla grip God body shit, puff Marley spliffs [Cappadonna] You might see me in a 6, that's not my style You might see me wit a bitch, that's not my child I be in the benzo, keep a low profile Dead serious, take flicks and don't smile Tryna get money, y'all cats is wild I pose for the clothes, make a song like wild I'm a chip off the board game, got sword game Live life to the fullest, still want more fame Darts on layaway, beats on standby Outfits pressed up, ready for airtime [GZA] Run on the track like Jesse Owens Broke the record flowin, without any knowin That my wordplay run the 400 meter relay It's on once I grab the baton from the DJ A athlete wit his iron cleat in the ground Wildest nigga who sprint off the gun sound The best time yet still 7.0 Swift flow made the cameramen clothes blow

Bought And Sold

Dar Williams "End of the summer"
Well we're heading for a past that you leave not defend Where the downtowns hold the sadness of you can't go back again It's there you'll find the rust and debtors Motel signs with missing letters Cause there's a monster on the outskirts Says it knows what your town needs Then it eats it up like nothing and it won't spit out the seeds And we can be the super shoppers We can say we're really smart We can say our town is doing fine without a beating heart We can even say the money saved is all our own It's bought and sold, it's bought and sold And we're heading for a nasty business, keeps our country growing Where the weapons that we're selling are the only seeds we're sowing You get to blow the fruits of all your labors Sell F-16's to all the neighbors And we know that it's for money And that's how the west gets bargained You the know the last time this happened Even Vietnam got jargoned And you can say they're out to hunt you You can say they're out to fish you You can join a gang of restless boys Or start your own militia You can even say your violence is all your own It's bought and sold, it's bought and sold Well I look up to the people who are less bought than I You can show them what you're selling And they'll only ask you why And their paychecks don't have lots of zeros They're my friends and they're my heroes And the TV sets are angry 'cause they just can't make 'em pay But I like the way these people read the signs and walk away And we can call ourselves the makers And the keepers of the times We can spend our sand dollars And sand nickels and sand dimes We can even say prosperity is all our own It's bought and sold, it's bought and sold We can even say our loneliness is all our own It's bought and sold, it's bought and sold It's bought and sold, it's bought and sold

Sometimes It Be That Way

JEWEL "This Way"
Night with its shattered teeth Attempts to speak My pen is present but Courage left via the sink And I'm sorry I snuck up on you From behind I'm sorry not all My love letters did rhyme And I'm sorry that Jesus died for my sins And I swear to God It won't happen again And I'm sorry If it was my swerve that Tempted you to sway Oh well Sometimes it be that way And Romeo was A very nice man He said Jewel, I don't think You quite understand And I'm sorry if you had To explain it like this I'm sorry I was a point You were destined to miss And I'm sorry I spoke to you irreverently Down in the hollow By the old olive tree And I'm sorry If my heart breaking Ruined your day Oh well Sometimes It be that way I said Oh well, I got nothing Left to sell This love was a bell that Rang unheard in the air I was bound to find out That you didn't care Oh well Sometimes it be that way And Aphrodite with Her neon lamp Kissed Neptune They put her face On a stamp And I'm sorry I used it to mail A letter to you I'm sorry I'm glue and The rest bounces off of you And I'm sorry not even This jet's metal wings Could get across These simple things And I'm sorry If I ever sang Your name in vain Oh well Sometimes it be that way And Goldilocks Well she knew three bears They all ate oatmeal And tiptoed upstairs And I'm sorry I never got to Find you like this Sleeping like a baby And swaddled in bliss And I'm sorry for All the times I forgot to imply something In between the lines And I'm sorry If my heart breaking Ruined your day Oh well Sometimes it be that way I said Oh well, I got nothing Left to sell This love was a bell that Rang unheard in the air I was bound to find out That you didn't care Oh well Sometimes it be that way And shadow's long fingers They dance on the wall Electricity chases Its tail in the hall And I'm sorry If my arms to you Were just empty rooms I'm sorry I never could comfort you And I'm sorry St. Petersburg is A miserable town And I'm sorry If I am bringing you down And I'm sorry If I caused you pain Oh well Sometimes it be that way And flame licks the air With its silver tongue Night has many hands But I have just one And I'm sorry I walked in on you Unexpectedly I'm sorry I never served you Camomile tea And I'm sorry I didn't always have a match That could start A fire big enough For your heart to catch And I'm sorry If it was my swerve that Tempted you to sway Oh well Sometimes it be that way

N.B.A. (Never Broke Again)

JOE BUDDEN "No Love Lost"
[Hook:] Bitch I'm ballin', bitch I'm ballin' Racked up, no wallet Keep a bad bitch in my team I should join the league NBA, never broke again, never going broke again NBA, never broke again, never going broke again Cause bitch I'm ballin', bitch I'm ballin I fuck her once, don't call her My niggas gettin' that green, we in a different league NBA, never broke again, never going broke again NBA, never broke again, never going broke again [Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa] Got so much money I got racks on racks on racks on racks on racks Bitch so much money my shit stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks You see me smokin' and you know I got that pack, I got that sack I got that O, I hit the club I lose control I smoke that loud I know the grower, ball like the owner Hits this gin make things move slower I'm never sober, roll some weed our eyes gets lower I'm in my old school ride it sounds just like a newer motor They're wondering how I get these mills, And still live like a stoner, no other way I get a 100k from each promoter or more than that Hold up money, long it don't fold up, Let me get some gin pour up, got some bomb weed roll up, Niggas got their gang thrown' up These niggas got their game, they got it from us I'm with my gang and my niggas go nuts You talkin' money best believe I show up And all the real niggas know us [Hook] [Verse 2: Joe Budden] Talkin' money but walkin' funny, is it any reason ya'll starvin' I spell bull and by spelling force Do I really need to bag your part? And my jersey say James I don't play games, Like Bron when he in that Garden And, wait I said that all wrong, She don't need to rock when I put my hard in My new nickname is just watch Might not join might just watch New yacht master just a watch Doubten me I tell em just watch Them diamonds yellow them beams are red And them hands are tucked they don't show Plus them shooters with me got the green light So why the fuck you don't think they won't go? Hold up, your chick traded post game And no shame she felt your man She probably on Joe Johnson Cause I never be on that Elton Brand It's YSL, she's fly as hell Tell the come to go to my ride You can't blame hoes ain't Peter Rose Now she a thorne in my side Grow up, P-R-P-S is over my Timbs Way shorty blew me at it was only right I showed her my bench Let my millions hit, when the fan hit Spend all these bills on liquor Fricken Jersey love is team Still we got the realest niggas Joey [Hook] [Verse 3: French Montana] Keep a bad bitch on my team Got bout 5 ounce of that lean My chain blue-ray on that screen I spent two days countin that cream Got bout five acres on my doorway Your main bitch is my throw away Got bout eight whips they brainless My main bitch like shorty Got my top down her hair out Isolate and she clear out Fast break my bread straight One hand shake and I bail out Hit streets corner bitches callin tell em break friend Derrick Rose ballin bitch never goin broke again [?] my shades Clear ice they skate Lebron James on that break Real estate with that lake Shootin from half court got you by a long shot Montana, that nigga from the Bronx block [Hook]

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